On a Roll!

I feel like Jake has grown up so much in the past couple weeks. I’m not sure what’s happened but this kid is BUSY! He must have quite the agenda when he wakes up in the morning. Between all the playing, eating, and sleeping, it’s a wonder he gets anything done!

Here’s just a peek into your life lately little boy…

- Ever since you learned to roll onto your tummy, you are EVERYWHERE. You are rolling all over your crib (never in the same place we put you). Last night you woke me up crying because you’d rolled yourself into the corner and were stuck on your tummy. It’s a rough life!

- You are also getting more comfortable on your tummy and learning to do things like this:

Uh oh, here he comes!

(Well, you aren’t crawling yet, but I think that army crawling at least is right around the corner.)

- I’m going to go ahead and say you are an official sitter! You have been for a couple weeks now. You can sit up on your own, unassisted, for a long time! Yesterday you played sitting up for at least 30 minutes!

- You sat in your first restaurant high chair and loved it! I didn’t hear a peep from you the entire time. You loved all the people watching and looked like a BIG boy!

- You love the computer (you are currently trying to take over the keyboard), my cell phone, and the TV remote. Of course.

- You can hold objects in your hands for a long period of time. I can say, “Hey, hold this!” and if it’s interesting enough, you will. Plus, everything goes in your mouth!

- You love green beans with all your heart. Yesterday you ate 3 cubes! (almost 1 jar of baby food). However, you hate applesauce with all your heart! I don’t understand how that’s possible!! You spit it right out.

- You love our faces. You love to grab our cheeks, nose, chin, etc. You love to feel Daddy’s beard (only on the weekends when he doesn’t shave!)

- You experience a little bit of stranger anxiety. You definitely don’t like sudden movements or people that you don’t know well picking you up.

- You are very independent (I think at least!) You like to play with your toys and either ignore us or focus on Tucker instead.

- Speaking of Tucker, you LOVE HIM! You could care less about Maggie (and the feeling is mutual). But you stop whatever you’re doing if you see him and reach out to pet him. And for the record, he loves you too! Yesterday you reached out to grab his leg and he kept walking. You fell over this time, but I bet you’ll have fun chasing him around soon!

- You are always smiling or laughing now!

- You are so predictable. You’re like clockwork with naps, eating, bedtime, etc. This makes it very easy on us! You take two (2 hour) naps and one (1 hour) nap pretty consistently during the day and sleep about 11 hours at night. I still feed you 5 times a day but we’re trying to get down to 4. You put yourself to sleep and are so happy when you wake up!

- You are happiest right after bathtime! Or now maybe when you’re eating those green beans :)

- You sleep with your lovey blanket…it’s so sweet! We had issues for awhile with you always putting it over your face (we will not tell our pediatrician about this!!!) but now you tuck it under your arm and go right to sleep.

- You are starting to suck on your thumb and prefer it over your pacifier.

I’m sure I’m leaving many things out because you change daily! We are having so much fun with you and can’t wait to see what’s next…

A Walk in the Park

Yesterday we had a fun day at the park with several families from our Sunday School class. We are lucky to have such great friends and right now there are lots of little ones running/crawling/rolling around!

Jake has been a little fussier than usual lately…we think he’s cutting a tooth. But then again, we’ve thought the same thing for the past month! It was good to get him outside to enjoy the fresh air…he is always happy outside! Typical boy.
Jake didn’t waste any time making the moves on sweet Lexi. She’s obviously got a few inches on him but we promised her parents a growth spurt before the wedding. You know how girls are touchy about wearing their heels!

The next few pictures are brought to you by a bunch of cute little boys and the GAP.

Blake, Jack, & Jake with Beckett (wishing he had his own hat). I guess this is a pretty good picture of the 4 of them considering 3 out of 4 are pretty mobile!

Best buddies!

…and off they go

Dear GAP,

Please feel free to send us some giftcards or apparel for our impromptu marketing campaign.

Your friend and faithful customer,


Lexi and all her pink didn’t quite fit in
Look at my handsome boys! Jake was having fun grilling hot dogs with Daddy.

