Family Fun & More Pictures

We had a great time this weekend when my parents and Rachel came to visit (we missed you, Emily!) They had to meet their new granddog, of course. On Saturday, Seth & my dad went to the shooting range to do manly things and the rest of us went shopping for the afternoon. Good grief was it HOT…humid too. Let me say right now that I cannot wait for fall!!!!! Or snow actually.

We also had a fancy shmancy Father’s Day brunch at IHOP. I know. Only the BEST for my dad! We didn’t get a picture so I found this picture from waaaaay back in 2006 when I graduated college. Practically the stone ages. :)

Once again…no Emily. Let’s not make this a habit, k?

We love you, Dad!

Unfortunately I did not get any good family pictures and will have to wait for Rachel to send them to me. But I DO have some more pictures of the dogs! I know. You’re already screaming, “No! Not again!” in your heads. But too bad so sad. I don’t have a baby so for now…you get the dogs.

Hanging out

Maggie is luvin’ life with her new brother!

He’s getting so big! 14 lbs and growing. Growing too fast, I’m afraid.

For those of you not aware, Seth started his MBA a few weeks ago. He’s getting his degree through Sam Houston at the University Center in The Woodlands. He abandons us (jk) every Monday and Wednesday from 6-10. YUCK! But aren’t we proud of our little businessman??! He’ll finish rather quickly…sometime in 2011. It’s just right around the corner!….right?…right? I know we’ll all be glad when he’s done! So for now, the dogs and I just get serious quality time in the evenings and can eat anything we want for dinner!

Time to concentrate on The Bachelorette. I’ll be sure to include commentary (go Single Dad!!) later in the week…

Hmm…God Bless the USA!

Japan, a country not known for its overweight people, has undertaken one of the most ambitious campaigns ever by a nation to slim down its citizenry.

Under a national law that came into effect two months ago, companies and local governments must now measure the waistlines of Japanese people between the ages of 40 and 74 as part of their annual checkups. That represents more than 56 million waistlines, or about 44 percent of the entire population.

Those exceeding government limits — 33.5 inches for men and 35.4 inches for women, which are identical to thresholds established in 2005 for Japan by the International Diabetes Federation as an easy guideline for identifying health risks — and having a weight-related ailment will be given dieting guidance if after three months they do not lose weight. If necessary, those people will be steered toward further re-education after six more months.

To reach its goals of shrinking the overweight population by 10 percent over the next four years and 25 percent over the next seven years, the government will impose financial penalties on companies and local governments that fail to meet specific targets. The country’s Ministry of Health argues that the campaign will keep the spread of diseases like diabetes and strokes in check.

See more here. Yikes! Note to McDonalds: stay away from Japan!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas…???

I know, right?

I am so sad to say that I have, as of June, already been seeing decor in the stores for BOTH the fall & Christmas holidays. Now while it is awfully exciting to think of the holidays…


As much as I love fall, I don’t think Seth is ready for me to bring home any additional fall decor or knick-knacks yet. Someone about had a heart attack last year when he learned that people DO decorate for holidays other than Christmas (it was a very rude awakening). He had never heard of such a thing. Now I’m not hanging turkeys from the ceiling fans, but I do believe in the odd pumpkin and scattering of fall leaves. And of course you need to have a BIG monster jar of candy corn to go with all of it.

Thank goodness for candy corn! That is probably the thing I’m most excited about. By principal (ple?) I do not buy this amazing sugary orange and white candy until approx late August, because it is not right to be eating your conversation hearts and candy corn at the same time. And before you know it, we’ve already moved on to the mint hershey kisses and peppermint ice cream!

Oh holidays. Thank you for being a part of our lives!!!

The fam is coming in town this weekend so I’ll try to take several pictures. I know a lot of you have already requested more recent pictures of monster Tuck (is it bad that the vet said “get that thing neutered ASAP” so he loses some of his dominance and cockiness??? ha. that a boy! joanna, do we need a second opinion??)

Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Here’s a recipe for some super delicious cookies that I made this past weekend. So easy and you probably have all the ingredients already in your pantry!

1 1/4 C butter-softened
3/4 C white sugar
3/4 C brown sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla
2 C flour
2/3 C cocoa powder
3/4 tsp baking soda
dash of salt
1 C semi sweet chocolate chips
1 C milk chocolate morsels or milk chocolate chunks (better if you can get them)

Beat together butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla

Sift flour, cocoa powder, baking soda and salt and add to the butter mixture

Add in chocolate chips

Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes–ungreased pan–undercook them!

(makes about 3 1/2 dozen)

It’s Getting Hot in Here…

Hm. Just got home from Kroger. Am drenched in sweat. Does that count as my Sunday (ok…weekly) workout? Not sure. This is the part I always forget about. The miserable part of summer that quietly (but rudely) summons lots of sweat everywhere we go. And it’s not like I get to run around in my bikini top and shorts people. I have a job, remember. Just another poor soul stuck in the rat race who has to wear the elusive “business casual” no matter what the temperature outside.

