Jake’s 1st Christmas – Part Two

Um yeah…

As you can tell from the picture above, Jake definitely looted up this Christmas! It’s just a shame nobody loves the poor kid…

We got to see loads of family for Christmas in a short period of time…this time of year is always crazy! We are blessed to have most of our family within a few hours of travel so it made things a little easier. Just not sure what Jake thought of everything. Luckily he was a star in his carseat…probably because Mom sat back there to entertain him! On our last day away, we had a crying fit that wouldn’t end and figured that he was finally DONE.

Jake and Grandpa…gosh, my dad does NOT look like a grandpa!! None of our parents do, in fact. We will probably look back on these pictures in 20 years and laugh…but I’m digging myself in a hole now so I think I’ll stop.

Nana & Jake watching TV…his favorite hobby!

Playing with his (Great Grand) Papa. I love this picture!

Jake has gotten to where he loves to sit up. He also really “needs” to be involved in what’s going on…so he’s constantly looking around and working the crowd. This makes going to sleep nearly impossible.

Modeling his new Aggie shirt from Aunt Rachel. It’s so cute…it says “Hang on Aggies, I’m Coming!”

Goofing around

I’m so glad Jake got to meet more of his great grandparents! Papa & Nanny promised to take him to the Tyler Zoo when we go see them next. Jake can’t wait!

We did miss seeing Uncle Kyle & Aunt Emily and will hopefully be able to catch up with them soon. It’s getting harder and harder to get everyone together during the holidays. :(

We’re going a little out of order here, but Jake also got to spend some time with Seth’s extended family. Lots of people got to meet him for the first time so of course, more excitement!

The Anderle men (and Granny). Chase, Seth, Granny, Jake, James (Popo), and Uncle Mark

Waiting to open some more presents!

Getting to meet his Cousin Matt, Great Uncle Mark, and Great Granny!

Jake & Granny

Uncle Chase loved getting to spend time with his nephew!

Jake with his Popo & Nonnie

This picture pretty much sums up our out of town experience. Our child was getting CONSTANT attention! Great Aunt Cynthia and cousins Jarad & Avery.

Sportin’ some new shades with Great Aunt Wanda

Phew, I’m tired…are you? We were glad to get home and now our next project is to figure out what to do with all Jake’s new toys! I’m not sure if I should push my luck yet though…after our bedroom project, Seth swore off manual labor for awhile!

Jake’s 1st Christmas – Part One

How is it that Jake’s 1st Christmas has come and gone?!?! I told Seth I’ve gotta start planning his Easter basket already (because you know Hobby Lobby will have their spring stuff out in no time…oh wait, they already DO!)

It was so nice to spend time together as a family of 3 on Christmas Eve and Day! We made homemade chocolate chip cookies (for Jesus of course…the cake idea was nixed) on Christmas Eve and went to the candlelight service at church that night. It was so awesome to hear the entire sanctuary singing Silent Night while holding their candles. I even got tears in my eyes. I think doing something like that really brings you back to what this time of year is really about. And now that we have our own child, I think it makes the birth of Christ and later, the sacrifice of His life for our sins, seem so much more real. I still can’t imagine the pain God felt while Jesus was on the Cross, but I know it had to be absolutely gut-wrenching. I am so excited to teach Jake about Jesus and all the wonderful stories in the Bible!

Now I’m getting off track.

But at least it was a good track!

On Christmas morning we got up bright and early to open presents. Well, Jake did at least. If you know me and Seth, you know that we are TERRIBLE at surprises (never mind that I hate surprises!!!) and don’t typically have gifts to open for each other. I know several of you are cringing but hey, deal with it. It’s just so much easier to go together to buy things because then you can guarantee that everyone gets what they really want!! Which is totally the meaning of Christmas, right?

Because at first, our coats were supposed to be our Christmas gifts. But then it got reeeeally cold. So what was the point of waiting until Christmas to open them?


Seth also read Jake the true Christmas story from the book of Luke. It was soo cute to see them sitting together on the couch. I would post a picture but Seth didn’t have a shirt on and I was pretty much threatened with my life if I put it on the blog. Men.

This is what I found on Christmas Eve morning. I woke up because I heard his aquarium playing music on the monitor. Kiddo had managed to Houdini-himself out of his swaddle and probably turned that thing on while he was wiggling around! He was super happy though!

Seth & our BEST Christmas present in front of the tree
Excited (I think?) for his new toy!

So excited to open presents!!

And look who likes to chill in his exersaucer?? He’s still a little small for it but he likes to sit and look at all the toys.

Next up, pictures from the rest of our holiday! I’m still sifting through all of those :)

I Would Say Pardon My Dust…

…but thanks to Kelly, I don’t have to!

My sweet friend, Dabney, gave me a blog makeover for Christmas! And who doesn’t enjoy a good makeover every now and then??

I was super excited to get started and work with her friend, Kelly to make our blog look perfect. And of course it does now. Because I may have time to post, but I definitely don’t have the time to write HTML code and make different layouts in photoshop!

Check out Kelly’s site at kmanndesigns.blogspot.com. She also does custom cards, announcements, and more!

Thanks again, we love it!

Next up, pictures of Jake’s 1st Christmas, our 3rd anniversary, going back to work, and more!

(I don’t necessarily know yet what the more is…but I’m sure it’ll be good)

Merry Christmas Eve!

