I don’t have much time today so I have prepared a short list of thoughts (if you can’t tell, I heart lists)

  1. My hair is finally cut
  2. Still on the lookout for a puppy
  3. The imitation four-cheese pizza that SmartOnes mass-produces is disgusting
  4. Oh yeah, back to the puppy. I am CONVINCED that God is sending us signs because in the past 3 days I have met FOUR women who work for animal rescue organizations (including the girl at the hairdresser I was recommended to!). Why else would God torture me with all the dogs if he didn’t want Maggie to have a bff/soulmate (besides me of course)
  5. NKOTB is finally making their comeback! Have you heard?! www.nkotb.com
  6. I miss Stephanie Leigh’s cinnamon pecan cookies

What’s the return policy for a dog?

Today was a sad day. I’ve always been a fan of making returns. A victim of extreme buyer’s remorse, I tend to buy a lot of wonderful fantastic things at one time…going back only a few days later to return all things but one. Or sometimes I will eventually talk myself out of everything I’ve bought. Why do we get such satisfaction out of buying “things”? Silly, material things that really won’t matter when everything is all said and done. But I digress. Point being…I am one with customer service and the return counter.

I never thought I would have to return a dog though. Luckily we did not buy this one, but nevertheless, we had to take sweet Trudi back downtown to her old foster family this evening. It’s a hard battle when 2 dogs both want to be the boss. When 2 generally well-behaved and fun friendly dogs are good separate but not together. When 2 dogs both want all attention. When 2 dogs start fighting and bite each other. :( Maggie and Trudi clearly were not a good match and so we had to say goodbye. Why do we want 2 dogs so badly? Is Maggie just the best ever and we’re selfish and think we can find Maggie x 2? I have a feeling she is irreplacable. Just like my old friend, Toby was until a couple years ago. (Emily would kill me for posting this old picture!) We miss you, Toby!

No clue why I am being so sentimental. Guess I just don’t like having to say bye to our four-legged friends!

This will obviously be more upbeat tomorrow. I’m just running late for Guitar Hero practice.

Frost Bike and 12 Legs

Wow. Let’s talk about today.

I rode 45 miles for my first MS150 training ride of the year. It was appropriately called the “Frost Bike 50″ because I felt like I was riding in sub-zero temperatures. (Catch the play-on words? Frost Bike, Frostbite!) I literally could not feel any of my appendages. I think that means fingers and toes. Or maybe that means arms and legs. I really couldn’t feel those either. I finished in a record time but only because I kept pedaling faster to create more body warmth. The following thoughts ran through my head at least once or twice during the ride: “It is freaking cold. I hate riding my bike. I love riding my bike. How will I describe this in my blog? This sucks. This isn’t thaat bad! I wonder if I’ll find a dog. Seth is an idiot for golfing in this weather today. My back hurts. WHY ARE WE ON THE FRONTAGE ROAD FOR 290. Idiot drivers! I hate my bike! I love my bike!” And so on. To top things off, my mile counter…let’s call it my bike-ometer broke. So I had no clue how fast I was going or how many miles I’d ridden the entire time. And that is very bad for someone with no sense of direction, speed, or time. I knew the first rest stop was at 17 miles. And for awhile there, I was convinced they must’ve forgotten the first rest stop because I KNEW I’d ridden at least 30 or 35 miles. So I slowed down to ask one of the many bikers I’d passed. Apparently their bikeometer was broken as well because they said we’d only gone 6 miles.

So anyway. I successfully survived. And it actually was kinda fun even though my skin had turned blue. Next ride is Saturday around Lake Windcrest in Magnolia. Maybe I can even make time for a small photo shoot in all my gear!

Next up. I know you are all anticipating the news of the canine. We are “temporarily fostering” Trudie/Sadie/Annie/Mazie (yeah, I know….Kim’s idea), the dog, to see how she gets along with Maggie. Our sweet Maggie. Our quaint little family has grown from 8 to 12 legs for the time being.

Seth immediately started Caesar-izing her (seen the Dog Whisperer?) He was all about “I’m master, you’re dog”. She is also sweet, in a different way than Maggie, but we are testing them out to see how they act around each other. They both enjoy playing but we’ve had T/S/A/M home for 3 hours and their clean-freak mother has already vacuumed twice. Is this something I can do every day, I ask myself?

We do take a decent photo though. And I know this photo really doesn’t do justice to my fashion. I KNOW some of you think we only own Texas A&M apparel (I wore one of the few non-A&M shirts today in honor of my KPMG crew). I know some of you think I am a slob. But I’m sorry. I wear business casual all day long and the last thing I want to do when I get home is put on jeans. Please. I would live in pjs, sweatpants, and windsuits if I could. And this isn’t just something that has happened since I’ve been married. So stop thinking “poor Seth, his wife can’t even look hot for him anymore”. He married into this. He was forewarned. Yet he loves me anyway :) And that is why he’s my best friend and the love of my life. Because he likes to wear his pjs at home too.

