One Month Old!

Before we continue, I wanted to include a picture of the Halloween costume that is slightly (ok, a LOT) overdue.

Yes, he was a cow. And yes, he was sick and tired of picture taking at this point. But I did what I could. And this is even representative of how he acted when he wore it on Halloween. Maybe if I’d let him be a Power Ranger like he’d wanted, things would’ve been a little different.

So anyway. Jake is officially one month old as of this past Sunday.


He looks so much bigger than he did in the “Zero Month” pictures!

I also had Jake weighed today. Are you ready for this?

8 lbs, 4 oz!

So he’s a full 2 pounds bigger than when we brought him home. Time flys.

He has started to notice his surroundings a lot more. Last week he was swatting at the toys on his playmat and grabbing onto my shirt and hair. He makes the funniest faces and my favorites are when he opens his eyes and mouth real big like he’s saying “WOW!”. We also started using the jogging stroller this weekend (it swallows him) and I even got out his Bumbo seat today.

Brace yourself for the following bit of cuteness…

The dogs even seem slightly more interested in him. Like they maaaybe see him as part of the family and not just a nuisance? It’s hard to tell. But this morning when I went to get Jake out of his crib, Tucker was already laying in the nursery with his bone, ready to go! They come running when he starts to cry and are good at letting me know when his diaper is dirty. At least my dogs are good for something. :)

We love you, Jake, and can’t wait to see what you’ve learned in another month!

My Middle Name Isn’t Fussy…

…but someone elses is!

Jake has pretty much proved that his lungs are in excellent condition! And when this kid gets going, nothing can stop him.

Except food of course.

But to avoid feeding my child round the clock we have taken to other methods of calming him down. Such as the hair dryer. And the vacuum cleaner. Forget driving around in the car…or going on a walk. Whoever heard of a baby that wasn’t calmed by the sound of a car or the bumpty bump of a stroller??? In fact, we took Jake and the dogs on a long walk tonight and guess who screamed the entire 1.75 miles?

Not me.

Anyway. He has almost grown out of newborn diapers so we’ll probably be moving to size 1 (sniff sniff) by the end of this week. He is also starting to finally fill out his newborn clothes so we have many more fashion options! It’s funny that so many of his 0-3 month clothes still look humongous. Unless he hits a huge growth spurt over the next month or so, we might be exchanging some of his 3-6 month clothes for short sleeves! I guess you never know.

And in honor of Jake’s one month birthday, we also kicked him to the crib.

I thought that phrase was clever, did you?

He has done fine so far…nothing’s really different except now instead of hearing a crying baby next to me in the bassinet, I hear a crying baby through a staticky monitor along with the sound of our Fisher Price aquarium and the babbling brook on the sound machine. Seth & I have decided we might need all these things to go to sleep too by the end of it!

But enough talking. You want pictures. And I will give them to you!

Check out those kicks!

My hair dryer’s new home. The second you turn that thing off though…

One of Jake’s many funny faces!

Sweet Tucker desperately wants Jake to play with him. He was crying in his carseat before our walk and Tucker went and gave him his toy bone. Maybe next year he’ll throw it back!

Another funny fish face

The other morning after I fed Jake, I had Seth watch him while I put our breakfast in the oven. I came back to find this:

Talk about sweet!

Christmas Time is Near???

The realization that Christmas is right around the corner almost makes my blood pressure shoot through the roof. I usually have a healthy start on Christmas shopping by now…or at least have some sort of “Christmas 2009″ spreadsheet created with lists of gift ideas, addresses for Christmas cards, and the like.

(That makes me sound a little nerdy. I might as well write The Accountants Guide to Christmas shopping or something…)

So far, so bad.

Remind me to have a child in March or April next time. That way, I’ll be sane enough to get through the holidays and then have a solid 6 – 7 months to recover for the following holiday season.

I have done nada. This kinda stresses me out. I am looking forward to this weekend’s Holiday Market though! Not that I’ll get any decent shopping done. I mostly spend these sort of things perusing the food samples and taste testing different cocoas. Which is perfectly acceptable as well. It just doesn’t help my current dilemma.

But it will help our cocoa stock in the pantry!!

Falling Behind


It is like a full-time job just trying to organize pictures of my baby boy! So I apologize for falling a bit behind. Hopefully this post will make up for my lack of just a little bit…

Jake had a very busy weekend as always! I know you are all dying to see pictures of a Halloween costume. And I just might be the worst mom in the world because I’ve yet to take a picture of him dressed up! Let’s be honest…Jake was in his costume a total of 5 or 6 minutes over the course of the weekend. Seth kept making me take it off because “he doesn’t like it, Mary!”

So I’m working on that. I’d really like a family picture. Or something halfway memorable at least. But we still have pictures in Halloween outfits so I figured that might suffice.

Dabney and Susan both came in town to meet their “nephew” and between you and me, I think they were impressed! We had such a fun time catching up – I love these girls so much! They even babysat for us while we took the dogs on a walk on Saturday.

It’s babysteps, people.

We went to the Bayles’ house for on Saturday night for dinner, some football, trick or treaters, and a fun game of pass the baby. :)
Dabney, Me, Paula (and Noah), Jake, Susan
Dabney took some beautiful pictures of Jake while she was here! Poor thing is only going to recognize his mama with a camera at her face.
Sweet baby boy!
A little unsure of what in the world we were doing to him…

…and maybe a little upset we didn’t let him trick or treat?

Jake went to his first Halloween party on Friday night and got to meet a lot of friends. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures…it was too stressful to keep track of a camera and a baby at that point! On Saturday morning, he went to Macie’s 2nd birthday party at the park. He joined in all the festivities and especially loved the bounce house!

Maybe I’m kidding…maybe I’m not…

He is already quite popular. Some might think it’s too early for birthday parties but I disagree. He’s even got another one in 2 weeks! :)

Aunt Dabney & Jake

Have you been wondering about the progress of the candy corn pumpkin? It was quickly emptying itself…I found the culprit!
Thanks Aunt Georgia for my cute outfit!

Yes, Jake has a billion “aunts” and “uncles”! He is one lucky boy!)

We have spent the first part of today trying to recuperate. Jake had a less than stellar night of sleep. Perhaps his worst yet. But most other nights actually haven’t been that bad. He goes to bed around 10 or 10:30, wakes up at 3:30 or 4 to eat, and then again at 7:30. He’s had some serious gas issues (nobody likes a bad case of gas!) but we’re working on it and have discovered that was part of the reason for a not so happy baby. We won’t go so far as to call him colicky, however…

Colic is extended frantic crying in an otherwise healthy and well-fed infant. It’s thought to affect between 10 and 25 percent of babies under 3 months of age. All infants cry more in the first three months of life than at any other time in their lives, but colic is different. Some doctors define it by the rule of threes: three hours of crying at a time, at least three times a week, for at least three weeks in a row — usually starting between the third and sixth week of life. The “colicky” episodes often come on suddenly in the evening hours. Many babies will cry intensely, unable to be soothed, clenching their fists and drawing up their legs. Every baby is different, but colic usually fades away by around 3 months.

…that kinda describes him to a T!

Oh well. It’s amazing the incredible patience you all of a sudden have when you become parents. I just feel bad for him when I know he’s hurting! Whatever it is, let’s hope it all clears up sooner than later.

We are looking forward to a hopefully quiet and relaxing week and weekend. We are going to take advantage of some much needed family time and just enjoy each other’s company! Life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately. I can’t seem to think why??