My Deliverer

I love Mandisa! I think I might have given up American Idol by the time she was on (the last season I watched was when Taylor Hicks won? BLAH), but she is just so cute. And I love when they interview her on KSBJ. Like this morning. She just has such a sweet personality and her music is so fun! I love her new song “My Deliverer” and wanted to share. I guess there isn’t a formal music video out yet, so this was the best I could find.

I was so helpless
Where did the light go
I had no hope left
Deep down in my soul
I was watchin’
I was waitin’
I was prayin’
I was stayin’ down on my knees
That’s right where You found me

My Deliverer, You rescued me from all that held me captive
My Deliverer, You set me free
Now I’m alive and I can live
So every moment I will give you praise
My Deliverer
Ooh my Deliverer

There’s no pretending
I can’t do it myself
I’m so dependent
Lord I need Your help
I’ll be watchin’
I’ll be waitin’
I’ll be prayin’
I’ll be stayin’ down on my knees
That’s right where You’ll find me

My Deliverer, You rescued me from all that held me captive
My Deliverer, You set me free
Now I’m alive and I can live
And every moment I will give you praise

La la la la la I need You
You know whatever I’m goin’ through
I’ll be watchin’
I’ll be waitin’
I’ll be prayin’
I’ll be stayin’ down on my knees
That’s right where You’ll find me

My Deliverer, You rescued me from all that held me captive
My Deliverer, You set me free
Now I can live
My Deliverer, I’m no longer captive
My Deliverer, You gave Your life that I might live
So every moment I will give you praise
Yeah my Deliverer
I’m gonna give You praise
I’m gonna give You praise
My Deliverer

Bachelor Quickie

I could talk about all the Bachelor drama. But I’m not. I think you’ve read what’s all over the internet by now and have concluded that either a) ABC is scum and Jason is a sleazeball or b) dirty rumors spread fast.


Did we not LOVE Fred and Noelle??? I think they made the entire 2 hour WTA worth it. There was maybe even a tear in my eye because I absolutely loved her! Maybe this gives us hope for Jillian finding a lasting relationship one day…

Until next Monday…

We Love Westminster!

This has been a big TV week for the dogs. Although there was plenty for me to watch, Seth was convinced that nothing was on…thus, our watching the Westminster Dog Competition. And we weren’t the only ones that were interested!

I have never seen the dogs so captivated by something. Except maybe a treat or squirrel. But still, this was big. They sat next to each other during the entire thing, with the occasional walk up to the TV to get a closer look.

How cute are they? Makes you forget about all the other bad things they do!

I did feel sorry for a lot of those dogs though. Not so much the normal looking ones in the sporting or herding groups, but gosh, the poor poodles, shih tzus, and yorkies are groomed more than I am!

I am working from home today while we are having some extra slab added to our back patio. Basically our patio (and entire backyard) is the most pathetic thing ever. So it’s been a goal for awhile to attempt to spruce things up. And between the winter weather, dogs digging, and rain, it basically looks like we have a watering hole for hogs. So our new BFF Jaime is out there with his crew enlarging our patio, which we’ll then cover in flagstone or slate. They even put up a new gutter for us. And I think they are singing right now. It’s probably a song about laying cement! Glad it’s them not me…

I will post pictures much later when this project is complete. Maybe the dogs will let me make a flower bed again. Then again, maybe not…

And the winner is…

The Fletchers at 7:34PM!

I think I might be an idiot with this random number stuff because I can’t figure out how to PROVE to you she was the winner. BUT…just so none of you come after me, I went to, put in the range 1-7 and whaddya know, #1 came up.

So congratulations! Your book will be in the mail shortly!

And don’t forget to visit Marla’s website for more information on this book and others…


I know I am completely bombarding all of you with blog posts, so I apologize. But I really have no other choice because my husband is in front of the TV watching a show on electomagnetic force and refuses to let me watch the addictive trash I like to call Desperate Housewives.

Anyway. I think I’m behind on this, but I’m really confused about what twitter is. I know it’s the new thing. And maybe I’m just not important enough to need to use it?? But I don’t get it. And I’ll admit it, I’m annoyed with the facebook “status” feature and I’m thinking this might be the same thing. I can see how it would be fun for famous people. So maybe I just need to wait until I’m famous (going to start working on the 2nd page of my book eventually…) and then I can update on twitter all the time!

Can anyone enlighten me??

A Weekend of Love

This is been such a fun weekend! And lucky for me, it continues tomorrow. Thank you President’s Day!

