Pictures of the Pups

These are about a month old but it’s not my fault Rachel is slow at uploading pictures. Just thought I would share since our children are both growing up so fast! :)

Me holding Tucker. Tucker hating every minute of it. Did I mention he’s not a cuddler? More of an ear biter/ponytail puller-outer.

Best attempt at a group picture. Seth, why were you hiding?

Maggie got some special bonding time with her Nana B (right? isn’t that what you want to be called, Mom?)

Maggie & Rachel. Both clearly enjoying all the pictures.

For anyone who cares, here’s the latest on our puppy progress:

- Tucker has been potty trained for a few weeks now – THANK YOU JESUS!
- Maggie is officially old (at her ripe old age of 1 1/2) because she can hardly keep up with her brother.
- Tucker can JUMP. On the bed. On the couch. Over the coffee table. No joke. He’s really starting to push my buttons. I walk in the living room and there he is laying on the couch like it’s his job. NO SIRREE!
- We can all finally make it on our walks around the neighborhood. Victory.
- Maggie has learned to read, write, and type at a brisk pace.
- Tucker is working on his first words and beginning to go through puberty.


This Just In: The D to Shred in Breck

Oh the drama! What better night to watch the finale with a group of bachelor fanatics? I can’t tell you how many times we hit rewind. All for the most dramatic rose ceremony EVER.

And let me just say…although I wasn’t completely accurate in my final plot twist, you must have been just a little impressed when ol’ Jeremy took the walk of shame back to DD. And boy did I have compassion on the man. I know, I’m a sucker. But I really did feel his pain. And his abs.

Highlights of the episode:

- Jesse telling DD she had a big butt on the hometown date. Such a sweetheart.
- Jesse telling DD’s dad that he lived with a girl for awhile. Always the best way to a Dad’s heart.
- Jason asking Mr. Pappas to marry his daughter. Just crushing.
- DD’s g-ma and g-pa telling Jason he was their choice! And how precious were they???
- Jason saying his con was not being “raaaaaad” like Jesse. Cute.
- Three words: Blow it up.

I had quite a few “what the…” moments…we got a kick out of watching Jesse completely botch his hometown date. I mean, yeah, of course ABC edits but…insert awkwardness! The looks her dad had when they all met Jesse – priceless! And what about the “keep your hair short” comment. Poor guy. I mean, don’t forget that he is NOTHING like DD had in mind. She NEVER dates guys with long hair and pink shoelaces. Could you remind us anymore?!?!

And oh, sweet Jason. He was so ready to find Ty’s mommy. What a guy. But, in a way it’s good for him I suppose because during the night the consensus was that Jason really deserved better than DeAnna because her like-ability factor just went down down down to the dumps by the end of this season.

I was half afraid they were going to bring out Trista & Ryan at the ATR show. Or, heaven forbid, Brad Womack. Since DD has so much compassion for him now and they are BFF.

Oh, do you not know about Brad? He was actually the Bachelor a couple seasons ago and LEFT DD at the proposal pedestal! Shocking. Her heart was broken. She was confused. Her questions were not answered. She was in love. They don’t bring him up much so just in case you missed all that…

And apparently they’re all still BFF with Jason too. Friends forever. Yeah ok. But ABC really outdid themselves by showcasing our favorite British Bachelor and his playboy-esque bride-to-be Shayne. Barf. Did anyone else notice the “bad boy look” he kept sporting and Shayne’s too-blonde mane? $10,000 that she has a British accent in her next interview.

Anyway, those are my thoughts this morning. We kept our hopes up to the very end though…disappointing to see J step out of the limo, but…remember the few seasons where the winner did show up first? And had to WATCH the Bach turn the other girl down? Just cruel. Still wondering if ABC will bring back that move. And how come they can’t make video messages for the Bach/Bachelorette anymore? AND did the night vision cameras break or what?

