Three Weeks Old!

The wonderful and talented Brittany came and took some newborn pictures of Jake last week! He is just like his father and was SO excited to be in front of the camera…

Here are some more sneak peaks and I’ll link to her blog once she posts more.

We are lucky to have friends so talented with their cameras!! Dabney (aka “Auntie D”) is flying in later this afternoon to meet Jake for the first time and I guarantee you she’ll also have fancy camera and photoshop in tow. Bet you can guess what we’ll be doing the next couple of days!!!


Otherwise known as my maternity leave is 1/4 over. Boo :(

But he is getting so big! We’ve guestimated that he’s maybe 7.5 lbs right now. What in the world??? He is officially out of preemie clothes and well into newborn clothes too…so finally we can start wearing the 80 bajillion outfits we have. You’ve never seen a baby boy with so many clothes!

Helllloooo photo ops!

Although Seth might kill me if he found out I was playing dress up with his son during the day…

So About that Child Who Slept Through the Night…

Did I say that Jake slept good at night?

What I meant to say is that of course my child doesn’t sleep good at night! That would be silly.


So we are tired. Maybe that can be a good excuse for my lack of posting?

But I promise a good post is coming. Maybe one that has to do with something like this?

No, guys…that’s not a model family on my bed. That’s US! But I can see why you made that mistake. Happens all the time.

Jake’s Stats

Today Jake weighed in at a hefty…

6 lbs 15 oz!

Talk about a growing boy! He gained 11 oz in 9 days. Breaks a mama’s heart to see her little boy growing so fast.

(I think I might have scared our doctor. It’s not that I don’t want him to grow…it just happens too quickly!)

That puts him in either the 5th or 8th percentile (the nurse didn’t have the best handwriting)

He was also 20 inches long. So that means he’s grown a HALF INCH since birth. Crazy.

In other news, as they were taking his temperature (rectally…super fun) the following took place…

Mary: So, do babies ever poop on the thermometer while you’re taking their temp? That’d be so gross!

Nurse: Oh yeah, things like that happen someti…

Jake: Totally inappropriate bodily noise that results in a jet spray of poop

Nurse: Taking cover

Mary: Oh…hmmm…betcha wish you wore a mask!

He continues to make us so proud!!!


I know you want pictures of the super cute elephant outfit. Quite honestly, I wasn’t ready to take my chances again this morning. Just too soon. But it is washed and ready to go for round 2 whenever I get brave enough!

How about a cute monkey outfit instead? Thanks Jen & Mike!

Still working on our head control…
So cute!
We play a LOT on our playmat everyday. Look at all the playing going on!

Sorry, you’ll have to turn your head. But look how sweetly he swings!

Both my boys down for a nap :)

Can’t forget about our tummy time! He can lift his head for a few seconds but spends the rest of his time in a face plant. Don’t worry, all supervised.
So tired
We have our 2 week appointment with the pedi later this afternoon so we’re anxious to see how he’s grown since the last time! I can’t decide if I should mention his affinity for the long division or not…

Take Cover!

Ladies and gentlemen.

My child slept for 8 hours last night.

10:30pm – 6:30am.


Every night I think this is a fluke. Because the night before he slept 7ish hours. And the night before that. And then before that it was 6. But every night continues to prove me wrong.

Please tell me this means we have a good sleeper!

I decided to reward him by putting him in a super cute elephant outfit from Gymboree today. Albeit, a little too big, but sometimes we have to put size aside and focus more on the fashion.

He repaid me by projectile vomiting all over it (and me) an hour later.


Did Somebody Need a Doctor?

I cannot believe I forgot to mention my celebrity sighting this weekend!

I asked Seth on a scale of 1-10 exactly how famous he thought this woman was. For measurement purposes, I told him Justin Timberlake was a 10. Naturally.

He gave this certain person an 8.

I beg to differ, but it appears my husband was a bigger fan of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman than I was.

Yes, Jane Seymour was at The Woodlands Mall promoting her “Open Hearts” necklace. Or as my sister lovingly refers to it, the “two sets of butt cheeks”.

She’s sweet, isn’t she?

I was a little confused to see the line of people outside the temporary art gallery they had set up. Because yes, Dr. Quinn is an artist by night I guess? So she brought paintings of all her inspirations and then was signing autographs. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Ok maybe not. But it’s not everyday you see famous people in your hometown!