This is getting too long. I already have a fantastic topic in my head for the next blog, by the way. We’ll keep you updated on the progress of our foster dog (we have to decide by next Saturday) and her name situation. She has definitely already established herself as alpha-dog though so we’re not sure how this will go over with Miss Maggie May.

Let me take you deep into the scandalous life of the Anderle’s. Typical Saturday morning:

  • Wake up way too early when Maggie starts barking and licking faces
  • Walk Maggie way too early around our nearly 2 mile neighborhood loop
  • Make coffee, cook breakfast (must involve bacon and eggs), and watch SportsCenter
  • Tag team cleaning the entire house and finish at approx lunchtime

Hm. I will quote from my all-time favorite blog and say “Insert Jim Halpert face here”

Something tells me that routine is kinda lame. It was my resolution to spice that up a bit. SO. This morning we slept until 9! NINE! Do you know the last time I slept past 7?? And I’m not cleaning a freakin’ thing this morning. And we are still in our pjs and NOT watching SportsCenter! (not like Discovery HD is much better). Oh and Maggie just chewed through a water bottle and now water is squirting everywhere. Great. Seth will be taking care of that. All because she didn’t get a walk yet.

So now that the day has started out completely upside-down, I feel I must address something. Word of this fabulous piece of online literature was seemingly circulated at warp speed. Talk about the intense pressure of delivering a fascinating read!

Moving on.

My Guitar Hero skills are increasingly improving. I kicked some male butt last night at our church class game night. (Sorry, but I did). But if I hear “Slow Ride” one more time…

I guess Seth’s skills are improving too, just to be fair. This talented husband of mine had already beat I and II back in our college days. Beat as in how I used to beat Mario 1 and Mario 3 (I’m sorry, but Mario 2 was ridiculous. That game had no direction and you could choose to be the princess for crying out loud). He has recently beat Encore: The 80′s and is working on finishing the III game. Wow! How lucky am I to be married to a man of such musical talent!!! The Anderle’s are clearly rock stars in training. In fact, here’s a snapshot of our TV on it’s normal “channel”

Gotta love PS2. Apparently I’m supposed to start loving PS3 or the Wii or something but I will drop dead the day we spend $500+ on a freakin’ video game system! Are you kidding me?! Who just goes out and does that?? (Sorry, some of you might) That’s $500 more you can have in your child’s college fund! $500 more you can be earning interest on in your savings account or 401k. $500 you can put against the principal of your car payment!

Prime example of the Anderle’s method of money managing. Why spend it now when we can save it all and spend it when we’re 65 and possibly too old to even move? :) A testosterome-based theory that has somehow caught on. I never thought I’d see the day.

Ok, I have to give my mind a rest and thoughts time to re-collect themselves. I’m trying to think of a better name for the blog and have a few ideas. So be on the lookout for that. Also, the layout was criticized as too patriotic (?). Will any of you ever be happy with this?! Tomorrow is the day we meet Trudie/Sadie the dog. Wish us luck and pray that Maggie finds her BFFFFFF!!!

Haircut appt #3 was cancelled today.

I don’t get it.

Is God trying to tell me something? Does He like my hair the way it is? I hope not because it’s sick! I’m going to show a little mercy and save everyone from another hair rant today.

It appears that I’ve also somewhat offended certain readers with my recent Wal-Mart rant. So I retract my statement that all Houston area Wal-Mart stores suck. Apparently the WM at the back of The Woodlands has a lot to offer. So let me clarify. The WM at I45N and Louetta SUCKS. So does that sketchy one off of Westheimer by the AMC Theater. The Woodlands/Conroe Wal-Mart is supposedly wonderful. I will investigate further this weekend.

And speaking of WM, this sorta leads into my topic of conversation today.

City vs. ‘Burbs

Having lived in both during my 24 years, I feel like I am an accurate source. (Plano, San Antonio, College Station, Houston, and Spring if you need more proof) Pros and cons are discussed below:

City Pros

  1. Unique restaurants (less chains)
  2. Better entertainment (i.e. theater, symphony, bars)
  3. Big business (not that I care but it seems like it could be important to some)
  4. Lots of Starbucks

City Cons

  1. Not many Sonic locations
  2. Chain restaurant favs are harder to come by
  3. Terrible terrible traffic
  4. Idiot drivers
  5. Real estate is EXPENSIVE. You spend $200 grand on a 2 bedroom townhome on a 2 sq. foot piece of property in downtown Houston. You can spend that much and buy a 5 bedroom house on a 60′ lot in the burbs
  6. Parking is also hard to come by and/or expensive

Burb Pros

  1. More quiet and peaceful environent
  2. Less sketchy people
  3. Family-oriented lifestyles
  4. Not as much traffic (Rayford Rd, FM 1960 and I45 in Conroe not taken into consideration)
  5. Bigger backyards (our ridiculous plot of land excluded)
  6. Cheaper real estate
  7. More Sonics!
  8. Closer to the mall (in most cases)

Burb Cons

  1. The whole commuting issue if you work in the city
  2. People can shoot fireworks on your friendly neighborhood street

Hm. I will let you declare the winner.