I would campaign for Single Dad as the next Bachelor but you know they would pick the trashiest girls for him and I don’t think that’d be setting a very good example for Ty. So perhaps we’ll try Graham. Yeah, he’d work.

Bit of a Mouthful?

Nicole Kidman has given birth, her husband Keith Urban’s rep confirms to

The actress welcomed a girl, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, Monday morning.

The baby weighed 6 pounds, 7 ounces.

Husband Keith was by Nicole’s side and mother and baby are very well, the rep said.

It is the first child for Kidman, 41, and Keith Urban, 40. She has two adopted children — Connor, 13, and Isabella, 15 — with ex Tom Cruise.”

The whole Kidman Urban thing just doesn’t roll off the tongue nicely. And Sunday Rose? It almost sounds like the scent of a new bodywash. Or a flavored tea.

God Bless the USA

So often I think we forget the importance of the holiday weekend we just celebrated with family and friends. It is humbling and overwhelming to remember the sacrifice so many of our fellow citizens have made to help secure and protect America’s freedom. A big thank you to all who serve or have served in our armed forces! We owe our lives to you.

I can’t believe I still haven’t gone back to work. I really lucked out with July 4th this year and last. Not only did I have Friday off, but I also had Wednesday and Thursday – yahoooo! I’m so sad it’s finally Sunday but I can’t really complain. We had a fabulous weekend and it felt like we did tons. I think the dogs were actually getting tired of us being here and not being on their “normal schedule”. I keep getting this annoyed look from Maggie like “C’MON mom…leave me alone. This is when I rest!”

I’ll hit the major points…

- We can safely say Tucker is fully potty trained now (going on 2+ wks without an accident!) and he has even discovered how to lift up his leg when he relieves himself. Gosh, they grow up so fast.

- I faced my biggest fear and learned how to bust a cap this weekend. Good lord. Did I enjoy it? NO. Am I excited to hit the range again? NO. But at least I am ‘trained’ and semi-capable to protect myself should the worst occur.

(and p.s. apparently I shocked Seth with my accuracy…who would’ve known!)

- We can say, with 100% certainty that we helped put on the Spring Trails fireworks show of the century! Thanks to several unnamed men who decided to clean out the fireworks stand…and with the help of several cheerleaders, a BBQ pit, and some good ol’ patriotic singing, the Erbele’s neighbors probably wanted to kill us all. Happy 4th!

- I scored the deal of the year at ATL with my savings coupons from last month. A dress, an adorable skirt, and 2 pairs of shoes for $50? I think so!

- And who can celebrate the 4th without homemade ice cream and lots of other snacks? I’m done with the kitchen for a week!

Seth embarks on his first business trip tomorrow! W-O-W. Tucker and Seth…both growing up before my eyes! He’ll be Mansfield-bound (hey, didn’t say it was glamorous), corporate credit card in hand, tomorrow afternoon. Mr. 4.0 also starts his next MBA class this upcoming week. 57 more credit hours to go………………..

I’m so Twitchington

Disclaimer #1:

I started writing this post on June 25th…with full intentions of recapping our weekly thoughts on SYTYCD. How embarassing that I just remembered. So I will leave what I had before and add a few more thoughts to get us all up to date.

Disclaimer #2:

If you don’t watch this show, you are REALLY missing out.

Agh! Let me say it for the 1,000,000 time…I REALLY WISH I COULD DANCE!!!!!!!!!!

SYTYCD just kills me. It is the one TV show we watch that causes so much joy, laughter, and excitement. Not even joking. We rewind, record, and rewind again. I’m already sad thinking about the end of the season.

So let me just start out with saying WE LOVE TWITCH AND KHERINGTON!!!

She caught my eye back during try-outs and of course we all love Twitch from last season. I’m not in the fan club of too many of them, but man. Can one of my dancing friends PLEASE try out?! And then teach me everything you know? The only dance I can do without fail is my homemade routine to Chatahoochie. Which is REALLY good for those of you who have witnessed it. I’ve also been known to jazz up a Michael Jackson or two.