Guess I had a little more fun on the slide than the kids

Staying warm…also known as “my parents are too cheap to buy me my own jacket”. Maybe we’ll get him one with our new GAP giftcards…

Hint, hint.

So Many Things…

Well, I kinda have a LOT of things to update y’all on!

Jake took his first steps yesterday. I mean really, it wasn’t a big deal.

…Ok, maybe I’m not that bad but we do have some big events to share!

Big Event #1 – This past Friday was my last day at work. AH! I won’t go into the details but Seth & I have been hoping this could happen for a long time. God opened some doors…and we ran through them! I do have some part-time work lined up that will start in a couple months…but for now I am home enjoying our little boy! What a blessing!

Big Event #2 – Jake rolled from his back to his tummy! He hates being on his tummy so he really had no incentive to roll that way. The second you put him on his tummy, he rolls right back over. He’s a man who knows what he wants! Yesterday however, we enticed him with his Fisher Price puppy. He just couldn’t resist. He’ll normally roll as far as he can to the side to just avoid that final turn. But something about that singing puppy made him change his mind…

I think he might think it’s another baby. He hugs the puppy and chews on him like they’re the best of friends!

Big Event #3 – Jake tried peas! We sometimes have trouble getting him to eat rice cereal and oatmeal. Most of it ends up on his bib and then he plays with his bib instead of eating. I think he also prefers it as a teething toy since it’s rubber. See below:

But hello peas! Look at him sitting like such a good boy. All the peas made it IN his mouth and I think he enjoyed them! (YUCK) I even took a video but it was pretty uneventful. No funny faces, no spitting the peas out…he just ate them like it was no big deal. Funny boy!

Seth and I homemade peas and green beans (well, we pureed them…we didn’t grown them in our nonexistent garden or anything) for Jake this past weekend and I guess I need to get to work on some sweet potatoes and squash! If he’s anything like his parents, he’ll love food!

Seth put together Jake’s Jumperoo this weekend too. Clearly, he loves it…

He cries everytime we put him in it and much prefers the Exersaucer. Surely this will change when he realizes how much energy he can burn in there! Kiddo already kicks his legs ALL THE TIME like a maniac and gets so out of breath. Should we be worried?? :)

And I thought this was cute because he looks so little and so big at the same time!

Prepared by God

Do you ever hear songs on the radio, quotes from a speaker, read passages from a book…where you think, “That is so me!”? I did that a ton in my teenage years…

-Clearly, Alanis Morisette’s “Ironic” was totally about my dramatic life.

-KC & Jojo’s “All My Life” was definitely the song made for me and my boyfriend.

-Watching Friends on TV was obviously going to be me in 10 years.

I definitely don’t do this anymore. Nope, not me. I am much more mature in my old age.


If I DID still think like that, I might just maybe think the below devotional from Proverbs 31 Ministries was written specifically for me! I also might possibly think that God had the author write this one with me in mind. :)

Hope you enjoy. Such a good reminder that God IS who He says He is…and has the perfect plan for each of our lives.

In short, “Mary, don’t worry about it!”

Prepared By God

17 Mar 2010
Wendy Blight

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10 (NIV)

In 1988 I entered Southern Methodist University School of Law. I invested three years of my life studying day and night so I could make law review, graduate in the top of my class, and land a job with a large Dallas firm. It all happened just the way I planned … making law review, graduating in the top 10 percent, and landing that big downtown job. It was a good thing too because my husband and I went into debt for that education. But no worries. I got the high paying job I wanted.

I spent the next year applying all that I had learned, working day and night, researching and writing legal briefs. My long hours pa id off as I began arguing cases before local, state, and eventually federal court judges. I even had the honor and privilege of writing a brief that went before the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

But in the end, I hated it.

After investing thousands of dollars in my education and thousands of hours researching, writing, and arguing, I hated it. At age 28, I remember saying, “Lord, why do You have me here? I find no joy in what I do. What is it You want me to do? And, Lord, what about all this debt?”

