Two Months and Then Some…

Well look who’s happy after bathtime! Such a cute towel…we’ll have to get some better pictures of that. But Jake’s finally got to where he enjoys his bath and the warm water…so basically he’s a normal person now.

We had a busy weekend, more of which will be explained in my next post. Peak your interest much? Jake’s Nonnie & Popo came to babysit on Saturday night while Seth and I went to our church class Christmas party! It was weird going somewhere without him but so nice to get out and not have to worry about him throwing a crying fit in public. :) Then, Josh & Ashley came to visit us Jake on Sunday afternoon. He was so excited to meet one of his daddy’s best friends from high school and his future hairdresser!

I don’t know…do boys have “hairdressers”??

Josh was a little unsure of what to do with him

Ashley & Jake

Hmm…turn your head I guess. Jake being handsome…obviously!

Look at this great outfit from his 2nd cousin, Caleb! Ha…we’ll have to try that one again when he’s in a little better mood. But I love it!!

And finally, look who is starting to chunk up!

Jake doesn’t love sitting in his bumbo for an extended period of time but enough for Mom to get some pictures!

Muffin top, anyone?

Look at our beautiful baby boy! I can’t believe he’s already 2 months old!

Having fun with Daddy

He loves looking at people’s faces. And if you’re making a fool of yourself, it’s that much better!

Well, I can finally say that Christmas shopping is officially finished. PHEW! I had to run some last minute errands yesterday and let me just reemphasize how much I hate the mall (and Wal-Mart), ESPECIALLY at this time of year. Those places were NUTS! Next year I’m all for skipping the shopping and just spending lots of quality time with family and friends. Anyone with me??

Next up…pictures of our latest project…

Holiday Fun

Well…computer is still down so I’m improvising for now. We got an external hard drive and are trying to back things up as we can. Kinda stressful to almost lose a lifetime’s worth of information!!

I just had to share this picture of Maggie…Seth & Jake were watching Rudolph last week and for some reason she was captivated. Not sure if it was the 4 legged reindeer…or that red squeaky nose?? She laid like that during the entire show!

We also got some snow last week, if you haven’t heard by now. Which I’m sure you all have. It was so cold and unfortunately we didn’t get a family picture out in the snow with Jake (agh!!) but I at least got a picture of the house. Which is not exciting at all, I know.

We also took Jake to Market Street in The Woodlands to take his picture by the big Christmas tree. This was a long day. We (ok, me) were determined to get errands taken care of and so I am smiling despite about 3 hours of sleep the night before. Needless to say, this trip was cut short and we headed home to NAP!

Jake loves loves loves his bouncy seat! And his Christmas pjs of course. We are seeing more and more smiles these days! In fact, I’d say he is happy (or not crying…which to me = happy) maybe 80% of the day? HUGE IMPROVEMENT from a few weeks ago!

How cute is this little sweatsuit?

Out of order…sue me. But look at how huge that tree is!

Jake also got to meet Santa Claus for the first time! Our neighborhood threw a Christmas party last weekend and instead of fighting the lines at the mall, we decided this was a much more convenient way to meet the jolly ol’ guy. Jake did great! Next year might be a different story though…

We had some fun taking pictures in front of the tree!

Hope you all have your Christmas shopping done! I cannot believe Christmas is 13 days away. Where does the time go? It’s been almost a year since we got pregnant. I never would’ve imagined last year that this Christmas would be SO MUCH BETTER! :)

Mayday Mayday!

Trying not to panic…

The lack of picture posting the past couple days isn’t necessarily my fault. Our computer has some sort of virus that shuts it down after 60 seconds.

You know…our computer that has ANY AND ALL pictures I’ve taken since I’ve owned a digital camera (circa…2000??). You know…that computer that has all my important documents, address lists, deep dark secrets, etc.

Only slightly freaking out over here…

So while Seth is working on fixing that, I’m using our super modern 2001 Dell that was packed away in the closet to type this emergency message and you know, check email (because I’m addicted) during the day. And attempting to load pictures on this computer would be nearly as dangerous as the virus on the other computer since the internet speed rivals that of a dial-up connection.

And it’s not like our family Christmas pictures or Jake’s 1st picture with Santa is saved on the other computer either. I would’ve never already reformatted the memory card on our camera to make more room without making sure those pictures were backed up first on Shutterfly.

Like I said…only slightly freaking out.

So you must continue waiting for Santa, 2 month pictures, and Jake in his cute hedgehog hat.

And in the meantime, please pray that we can fix the virus and recover all these documents! And knock some sense into us as well. I think an external hard drive just moved to the top of our Christmas list!


