Make me Babies!!!

I am seriously about to have a heart attack from laughing. Paula found a fantastic website this morning and all day me, her, and Dabney have been “making babies”!

(Uh…I mean working)

Unfortunately, they are all absolutely hideous.

I’m considering this website a complete sham.

I mean really. We all know that Seth & I would make WAY cuter babies than this!!!

Regardless, meet the three newest additions to the Anderle clan…

A pirate?! Are you KIDDING me?!

Yikes. We’ll just all hold our breath until 2010.

Palin for President!!!

“Far from looking like an insult to women, Palin emerged as confident, self-possessed, smart, witty, capable, knowledgeable, aggressive — the kind of ball-breaker men don’t mind dealing with and find attractive.” (National Post)

Shoot. Forget McCain! Say Goodbye to Obama. Put THIS woman in the White House! I really hope you watched her speak last night at the RNC. Actually, I hope you’ve been watching the entire convention (along with the DNC that already happened) and absorbing the words of all the great speakers they’ve had. Fred Thompson. Rudy Giuliani. Mike Huckabee. Meg Whitman. All absolutely fantastic!

This is the first time I’ve actually been a little excited about this presidential race. Of course it was bittersweet to see Huckabee & Romney showing McCain their support, instead of the other way around, but whatever. There’s always next time.

Who else was yelling “Drill Baby Drill!” at the TV? So maybe I work for an oil & gas company…and maybe part of my retirement is dependent on their stock price…but I was chanting right along with them! I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first, but I think Palin is just what the GOP needs right now. I could go on and on but I won’t…you can all read the papers (i.e. internet) and watch the news.

I don’t want to be a political preacher but this is a time when we need to all be paying attention to the issues out there and the things that are important to our nation. How much control do you want our government to have? What are your beliefs on abortion? Stem cell research? Distribution of wealth? The war in Iraq? Our economy? Universal health care? Foreign policy?

Ok enough of the serious stuff. How about one of my favorite quotes of the night:

“But here’s a little news flash for all those reporters and commentators: I’m not going to Washington to seek their good opinion — I’m going to Washington to serve the people of this country.”

BAM! Take that! And how about her comparison of a mayor to a community organizer…but with responsibilities? Ah! Love it!

And here’s a video of our all-time favorite moment of the evening…

Find your voter’s registration, pay attention to the issues, and enlighten yourself with what’s going on in our American government.

If anything…prepare yourself for the excitement of when Sarah Palin and Hillary might one day go head to head. How entertaining would that be?

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Ok, time to listen to McCain :)

What’s to Know??

Yeah, so there’s not anything too great to share about last Saturday. The Aggies played. The Aggies lost. Surprise, surprise. Some of you might wonder why we still dish out several Benjamins to acquire these season tickets. Well that’s because we bleed maroon. Otherwise, I’d be watching on my couch, in the A/C, with a bowl of popcorn. And hopefully, that time won’t be too far off in my future anyway…

We went up early on Saturday to see Rachel & Michael’s new apt/house, and plus we got to see Mom for awhile and just visit with everyone! It’s so weird going back to College Station…I mean, gosh it’s been more than TWO years now since I’ve graduated…and still the place is a changin’. If only there had been a Kohl’s, Ben & Jerry’s, and brand new Layne’s when WE’D been there!

Rachel & Me at the LG Tailgate
Me & Seth
Rachel & Michael…class of…2011???

Me & My Co-Cheerleader

It’s funny how Aggie football is just a fact of life for us now. Our poor children. I almost measure our life in “seasons”.

i.e. Seth and I have been together for six football seasons!

For real though – there is only ONE time of the year when my husband skips. Bounds around, if you will. Last Thursday night he is on PINS & needles, waiting for the arrival of college football. He’s stripped down to his boxers, with dinner on his lap, staring at the TV in all it’s HD college football glory. We proceed to have the following conversation:

Seth: Hey, was there anything you wanted to talk about tonight?
Mary: Um…eh, not really. I mean this thing did happ…
Seth (cutting Mary off): Ok GREAT! Because tonight is the start of NCAA college football and I need to FOCUS!

Gotta love him. You’ve never seen so much emotion during a sports event. Elation, anger, frustration, joy, and laughter are just a few of them :)

I get the TV back in December. Until then, kids.

Prayer for Marriage

We were given a copy of this prayer a couple months back in church. It stays on our fridge (you know, where all important reminders go!) to remind us of our ultimate goal in marriage – to bring glory to God! I encourage all of you to share with your spouse and rejoice in the love God has for all of us!

Dear God,

You designed marriage, You created it, You sustain it,
You make it new.
You make it the best of adventures.
Makes us what You will;
With You there is safety and rest.
Make it this way with us always.
Help us flee the temptation to judge, criticize, or control,
Help us to forgive continually and constantly,
that grace will be fluent between us.
Guide us in the ways that bring You Glory,
So we don’t become self-absorbed.
Save us from ourselves, save us from the darkness.
Build in us the greatest hope shared eternally.
May your transcendent Word be upon our hearts, minds,
and in our actions.
Thank you for Marriage, Thank you for You,
Thank you for my husband,
Thank you for Christ.

In His Name,