So I Promised I’d Take Pictures…

I’ve failed. Again.

Seth’s uncle Mark got married this past Saturday. A wedding is a perfect place to take pictures! Unfortunately, the camera stayed in my purse. And trust me, this is very disappointing as there would have been some GREAT blog material.

Oh well.

So that’s what we did. Packed up ourselves and the dogs and headed to LG. My feet are still sore because man, do those people like to dance. Even Seth’s 80 year old Granny danced with probably every guy in the room (luckily it was a small wedding!). I, on the other hand, made the mistake of teaching our cousin Gwyneth that if we spun around in a circle really fast, she could fly.

I really suck with kids because I never realize how the things I say will affect them. I’ve made the rookie mistake (several times) of saying, “Hey! You wanna come over to our house to play?!” while not really meaning it.

Well…kids remember. And I mean I guess I mean it but I don’t really have the means of transporting them around. And then I end up with a crying kid throwing me accusatory death stares when they just have to go home with mommy & daddy instead.

We’re going to work on this.

SO…needless to say, Seth and I both spent the rest of the evening making her “fly”. It was similar to riding the magic teacups at Disney World. Almost puke-worthy.

But hey, we made the girl’s night so…

Tell Us How You REALLY Feel, Seth!

Here’s a portion of an email with Seth today regarding our government. Sure don’t want to cross this boy the wrong way…

“I am really pissed at our government; PLUS THEY ARE TAX CHEATS!

:) Bless his heart.

Vote for Seth!

On another note, I realized I’ve barely posted any pictures on here lately. That might be because I have neglected to take my camera anywhere. Maggie’s 2nd birthday is on Thursday so perhaps we can head on over to Olan Mills to capture some mother/daughter shots!

Dare me?

Seth also suggested that we “combine” Maggie & Tucker’s birthdays (February 5th and April 1st) and instead celebrate on March 15th.

Is he crazy?!

He might be on to something for our children though…

Dave Ramsey’s Thoughts on Obama’s Plans

I received this excerpt from Dave Ramsey in a weekly email and wanted to share. And speaking of companies going out of business…I sure wish a car dearlership in the area would have to liquidate soon so I could get a great deal on a car! Is that bad of me?

Well, we the people have a new president. It’s an exciting time for Americans, whether or not you agree with President Barack Obama’s plans. My hope is that our new president will instill some confidence in people, not necessarily set out to fix everybody and everything.

There are some bogus government strategies floating around to stimulate the economy and “save us from ourselves.” Just because they’re all everyone talks about doesn’t make them true! Here are a few of the big issues:

Tax Breaks

These aren’t bad, and I would never turn them down. But to think that tax breaks single-handedly stimulate the economy is laughable. Remember last fall? Those stimulus checks didn’t fix the problem, so what makes us think it’s going to fix everything this time? Did you know it was your money to start with? They’re just giving it back to you and making you feel good about it. If you’re looking for $1,000 to change your life this year, you obviously don’t have a life to start with!

It may help you today or this month, but $1,000 will do very little for you in the long run. To win with money, you’ve got to think long term.

Patriotic Duty

The government wants you to spend, spend, spend—and many Americans are taking this advice while still in debt! No matter what the talking heads say, it is not your patriotic duty to spend money you don’t have. Your duty is to take care of yourself and your household with the money you earn from an honest day’s work.

If you have your full emergency fund and are in a position to buy something, now is the perfect time! You can get some fabulous deals, but don’t let the deals entice you if you haven’t planned ahead and don’t have the cash!

National Deficit

The dog is still chasing its tail.

Debt started the problem, so what is the current plan to fix the problem? More debt!What really drives the economy? Is it D.C.’s programs or small-business people scattered throughout the country? This down economic time will begin to heal itself. Do we have to go $1 trillion in debt to do that? No way!

The good news is that our future as an economy isn’t coming out of Washington. Our future prosperity is coming out of the hopes, dreams and individual freedoms of the American people. When left alone, we have a tendency to prosper.

The healing of the economy will begin and end with you. Yes, you, the person you see in the mirror! You have to make your decision as to whether or not you’re going to take part in the recession.

As for our new president, if you’re not a fan, pray for him. He’s your president. If you are a fan, pray for him. He’s your president, not your savior. Your hope will be crushed if you wait for him and his administration—or anyone else—to fix your life and give you money.

25 Things about Yours Truly

Ok. I think I’m just going to have to face this and get it over with. When these things start going around I always think “oh geez, don’t they have anything better to do with their time?”.

