Everyday Should be Mother’s Day!

Today was a very weird day for me. I guess I never really considered that mommies-to-be would get to celebrate Mother’s Day also. And it was just kind of surreal…it made our big event in October seem very soon!

(Funny that a holiday would make me feel this way and not the boxes of baby furniture in the garage)

Our furry children woke us up bright and early…Seth got up to keep Tucker occupied (and apparently run to the store) while I slept a little longer. When I finally woke up, Seth suprised me with some beautiful flowers!

He wanted me to know he actually arranged this bouquet “from 2 different packages of flowers”. We have quite the artist on our hands here, ladies! He was going to make me breakfast in bed, but due to the mass quantities of queso and pizza consumed last night, I decided breakfast was out and walking the dogs seemed more enjoyable.

Except somebody forgot to tell me about the 196% humidity outside this morning but that’s neither here nor there.

Seth, J, Maggie, & Tucker also got me a prenatal massage which I am so excited about! My back and feet will be eternally grateful. Now I just have to figure out when I want to go. Well, the answer really is everyday but I guess I just have to pick one.

We had a nice lunch at Palotta’s with Seth’s family who got to come in town for the afternoon to celebrate with us. Top that off with a nap and talk about a good day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers, grandmothers, and mothers-to-be!

Operation Backyard Improvement: Phase 85,000

Last weekend while I was in SA, Seth took on the daunting task of laying slate tile on our back patio. We’d added extra concrete awhile back but wanted to finish it off with slate so that something looked halfway decent out there!

He worked all weekend laying the tile and was definitely thanking his lucky stars that it wasn’t his full-time job! But he did a GREAT job and it will be so nice to have out there. On Thursday evening, Matt & Garrett came over to help him finish up by grouting the tile. It was a messy job and I was there mainly for moral support (and the pizza provider).

THANK YOU SO MUCH, GUYS!! We are very appreciative of your help. It was nice to finally get it finished up. Now Seth just needs to clean up a little bit out there and seal the tile. Easy as pie.

Seth hard at work

As soon as I walked out with the camera they all groaned and asked me not to post pictures on the blog. They know me so well!

Messy job

The finished product! Just a little dusty.

Miss Maggie is so proud of her new patio!

Thank you Seth for all your hard work! I am lucky to have someone willing to take on these sort of projects…cause Lord knows I have plenty of them!

Phase 85,001? Fixing up the grass…

Big Baby Weekend

We have finally made some progress on the baby front! I was worried at first that everything would take forever…now I’m thinking this nursery might be finished before summer is over and we’ll just have to put a baby doll in the crib to pretend!

No, that would be weird.

This morning we went shopping for baby furniture. I had heard it could take a few months to come in so we wanted to get an early start just in case. I am so proud of Seth because we were there for about 2.5 hours and he did not complain ONCE! There were a lot of great selections and being the super decisive people we are (uh…right) it took no time at all.

Or maybe I was pacing around the store in a sick-to-my-stomach tizzy, but whatever.

AND, best part is, they had everything in stock! So we came home with the furniture today!
We got the convertible crib, double dresser (not the one pictured), hutch, nightstand, and mattress in the “Siena” color (think cherry-ish).

Lo and behold, when we got home, there was a package on the doorstep! I thought, “No…it couldn’t be…”

But it WAS.

J’s bedding came in today also – a week early!

It is so stinkin’ cute and I cannot wait until we have the room painted and can assemble the furniture and get everything set up. This is gonna be one stylin’ baby boy. Watch out ladies!

Hangin’ Tough

As I’m sitting on the couch watching NKOTB perform on the Today Show, I’m realizing that in 2 short months I will be Hangin’ Tough with the best of them!

(And a nearly 7 month pregnant belly)

I’m wondering though…do they feel silly at ALL singing these songs? Or does it not matter since they’re finally making money again and a new name for themselves?

I’m also upset that I don’t have any vintage NKOTB apparel to don for the concert. I wasn’t cool enough to own much (any) of this back in the day and I doubt it looks hip to wear a poster around your waist.

And I want to know why they were wearing BRIGHT white shoes with their black outfits. That’s a no-no in my opinion.

I’ll make sure and cover all this material when I meet them backstage.

17 Weeks

I really try to look nice for these pictures. Unfortunately the only times I remember are right before or after we take the dogs on a walk. Hence the messy hair and same ol’ shorts.

Hey, at least it’s not my Halloween pj pants!

Apparently the camera does add on a few because my sisters were sorely disappointed this past weekend when they saw me. I guess I still look like a normal person. I will relish in this fact because I know it’s only a matter of time before I am waddling around the house.

In fact, as a nice friend told me today, “You better hurry up and work on the nursery because pretty soon you’ll be too fat and tired to do it.”

Speaking of the nursery, I finally ordered our (baby’s) bedding today – YEA! I have been searching for the past month or two, officially driven several friends crazy, and agonized over the room our son won’t remember. I am so relieved to have this behind me and just pray I like whatever comes in the mail!

So yes, this means Seth has his plate full. He is being so awesome and enthusiastic (mostly) about getting ready for baby. This past weekend while I was in SA, Seth stayed here to lay slate tile on our back patio. He didn’t quite finish but it sounds like it was a back-breaking job…one he said he’ll never do again no matter what.

(This is why we will never buy a “fixer-upper”)

I would include pictures but I want to wait until he’s finished. We still have to grout the tile but it looks great and I’m so excited to have at least one thing that looks nice in the backyard. What about the grass you ask? Yeah, we’re not talking about that.

Emily’s shower turned out really nice and I had a good time in SA catching up with everyone. I can’t say the car ride was a barrel of monkeys though. I told Seth he is now officially my personal chauffer. It was killer on the back! If only we had one of those big conversion vans where I could just travel on the pull-out bed in the back…

…on second thought, maybe not.

My New Best Friend

The snoogle.

This thing is a fantastic invention of our times. No, you don’t have to wear stupid looking blue star pajamas to use it, but the name says it all. This pillow has been a life saver! It has all the qualities of snuggling with your husband but doesn’t radiate body heat and doesn’t move during the night. It also helps support your back and belly and I’m thinking I will need to use this every night even after the baby. Sorry, Sheila you might have to pry it from my snuggling arms and legs!

In a Pickle

What is this, you ask? Disgusting I know.

This is how my husband eats his dill pickles. I just had to document this because who has EVER seen a person eat a pickle ala Tom Hanks with baby corn style in Big??

It’s just so weird.

This is the same husband who slept with a dryer sheet on his head last night because he thought he heard a mosquito in the room. I don’t know if it worked but I guess OFF has a fiesty competitor now…

And these things just make me love him more!

I am headed to SA sometime today for Emily’s wedding shower. Against the better judgment of my husband and the strict advice of my doctor to “be WISE”.

No, I will not be wearing a face mask. That would not go with any of my outfits.