I had no idea the wonderful way in which God would answer those questions. Twenty years later, those research skills taught me the methods that I now use to study and break apart God’s Word. Arguing before judges prepared me for the speaking and teaching He has called me to. The writing skills prepared me for writing a book that tells an amazing story of God’s hope and healing in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Now in my 40s, I realize that God created me not to be a lawyer, but to be a Bible teacher. He has called me to break apart His Word and teach it. There were steps along the way that I do not understand. There is a debt we still need to repay. But God has been faithful.

Friend, if you have landed here today wondering what in the world God wants to do with your life, I want you to know one thing. Not a single thing in your life will be wasted. God will use your past and your present to prepare you for your future. He has a beautiful plan … a call on your life. He is waiting to reveal it to you.

Jeremiah 1:5 says, “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as My prophet to the nation” (NLT).

Psalm 139:16 says, “You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed” (NLT).

Sweet friend, God brought you here today. He wants to remind you of a precious Truth. Hear it and never forget it…before time began, before God spoke the world into being…He had you in His heart. God chose you to be His child. God has a perfect plan for your life. No one else has your plan, your family, your gifts, your talents, your heart, your education, your past, and your present … NO ONE.

He chose you to use you to do great things for His Kingdom … things that only you can do.

He is preparing you…even now.

But to be used by God, you must TRUST Him with your past; BELIEVE Him for your future; BELIEVE He has a plan for you; SURRENDER your life to His Plan, and BELIEVE He will equip you to do what He has called you to do.

Soakin’ up Sun

Never fear, we’re still here! I won’t make excuses for not updating. This was unacceptable. Shame on me.

On with the post!

I thought this past weekend would be nice, calm, and relaxing. Instead we were busy, busy, busy! I had a baby shower on Saturday for my crazy fun friend, Cathy (can’t wait to meet you, Charlotte!!!) and then we all drove out to Huntsville afterward to see Baby Sara and to wish her daddy well as he gets ready to head back to Iraq. :( Gonzalo, we’re so proud of you for serving our country and hope you get back soon!

Jessie, Sara, Jake (not his best face), and me. Sara was a great example of a calm, sleeping newborn. Didn’t hear her cry once. Lucky!

Mom & Dad with their beautiful baby girl

What a perfect picture! Such a goofball!

We thought we’d spend lots of time outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. I can’t wait for the day that Jake can run around with the other kids on the street and play at the park. Except for now let’s focus on him being my not-so-little baby! I hate to rush things but I think it will be so fun!

And tiring…

We sat out in the grass and ate our alphabet toy. YUM!

Seth just told me that Jake is going to be mad when he sees this picture one day and will wonder why we made him wear that ridiculous hat. Well, you know what? We were protecting you from the UV rays, my child!

We also took Jake and the dogs to the park. The dogs had so much fun playing in our neighborhood “lake” and have discovered that water is sorta fun after all. We’re not brave enough to let them swim off on their own but it’s so funny to watch! Jake will have a blast with them in a couple years!

Jake, on the other hand, was not super impressed with the park. We spent some time on the swing but he just looked at us with a face that seemed to say, “Guys stop. I am sooo over swinging.”

Bored stiff

Someone looooves his puppies! They are such good sports, letting him grab their fur and pull!

Seth is on Spring Break this week so we are doing super crazy things like going to bed before 9pm!! Ah, it doesn’t get much better than this! :)

Word Vomit

Just to give you a glimpse into the inner-workings of my mind, here are all the things I’m thinking about/have thought about/will think more about today:

1. Yesterday I made a pact with myself to stop returning things. You see, I like to buy things, wear them around the house, and then return them. It’s a sickness really. Mostly rooted in the fact that I can’t make decisions (and stick to them). At the time I think I am saving money and am super proud of myself for resisting the urge and taking things back to the store. But in the long run, I’m probably losing money because of all the gas money I spend going back and forth!

2. I also have an issue (so my friends tell me) with buying clothes that fit. Sometimes I think the makers of maternity clothes had a really good thought when they added stretchiness and elastic to everything. I always think “Well, this fits me now. But what if I dry it? What if I gain 10 lbs”, etc. This is why I love t-shirts and sweats. Because they almost always fit you no matter what.

