Boys Oh Boys!

Well, first things first. Here we are at 34 weeks:

I don’t know how big Jake is now…although I’m sure we’re around 5 pounds. Um yeah…there is a 5 lb bowling ball in my belly? That’s not uncomfortable or weird at all! :)

So we have 6 more weeks, give or take. All my emails tell me it’s time to start packing our bags!! But before that…I have to wash everything. I have been putting this off but I guess there’s no reason not to get started now! Clothes, sheets, socks, burp cloths…looks like I have a big date with Dreft in my future! Let me know if you want to come fold…

This weekend I had a joint baby shower in San Antonio with one of my best friends, Paula, who is due with baby Noah in early December! It will be so fun to have boys close in age. And they better like each other because we already have plans for lots of matching pictures, activities, “BFF” necklaces (kidding), etc. At least one of us isn’t having a girl because there might already be a wedding planned!

Our good friends Dabney, Susan, Dana, and Suanne had put so much effort into planning a wonderful baby shower! They planned every last little detail and had the cutest decorations. I have about 150 pictures I could post but I’m not sure blogger could accomodate such an upload. It was really fun to have a joint shower and celebrate with our close family and friends. I know Suanne would have loved to be there and it was special that we knew she was still there in spirit. And now we for sure know we have a very special guardian angel to watch over our precious boys!

Thank you SO MUCH girls for all the thought, effort, hard work, etc etc ETC you put into planning this shower! It definitely didn’t go unnoticed and I am so glad we were able to spend the afternoon celebrating! All these pictures were taken by the talented Dana & Dabney of Dphotography. We are lucky to have so many good photographers close by!

We couldn’t resist. Yes, we love you Baby Jake!

Noah and Jake talking to each other. Probably discussing sports or girls.


Dana, Paula, Me, Dabney

Me & Paula with our new Vera Bradley diaper bags! Thanks girls!!

We had a blindfolded race to see who could diaper, clothe, and swaddle the fastest. Good thing those blindfolds won’t be around in real life. We’d be in some trouble.
Our “babies”

SUPER cute cake!

Cute sign-in table

Dana with the grandmas-to-be

Dabney, Me, Paula, & Megan (we missed you Susan and Cara!!)

Look how cute this is!

I had a good time in San Antonio but am glad to be back at home. I plan on doing a lot of NOTHING (well, and washing baby stuff I guess) next weekend!

Scratch that.

I will actually be up watching GAME DAY on Saturday morning with Lee and Kirk. Can you believe it’s already time for college football?! The Fightin’ Texas Aggies will kick off their season against New Mexico. This is the first year I probably won’t make a football game since 2002. Jake and I will just be there in spirit. In the A/C. Which is really the smarter decision anyway.



On Monday, God greeted a very special woman at the pearly gates. If only He knew what He was in for. Well, I guess of course He knew because God does know everything. :) Suanne was a fiesty, tell it like it is, kind-hearted, patient, and all around wonderful person. She raised a beautiful daughter who is also one of my best friends. When I was 17, she bravely took me, Susan, and 3 other girls to SPAIN of all places. For two weeks. If that doesn’t prove that she was amazing then I don’t know what else to tell you!

Please keep her family in your prayers. And check out this gorgeous picture. What a way to remember her by. She is so missed!


All day long I have been repeating “Keep me sweet, Lord” to myself.

You know that can’t be good.

I could sit here and tell you about how this heat is nearly unbearable. How my hips hurt to the point of no return. How my feet and lower back ache 24-7. How it sometimes feels like a baby is going to fall out of me.


I could tell you about all those things, but I won’t. Because I am trying to be sweet. I am trying to have a positive attitude and embrace the 50 some-odd days of pregnancy that I have left.

Embracing is not necessarily my strong point.

Moving on.

Seeing as we are T-minus 50 days out from our first child, I think Seth has finally realized this is truly happening. It’s about time, buddy! We had been talking about taking a weekend away and going to a nice hotel and getting massages and such. We somehow let that slip by us, which is hard to imagine considering that if we EVER won the lottery, the first thing I’d do is hire a personal masseuse.

After I paid off our house of course.

Anyway. Instead of going on a weekend staycation, we went for the next best thing. Which was celebrating Houston Restaurant Week at Perry’s Steakhouse. Several nicer restaurants in the greater Houston area offered up set menus at a cheaper price (sorta) for 2 weeks and a portion of the proceeds benefitted the food bank. Since we are all about charity and steak, we knew this was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. Dinner was wonderful! Seth had their 7-finger thick pork chops, which were probably about as big as my head. I had one of the best steaks I’d ever had. We got to dress a little nicer…enjoy each other’s company…and pretend like we ate at super nice steak places all the time.

