Sleep, Kid, Sleep!

The last 36 hours have been…how do you say it…


Just when we think Jake is starting to do really good, something happens. In this case, it was probably his mom eating pizza. Even after the doctor told me to stay away from tomato-based foods the other day due to some reflux suspicions.


Saturday night we were all up every hour or two with screaming and by Sunday morning I think we were all crying!!! (At least in our heads). Yesterday and last night was same song, second verse but just a milder version.

Here’s hoping…praying…begging…that today and tonight are better!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

If the picture above is any indication of how much Jake enjoyed Thanksgiving, then I guess we did ok! I mean really. Look at those chubby cheeks!

This year we braved the unthinkable (in our minds, at least) for the holidays. We took Jake on a road trip! We were both a little nervous for how everything would go, but of course our son impressed us and made his parents proud (doesn’t he always??). We stayed with his Aunt Rachel on Wednesday night and were grateful that she opened her house to us! And her backyard to Maggie & Tucker of course. It’s funny what a baby does to you…we made all these plans and then at the last minute Seth asked what my plans were for the dogs.


So thanks Rachel for letting us bring them!

(Don’t worry…we already have the kennel booked for Christmas)

Anyway…besides 30 minutes of screaming as we were trying to get out of town, Jake did FANTASTIC! I think it was probably because he knew we were headed to the motherland. You know. Aggieland. Duh. :) We showed him where Mom & Dad met, where we lived, where we worked, took him to our old classrooms…

Just kidding! But perhaps we’ll try that part when he’s a little older.
Rachel was so excited to see Jake…he’d done a lot of growing since she was at the hospital!

The next morning we headed over to Uncle Chase’s house to get ready for our Thanksgiving meal. He was so nice to have us all over and even cleaned his house for maybe the 2nd time in the past few years! Ha.

Chase and Jake hanging out

Jake and Minaw…one of his 4 great grandmas!

Grandpa and Jake

Michael, Jake, “Nonnie” and “Popo”

Jake and our Thanksgiving turkey. The turkey was 13 lbs…so still a few pounds bigger than him! But how handsome does he look in his Sunday best?

Getting ready to eat!

Chase was in charge of carving the turkey. He might have eaten just as much as he carved! Nothing sounds better than a turkey carcass, right?

Everyone was full, tired, and happy!

We were so glad to spend the holiday with some of both of our families! We had a great time and tons of GREAT food! We even took Jake up to the A&M campus for about an hour before we had to head back. He got to see our Aggie tailgate and meet a few friends. Maybe next year he’ll be running around the tailgate and going to a game or two??

When we got back, we watched the Aggie game with the Erbeles. Blake, Jack, & Jake (say it 5 times fast) talked shop and played together.

Hard to imagine these 2 boys were born smaller than Jake! Blake (6 mos), Jake (7 wks), and Jack (6 mos)

How sweet? Jack’s arm must’ve tasted really good!
Love this picture of my two Aggie boys!

At this point in the game, we thought A&M stood a chance. In fact, Seth said it’s my fault we lost because (as always) I said, “Hey! I think we might win this one!” Oops.

Love our little Aggie

And as if you haven’t had enough pictures…

Jake wouldn’t wake up for this picture but look at this cute outfit from his Aunt Paula! We’re now in 0-3 month clothes! As soon as I realized he could wear this size I was in a panic and washed everything in a hurry. I didn’t want us to miss out on wearing any of these cute outfits!!

Happy boy!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We are really enjoying this long holiday weekend. Seth is even out putting lights on the house right now. Which is exciting, considering I was told a few days ago that Christmas lights weren’t happening this year. Nothing a little convincing from Jake couldn’t take care of!


I’ll warn you…on a scale of 1 to exciting, this is maybe a 2 or 3. But I thought some of you might enjoy watching a video of Jake. We have several, I’ve just been really bad about uploading. And then when I found out how easy it was, I’m a little ashamed. So I’ll try to be better…promise!

Welcome Baby Noah!

Today was a fun day for Jake – he got to meet another one of his good friends, Baby Noah! God has been so good to this sweet baby and his family. They had prepared themselves to stay in the hospital for a couple weeks after Noah’s birth for follow-up and testing on his heart (because of the SVT he had shown while Paula was pregnant with him). BUT, Noah was acing all the tests and looked so good in the hospital that they discharged both Paula and her baby boy yesterday! What a blessing.
Here’s Noah the day after he was born. And we thought Jake was tiny – ha! Noah is even tinier!

Paula and precious Noah at HOME

We decided to see what the boys thought of each other and how they measured up. I’m not sure if Noah is trying to cuddle up next to Jake or if Jake just popped him in the eye :)

“Get used to all the pictures, Noah”

So cute!

Jake looks enormous compared to him!
It doesn’t look like it here, but they are supposed to be the best of friends. Maybe they need a little more time?

Looks like I’m holding a baby doll!
We are so happy for you, Paula & Ben!

Jake was in rare form after his bath last night. Kicking and cooing and playing with his towel.

More smiles!

Oh I love this!

Jake has been trying to convince his daddy to hang up Christmas lights today. Unfortunately his power of persuasion isn’t working so much yet. So instead we’re discussing the story of Thanksgiving. Seth told him about the Indians and Pilgrims…how they shared food, ate pie, and watched football that afternoon. We all know that story, right? :)


I can’t believe I’m going to admit this on my blog.

Actually, I can’t believe I did this in the first place. But I was desperate.

Yesterday around lunchtime I started feeling like POOP. I was achy, feverish, and just felt blah. I was pretty sure I had a fever but wanted to double check. However, the only thermometer we have is that one we use on Jake.

Here’s where I should mention that we’ve taken his temperature twice.