On Friday night the Bayles came over for a yummy dinner and a double date to the movies! Ben & Seth are the BEST husbands because they took me & Paula to see Confessions of a Shopaholic! It was really the boys who wanted to see the movie – they practically DRUG us in the theater. :)

I read the books in college and they are hilarious…and the movie was no exception. We definitely laughed it up…EVEN the boys occasionally. Isla Fisher did a fantastic job. And really, we learned a life lesson of how NOT to be shopaholics!

On Saturday, Andrea was visiting from Kansas, so I met her, Jessie & Sharon at Olive Garden for lunch. YUM. Nothing says mmm mmm good like some soup, salad, and breadsticks! It was great to catch up and they had just seen Shopaholic so we had to compare notes!

Saturday evening, several of us got together to do a “group” Valentine’s Day celebration in attempt to avoid the ridiculous restaurant prices and set menus that you can’t avoid on V-Day. Garrett, Sam, Matt, and Seth sent us girls off to see He’s Just Not That Into You while they prepared dinner. Unfortunately, that was a popular movie for Valentine’s afternoon, so we ended up killing time at Kim’s house since it was sold out.

We walked in the door to find this good lookin’ spread:

The boys went all out! They found the china, made shrimp cocktail, steaks, twice-baked potatoes, fresh green beans, sauteed mushrooms, and salad. It was awesome! We all decided to be casual though since we were staying in, so us girls donned our best velour and the guys wore their best t-shirts. Nothing says “I love you Honey” like comfy old clothes, right?

Matt, Garrett, Seth, & Sam

Thank you boys! We love you!

For dessert, we made 3 types of chocolate fondue. My aunt gave us a fondue pot for Christmas so we were able to break that out and figure out how to use it. I’m not sure why we didn’t use this any sooner because it was delish!! We had pound cake, bananas, strawberries, pretzels, graham crackers, rice crispies, and marshmellows to dip in the fondue.

What a fun night. Unfortunately I forgot to get pictures of the girls. We were too busy eating chocolate.

I plan on resting, reading, taking a bubble bath, and maybe even going to test drive some cars tomorrow! Yes folks, this will be the year of the new car. I can’t wait!

A Fabulous Book and an Awesome Give-Away!

Being the avid blog reader I am, I hear about all sorts of new products, books, styles, and more. I watch people’s children growing up…and I don’t even know them!

Admit it…you ALL do the same thing!

I happened to come across a blog that was having a book give-away a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately I didn’t win, but I looked into the author and was intrigued. Marla Taviano (click on her name to check out her website and other books!) is an amazing Christian author, speaker, & mom who loves the Lord. She is running a FABULOUS deal – 3 of her books for $20. What a steal. And being the lover of books that I am…I had to order.

Even though I think I told y’all I was panicking the other week I had too many books I wanted to read…

Anyway, on to my point. I started with the first book, From Blushing Bride to Wedded Wife.

I’ll admit it. I didn’t plan on getting much out of this because I have been married for a LONG time already…it’s not my first rodeo, folks :) 2 whole years of wedded bliss!

Boy, was I wrong. Marla has chapters ranging from loving unselfishly, adjusting to in-laws, faithfulness to your spouse, financial matters, and how God wants our marriage to be. I earmarked many pages in this book and wanted to share some points I thought were very important.

Marla discusses how tough the first year of marriage can be. You’re floating on a cloud during your engagement and you think that after the wedding you will obviously be joyously elated and skipping around, holding hands with your husband…grocery shopping together, paying bills together and MORE! And never having a bad day at all.

Well, most of us know that as FUN as that seems, it’s not really how it goes. Marriage is work. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. And the best part of her book is that you really feel like you’re sitting down and having coffee with a good friend…realizing you’re not alone. I particularly liked this passage:

“God never meant for His children to face anything alone. In His grace, He brings people into our lives who are walking in our very shoes. I love Romans 15:5-6. ‘May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you a spirit of unity among yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, so that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.’”

Marla walks us through how to be holy in marriage, not just happy. How to pray for, and take care of your husband to the best of your ability. Helps us work through our differences and see how fun that can be! Reminds us how important communication between each other is and how debilitating a marriage can be without it.

Basically I’m singing her praises!

And this is only the first book I’ve read!

I HIGHLY recommend this to all married women, young & old…newlyweds or old married couples :)

AND, I haven’t even told y’all the best part. My blog dream has come true. I am having a…


Leave a comment on this post. I’ll use a random number generator to pick the winner and you will get a free copy of this book! Marla has also been so gracious to offer this book for ONLY $5…so if you don’t win…you have no excuse because that’s super cheap! Just click on this link for more details.

Reading this book last week blessed me and is already changing the way I look at marriage. I pray that all of you realize the incredible blessing God has given us in our spouses and pray for them continually.