3. Speaking of drying things, one of my secret fears is the dryer. I am SO AFRAID to dry clothes! I attribute this to all the TV shows or movies I’ve ever seen where the mom (or dad) accidentally shrinks something. Where that XL shirt becomes XXXXS. I probably need therapy for this. When I first washed all of Jake’s baby clothes, I dried everything (after much persuasion and reassurance from friends) and then panicked when I took them out because they were SO TINY and I was for sure I shrunk it all. Luckily they fit. I mean, you should really see our house when I do laundry. I really do not have enough hangers or flat surfaces to lay out all the wet clothes.

4. I hate paying for shoes. I think they are way overpriced.

5. I love love love love Modern Family. It is the funniest show! That kid Manny kills me. We decided last night that it was funnier than The Office. Which is a really bold statement considering it’s one of our favorite shows. But then Seth told me he only thinks it’s funny if he watches it with me. Because apparently I laugh at everything.

6. Sometimes I think I get more entertainment out of Jake’s toys than he does. I am just fascinated by all the things they come up with!

7. I have a secret wish for Seth to randomly suggest we go get ice cream tonight. I also have a secret wish for Seth to “catch up on our life” (as he refers to it) and read the blog today!

8. When I got home yesterday, Jake and I just laid on my bed and laughed and talked to each other. It was so fun! I love little moments like that.

9. I really never ever ever could’ve imagined loving our child more than our dogs. Stop gasping in horror. It’s just so hard to imagine the type of love you have for your children before you have them! So take that dog love and multiply by 89 million. Thank goodness :)

10. I don’t understand why people don’t use their blinkers. It’s common sense! And as I learned from my brother-in-law who got pulled over for this offense, it must blink three times people. Three times before switching lanes!

11. I’m kinda regretting writing this post because now you are all going to think I’m INSANE. And the best part is that I’m a super fast lightning speed typer and this took me all of approximately 5 minutes to write. My mind just works like that. I’m not even thinking about what I’m writing before I write it. This is why I think I’d be a good writer because I can just write and write and write about NONSENSE. I’m not sure what the market is for literature about nonsense but if you’re interested, let me know.

….AND breathe.

But do you know how much it bugs me that I ended on ELEVEN???

ok so…

12. I am also fascinated and amazed by the human body. God thought of everything! It seems almost unreal that I created (well, helped create) a BABY…my body knew how to grow him in my tummy…my body knew how to make him be born…and now my body knows how to feed him and keep him alive? Absolutely mind boggling.

Ten Habits of Highly Organized People

1. Walk away from bargains

2. Make peace with imperfection

3. Never label anything “miscellaneous”

4. Schedule regular decluttering sessions

5. Stick with what works

6. Create a dump zone

7. Ask for help

8. Separate emotions from possessions

9. Foresee (and avoid) problems

10. Know where to donate

5 Months Old!


How is it that you’re already 5 months old? It makes us want to cry! Not sad tears, but proud ones! We are amazed at how much you learn and how you soak up the world around you. It truly is a blessing to see you grow!

At 5 months you:

-eat 5 times a day
-take 3 (sometimes 4) naps. The first two are about 2 hours each and the next two about 45 minutes each
-go to bed around 7:15-30 and waking up around 6-6:15
-eat rice cereal in the evenings
-are sitting up on your own for a couple minutes at a time!
-love listening to music
-LOVE your lovey blanket. You love to rub it all over your face!
-still roll easily from your tummy to back…you don’t care to roll back over to your tummy though
-always smile so big when you take a nap/go to bed
-are possibly teething. Your hands are always in your mouth!
-still have pretty blue eyes
-weigh approx 14 lbs
-wear 3-6 month clothes (but I am discovering you still fit into several 0-3 month outfits)
-wear size 2 diapers
-are ALL smiles!!

We love you so much and know that 6 months is right around the corner! We don’t take one minute with you for granted!!

What’s not to be happy about?? Love that face!
Don’t need the Bumbo to sit anymore!
Love this precious smile!!