I think we totally fooled them. :)

Then, we “celebrated our birthdays and probably Christmas” about 50 days early by finally making the purchase that has been the source of great debate, research, opinions, and friendly polls for the past 5 months:


I am so excited! Our new camera should be delivered by Friday. Just in time for us to figure out all its gadgets, knobs, and buttons by October. I feel like I have a bit of a headstart on Seth seeing as I played around with SLRs for a couple years in high school photography. But seeing as that also wasn’t quite yesterday…it might be a challenge.

Good thing I’m a quick learner.

We probably did other things this weekend but I can’t quite remember now. We are celebrating Georgia’s birthday tonight and then I am SO excited to be heading back to work tomorrow!!!

I hate Mondays.

Wait, what I mean is…

Keep me sweet, Lord!

It’s the Little Things

The most random, little things have been amusing me lately. Such as this:

I brought the pizza for lunch and went downstairs to get some chips. Ended up with the chips, watermelon, AND cookie. In addition to the granola bar, yogurt, and cupcake I already had up in my office. I laughed it off and thought, “Oh well, I’ll never be hungry for all this today anyway.”


All of that was gone well before 3pm and I still had to stop at the vending machine on the way out of work to get some peanut butter crackers that would hold me over until I got home. When I immediately had to make some dinner.

The doctor said Jake would be growing a LOT in the next couple of weeks. After all this, I think I believe him!

Today I went down to “get some chips” and ended up with the same exact assortment of snacks. The cashier woman giggled at me and said I had to listen to my body. I’m sure she thinks I’m a nut.

ALSO. Check out my luck!

I feel like a little kid on Christmas! I put a $5 bill into previously mentioned vending machine and got not 1, not 2…but FOUR gold dollar coins! Amazing. I almost feel like they are too special to spend. It’s kinda like when I used to hoard the $2 bills my grandparents would give us.

(Then I got some sense knocked into me and realized that yes, even though it’s a rare bill, you can still use it to BUY things!)

I’m also a tad stressed about the fall TV show lineup. From what I can tell, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, and SYTYCD will all be airing at 8pm on Thursday evenings. I don’t know about your DVR, but mine cannot tape 3 things at one time. Plus, Seth will be in school on those nights. I’m not sure Maggie is prepared to manage my TV freakouts. So I guess this means I have to be home every Thursday night no matter WHAT at 8pm to watch one show live. Things like that can put a girl into early labor you know! I’m considering calling NBC, ABC, and Fox to see if they’ll tweak the schedule a bit to help me out. I’ll let you know what I hear.

Keep Me Sweet, Lord

The past few months, my bible study has been reading Having a Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver. Wow. What a fantastic read! I highly recommend this to all women out there. She teaches you how to allow God to change you from the inside out…how to crush your inner “Flesh Woman” to let the Holy Spirit reign in your life. The description on the back of the book says “We are afflicted with spiritual schizophrenia, the disconnect between our good-girl desire to put Jesus first and our bad-girl realities that crowd our thoughts and push him out of the way.”

The last chapter we read was about “Wearing Jesus”. Clothing ourselves with Christlike qualities. Kindness, humility, compassion, gentleness…the list goes on and on. What an important concept. How are we supposed to lead by example in the world around us if we aren’t even “dressed” the right way?

The following prayer was included at the end of the book. I thought it was such a good example of how to wear Christ and the type of attitude we should strive to have daily…whether we’re 25 years old or 85 years old. And it’s funny that this was written by a nun hundreds of years ago – goes to show that women have probably always struggled with the same sorts of things!

Keep Me Sweet, Lord

Lord, you know better than I know myself that I am growing older and will someday be old. Keep me from getting talkative, particularly from the fatal habit of thinking that I must say something on every subject and on every occasion.

Release me from craving to straighten out everybody’s affairs. Make me thoughtful, but not moody; helpful but not bossy. With my vast store of wisdom it seems a pity not to use it all, but you know, Lord, that I want a few friends at the end. Keep my mind from the recital of endless details -give me wings to come to the point.

I ask for grace enough to listen to the tales of others’ pains. Seal my lips on my own aches and pains – they are increasing, and my love of rehearsing them is becoming sweeter as the years go by. Help me to endure them with patience.

I dare not ask for improved memory, but for a growing humility and a lessening cocksureness when my memory seems to clash with the memories of others. Teach me the glorious lesson that occasionally it is possible that I may be mistaken.

Keep me reasonably sweet. I do not want to be a saint – some of them are so hard to live with – but a sour old woman is one of the crowning works of the devil.

Give me the ability to see good things in unexpected places, and talents in unexpected people. And give me, O Lord, the grace to tell them so.

-Anonymous 17th Century nun

How are you wearing Christ today??

32 Weeks and Nursery Pics!

Another week…a bigger belly! Thank goodness we’re in the home stretch (almost). My body is tired. I think I always do way too much on the weekends because by Sunday night I feel sore and exhausted. Or at least lately. On Friday, I had the bright idea to clean the baseboards in the house. Why not, right? I paid for that the next day. Hey, at least I have clean baseboards now. :) Perhaps just not something I would recommend to those with child. Or 8 months with child anyway.