And then I end up doing it too.

Hi, I’m Mary and I’m a victim of peer pressure!

So here we go. I will try to think of 25 very interesting, distinct, and unusual things about myself to share with all of you.

1. I could live on ice cream. Blue Bell, to be exact. None of that no-sugar, low-fat, skinny cow stuff! (Although Skinny Cow is actually quite good, but stay with me here). I rarely turn down a scoop (or several) of this frozen goodness. Want to know the trick to getting me in a good mood? Ice cream. Either plain in a bowl…or in a cup with milk, caramel syrup, and sprinkles! YUM-O!

2. I tried kiwi for my first time today. I’ve always been a little turned off because I thought it tasted like melon for some reason. But it’s also YUM-O!

3. My husband calls me the mail nazi. I check the mail everyday, without fail. If we don’t get home until midnight, I make him drive by the mailbox. This REALLY irritates him. I just love love love getting things in the mail!

4. I have a crazy memory. I rarely forget people’s names, specific details about their life, social security numbers (scare ya?!), etc etc. I have several calendars but the best calendar is in my head – I don’t really need to write things down. This is making me sound crazy.

5. When I walk by the elevator in the parking garage at work (I usually take the stairs), it often “dings” and opens as I’m walking by. As if it were opening just for me. And I always wonder if it’s God wanting me to hop on in!

6. I’m not a fan of surprises. I don’t think this is normal because you always hear girls on The Bachelor say, “OH! I love surprises!”. I think it’s a control thing. I have a very hard time not knowing what a gift, present, etc is going to be.

7. If, hypothetically, I ever found one of the above, it’s not a big deal because I’m very good at acting surprised!

8. I’ve always wanted to write a book. I still do. I just don’t have enough confidence to follow through with it. I don’t want to deal with the rejection.

9. Before Seth and I got married, I had to sleep on my stomach with my head facing left. Now I can only sleep on my stomach or side facing right. He’s got me all messed up!

10. Seth asked me out on an attempted first date on Valentine’s in 2003. What a way to freak a girl out! We stayed friends and didn’t start officially dating until October of that year.

11. I think Valentine’s Day decor can get obnoxious. I am not ok with those lovey-dovey teddy bears. Think twice before you buy those for your wife, guys.

12. I wish I could read every book in the whole world. Whenever I’m in a bookstore I start to panic because there are so many books and I feel like I should have/read them all. And then I start thinking “there will never be enough time” to read everything I want to!

13. This will be my third year to ride in the MS150 from Houston to Austin. You’d think I absolutely loved bike riding. I still occasionally ask myself, “why in the HECK am I doing this???”

14. I must have a soda when eating hamburgers or pizza. It seems wrong not to.

15. I went through a small phase in college where I drank only diet soda. BLECH. I soon realized the error of my ways.

16. No matter what clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories that I own, I never feel like I’m completely in style.

17. I don’t think I tried salad until I was in college. My tastebuds have been opened up to many things in the past few years!

18. I used to only eat the turkey, green beans, and rolls at Thanksgiving. Can you imagine how upset I was when I found out what I’d been missing??!?

19. I’m a pretty decent snow skiier. I haven’t been in 4 years so I wouldn’t be able to prove this tomorrow but I don’t think there’s anything more fun than skiing down a big mountain!

20. I think I’d be the happiest person alive if I could live in the mountains. I’d just want to take everything and everyone I loved with me! Waking up….seeing that incredible view out your window…breathing in that fresh air with a cup of coffee…THAT’S the life.

21. I’m very good at making lists. Mostly because you get to cross things off, which can be exciting. Unfortunately I can’t cross things off this one…

22. I think everyone would hate me if I were on a reality show. I hate to admit it, but I’d probably be the whiny one causing drama. And really…if you were stuck on an island having to eat bugs…or running around the US in an intense race for lots of $$$ wouldn’t you whine a little too??

23. I love my dogs so very much. I cannot imagine our lives without them. I’ll even go so far to call Maggie my best friend (you know, us girls gotta stick together). I wish I could take them everywhere with me! Work, shopping, out to eat…

24. I’m also a sucker and my dogs know they can completely take advantage of me. There’s no messin’ around when Dad is home but once he’s out the door it’s a par-tay! (For them, NOT me)

25. I still feel like there’s a lot to cover. But I’m in a rush and the Super Bowl is starting soon. I really don’t care about either team. I just want the chips & dip.

So there you go! I tag all of you to make your own list of 25 if you haven’t already.