Through the Ringer

This morning was what I will refer to as my cavity-filling marathon.


I only had what…FOUR cavities that were discovered last week?

Oh, this story is about to get even better.

As I’m enjoying a Welch’s fruit snack yesterday afternoon, I suddenly feel something crunchy. Which was confusing since fruit snacks are chewy. I spit the aforementioned crunchiness out of my mouth and noticed it was white. And hard. Wondering if my Hot Pocket a few hours earlier had any hard, white pieces in it, I kept chewing. And a little more came out. And then some more. I immediately called Seth to let him know my tooth was probably falling out and should we go to the ER now or wait until after work?

I decided to call the dentist’s office to let them know that my appointment might be a little more tricky because my back molar was slowly wasting away. They told me it was probably a sealant coming off and not to worry. I proceeded to call all my friends (including my favorite pediatric dentist*) with any extensive dental work history to get their opinions. By the end of the evening, I was fearing either root canal or tooth extraction.

*It’s quite unfortunate if you know me and have any sort of medical background. I kinda abuse the relationship. Basically, my dream is to have your cell phone number. I feel so sorry for Joanna (our vet), Jessica (dentist), or the multitude of MD’s (and one D.O.!!!) that I am addicted to bugging. But I’ll take this brief second to thank ALL of you (where do I start?? JC, Megan, Brad, Dr. Prihoda, Dr. Wells, etc etc) for putting up with my ridiculous questions. And if you’re saying “Hey, I’m a doctor and haven’t ever had you ask me questions!”…watch out.

And since I’m not done rambling yet, you know it was practically my dream come true when I happened to run into our pediatrician at Berry Hill this past Saturday afternoon. It took everything I had not to say, “Hey would you mind looking at this dry skin patch right quick? OH OH, and the other day, Jake did the darndest thing!!”.

I handled it like a mature adult though.

Back to my dental horror story.

SO…I get to my appointment this morning and remind them again about the tooth I’m about to lose. I asked (seriously, I did) if they should just pull them all out and give me Dentures. I do feel bad for Seth because I’m not sure he realized when he married me that in less than 5 years he’d be dealing with fake teeth on the bedside table.

They take some x-rays and sure enough…pieces of my tooth are chipping off! They proceeded to treat me like a 7 year old and asked about my dental hygiene. Did I brush my teeth often? Do I floss? Have I ever heard of a little thing called flouride?

So along with my four fillings (which turned out to be more major than minor, like I was led to believe), they filled in missing pieces of my other tooth. Don’t forget that my entire mouth was numb (I think I got 45 shots) and I was probably drooling all over them too.

Very long story short, I survived…but it was tough. This is just a reminder of HOW HARD IT IS to be me.

Someone please remind me to brush and floss tonight.

Weekend Recap

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday evening…where did this weekend go???

First off, I worked my first Friday since returning to work. Talk about injustice. I somehow managed to time vacation on the Fridays that I do work (I get every other one off) up until now so while it made it a nice transition to only have 4 day weeks…I was getting a little used to the 3 day weekend!!!

I know, I have the saddest life ever, right?

Jake got to spend time with his “Auntie D” and JC, who came in town this past weekend. Last time Dabney came, Seth made her vacuum (Jake was a newborn) so frankly, I’m surprised she came back. But we reconciled and I let her play with Jake in lieu of housework. We also got to spend some quality time with his Auntie Paula & Uncle Ben (so blessed to have close friends that are practically family to us!!!) and friend (cousin??) Noah! These girls have put up with me for far too long and I’m so lucky to call them my friends! :)

It was Dabney’s dream to hold both Noah & Jake at the same time. We made her lift weights and perform various strength training exercises to make sure she was up to the challenge. It was quite rigorous. In the end, we decided maybe she better try it sitting down. Love you Dabs!

Paula, Dabney, Noah – 3 mos, Jake – 4.5 mos, Me
(Do the boys look safe and steady to you??)

How about we look at the TV (where else?) instead of the camera!

And look who decided to be a big boy this weekend??????? I might as well be walking him into Kindergarten!

Um, I know. Unassisted. For maybe 20-30 seconds? I don’t think Jake reeeally knew what was going on but this is a good start!

So stinkin’ proud of himself

Sitting up is sooo overrated, guys!

As you can see, the boys are still not too sure about each other. But they had a good old fashioned staredown.
And again!

Enjoying some Daddy love

Jake & Andrea. He’s started this new thing where he sticks his bottom lip out (not to cry) but just to get a reaction. He does this when someone besides us holds him (and he can see me or Seth still) and we could not stop laughing. What a goofball!

Play hard or go home!

