Toilet Paper Dilemma

Yesterday morning, there was an interesting discussion on KSBJ. It was about a topic so near and dear to my heart that I felt I should share.

Toilet paper placement.

As you can see above, the roll of TP is placed correctly on the…toilet paper holder? (I’m getting technical here, people). BUT…you know when you go to someone elses house…the grocery store…church…various other establishments…they sometimes have it on incorrectly?

Doesn’t that drive you NUTS??

Well, they were having people call in to discuss the “right” way…over or under. Clearly, the correct answer here is over. Those misguided souls who might say “under” are living in some sort of weirdo-land because WHY in tarnation would you do that?? It doesn’t even make sense. One guy even went so far as to call in and say he would FIX the toilet paper rolls if he was at a friend’s house because he assumed they just put it on wrong.

And I thought…oh my goodness, I DO THAT TOO!!! Without even considering if they did it on purpose or not.

I don’t know why I find this particular topic of conversation so intriguing, but what do YOU think is the correct way? Are you an “over” guy? Or an “under” type girl?

For your sake, I hope you answer over.

Because if not, I challenge you to shake things up a bit. It will change your LIFE.

Speaking of toilet paper…I can’t wait until Jake is old enough to use it. Last night we had the blow out of a LIFETIME. Enough to warrant a phone call to a friend…enough to start gagging…enough to require an immediate bath and the subsequent washing of clothes (his and mine), the exersaucer seat, and the throwing away of the pillow he was standing on in the exersaucer. And the entire time I was thinking, “I should SO take a picture of this for the blog.”

But then I realized that poop probably isn’t as interesting to all of y’all as it is to us…specifically baby poop. And I didn’t want to risk losing any loyal readers. So for now, I’ll refrain from posting pictures of bodily waste.

I just hope he’s an “over” sort of guy!!!

I Mean, Really!

Looks like someone’s having fun while mommy’s at work!!

Also looks like someone’s being cute even though I made him PROMISE not to be while I was gone.

Guess I’ll let it slide this time…

Baby Shower Fun

This past weekend, Jessie & I threw a baby shower for our college roommate, Andrea. Her little girl, Sara, will be here in about 5 weeks and we had a fun time spoiling her with lots of pink! We are so excited to meet her and Jake is anxious for another friend.

(But nothing more than a friend)

Because we are not in the business of finding girlfriends yet.

Or ever.

Jessie, Andrea, & Me. We lived together for 2 years in college, were all accounting majors, and all ended up back in the Houston area. And now we’re all wondering why in the heck we have accounting degrees.

But that’s another story for another day.

Did you notice my tall boots? Big deal for me!

Andrea’s husband, Gonzalo, is serving our country in Iraq right now. We are hoping and praying he’ll make it back home for Sara’s birth! One of our baby shower activities was to have everyone write a note to Sara…Gonzalo sent his answers from Iraq and we were able to surprise Andrea with his note! So sweet.

Lots of yummy food

A little different than all the blue and brown in our closets! Love little girl clothes!


Andrea, thanks for letting us help you celebrate your little girl! We can’t wait to meet Sara!

How About Some Pictures?

Sorry for my lack of picture posting lately! I feel like life is sorta nonstop right now. You know the feeling where you can never quite catch up?? I hate it!!! But we’re doing our best over here :)

Jake helped me set up for Andrea’s baby shower this past weekend. He loved watching me & Jessie cut up fruit and set the tables. Shoot…I’d like it if someone carried me around all the time too!

Hanging out with Daddy before the boys were kicked out for good! You can tell from his face that girly baby showers are NOT his thing.

Jake enjoyed watching Kyle & Seth play some Playstation (or XBox…or Nintendo…really, who knows these days?)

Kiddo loves to stand! We leave him like this, totally unattended for hours, and he does great!


“Well, if they’re just going to keep taking pictures, I might as well get comfortable!”

What a precious face! Thanks for my outfit Greg & Jacky – we thought this would never fit!

Seth & Tucker were trying to make Jake laugh. Maggie is sorta indifferent to Jake at times…Tucker, on the other hand, is OBSESSED.

“Not too sure what to think about this…but I think I kinda like it!”

I’ll try to do better with pictures this week…then again, maybe not. Have a great week everyone!


Pretty sure this is what I look like today.

Minus the headset.

Can’t wait ’till I’m retired one day and can get some good quality SLEEP! Of course, by then I’ll probably be too old and will be waking up at 4:30am for fun or something crazy like that. Because you know, when you retire, you are busier than EVER!!!!

Or so my grandparents say :)

What Jake’s Been Up To…

So what has Jake been up to lately? Being cute, that’s what!

I love my overalls – thanks Josh & Ashley!

Chubby cheeks!

Jake, at 3 months you:

- eat about 6 oz of milk per bottle/feeding
- go to bed around 8 or 8:30 and wake up between 5:30-6 (and sometimes a few times in between too)
- hold your hands together like you’re praying (so proud of you for talking to Jesus!!)
- love bathtime and being naked
- wear 0-3 month clothes
- are almost in size 2 diapers
- take about three 45 min to hour-long naps a day…if you’re not fighting sleep! We’re working on this…
- are finally getting used to your carseat…you don’t always cry in it anymore!!
- are such a happy boy!
- love to look at yourself in the mirror
- are starting to look like your mommy! (or so everyone has been telling us – yea!)
- like to watch your puppies
- weigh about 12 pounds
- always want attention…we get yelled at if we turn our back to you!
- are the love of our life!

Mmm Mmm Good!

I realized I hadn’t posted any recipes in awhile and had a couple I wanted to share. Now, you probably don’t want to make these two together, but separately they are delicious!

I have searched long and hard for a good chicken salad recipe. This is one of those things that no two people make the same. And being a mayo hater, it’s a wonder I even like it. But I think a good chicken salad needs some fruit…definitely needs some nuts…can’t have too much mayo…and easy on the celery. Agreed? Kroger actually has a pretty good chicken salad in their deli so when searching for the recipe online, I found the one below. I tested it out yesterday and it was great!

Grape Chicken Salad (20 servings, about 1 cup each)

12 cups cubed cooked chicken breast
2 lbs red grapes, halved
5 1/4 cups diced celery
1 to 1 1/2 cups chopped pecans; toasted
3 green onions; sliced
2 cups mayo
1 1/2 cups chicken broth
3/4 cup vinaigrette
1 tbsp prepared mustard

In a large bowl, combine chicken, grapes, celery, pecans, and onions. In a small bowl, whisk mayo, broth, vinaigrette and mustard until smooth. Pour over chicken mixture; mix well. Cover and chill at least 4 hours before serving.

Obviously this recipe makes a ton. I made 1/3 of the salad and it was plenty! Also, throw in some celery salt for good measure. YUM!

Next up…pancakes! It always seems like breakfast foods are a specialty of the man of the house. And this house is no exception! We love cooking breakfast and probably have pancakes once a week. (Although I could probably eat them for every meal!) We can’t take credit for this super good spin on the traditional pancake (it’s on the side of the Bisquick box) but they are OH SO GOOD!!

Melt in Your Mouth Pancakes

2 cups Bisquick
1 cup milk
2 eggs
2 tbsp sugar
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp vanilla

Stir ingredients until blended; pour on the griddle in your preferred size and shape.

Tastes like cake!


Three Months Old!

Jake turned 3 months old last Friday! Hard to believe. Look how much bigger he is! He was 11 lbs 11 oz and right on track according to the doctor…that’s what we like to hear.

He generally spends his days happy and loves playing with his new Christmas toys and exersaucer. He will entertain himself in the exersaucer for a good 30-45 minutes if we sit there and play with him. It seems like he’d much rather be on his own than be held…and if he’s being held he definitely wants to face out so he can see what’s going on. He must love to people watch like his mama! Jake loves to sit up, hates to be held like a baby, and is even starting to notice his dogs! He smiles and coos at them…little does he know that they’re his “toys” for the next 10 years!

We are so blessed to have such a sweet little boy! My heart aches so much during the days but it makes me appreciate each and every second with him that much more. I don’t ever want to leave him! He is growing up every day…we are so proud of you, Jake!

And because I know you want to see the same picture 3 different times, I’m going to post a couple more :)

Hey, I’m his mom. I can do whatever I want!