Well we are finally on the up and up around here! I would share some pictures but 1) I don’t have any and 2) We probably weren’t the most photogenic anyway the past few weeks.

But, there is clearly more important business to be discussed right now.

The fact that my child is OWNING me.

As in playing me, faking me out, suckering me into his sneaky sneaky tactics.

He has slept HORRIBLE the past several weeks. As in, waking up all the time during the night, not napping well, and being in a horrible mood because his sleep has been all out of whack. He doesn’t understand that he’d be in a better mood if he slept well…silly boy. I also think this is why it took us so long to start feeling better…neither of us were sleeping which isn’t exactly helpful when you don’t feel good.

So Jake has started this new thing of waking up and making us think he’s suffering through ancient Chinese water torture in his crib. We’ll run in there, pick him up…and nothing. Sometimes he’ll even stop crying and smile.


So after discussing this with friends and doing a little online research, it looks like I have to do a better job of letting him cry it out. This is pretty much where the grandparents think we’re Satan himself, HOWEVER once he learns, he always sleeps better. He already puts himself to sleep which is a major plus. So as I’m listening to him in there right now screaming absolute bloody murder for the past 30 minutes, I know he is being trained at the same time.

…right? :)

I also think we’re starting to have some temper tantrums. If you walk away, take something away, or basically do something that he doesn’t like, he’ll throw back his head and start screaming. He’ll kick his feet and flap his arms around and just wail.


The second you pick him up, he stops crying. I thought for sure it was too early for this, but again, several friends have said their kiddos did the same thing at this age.


I’m already picturing this scene on the floor of Target in another 18 months.

Designer God

I wish I had written this post but I didn’t. When talking about designer babies…and more specifically a designer God, Missy eloquently puts into words everything I wish I could have!

For some reason, her post really got me fired up. I even wrote out a long-winded fire and brimstone post last night, complete with Bible verses that I thought would really send the point home. But after Seth repeatedly saying, “You can’t post that!” I realized he was right. At least not until I can find a more gentle and appropriate way to share my thoughts.

Clearly Missy has already found her way on the gentle train.

But you know, our God is sometimes a fire and brimstone-type God. As Missy says, we create a “designer God” who wants us to be happy no matter what the cost. Who feels sorry for us when we don’t get our way, who never condemns, who never disciplines.

I think we all know that’s not an effective way to parent even our own children. So why would God do the same?

Kids, we are accountable for our actions and as servants of God, we have certain responsibilities. God doesn’t let us off easy and He sure as heck doesn’t turn His head the other way. But He does have a plan for us.

A plan that is put into action in His time and His way.

As long as we give it up to Him. The true God. The God of Abraham. The God of David. Not the God of our own creation.

Where We Are…

In the past 2 1/2 weeks we have…

-spent $120 on doctor’s copays
-spent $30 on prescriptions
-consumed 12 bottles of gatorade and 1 box of grape jello (yum)
-taken Claritin, Sudafed, Advil, Promethegan, Benadryl, Motrin, Amoxicillin, and teething tablets
-used humidifers, Vicks, and cough drops
-cleaned & sanitized our bathroom 3 times
-aired out the house, changed air filters, dusted baseboards and blinds
-been avoided like the plague
-been puked on, coughed on, sneezed on, and loved on

…and we are still coughing!

Allergies, colds, viruses…whatever they may be…are OWNING us this spring! No medication is reeeallly helping so we are just waiting this junk out. None of us have an appetite, we can’t really taste food because we’re so stopped up, and I’m about to have a nervous breakdown if SOMEONE doesn’t start feeling better soon!

And even though I know how much y’all love to read about our ailments, I promise to have a post of substance soon.

Like maybe when I feel better…

The Marriage Project

I’m going to interrupt your regularly scheduled post about how pitiful our sick little family has been this week program to discuss something a little more upbeat!

The Marriage Project.

Ok, raise your hands. How many of you just got a little nervous? Guilty? Intrigued?

I’ll be honest. The mere sight of the word project makes me nervous.

In school, there was nothing worse (in my mind) that a teacher could do than assign a PROJECT. Because you know what? Projects meant group work. And group work meant possibly working with people you didn’t like. People who didn’t pull their own weight. Meeting with said group during time that could better be spent watching TV, hanging out with friends, or sleeping obviously.

Independent much?



The point of my post is actually to discuss a project that’s worth working on! And the best part is that you get to pick your own partner. Luckily that partner is tall, dark & handsome your Prince/ess Charming!

