Anderles Strike a Pose

We are so lucky to be friends with a professional photographer! Brittany (click on her name to check our her awesome work!) is a high school friend of Seth’s. I happened to meet her at church in College Station and to make a long story short…she is the one to thank for bringing our little family together!

We are forever grateful to you, Brittany, and are so blessed to have you in our lives!

For those interested (and you should be), she works out of Austin and has tons of examples of her work on her blog. She is also photographing my sister’s wedding in June! So I thought it only fair to give her a shout out here on my blog…give the girl a little more publicity…introduce her to the masses!

Over Thanksgiving we had a mini-photoshoot. Mostly to attempt a successful Christmas card picture with the dogs. But since the camera was out…and her subjects were looking good…we decided to have some fun!

Our “reindogs”. Unfortunately the kids didn’t love their antlers as much as I’d hoped they would.
Clearly, this is our glamour shot.

Best friends!

No, this isn’t our house
This picture makes me laugh! I don’t think we’ll be models anytime soon…

Sweet Maggie Girl!

Tucker D…T-Money…Tuck-a-luck…Tucker-de-ducker
(Yeah, we get bored. Let’s hope we don’t play around with our kids names like that. Or else Jake-eroony is in trouble!)

One happy family

Brittany, thank you for your hard work and beautiful pictures! You did a fabulous job!

Witty Spousal Banter

Over email today:

Seth: My pectorals are kinda sore today after the ultimate gym pull up bar work out last night

Mary: uh I could barely get out of bed this morning after my push ups.

Seth: You mean your push up? You added an “s” like you did more than oneā€¦

Mary: I did at least 3!!!

We. are. pathetic.

I can’t wait to see how sore I am after my bike ride in a couple weeks!!!

Busted by the Bloody Gums

I was BUSTED this morning at my dentist appointment.

First, let me say that my appts take so much longer than Seths. And I think I finally figured out why.

It’s because they spend a good 30 – 45 minutes scraping plaque, other sorts of build up, and stains off the back of my teeth.

Hm. I’m sorry folks…but you had to know.

So I’m cringing in the oh-so-uncomfortable dentist chair while things are whirring and whizzing, nervously anticipating what I’ve come to call “the bad flosser speech”.

Do I floss? Absolutely not. It is weird. It hurts. It takes way too much time.

And sure enough…

Hygenist: So…do you floss?
Mary: NOPE! I hate it
Hygenist: Well, you really should. Because your gums are really swollen. And you are about to bleed out on us.
Mary: Well, it just takes too long. I DO brush my teeth 3 times a day though!
Hygenist: Are you using the prescription toothpaste we gave you?
Mary: Hmm…yes, sometimes.
Hygenist: Let me give you this pamphlet on the benefits of flossing. You don’t want to lose all your teeth now do you?

and then…

Dentist: Ah ha! We have a non-flosser on our hands here.
Dentist: Your gums are bleeding all over the place. Still. You have all 4′s and you need 2′s (or something like that)
Mary: It just takes too long
Dentist: Why don’t you floss with your husband? It’d be a good activity to do together. And you could encourage each other! It’d be fun!

Flossing – a marriage building activity??

Bless their hearts.

Perhaps this should be my New Year’s Resolution a week late. Then again, perhaps not. Bloody gums never really killed anyone…right??

Useless Thoughts…by Mary

I was really craving some of these last night as we watched the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl! Except substitute cherry salsa for that fake queso there.

Oh the powers of advertising.

About every 20 minutes, I’d think, “Hey, I’m going to eat some chips & salsa!”

Then I’d sadly sit back down after I remembered we were out of chips.

The logical side of you is asking, “Well, why didn’t you go buy some??”

Well, because that breaks the after-work rules. Unless an otherwise previous engagement is scheduled, you put on your pjs immediately after arriving home from work and stay in the rest of the evening.

Unless of course your husband offers to take you to Marble Slab. That is an exception to the rule.

So we sat chipless, and cheered for Texas the one time of the year we can. Actually, there are two times. Bowl games and when they play Texas Tech.

By the time I realized The Bachelor was on, it was too late to steal the big TV and too late to use the other one since it doesn’t have a DVR. I really think it’s time for ABC to break the streak of re-using Bachelor/ette characters. And really, does Jason REALLY want to go through this whole process again? On national TV? Is he thinking straight? Does he REMEMBER all the trash that sometimes ends up on the show?

I’m just sayin’. Maybe he should join a singles group at church up in Seattle. Or register on eharmony. Or heck, he might even find better options at a nightclub or bar (doubtful, but).

Can you take your 3 year old to a nightclub?

In other news, who saw that Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn recently had their twin daughters? And did you check out those names?? I’m really ticked off because they stole MY baby names!

Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip!


I guess I’ll just have to go with my second choice, Beverly Francine Chrysanthemum instead.

Has a nice ring to it, eh?!

Working Hard? Or Hardly Working?

A couple weeks ago we created our “2009 goals”. And when I say “we” I mean “me”. I just have to get the nod from Seth.

One of his conditions was NO painting! Oh, silly boy.

I decided to get a jumpstart on my first painting project (don’t we LOVE crossing things off the list!) yesterday. I’d had the color picked out since our last painting escapade but was waiting for my arms to fully heal before I picked up the brush again.

We have 2 art niches…one in the dining room…and one leading into our bedroom. Relatively small job. And thank the Lord above because nobody really told me that using cranberry…in no matter how big or small the area…would be a pain in the arse.

(Paula, I KNOW you told me so…but I thought surely you were exaggerating.)

This is after 2 coats and some touch up…unfortunately after looking at some of these pictures I think a 3rd coat might be in order…

I need some REALLY tall to fit in here. My only idea is sticks/reeds. Or maybe I can just rig up some sort of picture. Help?

It’s hard to give a perfectionist a paintbrush because then it’s hard to take it away. I stayed up until midnight touching things up and now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t get out the green and yellow paint today too…

Seth and I also have the age-old tradition of eating on our fine china for New Year’s Day*. We both grew up eating special meals on New Year’s so yesterday was no exception. Kyle, Jessie, and Karla joined us for turkey, mashed potatoes, beer bread, black eyed peas (would you believe stores were actually sold out of these earlier this week?), and corn…YUM.

*I more or less created this “tradition” since when the heck else can you use it??

We cannot wait to see what 2009 has in store. We have been blessed with great friends and family and were lucky to ring in the new year with several of them! Our New Year’s Eve involved making play-dough, breathing fire, and many other things you don’t want to know about. I’m sure our neighbors greatly appreciate us.
Have a great Friday!