As of late, we have been considering another addition to our family. NO, not a two-legged one…a four-legged one. I recently came upon an ad for our sweet friend, Trudi (see below). Clearly, I would change her name to something less…weird if we decided to keep her. But look at the resemblance!!! (Note: we do not typically store our dog in a cardboard box)

She is just a few months older than Maggie, a border collie/Shepherd mix as well, the same size, similar markings…everything! Obviously they are related. Give me one good reason why we shouldn’t have this dog!!

Recent conversation with my father:

Mary: What would you say if I told you we found Maggie’s long-lost sister!!??

Dad: Does she poop?

Mary: Uh, yeah

Dad: Does she eat?

Mary: Probably

Dad: Would she dig holes in your backyard?

Mary: Possibly

Dad: So why can’t Maggie just write her a letter?

Hm. No support from the grandparents. While discouraging, I am completely ignoring his comments. Because everyone knows animals (dogs, in particular) bring complete happiness into your life. Here are my top 5 reasons for having at least one dog:

1) They are always happy to see you

2) They jump higher than your spouse when you get home from work

3) They conserve water (i.e. lick dirty plates so you don’t have to rinse before putting in dishwasher) Who wants to come over for dinner??

4) They are loyal friends

5) They keep you in shape because they always want walks

Point proven. I should’ve been a court lawyer. I always wanted to grow up and be like Elle Woods.

I will keep you updated, of course, on the family addition situation. We, including Maggie, are going to meet her possible future sister on Sunday. I don’t care if you think we’re crazy! She’ll still be cheaper than a baby!!

All I wanted was a haircut. Is that too much to ask? I am now un-officially firing my hair stylist because he has cancelled on me TWICE in the past few days. Twice! Talk about an unspeakable sin. So if anyone knows of anyone with fantastic scissor skills, please let me know. This also means I am temporarily remaining in the disgusting hair phase. You know what I mean. The “have to put it in a ponytail every day” rut. And the “my highlights are growing out” rut.

But something more positive happened today. I stopped by Target, greatest store of all time, and they were having a “temporary price cut” on all the best DVD’s. I proceeded to secure myself a $5 copy of Rudy. Supposedly an inspiring movie. One I have never seen. I plan to watch this the night before the MS150. That way I will be singing Eye of the Tiger all the way to Austin! Praise God for Target. I just love it. As we’ve recently fired Wal-Mart, I think I’ll be spending more time there.

For those of you saying…”what! Wal-Mart?!”, let me clarify. In San Antonio, Wal-Mart is not a problem. The location by the Plemons’ house is generally clean, not really that crowded, and of course, has cheap prices. What a rude awakening when we moved to Houston!

Attention Wal-Mart shoppers! Our store sucks! Our employees are rude to you! Everyone comes here…at all hours of the day! We don’t want to serve you! We don’t want to clean our store for you! We don’t want to hire more checkers for you so you don’t have to wait in the 2 open lines for 30 minutes! We have no good competitors so we can do whatever the heck we want!!!!

For awhile the benefits of Wal-Mart outweighed the cost. It’s practically a one-stop shopping arena! (minus clothes) Need motor oil? Go to WM. Need candlesticks? WM. Dogfood? WM. Books, greeting cards, mulch, fertilizer, socks, groceries, air filters, tennis rackets, Christmas lights, etc, etc, ETC.

Well, Sam Walton (RIP), you’ve really done it now. The Anderle’s are tired of your freakin’ store and don’t want to go back. We have made it part of our family motto to temporarily turn to Super Target for our one-stop shopping needs. And then we’ll proceed to open up “Anderle Town” which will become your biggest competitor and eventually force you out of business. We will sit back in our expensive patio chairs with daquiries in each hand, enjoying the view on the back porch of the fabulous mansion we’ll be able to purchase once we’ve run you out of town. And our store colors will be pink. Pink and fun!

The 2nd Baby Shaft

I’ve recently learned that it’s faux pas to have a baby shower for any child other than your first born. Thank goodness this was straightened out now. To those of you I assigned as hostesses for my 2nd baby shower, (I don’t know…maybe 2012 or 2013?) you can free that spot on your calendar! Take a trip! Pamper yourself. Don’t worry about me!! Little Debbie (note to self: bad idea to name child after snack cake) will just have to fend for herself!