We had such a fun weekend with friends and I am sad to leave Jake again tomorrow :( He’s got lots more fun things in store…we’re heading to San Antonio next weekend to see lots of family and La Grange the weekend after that. We’re about to see how well our road-tripping skills have improved since Christmas…


Jake is really starting to figure out laughing. We progressed from smiling…to the “silent laugh” (his mama is good at this one)…to a full out giggle! The giggles are few and far between (weird, because we’re super funny people) but if you’re a guy, a little kid, a dog…pretty much everyone but DEAR OLD MOM, he will laugh for you.

A few things to note before watching this video:

1) Please ignore our high pitched “ha ha ha’s”. We have to egg him on.

2) Notice how he stops laughing when I start talking. Seriously???

3) Please appreciate this high quality recording.


There are several current fashion trends that I’m NOT OK WITH. I don’t understand what’s happening. Did someone put me in a time machine when I wasn’t looking??

I saw a little girl at the nail salon last weekend and I could’ve sworn she borrowed an outfit I wore back in the 80′s. You know what I’m talking about. Off the shoulder teal shirt…short black skirt…zebra leggings…converse…side ponytail? And she was sporting some major pink blush.

I’ve let a lot of things slide so far. Obviously, as it’s taken me 5 years to jump on the tall boots train! I even tried on some skinny jeans last weekend. Never mind that I could barely take them back off. But I’m trying to accomodate.

But this has really put me over the edge:

(I am formulating a letter in my mind to Old Navy as we speak.)

And just in case you’re one of the psychos who just said “Oh, that is CUTE!”, the only acceptable place to wear that jumpsuit is NOWHERE.

Food for Thought

You must read this post about being content and holy in our lives. What a beautiful spin on being Godly and not worldly.

Do everything without complaining or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which you shine like stars in the universe

Philippians 2:14-15

Did You Know…

…that babies aren’t allowed at the dentist office?

Hmmm…me either.

Well, allowed or not, Jake stayed and was an angel. Take that dental hygenist! Didn’t even fall asleep…just played with toys in his carseat the entire time. And Jake may have got a glowing review but his mother did not.

It’s not like I had a cavity or anything.

No, no, it was better. I HAD FOUR.

How is that even possible, people??

Oh right, maybe I know. It was this little thing called maternity leave where I sometimes may or may not have forgotten to brush my teeth in the morning if I wasn’t leaving the house. I was aware of the issue but chose not to work on it. I think the brush-your-teeth-please gene is only triggered if I’m on my way out the door.

Maybe it’s a sickness?

But really…if you don’t brush…then you eat breakfast…it’s hard to remember that maybe you didn’t clean your teeth!

Do I have any readers left?

At least none of you have to kiss me. Sorry Seth!

Anything and Everything

Well hey, here I am! We’re still alive and well. Just failing miserably on the blogging front.

So many things have happened since I last posted! Jake is now walking, reading in both English AND Spanish, counting to 100 (only English), and making his own breakfast in the mornings. It’s amazing how time flys! Maggie & Tucker have also done a wonderful job of raising Jake during the day while we’re at work. Such good dogs!

Let’s see, what else have we been up to…

Seth is such a good dad…he is diligent about practicing “skills” with Jake. Why let him roll around on the floor when we can practice sitting on our own?? The boppy really has so many more uses than it’s marketed for! I always feel guilty after Seth watches him but maybe this is how we feed off each other to be good parents?? :)

One day…one day I will be able to sit up on my own and play with you, fun alphabet spinning toy! For now, I stare.

Please mom. Please. I hate this.

We have taken a temporary hiatus from rice cereal, because Jake quickly lost interest. Maybe in another week or two we’ll try again. He kept getting distracted by his surroundings, his bib, US…basically he was interested in everything BUT the cereal. Bet if I’d given him ice cream it would’ve been a different story. If not…he’s not my child!

Jake was so lucky to have his Nana stay with him for a few days last week! I hear they had loads of fun during the day…full of lots of kisses, I’m sure! And look who conveniently found his “I Love Grandma” outfit in the closet! Jake is blessed to have such wonderful grandparents…they kinda like him too so it works out well.

Oh look, food!
I kinda like this puppy. He doesn’t lick, sniff, or bark at me!

Jake listening to his Valentine’s present from Nonnie & Popo. It’s a really cool book where they can record the words and “read to him” even if they’re not here!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day…it’s not like I took any pictures of Jake on his first holiday of love. That would’ve been silly. Sigh. Maybe we’ll have to reinact it, like we did Halloween. Surely I’ll forget in a few years right?? Seth’s cousin, Avery, was so nice to babysit for us on Friday night while we headed downtown for a nice dinner at Sorrento’s! Seth’s parents had given us a giftcard there, plus Seth’s other cousin Jarad is the manager. We were able to enjoy some wonderful food and were practically treated like royalty.

Jarad, I didn’t notice the red carpet but maybe it was just being cleaned or something. I’m sure we’ll see it next time.