Except if you happen to run into me a lot…

Maybe you’re wondering, “Why the heck did you take Jake to the mall?!” Don’t worry, I didn’t. Seth got a couple hours of daddy time while I ran a couple errands real quick. It was nice to get out of the house and from what Jake tells me, they had a great time!

More Baby Stuff

I just realized I haven’t blogged since Thursday. Oopsie!

Look kids, I’ve been a little busy, ok??

We had a fun weekend and it’s hard to believe Jake will be turning 2 weeks old on Thursday! He might as well be getting his driver’s license. Anyway…Emily & Kyle came to visit and spend time with their new nephew. They loved him (of course) and we made sure they changed every stinky diaper during their stay.

Kidding. I’m not that mean. But that would be a good policy for visitors. “You want to visit? Ok…but please change one dirty diaper on your way out!”


Potty training cannot come soon enough.

We didn’t do a whole lot, seeing as how the whole world is infested with major flu/swine flu/other nasty germs, but we did at least take Jake to the pumpkin patch at our church on Saturday afternoon. It was awful sunny and kiddo needed some shades but at least it was warm enough for him to sleep through all the picture taking. Because that’s really what all this is about.

Jake with Aunt Emily & Uncle Kyle

His newborn Halloween outfit swallowed him!

I also tried to pose Jake for more pictures on Sunday. So beware, you’re about to see more cuteness.

You’re welcome.

Daddy reading Jake a bedtime story

Disclaimer: The following picture is not an indication of a bad mom. Just a wiggly baby…

I took a nap one afternoon and woke up to find Jake sideways in his swing. Oops. I was a little horrified. Didn’t think he was big enough to need strapping in. Apparently I was wrong…

Don’t worry, it won’t happen again. Seth told me not to post this picture. But at least we got a good laugh!

Zero Months Old

Jake’s “Auntie D” sent us the cutest pack of stickers a few weeks ago to help document Jake, in the cutest way possible, as he grows. So here we are at 0 months old. This was taken a few days ago. Can y’all believe he’s already ONE WEEK OLD?! At this time last week, I was trying to keep it together, wondering if we should go to the hospital, and trying to do last minute loads of laundry just in case we did!

At 11:02pm tonight you can sing him Happy Birthday if you’d like. Just please don’t call because we’ll hopefully be asleep :)

You Asked, You Got It!

What’s that? You guys want more pictures of our beautiful baby boy? You don’t care about our dogs…or what I think about daytime TV…or….or…

I’ve lost you already haven’t I?

Ok, well here goes. He has been such an angel this past week (I keep wondering how much longer we have in the “baby honeymoon”…I hear 2 weeks tops!) so we are taking advantage of it while we can. I feel semi-rested, the house is semi-clean, and we even went on our first walk to the mailbox today. Then we promptly turned that stroller around and headed home because it feels like 100 degrees outside. In October. Sigh.

Hanging out with Daddy
Are they not the cutest?

Our little taco

We’re working on looking at the camera…hopefully we can perfect this skill by the holidays

Shortly after this picture was taken, this precious outfit was both peed & pooped on. Hey, at least all his “systems” work…
Well, helllllloooo ladies!

Please stop taking pictures of me, Mommy!

Look at how this outfit swallows him…it’s PREEMIE.

Jake’s 1st Bath

Jake got his first bath on Sunday morning. I think baths are just a semi-selfish thing for the parents when they’re this little because you know you’re just doing it so they’ll smell extra good!

I hate this! Get yours hands off of me!!!
Nice and clean
Oh wait…now I hate this again. Where are my clothes??

Daddy trying to warm Jake up. I had a little bit of deja vu when I took this picture and couldn’t figure out why. So I started looking through old picture folders on the computer and came across this one…

Same shirt, same hair :) Almost the same cuteness! This was from April 2007 when we had just found Miss Maggie

Jake also had his first pedi appointment today. Of course he was perfect. My hopes are really high for a full-ride to Texas A&M or something because he just keeps passing tests and check ups with flying colors! Like mama, like son, right?


He had gained an ounce since we left the hospital, bringing him to 6 lbs 4 oz (5th percentile). His length was about the same and in the 25th percentile. He also set a world record of 3 dirty diapers at our visit.

We are so proud!