Mamma mia, here I go again

I know it’s been almost a week.

I know several of you were probably traumatized after my mono post…wondering, searching, hoping, that I was not bed-ridden and composing my final memoirs.

Well folks. I was thisclose. I stayed home from work one day and then had a terribly scratchy throat on Saturday morning. I was convinced it was the day before the day before I’d get sick.

Unfortunately for all of us…it’s Monday. And I’m at work. On my lunch break.

So I’ll just bury my woes…swallow my sorrows…and recap our weekend.

Seth’s parents came bearing chocolate meringue pie on Friday evening. They stayed to visit and catch up with us this weekend. We had a good time and ate lots of food! On Saturday afternoon we went and saw the new BATMAN movie.

Unfortunately for Seth, I ask a lot of questions during movies. And not growing up with an extensive history of Batman knowledge, I had to abuse him quite a bit during show time. But we all endured the 3 hour matinee and I came out of it with most questions answered.

I mean really…from the very beginning he knew Harvey Dent would become Two-Face. How in the WORLD was I supposed to know that?! I just kept asking for Catwoman.)

Best part of all though was…of course…Christian Bale. He’s done a fantastic job as Batman in the last 2 movies…but seeing him really takes me back.

Takes me back many moons.

Takes me back to his hit musical debut on the ol’ streets of New York.

(You’ll appreciate what’s next, Emily)

“Headlines don’t sell papes, NEWSIES sell papes!”

Ok. Let’s get back on track shall we?

We had dinner at Landry’s on Saturday night, one of our all-time favorites. I think if I could learn to make their Snapper Hemmingway, Seth would bow down before me for the rest of our lives. Not that he doesn’t bow down before me now. Maybe just a little more often.

Then Sunday night I went and saw MAMMA MIA with the girls.

I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical. Musicals are hit and miss with me. Clearly Newsies was a hit. Evita was a miss. But I LOVED this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! What fun! I’ll admit…I did giggle when Sophie first broke out in song at the beginning. But then I started wondering…why don’t we converse in song more often? So I might try it. Don’t be scared if I start belting out greetings and questions in tune next time we meet.

I included a shot from my all-time favorite scene. Yes, I was one of several who gave this number some serious applause. I will never listen to Dancing Queen the same again! I just loved seeing Meryl Streep in this role. Actually everyone was just fantastic. I highly recommend this. To women though. Not men.

Tucker also (finally) graduated from his puppy training class yesterday. He now has a myriad of skills under his belt and has made a smooth transition into the terrible twos phase. Ah, reminds me of Maggie’s rebellion of yore. Gotta love puppies. He’s been quite defiant and showing a lil’ bit of attitude to his folks. Little does he know our special friend Joanna will be taking care of his “hormone issues” in the next month. Pictures later!

(of puppy graduation…not his procedure)

Are my Days Numbered?

I think I have mono.

That’s what I’m trying to tell myself at least.

Every morning when I wake up, I think, “ok, so how do I get out of work today??” Not one to typically call in sick, I usually lay in bed feeling sorry for myself, harping over the fact that my life absolutely sucks because I have to go to work, and then drag myself out sans shower, and get to work 10 minutes late.

Monday morning. Same story, second verse.

I promptly open up a new internet window and do what any semi-ailing human would. Type in

I search “mono” and anxiously await the list of symptoms.

High fever?…hm…no
Severe sore throat?…well, not that either.
Swollen glands and tonsils?…dang it. nope.
Weakness and fatigue?…YES! fatigue!
Swelling in spleen to swell?…good heavens. my stomach does hurt a lot though?

1 1/4 out of 5 ain’t bad. But I figure that’s not good enough to diagnose myself. So I then proceeded to search “fatigue”.

“Weakness is a lack of physical or muscle strength and the feeling that extra effort is needed to perform daily activities that require you to move your arms, legs, or other muscles.
Fatigue is a feeling of tiredness, exhaustion, or lack of energy.”

Well that hit it right on the nose! I feel like SO much extra effort is required to lift my fingers up to the keyboard. I don’t want to move my legs. And I just don’t have any energy. I MUST have chronic fatigue syndrome.