But in all seriousness…sooo nice to get out, just the two of us! In the middle of dinner, Seth looked at me and said, “Mary…we’re PARENTS!” Ha.

Saturday night we celebrated Valentine’s with several of our close friends…we also did this last year and it was a lot of fun! The guys were in charge of the meal and did an awesome job…steaks, twice baked potatoes, fresh green beans, salad…YUM! Sadly, we missed Kim because she has been under the weather, but that just means we’ll have to reinact the same dinner in a few weeks.


And since I’ve started talking and just can’t seem to stop…

I am so proud of Jake because he slept for ELEVEN hours last night! I think he woke up once or twice (my memory is foggy when I’m half asleep) but he quickly put himself back to sleep. I feel horrible having to wake him up in the mornings so we can leave for work, but we try to make up for it with an extra nap during the day.

He is growing so fast, I can’t keep up!

I have the day off for President’s Day (a very important holiday to us) (not really) so Jake is accompanying me to the dentist in an hour. I am slighly apprehensive about how this is going to go. Hopefully they can keep him quiet with a lollipop.

What, can he not have those yet?

Rice Cereal? Don’t Mind if I Do!

After Jake was such a big boy at his doctor’s appointment last week, we got the go ahead to try some rice cereal. After he gets this down, we’ll start solids in another month or two. Big messes ahead!!!!

He wasn’t too sure about it and didn’t really keep much down the first night. But by tonight (day #3) he was opening his mouth and begging for more!

Ok guys, I don’t know what we’re doing, but this is kinda fun!

Ehhh…what is this stuff? Mom, is it ok?

Please note both Jake’s face and Seth’s attire. Back off ladies…that man in camo is ALL MINE!

(Actually they’re both mine)

When can we do that again???

I think I’ve decided our cheap video camera is just that. Cheap. BUT, here is a low-budget movie of our kiddo taking his first bites!

You Would Do It Too…

I just realized that I purposely don’t push the “cat” sound button on Jake’s exersaucer because I hate cats. And maybe I subconsciously think it will save us from any “Mommy, can I have a kitty cat??” questions in the future.

Goodness, I hope this doesn’t backfire on me.

Good thing there’s not a picture of a hamster.

Four Months Old??

I’m sorry, but someone is just growing up without my permission!

Jake had a great 4 month check up today! With the exception of some mild torticollis (which we have to do neck stretches for now), everything was perfect! If you’re wondering what that is, look at the above picture. See how his neck is tilted more to the left side? Well, he tends to favor this side, so we need to make sure the muscles on the right side are just as strong. But seeing as how Jake excels in everything he does (have you heard his Spanish??), we’re not worried!

Check out these stats:

Weight: 12 lbs 13 oz (25%)
Height: 24 inches (25%)
Head Circumference: 16.25 inches (50%)

He also did WONDERFUL with his shots. We were shocked. Last time we definitely had the “silent cry” and were in hysterics for a minute. This time however, he started crying and then immediately smiled at his Daddy. What a champ!

I realize I desperately owe all of you some pictures. I apologize! Jake didn’t feel too well this past week so our sleep was limited. We sorta defined walking zombies and it was wonderful to finally get more than a few hours of sleep last night! I love how God works…just when we think we can’t possibly take anymore…He gives us a great night of sleep and we have the chance to recharge.

But before we continue…

Jake, at 4 months you:

-are grabbing your feet constantly (and your bottom too)
-are trying to pull your socks off
-are a little more interested in being on your tummy…but will roll back over within a minute or two
-love putting everything in your mouth
-hold onto my arm when I change your diaper
-love getting naked (because you know it’s bathtime!)
-are obsessed with your Daddy!
-are eating approx 30-32 oz of milk per day
-are learning to soothe yourself
-are SWADDLE-FREE! We thought you were going to go to Kindergarten in your swaddle. Now we use the sleep sack.
-have the funniest “silent laugh”
-love reading your Bible stories every night
-are wearing 3-6 month clothes
-are wearing Size 2 Diapers
-are maybe starting to teeth but we aren’t sure yet
-go to bed between 7:45-8 and wake up around 6

Now that’s out of the way…bring on the pictures!

Umm, really? Not as cooperative as we were in the 3 month pictures! “Look at the camera? Nah, let’s try to get my toes in my mouth instead.”

I’m cute and I know it!

Getting a little tired of taking pictures…

Ok fine, I’ll look. But I won’t smile.

Um, yes you are a stud! Thanks for my precious outfit Auntie D!

Who needs tears? Look at my battle scars!

Jake letting us know he was ready for bedtime. Because the side of that Bumbo looks sooo comfortable…

Like I said…

Enjoying his teething toy

It’s so much more comfortable to play without our pants on!
Stop it Mom, I’m trying to read!

Stinkin’ cute!