Ok, so some have called this a dorky picture. I find it quite satisfying. No…I’m not a bike cop in my spare time. This was right after I’d finished riding my bike approx. 180 miles from Houston to Austin last April. I was only a little tired. :) This is on my mind today because 1) I overslept and missed my spinning class and 2) I will be doing this again in about 2 1/2 months. Yikes. MS 150 Rider No. 7220 finished in a non-record breaking time of…way after everyone else. (But still before some people!) The red bandana I’m holding is to represent those we were riding for – individuals affected by multiple sclerosis.

A little background:

Multiple sclerosis interrupts the flow of information from the brain to the body and stops people from moving. Every hour in the United States, someone is newly diagnosed with MS, an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system. Symptoms range from numbness and tingling to blindness and paralysis. The progress, severity and specific symptoms of MS in any one person cannot yet be predicted, but advances in research and treatment are moving us closer to a world free of MS. Most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, with more than twice as many women as men being diagnosed with the disease. MS affects more than 400,000 people in the U.S., and 2.5 million worldwide.

Wow. And here I am complaining about cleaning the house. Those affected by MS have really touched my heart in this past year. And even though I am nowhere near as in shape as I was last year for this, I am determined to ride again no matter what. Up until April 12-13, I will be training (cross your fingers) and participating in several practice rides around the Houston area. Anywhere from 20 miles to 70ish miles. Each rider is required to raise money to support the cause. My goal this year is $1,000+!!! I am anxious to see how God blesses this ride in April. See my link “Riding for a Cure” for more info…

Now on to less important things…I’m on my way to get a haircut this morning (remember, it IS my Friday off – wahoo!) I wonder if I should go for the old school Farrah Faucet look, the more modern Jennifer Aniston, or even more recently, Posh Spice. I resemble all in looks and figure anyway so this will be tough.

Decisions, decisions

As you can tell, I am having extreme difficulty determing a proper template for my blog. I was criticized by my husband for the pink. However, he also said he wanted no part in this blog so who he is to decide the background color? I mean, really! Can’t a girl wear her favorite color loud and proud?

Something on my mind as I’m getting ready for bed…why do preachers (ahem…Bible study teachers, ahem…Beth Moore) always have to YELL when they are speaking? When we know good and well they are hooked up to a fully equipped microphone! Do they not believe in its capabilities? Do they not trust this handy-dandy amplifier of sound? I am mystified. Truly mystified. I feel like the former line was from a movie, by the way (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days??) More later.

Alas, the day has come…

…for the Anderle’s to create their family blog. Don’t we make a pretty picture?

Not that there’s much of a family yet, as you can see. Just us two…and of course our best four-legged friend who will live forever, Maggie. But seeing as we have been in the suburbs about a year, it seemed like the natural thing to do. Here in The Woodlands, a blog is a must (especially if you have children), along with a smart vehicle (we sport a ’98 civic), a lawn service (our guy’s name is Seth – he’s great!), and a velour jumpsuit to sport at the local grocery (I settled for a nice tracksuit). And thus describes our life in a nutshell.

As if.

Having recently gone through the “all our friends are getting married” phase, we are now embarking into the great unknown as the “um…all our friends are having babies” phase is flourishing and multiplying by the minute. Literally. Let me count how many friends we have with due dates in 2008. And that’ll be…ok, I lost count at 10. At least 10 new babies…10 blessings from God that we will soon get to meet! How exciting. Exciting as in, I don’t have to birth the child, I just get to hold the child and be a fabulous aunt. This is all part of our master plan to learn everything about small children so that we will be fully prepared and trained once 2010ish rolls along. Which brings me to my first great random thought (and I will attribute this genuis-ness to Melissa Fisher who first made the point). What better of a way to remember your child’s age when they are born in a year like 2010!! It’s almost as easy as 2000!


It’s 2019…young, strapping, Jake Anderle (doesn’t he sound like a fantastic football player??) has his birthday party. Shoot…grandma can’t remember how old little Jake is because things just get harder to remember the older she gets. How many candles should go on the cake??? Oh wait! Wasn’t he born in an easy year?! 2019-2010 equals 9! Jake is 9! Perfect!

Catch my drift?

Now to my next point. The writer’s strike.

Dear Writers,

I hate you.

Your friend, Mary

As I’m dearly hanging onto those last couple episodes of the greats…The Office, Grey’s, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Dirty Sexy Money (recent great), So You Think You Can Dance (not that it’s affected by the writers, but I love it so much I’m still dearly hanging on till next summer) I sit here and wonder. Why? How? What??! Fix the TV! I am tired of watching football Thurs – Mon! Well luckily it’s really only Sunday and Monday now. Still. AND! What about 24?! According to my internal TV show watching clock, it should have premiered Monday, January 7th. It was the only thing we lived for in January (that and hot chocolate…and ice cream). If blasted Kiefer hadn’t gotten himself locked up behind bars (which inadvertently triggered the strike, I’m almost sure of it) we would be sitting on the edge of our seats, anxiously waiting to see Jack Bauer kick more terrorist butt.

So now here we are. No children to call our own. No TV shows to call our own. Life consists of long chats at the dinner table, home organization, rollerblading with the dog (another story for another day) reading, and puzzles (Seth is currently trying to finish a 1,000 piece puzzle of the sky. Are you kidding me?) It’s actually a little refreshing. Enjoying life as it was before TV took over.

That’s all.