Never mind the fact that I could exercise more. Or eat healthier. No, no…it doesn’t have to do with any of that health-fad nonsense. I’m simply a victim of a terrible horrible syndrome.

Monetary donations may be sent to:

Losing my Mind…

Yesterday after work, I stopped at Kroger to pick up a few essentials. Milk, OJ, yogurt, strawberries, nilla wafers, ice cream, and…vitamins. I had been out of my daily multi-vitamin for a few days so I spent the obligatory 5 minutes in the vitamin aisle trying to decide “which one to try now”??

If you know me well, this will come as no surprise. I check to see “what’s new”…what the people next to me pick up…”should I start taking selenium…just in case????”

I don’t even know what selenium is.

Anyway. I find what I need and head home. For some reason I was very anxious to see the color and shape of my new vitamins! So I immediately opened the package and was inevitably distracted.

Fast forward 12 hours.

I wake up this morning and am ready to take my vitamin with breakfast. Healthy and full of nutrition once again!!! This is how the next few minutes went:

Mary: Seth! OMG. Someone TAMPERED with my vitamins!!

Seth: What? It wasn’t me! Is someone trying to drug you?

Mary: Possibly. I can’t believe this happened. Stupid Kroger! Why would they sell something that was tampered with! Who would try to poison me! What a conspiracy!!!

Seth: Yeah, that is NOT cool. I would return that ASAP.

Mary: I knew my dreams were true – there IS someone after me!

So I drive myself to Kroger on the way to work. March right in there and demand a replacement bottle (which they gladly exchanged by the way). Feeling much better about myself and knowing that I DEFINITELY one-upped my crazy killer stalker, I walked out and stopped dead in my tracks.


I’m barely 25. Can I really be losing my mind already???

Chi Chi Weekend 2008!

Whew. What a weekend! I was blessed to be able to join some of my best friends the past couple days in the good ol’ Metroplex. Paula and I road-tripped up to Ft. Worth on Friday evening to meet up with Dabney and Susan (who flew in from Malibu to join in the fun!!!).

We thought it would be so easy to stay up and talk all night. Just like the good ol’ days. We made it to maybe 1am…which is actually quite admirable, considering these big workin’ girls are probably in bed by 9 or 10 at the latest now!! It was so much fun to catch up with everyone and poke fun of each other just like the old times. I’ll just say we had a few interesting discoveries (lips are sealed) and some good laughs!!

The real reason we were in town was for Megan & Michael’s wedding on Saturday. The ceremony was at the gorgeous SMU chapel and what…a…bride!! I have never seen such a gorgeous dress! Weddings always make me a little nostalgic and it was so special to see another childhood friend tie the knot. It was also a great reminder of the importance of a Godly marriage and sacrificial love. I am so lucky that MY husband is my best friend and constant partner that I love with all my heart!!! Enough of me though…

Megan was one of the first girls I met when my family and I moved to San Antonio in 1995. She came right up to me at church to introduce herself and made me feel so welcome. (Many years later I found out the real reason she was so eager to approach me…she actually felt sorry for me since I was in SIXTH GRADE and still wearing a matching dress with my two sisters!!!!! THANKS MOM) She has a huge heart and is halfway through med school right now in San Antonio. Megan will be an incredible doctor one day that will bless so many people (and hopefully write my prescriptions??). She, along with all these other girls, have been amazing friends over the past 13ish years and hopefully so many more to come!!

All the Chi Chi’s!!!
Cara, Mary, Susan, Megan, Paula, & Dabney

Bride’s cake – excellent!

Me and our California girl

Me and Cara

And yes, me with the lovely bride!!
5 weddings down…1 to go…

The Maxwell’s first dance

Father-daughter danceSweet family moment!

Groom’s cake

Susan & Paula at Joe T. Garcia’s

After the reception was over we headed to Joe T. Garcia’s for a Mexican feast! Not as good as true SA Mexican food, but close enough :) We enjoyed great fajitas, margaritas, and lots of laughs. It was nice to kick back, relax, and stuff our faces with chips. Especially at such a fun restaurant!