I should petition a company-wide mandatory shorts & tank top dress code until September.

Never mind. The poor boys in the tax department would never get any work done with these legs of steel running around.


This has been a long and fun weekend…but unfortunately I have no pictures to show for it. Friday night we watched the Astros beat the Cardinals (check that….guys watched, girls discussed more important things). Early Saturday AM we headed to Georgetown to celebrate my g-parent’s 55th wedding anniversary and see Uncle Bill & Aunt Sally’s new house. We got to catch up with lots of family and meet our new cousin (or whatever your cousin’s kid is to you…neph-usin?) Caleb, who is 8 mos. and super cute. And today, I am a poor soul left alone, as my husband is off learning how to carry his new handgun (another topic for another day) in a concealed way.

Shoot me.

Hm, no pun intended with that. Hopefully everything Seth learns will be how NOT to carelessly play with his gun inside (outside) of the house. But Lord knows we are PROTECTED now when the bad guys come a knockin’. Yeah, you hear that bad guys? We’ve got a gun. 2 of them to be exact. Plus a bad-a** knife set (see prior post on Ronco knives), a wife who can talk her way out of anything, and 2 guard dogs.

Just try and mess with us.

Apparently I am supposed to learn to shoot said gun.

Let’s go over my top 2 worst fears:

1) guns
2) robbers

Perhaps I should’ve added this to my “top 5 goals” list the other day – “Learn to bust some caps”.

And speaking of top 5′s, I sadly have to take off one of my “top 5′s under $5″. I also recently went to the dentist, and needless to say, Dr. C was appalled at the amount of chewing gum I consume on a weekly basis (3 packs). Combine that with my lack of flossing (sorry, who likes to rub string between their teeth?!!!?), excessive teeth grinding, and oh you know, a cavity and other sorts of gum decay (not joking) and you have yourself an officialy dentist appt loser. I have never left the dentist feeling so dejected. So robbed. So embarassed that I now have to use prescription toothpaste (still not joking).

Where did I go wrong?! I brush THREE times a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tucker’s first training class is today at 4. Wish us luck and maybe I can actually take pictures of this. Then I’m being a follower and going to see SATC, which I’ve already proved I know WORLDS about, and then it’s back to work already? Suck.

Bath & Body Travesty

Not quite sure where to begin with this one folks…

So let’s start with a little history lesson.

As a young girl, I don’t remember wearing much perfume (unless I borrowed a spritz of my mother’s). However…my aura was almost completely transformed overnight with the invention of everyone’s favorite scent (well as of 10 yrs ago): Sun-Ripened Raspberry.

Ah, euphoria!

How we loved it. The lotion. The bath gel. The soap. The body spray! Why hadn’t anyone ever thought about this before? Smelling like a fresh sun-ripened berry?!

Then along came Plumeria. Juniper Breeze (hated that one). Country Apple. Sheer Freesia. Watch out boys. Sixth grade has a new smell! B&B Works was all the craze. It was once my dream to work there once I turned 18. Perhaps it was the appeal of something I “wasn’t allowed” to do yet. You couldn’t get enough of it, kids. Party favors, birthday gifts…

time out: oh my gosh there is a window washer staring at me outside my office.

time in:

Anyway. You name it, we had it. The ultimate gift. A lotion giftset.

Then B&BW started to dwindle. We grew up. It was time to get chic. We had to get the latest Gap scent, Banana perfume, or Lucky brand spray. We were over the raspberries, people!

B&BW panicked. What to do?! Their sister-store Limited was already going down the tubes. VS was off and running but that was a bit mature for the younger crowd that had worn their scents with pride. And was Henri Bendel even around yet?

Thus came the desperate invention of new scents: Cucumber Melon, Cherry Blossom, Peony, Sweet Pea, Coconut Lime Verbana, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Black Raspberry Vanilla, White Tea & Ginger, Brown Sugar & Fig (a.k.a. best scent EVER).

(Yes there is a point to my ranting)

B&BW is having their semi-annual major sale. Where prices are slashed up to 50% and even 75% off! This is the only time of year I buy my plug-in refills there because they have them for $5 instead of…I don’t know, $15? I headed on over there after work yesterday. Browse the selections and find quite a few other great deals. March up to the register, present my findings, and nearly faint when the cashier says, “Ah, I love brown sugar & fig. Good choice. Isn’t it such a shame they’re discontinuing it?”

Shoot. A. Monkey.

I kindly asked her to repeat her last statement. Yep. She said it again.

Brown Sugar & Fig is being discontinued?????

In a panic, I yelled “HOLD ON!” and ran to get the last BS&F candle, some more soap, a lotion, and more wallflower refills. For the last time. All for 75% off might I add.

Needless to say, that’s about as exciting as this story gets. But the moral is…seriously??? BS&F? Why not plumeria? Why not JUNIPER BREEZE? Why not that disgusting peach fragrance???

Ugh. Disgusting.