What would your marriage look like if for 21 days you put it on project status? Plenty of books describe how to improve a marriage, how to save a marriage, and how to ramp up the intimacy in a marriage. In The Marriage Project, Kathi Lipp shows you how to put the fun back in marriage with 21 simple yet effective projects.

Interested yet?

Still need some convincing?

The divorce rate in America is over 50%. That means one in two couples will break up. Make your stomach turn?

Guys. Girls. The hard work didn’t stop when the wedding planning was over. The time to work on our marriages is NOW! Before you become the statistic!

Kathi Lipp’s new book promises 21 days to more love and laughter. The book is a quick read and keeps you asking for more. And unlike high school English, the project aren’t hard! Kathi guides you in practical, fun, and creative ways to bless your marriage. Hey, she even has ideas for 20 dates under $20.

One of them includes Starbucks.

Don’t lie. That sold at least 14 of you.

As for the rest of book? Well, you’ll just have to read it to find out!

My review of The Marriage Project is in exchange for the copy I received from Harvest House Publishers.

A No-Good, Terrible, Very Bad Day!


Let me just tell you about the worst 24 hours of my life.

Oh wait, you don’t want to hear the play-by-play of the most miserable stomach bug in the universe?

Too bad.

Just kidding! I won’t put you through the same misery. I won’t talk about the convulsive vomiting, numb extremeties, sleeping on the bathroom floor…and have you ever had a bloody nose WHILE throwing up? And all of this just a day after your baby had the same stomach bug???

It’s good times, I tell ya.

Now we’re just praying, pleading, and begging that Seth doesn’t come down with the same thing. Maybe you could all pray, plead, and beg too???

In the meantime I’ll be resting and absorbing Gatorade into my bloodstream.

A Coughing Good Time!

Well we may still be coughing, but it hasn’t stopped Jake from having lots of fun this past week! The doctor says we’re sharing some sort of virus and now I think it’s a mix of that and allergies. Super fun times, let me tell ya.

First, let’s look at a slightly inefficient way to bathe your children…

6 hands trying to scrub 50 fingers and 50 toes? No problem!
Jack, Blake, Jake, Lexi, & Macie.

Otherwise known as…blackmail.

Oooh I really hope some of these kids get married one day…I’d love these in their wedding slideshow!

Note – the girls daddy wasn’t thrilled about this “situation” but don’t worry…Jake was a perfect gentleman.

Blake wasn’t too happy about the group bath. Shortly after, Jake & Lexi joined in. Have you ever listened to 3 screaming children in one bathroom? It’s loud.

Next, Jake & Tucker have really been focusing on their friendship. They are inseparable. Jake was playing with some toys while I went in the kitchen…I came back in the living room to find this:

A dog collar is the perfect toy!

Jake loves to pet Tucker dog.

Are you seeing a trend? It’s ridiculous! (And cute)

Reading, what else?

Jake played with Beckett a couple weeks ago and Beckett figured out the perfect set-up for the two of them.

Angel of Death

AKA…the sickness we can’t kick!

The plague took down Seth on Tuesday and guys, I got him to go to the DOCTOR. As in, someone who examines you and makes you feel all better! Seth is wary of doctors and kicks and screams like a little girl when I try to make him go. Don’t even get me started on dentists. But he was feeling THAT BAD. After running a 103 fever and apologizing for not feeling sorry for me while I was sick this past weekend (thank you very much) he left the doctor’s office with a “we thought it was strep but your strep test was negative so now we’ll just test some other things” diagnosis. Otherwise known as NO PRESCRIPTION.


Now he is all better but it’s my turn again and I’m coughing up a storm. I almost moved bedrooms last night because I knew Seth wasn’t getting sleep. It’s the kind of cough where you can’t stop. Or if I breath in extra deep, it causes me to hack all over the place. Sometimes I can’t even finish my sentence without a coughing fit. I think I might know what it feels like to be a smoker now. Jake is coughing too. His eye gunk has returned.


Seth & I took turns examining each other’s throats last night to no avail. Clearly, we didn’t pass the “say aaahhh” part of medical school. He’s got some funny bumps…I couldn’t say “ah” long enough without coughing in his face.

Am I painting a picture of pathetic-ism? Pathetic-ness?

Because that was my point.

Here’s hoping the throat lozenges release their magical powers on me and we can have a cough-free, fever-free, whiny-free weekend.

Actually, I don’t know if we’ll ever have a whiny-free weekend. But a girl can hope!