Halloween Health Tips?

It was quite disappointing, to say the least, as I read my daily “Hungry Girl (Tips & Tricks…for Hungry Chicks!)” email newsletter. Of course the topic was candy. And she listed 3 Quick Tips for what to do on this particular holiday:

1) DO NOT stock up on your favorite candies
2) Just because the candy bars are little doesn’t mean you can have ten of them
3) The best way to avoid the lure of holiday sweets? Eat other things.

And then she goes on:
“For the love of Elvira, DON’T skip dinner so that you can go nuts on the candy! Eight Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures do not equal a meal. Eat normally all day long, have a small treat after dinner, and don’t turn that plastic jack-o’-lantern bucket into your personal feed-bag!”

Dang it, she’s on to me.

Good thing we’ll be passing out this:

…instead of this:

Happy trick or treating!

The Language of Business

Nerdy, right?

I actually sunk LOW enough to mention that in an interview when I was just a young buck, yearning for a high-paying, super exciting accounting job after college graduation.

Interviewer: So why did you choose to major in accounting?
Young Mary: Well, it’s simple really. Accounting is the language of business!

I thought it was impressive at the time. Now that I’m on the other end of the spectrum, I’m pretty sure the interviewer wrote down, “major nerd. PASS!”

I digress.

I have recently been experiencing accounting nightmares…seeing as both my husband and younger sister are both enrolled in their first accounting course. Ever. And seeing as I’m a CPA, they expect me to have all the answers.


Hello, there is a reason why I passed my classes. I merely have a fantastic memory.

As I’m helping Seth study for his accounting test the other night, I start to shake, and want to bang my head on the dining room table.

Seth: What is the carrying value of a bond?
Mary: Umm…maybe the book value?
Seth: Mary, you should know this. Come on. What would the journal entry be?
Mary: (screaming inside) I DON’T KNOW! I already took the test over this stuff! I don’t need to know it anymore!

Now, I know teachers everywhere are shaking their heads and “tsk tsk’ing” me, but come on. I do taxes. I do not need to know, nor do I ever care to know, how to calculate things like net present value or call value of a bond. I have hidden that knowledge very deep in my brain…and thrown away the key. I try to make plenty of room for more important things…like celebrity gossip, TV shows, and fun stuff.

Mainly because…I don’t want to turn into this:

See? It would give YOU nightmares too!


God Gives, God Takes, Gods Name be EVER Blessed!
Job 1:21

Many of you may have already seen this video clip. And if so, I encourage you to watch it again. It is a true testament to God’s power and what He is able to do. And a wonderful example of a family’s unwavering faith. Faith I pray and strive to have.

So often I think I simply cannot handle certain situations. And my fear for what the future holds consumes my daily thoughts. I am learning each day though that God is good and God will provide! And He will never give us anything we cannot handle.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

Philippians 4:6-9

Random Thoughts

1) Why is it I hate to get out of bed every morning…but hate to go to bed every night?

2) If it is in the 40′s outside…shouldn’t I be allowed to wear a turtleneck and drink spice tea?

3) Halloween candy is ridiculously expensive. I settled for the party mix of dots/tootsie rolls/tootsie pops for $5. Have I become the cheap neighbor that the kids are going to avoid?

4) How many more days until I retire?

5) Why oh why won’t my car break down?!

6) I think we should be allowed to wear lounge pants and sweatshirts to work in the winter.

7) What are my chances of still becoming famous?

8) Why do we eat more when its cold outside? Or is it just me?

9) How come candy corn is one of the most disliked candies?? How can you not like the corn and those mellowcreme pumpkins of goodness?

10) Why is it colder in my office than it is outside?

I’m restless today. I know.

Dog Lady??

On Saturday evening when we took the dogs for a walk, the old lady at the end of the street (who is always outside) tells her friend that has stopped by to visit…

“Hey! That’s the dog lady! She takes her dogs on walks but then the dogs end up walking her!”

Oh and they both get a good hearty chuckle.

Is this what I’ve been minimized to? A DOG LADY?! Just for kicks, I even googled the term…and found this picture.

Oh. dear. Fast forward 50 years??? :)

All in a Day’s Work…

Swagging. What else does one do on her day off from work? Three cheers for Georgia and her fabric expertise!!! Guys, this was super easy and we didn’t have to sew a thing. I highly recommend these DIY projects (well…semi-DIY). Even though I mainly just supervised.
But whatever.

Doesn’t it look fabulous with the paint??

Thank you Georgia!! My windows would be lost without you.
The dogs have also had things pretty hard lately, as you can see…….

How sweet are they? What a loving brother & sister.

They’re not going to know what hit them in a few hours. Their Aunt Rachel and Michael are coming with their cousin Sammy and Dad is coming in the morning with a new cousin, Miki.

Who thinks I’ll have to vacuum on Sunday night?! :) Let’s just pray for NO rain. We don’t need any more mud in the backyard…

Big Money & Curtain Craziness

Oh yes. The weekend started off pretty nice…with MY husband beating the pants of all YOUR husbands in a little game of poker! jk. He probably needs several slices of humble pie now because now he thinks he is invincible! Let’s just hope he doesn’t take the Anderle savings account to Vegas…

I snuck a picture of the “finalists table” when we stopped by later that night. Probably faux pas for 1) girls to even show up and 2) for a girl to take a picture…but hey, that’s my job. To document things. And thanks to Seth for making us $200 richer!

In other exciting news…Kim made me some curtains! We had taken a field trip to the fabric store last weekend and she brought them back tonight and they look fabulous! I owe her a million dollars for helping me with this. We hope to tackle the living room next Sunday afternoon. Just checking off more things on the “things to do before children list”! I mean, heaven forbid we bring a baby home to an un-window treated home. Horrifying. Obviously we underestimated the amount of fringe we needed but we went ahead and hung everything up and I am super excited! It looks great. THANK YOU KIM!

Aggies played surprisingly better than usual, but we still couldn’t pull off a win…. :(

Such is life.

Falling Apart?

Oh boy. It’s already starting.

I am falling apart.

I really thought I had until at least 40. But it all started last week when I fell off the bed. Those tangled sheets can do a number on ya!

Then, on Monday, I opened a car door into my forehead. Funny, right? Hilarious. I have a sweet knot & bruise to prove it.

Then today, the ultimate happened. Picture this:

I’m walking down the stairs in the parking garage, eager to begin a new day of work. Starbucks in my left hand, talking on the cell phone in my right, purse & lunch bag over my shoulder. Wearing my brown slacks that are a tad on the long side.

Now take this in slow motion and follow my thought pattern:

1) My shoe heel is caught in my pants
2) I can’t move and I am about to wipeout down the stairs
3) What is the girl behind me going to think? She will witness the whole thing!
4) My hands are full…what will catch my fall???

note: if you EVEN think I was going to sacrifice my caramel macchiato or my new cell phone you are VERY wrong. PRIORITIES, people!!!

5) Kerplunk. Bang. Pow.
6) I just fell down 2 stairs and landed on my knees. On cement. In the stairwell. Where things echo.
7) Is my coffee ok?!?!?!?!
8) Did I scratch my cell phone?!??!?!
9) I think I broke my knees.
10) I actually think I might pass out.

Maybe it’s gross to take a picture of my injured knee, but you had to see. And really, this doesn’t do it justice. And multiply it by 2 because this is just one of them. My legs look like a 3rd grader who just fell off her roller skates or new bike!

I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow…