Growing Boy!

This picture may not mean a lot to any of you but it is a HUGE step for Jake! And it’s not the fact that he sleeps with his eyes semi-open like his Daddy (creepy). He is napping in his crib! It has been almost impossible to get him to sleep anywhere during the day besides his swing. But after some Kedra bootcamp this past week, looks like someone’s been whipped into shape!

Jake loves his exersaucer! He’s still a little small so he’s standing on a pillow but he has been fascinated by all the toys. And this sounds so lame but I was teary-eyed the other night because I couldn’t believe how much he was learning (just watch out for that Kindergarten graduation in 2016…bring on the tissues!!) He loves making the toys move and I’ve noticed him trying to make the same motion against other things.

Having some MUCH NEEDED snuggle time with Mommy after she’d been at work all day long!

And speaking of snuggle time…I sure wish this next picture was posed…

…but it definitely wasn’t. He hardly ever falls asleep in our arms but on this special occasion I took full-advantage (mostly because I was super exhausted too) and Seth apparently went to town with the camera. How the flash didn’t wake me up I’ll never know. But this is probably the best representation of how I felt this past week!

“Stop taking pictures of me, Mom!!!”
Fascinated by Daddy’s cooking skills

This has been a long week and I’m so glad it’s over! I think my Fridays off and the weekends are going to become my new favorite days! Except when was the weekend NOT my favorite part of the week??

You know what I mean :)

Surviving! Exhausted doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel. I told Seth I am more tired than I ever was when we brought Jake home from the hospital. THIS is going to be an adjustment…

Jake has been doing great during the day at Kedra’s (so we hear) but kiddo has decided that this is the week he doesn’t want to sleep well at night anymore. So Seth & I have both been up multiple times throughout the night which doesn’t make that 5:15am alarm clock my new best friend.

But I just have to be positive and when I am so tired, look at that precious face in the picture frame on my desk and remember why I’m here and who I’m doing this for.

It’s just so darn draining right now!

Pictures to come…maybe this weekend. Hmm…didn’t I promise this blog wouldn’t go to pot? Well, I still promise that. Just give me some time :)


I’m going back to work on Monday.

Let’s all take a moment to cry with me here, ok???

I have a lot of mixed emotions about this, but right now, this is how God is choosing to provide for our family. And after lots of prayer, we’ve decided it’s probably best to listen to Him! I am going to miss my little boy SO STINKIN’ MUCH and have made him promise not to be cute between the hours of 8-5 and to save it all for the mornings and evenings! He agreed but if I hear any differently…

We have been blessed to have our friend Kedra care for Jake over the next few months. I’ve made her promise to care for him like her own and to talk about me every day. And it’s probably going to be a tough task considering Jake won’t be cute AT ALL during the day (per my instructions).

Now I know some of you are worried about the well-being of the blog. But honestly, have I ever let you down before??? Plus, I have even more incentive to post what with this new makeover and all!

I read something on a blog this morning and it made me think about my current situation and I wanted to share.

Love your God. Love your children intentionally and well. Pray about the situation and ask God to give you wisdom with any choice you are facing. When you feel confident about what He has revealed, take a couple brave steps in the direction of His voice and just keep listening.

Please keep us (but specifically me!!) in your prayers as I take this next step…for strength to get through each day…and for me to be a better mother because of it. Pray for minimal tears on Monday…understanding colleagues…and for doors to be opened in ways I never imagined in this upcoming year. And most of all, prayers for my little boy to love the Lord, be in good health, and to continue developing by leaps and bounds each and every day!


Where Does the Time Go?

I just want to warn you…what you’re about to see may cause a few giggles…but I thought it would be fun to share. It’s just too bad we didn’t know each other during the horrible, awkward, ugly, middle school phase of life!


Sidenote: we thought we were the COOLEST after we made daquiris in the pineapple shells

Our 21st (22nd?) birthdays. Who could’ve guessed we’d be in the labor & delivery ward 4 years later??
Seth & I celebrated our 3rd anniversary on December 30th. I joked that I’d be thrilled to go to Sonic and it’s funny how things change. For our first anniversary, we went on a cruise. For our second anniversary we went to a fancy dinner. And for our third, we would’ve been happy with fast food??? We just didn’t want to leave our baby! Luckily, we had two good babysitters – thanks Kyle & Jessie!! – and went to dinner and a movie. We were super anxious to get home and love on Jake though.

I have been abundantly blessed in my marriage to Seth. Ladies, he cooks…he cleans…he helps bathe Jake EVERY night…he does the yard work…he gets up with me in the AM when Jake first wakes up…and stays up with me at night until he goes to bed. He loves this little boy so much and knows exactly what to do to take care of him…I never have to tell him different. And he’s not just an amazing, hands-on daddy, but he’s such a great husband as well. I love and respect him and the things he does for our family. We are so lucky!

So Happy 3rd Anniversary, Seth – I can’t wait to celebrate 150 more!