Baby Shower Numero Uno

Blogger is being a bit of a brat today and won’t let me move around my pictures. So you’ll see them a little out of order.

No, this is NOT from the shower but I had to show my spoiled dog. Is he allowed on the couch? No. But I came in the room and he was all curled up like he was entitled to that cushion. And notice the remote control? What in the world? I really think my dogs watch TV during the day without our knowledge. They’re probably big fans of Ellen.

Ok, back on track.

Yesterday, Seth’s aunts threw us a wonderful shower in Schulenburg! It was so fun to have the first baby shower and really puts things in perspective. As in…yes, this child is coming soon! We had a really good time and are so grateful and blessed for all the wonderful gifts we were given! Jake is going to be one lucky (and spoiled) kid. Although I don’t know how much he’ll appreciate things like a bottle drying rack at first…but later he’ll be so thankful.

It was funny to hear the moms/grandmas discuss the “newfangled” baby things they have nowadays. Everyone went crazy when I opened the wipe warmer…nobody really knew what the boppy was…and I heard more than one person brag about their cloth diapering abilities.

This is where I will stop one second and PRAISE THE LORD for Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, and anyone else out there. I prefer to throw away things dirtied by bodily waste instead of washing and re-using. :)

Anyway. On with the pictures. Thank you so much Wanda, Cynthia, Claudelle, & Kathleen!!! The shower was wonderful and more than we ever could have expected!

Rachel got to learn all about baby stuff. Opening a precious outfit from my Nanny.

Mom & Aunt Sally

Yummy cake!! It was super cute.

Me with our moms (“Nonnie” and “Nana”)

Me & Seth’s grandmas. Jake is going to have lots of great-grandparents!! 7 to be exact.

Cynthia, Wanda, Me, Claudelle, & Kathleen (hostesses)

I love hate to include 2 dog pictures in one post…especially one centered around babies…but I thought this was funny too. They have the whole yard to lay around in. And they choose to practically lay on top of each other. They look a little wistful…thoughtful perhaps?

31 Weeks and Draggin’


It continues to amaze me how the simplest things completely wear me out.

We had our first baby shower yesterday in Schulenburg with Seth’s family & friends! We had such a good time and were overwhelmed by all the wonderful things people brought for Jake! WOW.

I’ll post picture soon. But for now I’m still trying to recover. I woke up this morning feeling like I’d 1) run a marathon yesterday 2) had a cold and 3) was run over by a truck. Simply ridiculous what a weekend away and a car ride can do to you at this point. Because now I’m almost 8 months pregnant. WHAT?!

Always, Sometimes, Never

Jessie did this on her blog and I thought it was fun. So naturally I had to take a stab at it.


-buy Blue Bell ice cream
-check my email first thing in the morning
-check the bank account right after my email :)
-tell my husband that I love him
-get buyer’s remorse…even if it’s just groceries
-love to read books
-sing along with the radio. Jake gets some quality entertainment in the womb!
-shower in the morning
-plan ahead
-wait to pack until the last minute. Something about the pressure makes me pack more efficiently. (but this doesn’t mean I haven’t already made a packing list)
-wish I had more time
-am thankful for my fantastic friends!
-let the dogs lick my plate
-wish I could be on vacation


-don’t put all the dishes in the dishwasher before bed (note: this is only a side-effect of pregnant Mary)
-get irritated when people don’t respond quickly to emails
-feel super guilty if the dogs don’t get a walk
-become grumpy when I’m hungry
-put things on a list that I’ve already done just so I can cross them off
-wish I lived in the mountains
-leave unfolded laundry in our guest bedroom for several days (or until the next wknd when I do laundry again)
-wish I’d chosen a different career (wait, who are we kidding…this is an “always”!)
-hate when plans change last minute
-take things for granted
-wish I could eat cereal for dinner every night


-let a day go by without checking our mailbox
-enjoy staying up really late
-go the speed limit (please don’t report me…I know I need to work on this!)
-like to go back to work on Mondays
-dreamed of being an accountant (still don’t)
-enjoy cleaning the bathroom
-like confrontation (unless you work for Comcast/AT&T)
-miss an episode of SYTYCD (GO JEANINE!)
-leave any food on my plate
-pass up an opportunity for a DQ Blizzard
-want to deal with death
-want to be stranded in a foreign country where I don’t know the language (weird fear)

Your turn!

The Stuff Dreams are Made Of…

Folks, I kid you not. The cafeteria downstairs is serving “Southern Classic Fried Chicken & Waffles. Choice of white or dark meat served over a Buttermilk Waffle with powdered sugar”

Um, excuse me?

After extensive googling, I discovered this is actually a quite popular meal. Who knew? I just assumed a crazy pregnant woman made it up because of a weird craving!

…But for those of you wondering, I just went with the turkey sandwich. :)

30 Weeks

I’ve said it every other baby post and I’ll say it again. 30 Weeks?? Crazy!

Third trimester exhaustion has finally hit. At least I am still sleeping wonderfully at night but during the day I feel spent. A day without some sort of nap is one of the world’s great injustices. This is also a problem because there are still 2 closets I’ve yet to organize… :)

But other than that pesky heartburn and my lack of energy, I feel good! I think I speak for all of us when I say I’m ready to say ADIOS to the summer heat.

Jake is approx 3 lbs right now and probably about 16-17 inches long. As a result, I feel even more large and in charge! So here we are at 7.5 months:

We had such a nice day on Saturday because we did NOTHING. Seth kept asking what I needed him to do. When I said “nothing” he would look at me a little strangely…ask again…ask if I was sure…ask me what was wrong…ask what I was hiding from him. That made me feel a little guilty! I finally got through to him that I didn’t want to do ANYTHING but be lazy on the couch. And take naps of course.

Jake also got to take his first mini-trip to Lake Conroe on Sunday where we spent a few hours on the water. It was too bad we had to go back to work today. Life just isn’t fair.

Let the Fun Begin…

We have an extra 4 legs staying with us this weekend…Georgia dog is one of our favorite nieces! And Tucker is, of course, in hog heaven. These two have been nonstop. I honestly don’t know how they do it. It’s exhausting just watching them!! Yesterday while I was eating lunch, I put the two of them outside.

Note: Maggie gets highly annoyed with other female dogs and keeps her distance.

When I went to let them in, this is what I found:
Please note that his front two legs are normally white. And yes, that is mud in his nose and eyes.

Maggie and I just stared at them from the other side of the door. Neither of us wanted to dirty up our clean selves to deal with this mess!!

Oh young love…

Sorry Paula & Ben. I don’t think she misses y’all AT ALL. :)