So here I am. With my apparently 4 lb child.
Not sure this cami is going to make it until the end. It’s almost not doing the job anymore!

And now for why you’re really reading this post. I think we’re about done with the nursery (decorating-wise), especially since I got the finishing touch this weekend at my shower! So I figured now is as good as time as any to share with the world. All that’s missing is a baby. And me sleeping in the glider.

Doesn’t the new frame look great?! Seth’s Minaw gave us the red hat hanging on the peg. It was a hat his mom had as a baby (I’m probably not allowed to tell you how many years ago that was).

Just need to wash the crib sheet and we’re ready for a baby!

Can I take a minute to brag on myself? Good, because I am. See those canvases hanging on the wall? I made them! YEA ME! Talk about the most creative, artsy-fartsy thing I’ve ever done in my life (which…really, is kinda sad). I tried to match his bedding and they ended up turning out a lot better than I thought. Yes, I will make you some, and yes, they are a steal at $100 a piece! Get ‘em while they’re hot!!! :)

We were also lucky to borrow a bassinet from a friend of a friend. That will go in our room eventually and will be so nice to have at the very beginning when Jake arrives.

So so cute!
Here’s a sneak peek into his closet. I tried to get all the clothes in the picture and almost succeeded. I just love looking at all these clothes! And I still can’t believe he’s going to need so many more. We have gotten some precious things! And look at those tiny shoes on the shelf! We got some newborn-sized kicks this weekend at the shower. Yes, I will definitely make sure he wears those ASAP.

Well, there you have it. All this blogging today has officially worn me out and now I think it’s past my bedtime. Less than 2 months, folks!

Baby Shower Numero Dos

This baby shower business seriously wears me out. I know you feel so sorry for me. But really…drinking that punch, opening those gifts, eating that cake…it really does a number on ya!

On Saturday we had another baby shower, this time thrown by some of our good friends in Houston. Kim, Georgia, Jessie, & Andrea (who sadly couldn’t be there since she’s in the process of moving back from KS) did a FABULOUS job and completely blew me away. I knew they had been working hard but had no idea what to expect. We had wonderful food, great punch, fantastic cake, beautiful decorations, etc etc ETC. This sounds very pregnant-woman of me, but I could not stop crying* when we got in bed last night because I was SO overwhelmed and just feel so incredibly blessed to have such good friends who would do such a nice thing for us!

*Also most likely due to raging pregnancy hormones

So enough sap. Thank you SO MUCH girls for all your hard work! I had a great time!

(Again, these pictures might be a little out of order and I’m now getting too lazy to fix them)

Me & the hostesses (minus Andrea…boo). Kim, Me, Jessie, & Georgia

Me & Jake’s grandmas

Opening the beautiful frame from the hostesses. We’d seen this in the store awhile back but I knew Seth would never go for it. They went behind my back and got it for me anyway! I was SO shocked and excited!

I love the beautiful facial expressions the camera captures when I’m opening gifts. I either look happy, high, sleepy, or confused.
Jake is definitely set on burp cloths after this weekend!

Precious precious outfit!

Ready to open gifts!

CUTE diaper cake (with block letters courtesy of Kedra – THANK YOU!!!)

Yummy cake and cupcakes! Thank you RJ Goodies! :)

Georgia made a cute wreath that we can use on the hospital room door when Jake is born. Seth isn’t thrilled about the feathers but we told him he’s not allowed to have an opinion on that one.

All in all, a wonderful weekend! I know I said it before, but this child is going to be spoiled!

Sneak Peek

Today I had a last minute, unexpected sneak peek at our little boy! Boy, was I shocked. The last time we saw him, I think he was less than a pound and his entire body fit on the ultrasound screen. That’s not the case anymore!!

There were 3 slight problems though…

-He had hair…but only on the back of his head. Maybe they don’t discuss the fashion faux pas a mullet presents while in the womb…? We’ll take care of that…don’t worry.
-His eyes were very squinty (probably takes after his mama)
-His lips were the size of Angelina Jolie’s

See for yourself:

Baby boy didn’t want to cooperate so his arm/hand stayed in front of his face the entire time. But you can sorta see those big lips and nose. So cute :)

And the biggest shocker for me? This sucker is weighing in at 3 lbs, 15 oz! That’s almost 4 lbs if you think about it. No wonder I have been in pain! According to the charts, the babies weight should double from 30 weeks to delivery. I am 31 weeks, 3 days today so we’re looking at a 7 lb baby I guess?? Let’s hope there isn’t a huge growth spurt in a month that leaves me to push out a 10 pounder. :)

Because not even my doctor would want to be in the delivery room for that.

In other news…this is how I found my parking situation when I left today at lunch.

Seriously big truck? That’s not funny. Pregnant Mary cannot squeeze through small spaces like that!!!!! I guess that’s what passenger doors are for.