Oh, I am so excited we’ve moved on to a new size of clothes, meaning NEW OUTFITS! Hello, photo ops! Isn’t this GAP outfit precious? I got some steals there before Jake was born and thought I’d never see the day he was big enough to wear them.

We’ve been so blessed to have wonderful friends close by in the neighborhood. It’s so much fun to get the kids together (and the adults too, of course!) and watch them grow up. It’ll REALLY be fun in a few million years when Jake, Blake, Jack, and Lexi all start Kindergarten together at the same school!

Fortunately for me & Kim, and unfortunately for our sons, they have lots of matching clothes! Some are on purpose, some are pure coincidence but it sure makes for some cute pictures. Something they may not appreciate several years down the road. Not sure if we’ll be able to match them all on their first day of school so we have to take advantage of these opportunities while we can!

Macie & Jake. He’s a little scared of older girls. Maybe he would’ve smiled with Lexi but she was probably too busy rolling over or something.

Jack, Jake, & Blake (say it 5 times) in their cute Christmas pjs! These boys are about 4.5 months apart and it’s crazy to think they’ll all be running around together next year!

Look at the cute reindeer!

This week is definitely going to be full of NOT MUCH. I only have a few more weeks of sweet maternity leave left so I will be getting as much quality time with my baby as possible!
(And pictures of course)

Meet the (Great Grand) Parents!

Well, hello there!

Jake was so excited to meet more of his great-grandparents last week! Peepaw & Meemaw came to stay a few days and (hopefully) really enjoyed getting to spend time with Jake! We had a fun time, enjoyed some good food, and it was nice getting to catch up.

Who doesn’t enjoy a little head massage and foot rub? This kid is spoiled!
Snuggling up with Peepaw

Hanging out with Meemaw

We’re so glad y’all got to come visit and can’t wait until the next time we see you!

Christmas Shout Out

I know I am so behind on reporting this past week’s events. I’ve got lots of pictures to share, including some of Jake and his great grandparents! Lucky boy has seven of them and still needs to meet four.

We are so upset that it snowed yesterday…Jake’s 1st snow, mind you…and we didn’t get a picture of him out in the snow. By the time Seth got home from work to take pictures, it had already stopped. Anyone have a snow blower we can borrow???

Anyway, the point of this post is to give a little shout out to a nice woman on Etsy who made a super cute 1st Christmas ornament for Jake! I was getting a little concerned because I hadn’t found anything I liked in the stores. So the great thing about Michelle is that I told her what I wanted, and she made it happen!

If only everything in life could work like that.

I’d really like a million dollars…someone make it happen!

Here is a picture of the precious ornament:

So cute, right??

She can paint anything you’d like on them…a snowman for everyone in your family, teacher gifts, ornaments for your 1st Christmas as a married couple…there’s even a super cute Noah’s Ark one! Check out her Etsy shop here.

Thanks Michelle!

Alright, we have a busy day ahead of us, including a possible trip to see Santa! And hopefully some (ok, lots) of rest as well…last night was…how do you say…




Let me tell you about my new child. His name is HAPPY BABY JAKE!

I know it’s only been one day, but Jake has not cried or screamed…only whimpered a couple times today when he was hungry.

God bless baby Zantac!

8 Weeks Old

Here’s our little buddy before we went to the doctor…

How cute is this outfit! Thanks Aunt Kim!
It was a perfect day for some warm fleece. And if I hadn’t been sweating so much from carrying that dang carseat, it might have been a perfect day to wear one of my new coats too! Oh well.

Jake had a great check-up. He is perfect (of course) and growing…he’s such a big boy now! Jake weighed in at…..

…wait for it…

…he’s huge…

9 lbs 15 oz!

That puts him in the 10th percentile for weight. He was also 22 inches long and in the 25th percentile for length.

We also got a prescription for 2 different reflux meds and hopefully, fingers crossed, they will really help him out. Or help us out. We’ll take either right now :)

Here is Jake before his shots…

…and after…

If you look closely, you can see the tears in his eyes. It was AWFUL (for both me and him). I mean, look at his face!

Poor little baby!

Sleep, Kid, Sleep!

The last 36 hours have been…how do you say it…


Just when we think Jake is starting to do really good, something happens. In this case, it was probably his mom eating pizza. Even after the doctor told me to stay away from tomato-based foods the other day due to some reflux suspicions.


Saturday night we were all up every hour or two with screaming and by Sunday morning I think we were all crying!!! (At least in our heads). Yesterday and last night was same song, second verse but just a milder version.

Here’s hoping…praying…begging…that today and tonight are better!!!