Fab Five

I saw this on another blog and thought it would be fun. It was actually kinda hard to come up with 5 things on some of these…

5 things under $5 that I cannot live without:

Trident Sweet Mint Gum (gotta get 3 packs at a time)
Medium Strawberry Limeade
Tall non-fat Caramel Machiatto
Blue Bell 1/2 gallon of homemade vanilla (I guess it’s only under $5 now when it’s on sale…)

5 ALL TIME Favorite Movies:

Steel Magnolias
Dirty Dancing
13 Going On 30
Remember the Titans
Sixteen Candles

5 baby names I love:

As you can probably guess…I’m very hesitant to give these out.

Yeah…can’t risk it.

Let’s just say some start with “J” and one starts with “K”

5 things that are always in my purse:

Hair rubberband

5 Moments that have changed my life forever:

Being baptized into Christ
Getting married to Seth!
Getting my 2 dogs (hm…sounds silly doesn’t it?)
Moving to San Antonio
Graduating from Texas A&M – whoop!

5 things always on the grocery list:

Frozen berries
Pringles Stix

(Dare you to find one list I’ve made w/o them!!)

5 places I would like to go:

Spain (gotta go again)

5 appliances or kitchen tools I cannot live without:

Food chopper (lifesaver)
Coffee Maker
Computer (that’s an ‘appliance’ right?)
Ice maker (remember the days of filling up those blasted ice trays and trying to squeeze the ice out? blech!)
Can opener

5 Celebrities I hate to admit I keep up with:

Miley Cyrus
Britney Spears
Angelina Jolie
Lindsey Lohan

5 Most exciting things about this summer:

Going to the lake
Tubing on the river
Chi Chi Reunion
Filing the APC tax return (only b/c it means no more busyness at work)
No bike rides on the weekends!

5 Goals I am currently working on (a.k.a. things I need to talk Seth into):

(You know the drill…none of this should be a huge shocker)

New bedroom furniture
New car
Another puppy (kidding!)
Organizing my photos into albums. Couple years behind.
Writing my book ;)

Ok, now your turn!

Fine. I’ll Blog Again.

So…tonight over fondue…I was a little disturbed to hear that some are unsatisfied with my lack of posting lately. Some of you are saying “lack of posting?! I still can’t keep up!” It’s really hard to keep everyone happy. And being the people pleaser I am…tonight I’m catering to the impatient “have nothing else to do but read my blog” fans (ahem….Jennifer. Must be all those babies talking…)

So here we go. Pictures of dear Tuck have been requested. So pictures you’ll get!

Tuck at 8 weeks. Still got those baby blue eyes!
Poor Tucker got left out in the rain while I was at Bible study last week and Seth was at “Rock Band” practice with the guys. Oops.
Enjoying his first road trip to LG! Look at those ears!
(Tucker at 9 weeks…gosh I really do feel like I have a baby)

Look at those two. So cute. Napping in the truck.

Always always playing
Sorry mom…yes, he is on the baker’s rack you gave us. No scratches or missing chunks of wood…I promise.
Our children managed to drag this huge blanket on the floor to get comfy on.
Agh! Love them!

Now we’ll move on to our weekend in La Grange. Always a crazy time. Seth’s cousins Dylan & Avery graduated from Schulenburg High School on Friday night. Haven’t heard of it? That’s because only like 18 people live there (and they’re all related to Seth somehow). My first official 2A high school graduation. 59 proud graduates and their families! Makes my 600 person graduation seem like a monstrosity.

Me, Avery, & Seth
All the cousins!
(Back: Seth, Chase (his brother), & Jarad
Front: Mary, Jacob, Dylan, Avery, Ali)

Oh yes…and another thing I learned about small-town graduations. You notice Ali has a prom-like dress on. Apparently select members of the junior class get to be “hosts/hostesses” at graduation and get to dress up all fancy-like. Jacob thought it was her wedding dress. Boys.)

Me, Dylan, & Seth
Dylan walking across the “stage”. Look at that mass of fellow graduates off to the left!!!
Avery & Dylan at their graduation luau

And that was our weekend. Didn’t get back until way too late on Sunday and are still behind on the week. And now I’ve had probably 23 lbs of cheese and chocolate fondue from The Melting Pot in my system so I don’t know that I’ll be falling asleep anytime soon. Oh but it was soooo good. Minus the waiter, that is.

We have a crazy month ahead of us so I’m taking it one week at a time. Astros game on Friday, my g-parents 55th wedding anniversary party on Saturday in Austin (thank you Buster & Berkley for keeping an eye on our dogs…again!!!), and Tucker has his first puppy training class on Sunday. I know, what a proud parent. And just think…Fightin’ Texas Aggie football is just right around the corner!!!!! I’ll really load you guys up with some pictures then. Us in our A&M jerseys…dogs in their A&M jerseys…do I smell a Christmas card??? (last year’s failed miserably…we found out Maggie does not so much like to wear clothes…)