Other favorites for the Anderles include Chelsea, Courtney, Joshua, & Will. Katee might be a great dancer, but it ruined it for me the way she acted at the end of Vegas. Something about her just bugs. Courtney could do without the bangs. Somebody please send Comfort & Thayne home, and when is Dan Karaty coming back to judge?!

The show freshest on my mind is from last week…and I even watched it twice. Dance favorites included Twitch & Kherington’s mattress dance, the “Kiss Kiss” dance, Courtney & Gev’s hip hop routine (once again, if only we could dance…), and that’s about it. And yes, we think they sent the wrong couple home. Oh well. It’s too hard to write about this after the fact. Perhaps I’ll try a little harder this upcoming week. But first we have to make it through the Bach finale.

And one thought/prediction about the Bach…several of us have pooled our thoughts and are actually wondering if she chooses NEITHER and gets engaged to one of the kicked off Bachelors?! Puts a nice spin to the show, eh?

Until tomorrow…

Mystery Meat?

I know, right? Sick. The name says it all.

A loaf. Of meat.

Meat…in a loaf.

A loaf of bread? Sure. A loaf of meat? I don’t think so.

I have grown up dreading this vomit-like meaty substance. Nothing makes me gag more.

Hint: When we have children one day…do not bring this to us. Pretty please.

However, after a year and a half of whining and pleading from my husband, a lover of meat in loaves, I gave in and decided to prepare a fresh loaf for dinner tonight. I spent all day thinking of ways I could add a little oomph to this meal. Queso makes anything good, right?

I was given strict instructions though to follow our recipe to the T. I was not to alter the ingredients, misshape the meat, or add any sort of sauce whatsoever. Yes sir!

And now for the reason I’m writing this post in the first place.

I actually…sorta…maybe…liked it?

I know. You’re asking yourself, “do you know what you just ate????” But I do. I realize it. And it took a very SIMPLE recipe with not a lotta oomph (except for a dousing of Heinz 57 – my absolute fav) to semi-please my stomach.

Don’t get excited. This is by no means by new favorite dish. But it has now become bearable…almost semi-desirable. I will no longer refer to it as “vomit-loaf”.

Mom, I almost apologize now for all those times I sat crying at the dinner table b/c I wouldn’t clean my plate.

2 lbs ground beef
1 pkg onion soup mix
1/3 cup ketchup
3/4 cup water
2 eggs
3/4 cup plain dry bread crumbs
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients together in large bowl . Shape into a loaf (if you can bear to) and place in greased 9×13 baking dish. Bake for one hour. Try to enjoy :) Oh and dip in lots o’ Heinz 57!

DeAHnna Drama

DD is KILLING me! I swear.

1) If Jesse says “you are REEEDICULOUS” one more time…I might slap him.
2) My heart did break a little for Jeremy when he had to leave.
3) Did Jason forget to bring his shaving kit to the Bahamas? Clean up for the rose ceremony, dude!

I will keep my thoughts brief. I just don’t know. Of course we all want her to pick Single Dad. But I have a sneaking suspicion Jesse’s proposal will be accepted in the end. I’m a little concerned however about his pro-snowboarder job and his future career potential. Is he educated? Does he have other talents besides snowboarding? And why is he automatically assuming he will wean himself off the board if they get together? Can he seriously put up with DD the demanding?

And will Jason make DD his No. 1 and bump Ty down the ladder? Will they be able to have a life without Ty sometimes? Will Ty get jealous? Will DD & Jason’s kids always be 2nd rate to Ty? Is DD ready to take on a 3 yr old with bushy eyebrows? Will his family make Greek food everytime they come over?

The inquiring public wants to know.

Props to the virgin for calling Jeremy on the “OCD”. So dumb but I almost laughed. And would someone get Fred a girlfriend? Good grief!

Hey Fred…meet Noelle from last season. She will steal your heart.

Until Monday…