And I know some of you are saying, “What, you emailed the author??”. YES! Of course I did. How fun. And the best part is, it’s another blog to follow!

Comment now because you only have until Wednesday at 9am!

5 Flights for Cookies?

Today was a big day in the office…

Girl Scout cookies were delivered!

And not being one to feed my own pet peeve, I decided to walk down the 5 floors in the stairwell…opting out of the elevator.

The lady offers me a box, which I turn down. But then she says, “Well honey, you ordered the most out of anyone, so you need the box!”


How is 5 boxes of girl scout cookies a lot?? I already had to cut down from the 7 or 8 I got last year.

Think about it people. They need to last you a good 6 months!

So whatever. I got my cookies and realized I should probably walk back UP the 5 floors to my office.

…still trying to catch my breath.

So I do recommend taking the elevator if it’s more than a floor or two. Just saying.

And although this is a whole other HUGE blog post in itself, I just want to point out that I ordered Thin Mints, Trefoils, Tag-a-longs, and Thanks-a-Lot.

NOT Thin Mints, Shortbread, Peanut Butter Patties, and Thanks-a-Lot.

Apparently it’s a regional thing. I have the research. Because it seems that Houston and Ft. Worth use one set of names…Dallas and San Antonio use another. And it’s all because of a little something we call competing girl scout cookie bakeries. Who knew?

They also call Samoas “Carmel deLites” here. Tragic and WRONG.

Pet Peeves and Salsa

An article happened to capture my eye on this morning. I groaned…said “oh brother”…and of course clicked on the link to get more details.

This got me thinking about my pet peeves. Unfortunately I probably can’t even name them all, but this one thing in particular just really bugs me.

People who fake retire.

According to my internal dictionary, fake retire is defined as “retiring…not retiring…and then retiring again one year later.”

Are you kidding Brett Favre? I don’t get why athletes do this! Is it for the attention? Or can they simply not make up their minds?? I realize this happens in your everyday jobs as well, but somehow it doesn’t seem to be QUITE the stunner when the school librarian retires, only to realize she is super lonely at home and decides “hey, I really do like working!” after all.

Now to be clear, I’m definitely not opposed to Brett fake retiring from the Wrangler ads. And I think my reasoning is obvious:

Since we’re on the topic, I want to discuss a few other annoyances in my life.

1) People who take FOREVER to order their food.

I don’t care if it’s fast food or in a sit-down restaurant, you can feel my insides start to boil when the person in front of me takes FOREVER to decide on the hamburger…the cheeseburger…oh, or maybe the chicken fingers would be good…

I realize this is very silly. And it has to do more with my patience than anything else.

This also includes people who order for 10 other people at once. You know what I’m talking about. You’re almost to the front of the line and then you hear, “I’d like 1 tall mocha…NO WHIP…soy milk, 3 cafe lattes, extra hot…easy on the foam, 2 blueberry muffins…ooh not that one…that one!, etc etc etc”

Makes me want to scream. I’ll try to work on this.

2) People who don’t use their blinkers.

I don’t get it. How can you forget the blinker? It tells people WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO NEXT! How many wrecks could have been avoided had the blinker been utilized?? And it’s not even difficult to use. It’s second nature to me. Perhaps we didn’t all have the same driving instructor but I think this is critical to safe driving. And I’m also talking to you people who forget to turn your blinker off. Then you just really confuse everyone.

3) Elevators. The most annoying of all for today. People who take the elevator to the SECOND floor when the stairs are just a hop, skip, & a jump away.

I think this is just plain lazy. Unless you have a broken foot, asthma, a heart condition that doesn’t let you walk up stairs (I don’t know??? Trying to be open-minded here!), why would you take the elevator to the 2nd floor?! What a waste of your time. You could be at the top at the stairs in the time it takes the elevator doors to shut, decide to start moving, settle, and open again for you at 2.

And who cares if you’re out of breath? A little exercise is good for you people!

Wow. There really was a lot to get off my chest today! I’m sure there are more. In fact, I know there are. But that’s another blog for another day. I don’t have the energy to get into people that butt into conversations, people who drive too slow, or being told the same story 10 times (which I’m sure we’re all guilty of, but still…)

On another note (I’m on a roll today!), I am SUPER EXCITED because Kim and I placed an order for MORE cherry salsa earlier this week! You surely couldn’t have expected me to wait until this year’s Nutcracker Market in November to get more. 7 jars are coming out way very soon and happiness will be restored to our households!

And you should really check out their website. It’s not just about salsa. They have sauces, dressings (their cherry vinaigerette sounds fantastic!), cherry sangria, boxes of fresh cherries, cherry jam, and MORE.

All for now…