Isn’t this stocking sweet? It’s a mini-version of a regular stocking and perfect for Jake’s 1st Christmas! Jake was lucky enough to have his Aunt Kim make this for him since his own mama doesn’t quite have a degree in arts & crafts! Maybe next year I’ll be a bit more ambitious.

Even though he’s still little, we are looking forward to starting our own Christmas traditions with our family. Today we’re relaxing and making a birthday cake for Jesus! Then later this evening we’re going to enjoy the candlelight service at church. After “Santa” comes in the morning and everyone is fed & happy, we’ll hit the road! I’m sure we’ll have lots of pictures to share in a few days!

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! Remember the reason for the season!

Ta Da!

Well, after two weekends of hard work, let me present…
…our new bedroom!

Does this look like new furniture or what?? It actually wasn’t as hard to paint as we thought. Just the sanding was a PAIN. But this went from light oak and dog chewed to black and beautiful! Maggie had actually chewed off the 4 corners of one of the drawers…nothing a little wood filler couldn’t fix though!

Thank you Tristan for giving us (basically) all these beautiful things! I love being in our bedroom now!

Let me just tell you about this red wall. It took me 3 coats of paint and might could go for some more. But I called it quits after we finished a GALLON. Thanks to Jessie for helping me with the first coat!

Ah…bliss! I still have something to hang over the bed but haven’t got around to it yet.

Thank you Seth for working so hard on the furniture to make it perfect! I love you and love our new room! Merry Christmas to ME!

Fun in the Bumbo

Poor Jake hasn’t been feeling well the past few days. He hasn’t had a fever, but he’s sure been sneezing & coughing up a storm. Plus, this guy has some boogers that could compete with the best of them! Quite impressive, we know. Hopefully this will clear up before Christmas and not get any worse. Because the only thing worse than traveling with a baby that HATES and DESPISES his carseat, is traveling with a sick baby that HATES and DESPISES his carseat!

I mean seriously. He screams bloody murder almost the entire time he’s in it until he falls asleep. And what makes it more fun is that Mom & Dad have to listen to the staticky channels on the radio because it’s the only thing that semi-soothes him. So…this is why I don’t like to go places during the day. It’s much nicer to stay at home and be happy!

He is making leaps and bounds in his development though (what am I, a doctor?) He’s found his hands and loves to stare at them in amazement. He also grabs hold of the toys on his playmat and can keep himself entertained for quite awhile. We think he weighs around 11 pounds now – watch out! He just doesn’t seem interested in rolling over…mostly because he hates being on his tummy. This kid is happy as a lark laying on his back and when you turn him over, it’s total meltdown time. We’ll get there though!

Is he sleeping through the night? Eh, not really. I was really, truly, crossing-my-fingers hoping that he’d be golden by the time I went back to work. Well, we have t-minus 2 weeks left (tear, tear, tear!!) and we’re good to get about 6 hours of sleep at night. Some nights he’ll go for 8-9 hours (rare) but mostly it’s roughly 6…maaaybe 7. He must be too busy to sleep. Sorta like his mama? :)

Happy or not, sleep or no sleep, I love this little boy more than I could have possibly imagined. Him and his daddy are the loves of my life!

He’ll be taking his second road trip later this week and here’s hoping things go smoothly!

He’s still not quite sure what to think about this seat…
Watching some football with Daddy

Hey Handsome!

Household Happenings

If I could take pictures to show you what’s been going on around here, they would include a humidifier, aspirators, snotty shirts, a seemingly happy baby, and my “brand new” bedroom furniture and our new red wall!


I am in the process however of putting the house back together and picking my childs nose. So I promise to get some pictures on here soon…at least before Christmas!

But I am super proud of my husband for the work he did on our furniture! Merry Christmas to ME!

Home Improvement?

Here we are…in the thick of the holiday season. Full of (for me, at least) stress, craziness, fun, lots of plans, raising a new baby, and retail craziness.

Naturally, it only makes sense to take on a huge home improvement project as well.

Sometimes I wonder if I should be living at the funny farm!

It was a spur of the moment thing, but upon falling into a plethora of bedroom decor and bedding that I saved from a friend’s garage sale (really…we basically robbed her), we decided to paint our furniture black. I know, so easy, right?

It actually was a blessing in disguise because for those of you who don’t know our dogs that well…they (puppy Maggie actually) did a NUMBER on this furniture a couple years ago. We’re talking missing wood CHUNKS. Like, I would’ve been embarrassed to donate the set to Goodwill kinda damage.

So since we’ve never done anything to our bedroom in the first place, we figured (ok, I figured) why the heck not?!

Honestly, I was just going to post some pictures of the progress and be done with it so I’m not quite sure why I’m still typing.

Here’s our headboard after one coat of paint

This is what the furniture used to look like. It’s going to be a booger of a job to paint this dresser!
And the almost finished nightstand

I’ve gotta hand it to Seth. He’s done a lot more work on this then I had originally intended. And that’s also partially because I don’t think I fully comprehended the word “sanding”. Whoever invented it should be shot. But he’s done an awesome job and you know, I help when I can. When I’m not feeding our child, changing his diaper, or just holding that sweet thing!

This has sorta turned into my Christmas present so HOPEFULLY I’ll have some “yea, we’re finished!” pictures to share sooner rather than later.