Seeing as how that was not an option for yours truly, I knew I needed to put it under my tongue, like in the dr’s office. But I was also concerned about the previous whereabouts of said thermometer. But again, I was desperate.

So I did it.

Let me preface this by saying I cleaned the thermometer with about 5 alcohol wipes before using but I just took the plunge and didn’t look back.

I guess this is what people call the sacrifices we make as moms???

So anyway…I had a fever. I began to worry because how in the world was I going to take care of my child when I felt horrible. Because Lord knows, I was not in the mood to bounce him up and down for hours to stop the crying. Luckily, I got a nap and felt a little better. It was perfect timing that I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and he confirmed my suspicions. I have mastitis. Hooray. I’m not going to go into any more detail if you don’t know what that is. Feel free to google. But now I’m on antibiotics, feel a little better, and can go on living my life like nothing has changed.

Not even sure why I decided to share this on my blog. Lack of better things to post about?

I AM excited to decorate for Christmas very soon. I’m even tempted to start before Thanksgiving (gasp!). And I never would’ve thought, but I’ve also got a good start on our Christmas shopping! Maybe I can finish before December after all…


Sweet Baby Noah…who we prayed for earlier this summer…was born on Monday and HEALTHY! SVT-free! I got to go visit him and his parents on Tuesday and sweet thing was a light as a feather! I will post pictures as soon as I load them on the computer. But congratulations to Paula & Ben!

All Smiles!

It is a rare day that Jake is awake for a long period of time and HAPPY. But this morning when I was getting ready, I heard all sorts of noises coming from our bouncy seat. And this is what I saw:

Who knew that seat could be so fun?? He usually is a little happier when people aren’t messing with him, so I just let him be and he “played” in his chair for a good hour…awake and happy! It was so precious.
Jake is also attracted to bright lights. He loves to stare at the light-up aquarium in his crib and apparently he also likes to stare at…

…the TV…
Great. This is exactly what I didn’t want to happen!
p.s. I don’t know why the TV says “crunchy”. I’m going to go ahead and say it was a Taco Bell commercial??

Daddy & Jake hanging out

Watching Mommy make her lunch

Jake also got to spend some time with his Grandpa this weekend. I’m not sure how much he’ll remember because he was in hysterics most of the time, but hey…everyone’s allowed a bad day, right?? He just hopes his Grandpa will still want to visit again :)

Fashion Update

I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a stern lecture from many of you after saying this, but…

I haven’t taken that many pictures of Jake this week.


I don’t know what happened! Oh wait, I do. I finally did more than just sit around, take care of him, and clean the house. This is progress, people. But I promise I’ll try to do better this weekend.

Seth did take one particularly horrifying picture of me and Jake when we went back to bed after his morning feeding. I was so tired and brought him to bed with me. I feel asleep and when I woke up I noticed the camera was in the bedroom. Great. Seth was less than thrilled I posted that precious picture of the two of them in bed (I’m sorry…it was PRECIOUS!) so he decided to get back at me I guess. But something tells me a picture of an unshowered, glasses wearing, funky hairdo Mary in bed with her baby isn’t quite as precious. That is why none of you will ever see it.

In other news…I don’t know if you realized it, but Old Navy had a monumental sale going on this past week. All of their outerwear was 50% off!

Which is SO important for those of us Texans, right?

But if you thought the 50% off was good, listen to this! The sale ended yesterday (Thursday) at midnight. BUT, their 30% off Give and Get promotion started yesterday also. So for a limited time, it was possible to get outerwear for…you guessed it…

80% off!!!

You have never seen someone get so worked up over coats. Seeing as I have my 7-8 year old coat and that’s it, I pounced on this opportunity. And boy howdy, did I hit JACKPOT. Not only did I get this precious white coat:

I also got a FABULOUS kelly green peacoat for a steal at $20!!! Sorry for the lack of picture but it was so fabulous that it’s already sold out online. I knew I had to get this coat because last year I agonized over getting a green pair of flats from Nine West (anything not brown or black is CRAZY scary to me when it comes to shoes) and ended up with a brown pair of flats instead. My friends give me a hard time about it to this day.

So yes, this means I will try to think out of the box when purchasing new shoes with Christmas money (hopefully) this year.

Anyway…I walked out of that store with not one, but TWO coats (again, totally appropriate for Texas) for $50. My friends…the retail value of both coats was $170.

That’s a deal if I’ve ever heard of one.

Oh and don’t forget Seth. He got a new coat too. Which is about time because his is from high school.

At least you can’t say we don’t get good use out of things around here!

Have a great weekend! I promise more pictures of our little boy sooner than later.

Fashion Emergency

Alright troops, I need your help.

Yesterday I had an overwhelming trip to the mall. I had to make some Jake-related returns (clothes, not the baby, don’t worry!!) and by the time we left I was a little frustrated to say the least.

Frustrated with my child? Of course not.

Frustrated with the crowded mall? No…thank goodness I went early and before the holiday madness.

Frustrated with fashion? YES!

As I walked by the different storefronts, I realized that the fashion world has apparently passed me by while I’ve been pregnant and now raising a child. I’m not exactly sure what happened but I kept saying, “Well I don’t have ANYTHING that looks like that!”

I’ve never been on board with leggings but now I’m almost afraid I have to be! Knee-high boots scare me. We all know about my scarf dilemma. That was a big step for me last year people.

Basically, this is a cry for help. A loud cry. A Jake scream, if you will.

I need all of you to comment and leave me your thoughts on the TOP 5 items I need in my closet for this time of year. They don’t have to be winter clothes necessarily, although I am aware I need a new coat. That Chadwick’s coat from freshman year of college just shouldn’t cut it anymore.

Can you help? Again, TOP 5 staple items I need in my closet.