It’s nice to be back in town but I SURE don’t want to go to work tomorrow! Thanks to Dabney for letting us take over your apartment this weekend!!!

I also had a nice surprise when I got home…2 very special friends had snuck in the house on Saturday and added a little extra decor to the Anderle abode!! I didn’t get a picture yet but I’ll just say changes are a comin’!!! We’re hoping to introduce some paint and more window coverings over the next month or two….thanks Kim & Georgia!!!!

I am so lucky and blessed to have such fabulous friends to take care of me! I love you ALL!

So Much Blogging…So Little Time

I feel like I have everything and nothing to blog about at the same time.


That pretty much describes this past week.

I don’t necessarily have any profound thoughts about any recent TV shows, seeing as I haven’t gotten home until almost 10pm every night this week and I fall asleep at approximately 10:02pm (don’t worry…all fun, no work).

We did see Wipeout though…such a classic. We were big fans of the “bearded monster” and the pool toy invasion on the DREADMILL. A great show for lots of laughs. If you don’t watch this…well, you’re just plain silly.

And besides random episodes of Jon & Kate, followed by prayer marathons thanking God I don’t have 8 offspring, I have to stay mum on everything else for now. I BETTER have a chance to watch SYTYCD and Project Runway by Sunday. Or else things are really gonna start going downhill.

But on the other hand, Paula and I will be leaving for Dallas on Friday evening to meet up with fellow Chi Chi’s* Dabney and Susan as we celebrate Megan’s wedding and…oh I don’t know…the 12th or 13th year** of our friendship?

*Will introduce the Chi Chi’s in later post
**Proof that you cannot get rid of me

I’m sure it’ll be filled with hair braiding, tye-dying, ghost story telling, Michael Jackson dancing, and Seventeen magazine quizzes! CANNOT wait. We might even be able to re-film our rendition of MJ’s “You Will be There” dance from Free Willy. I don’t know if there’s enough time!

Pictures for sure to recap our shenanigans.

Viva the Weekend!

I don’t know if I’ve ever posted any pictures of my dogs before so…

Tucker being a big boy!
The kids
Tucker met his new girlfriend, Georgia, this weekend! I know he seems a little young to date but she comes from a wholesome family with a great reputation so we’re ok with it. Almost like Olan Mills

On to other things…

After the MS150 in April I made a promise to myself that included the following 3 things:

- I would not take an 8-month workout hiatus
- I was only allowed to eat ice cream every night for 2 weeks
- I would ride my bike at least a few times prior to January 2009

Today, as I nearly passed out running with the dogs, I remembered this special vow I made and decided to evaluate my progress:

- I just cancelled my gym membership because I haven’t been since April
- Uh.
- My bike tires are flat

Oh dear. All these thoughts were running through my mind right before I blacked out on the driveway…

Kidding. But you never know.

So…I’ve made it my goal to be a little more proactive in regard to my physical fitness the next few months. And not because of next year’s bike ride, but more because I am becoming a lazy old fart. I definitely don’t have as much energy as I used to and it’s not uncommon to almost fall asleep on the keyboard (several times) during the work day.

Hold me to it, folks.

In addition, we had a fun experience at Wal-Mart* today. As we’re walking in the doors, we notice a nice looking man selling some sort of t-shirt (for some organization I’m sure) outside the store. He’s yelling at all those who pass (in English, mind you), trying to tempt them with his ugly piece of clothing. Then…we walk by.

AND HE STARTS EH-SPEAKING IN EH-SPANISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good night nurse!!! My husband is great at lots of things but speaking Espanol is not one of them. I probably know more of his ‘native’ language than he does. But in light of the whole situation, I thought it was HILARIOUS, considering several unnamed persons as of late have had lots of fun offering Seth tortillas, queso, and other sorts of Mexican parapharnalia. :)

*Wal-Mart was previously sworn off by Anderle family. This was first encounter with dreaded store since the beginning of the year. And we went to the new one. And we only had to wait in line for 5 minutes. No, WM you are NOT redeemed, but I did decide to give you another chance. You’re on temporary probation for now.