Everything but the Battery

I would love to post tons of pictures from this past weekend…pictures of Jake with his grandparents. Pictures of Jake at his first wedding. Pictures of Jake watching his puppies bark incessantly at the cows.

But that would’ve required me to charge the camera battery.

Strike 1 for Mary! Amazingly, this was the tenth first mistake I’ve made as a mother.

It’s hard always being perfect.

BUT! We had a great time with family. Jake handled this trip a little better than the last one, although naps were still a challenge. I tried my hardest to make the crib at Nonnie & Popo’s look just like ours at home, but I should’ve known better. The kid’s too smart! He hasn’t slept wonderfully the past two nights, but hopefully he’ll be back on track soon. It has really worked out well for Jake (and us!) to be on a pretty consistent schedule and when that gets thrown off, confusion arises!

Can you blame him?

We are looking forward to enjoying the beautiful weather at home the next several weekends! I foresee lots of walks and trips to the park in our future!

Oh and happy 5 months birthday to Jake! I’ll be sure to take pictures (with a charged battery) later tonight and post about his latest discoveries.

Plop Plop!

This morning when I dropped off Jake at Kedra’s house, her 3 year old daughter informed me that when I picked him up this afternoon, I could watch her poo go “plop plop” in the potty!

Needless to say, I am PUMPED. The end of the day can’t get here fast enough! :)

Weekend in San Antonio…AKA Jake Doesn’t Like to Travel

This past weekend we headed to San Antonio to visit Jake’s grandparents, aunts, & uncles. He did great the first night but then it sorta went downhill from there. Kiddo KNOWS when he’s not in his own bed. Plus, with everyone wanting to give him attention, it was more difficult to stick to his schedule. And if he doesn’t sleep when he’s supposed to, we have major major meltdowns…as witnessed by the entire church congregation on Sunday morning!!!!

Needless to say we had “church” in the car instead.

And are way too embarassed to ever show our faces again!!

We had a very rough drive home but I swear, as soon as we walked in the door to our house, Jake started laughing. AGH! Talk about going insane. But today he was a MUCH happier baby and fell asleep smiling in his crib. Literally. It was the funniest thing.

Seth & I both agreed we would keep our traveling to a minimum from now on!

Spending time with Aunt Emily and petting Samantha. Jake has really taken notice to our dogs lately and is always reaching his hands out to pet them. It’s really sweet!
Loving on Uncle Kyle & Aunt Emily
Jake climbed up in that tree all by himself! He really impresses us.

Nana got our old swing down from the attic. Jake is an old pro at swinging and had a great time in the beautiful weather!

Jake loves his Aunt Rachel!

Hold on tight!

It’s too hard to travel with the bathtub so Jake enjoyed his “bubble bath” in the sink. Must be really relaxing to take a bath with 7 people watching and cameras flashing!

As always, Tucker is hanging out with his buddy, Jake. Doesn’t he look like a big boy?? (Jake, not Tucker)

Now that he’s discovered he can sit up, he doesn’t like to lay down quite as much. There’s a whole new world to discover!

We have a few days back at home and then are heading to La Grange this next weekend for a wedding and to spend time with more family. Here’s hoping for a more peaceful experience on the road!!!