Can You Hear Me Now?

I’ve learned that one of the most un-fun parts of being a mom is when you’re sick. Because basically you don’t have time to feel bad. Your kids don’t let you lay on the couch and they don’t make you hot tea or chicken soup when you reeeeaaallly want some.

I think those are 12 month old skills so hopefully next time will be a little different for me…

Jake has been down in the dumps since Tuesday night, which I thought was just a side effect from his shots. But seeing as we’re on day 6, I think we’ve just got rotten luck. Poor guy has some goopy eye junk going on (NOT pink eye) which the doctor wasn’t too sure about but said it was a side effect of a cold maybe?

Newsflash – I don’t like wishy washy diagnoses. I don’t care if you lie, but don’t tell me “you’re not sure” and send me home with a prescription that I can use “if I want”.

Now I have whatever he has (minus goopy eye junk) and we are practicing our most pitiful whines for Daddy/Seth. He’s not really buying it. But part of being my child is being super dramatic, and so far I think Jake is passing with flying colors! And best part – I’ve completely lost my voice. So I’ve been practicing my whispering skills today and I’m pretty sure he thinks I’ve lost it. I’ve also learned that Jake doesn’t respond to whispering.

Neither do Tucker & Maggie.

On another note, Mr. “I hate fruits” looooved him some bananas! He eats 1/2 banana at a time and is probably currently dreaming about a pea & banana medley…his dream come true.

Here’s to a new week of being WELL (cross your fingers)…

By the Way…

…I distinctly remember telling Seth last year that “when Jake is around 6 months old, we should take a family vacation…like to Boston or DC or something!”

Bless my heart!

A vacation doesn’t exactly fit in our budget right now, but I think that’d be the least of our worries! Naps? Hauling the carseat around? Strollers? Inconsolable crying in the middle of the Smithsonian?

Taking a 2 hour road trip with him makes me nervous…and I was ready to hop on a plane to go across the country?

6 Months Old!

This morning Seth told Jake, “You’re HALF A YEAR OLD!!!”. I quickly corrected him and made sure we said “You’re 6 MONTHS old”. It sounds much younger. Because if he was half a year, that would mean I’d have to plan a first birthday party in another half year and I’m not up for that yet.

Jake had his check-up this past Monday and was a trooper. Shots are never fun and we saw lots of tears but luckily I was able to distract him with a lollipop.

What…I still can’t give him those? :)

Weight: 14 lbs 9 oz (5th percentile)
Length: 25.5 inches (between 10th and 25th percentile)
Head Circumference: 17.25 inches (50th percentile)

If you follow these stats religiously, you’ll see that his weight dropped quite a bit. The doctor said this was common for kids his age, as they are becoming more mobile and don’t want to take as much time to eat. Then, when I thought about it, I realized he hadn’t been eating quite as much. ANYTHING distracts him. She compared it to Christmas morning when you had so many new toys to play with and people to see. Of course you don’t want to sit down and drink your milk or eat your veggies! So we are now on a strict regimen of protein and muscle milk to beef him up.

Can he not have those either???

Actually, now we just have to work harder at getting him to eat…feed him a little more often…and have a goal weight of 17lbs 12oz at his 9 month appointment. Can we do it?


Anyway. He is getting so big! (I think at least)

Getting a little more difficult to take pictures…

Yes, I’m talking to you!

Jake, at 6 months you are:

-Starting to wear 6-9 month clothes (I don’t know how it happened but they fit you now. I apologize for apparently squeezing you into 3-6 month still!)

-Starting to wear size 3 diapers (they’re still a little too big)

-Getting very clingy. We are going through a “don’t you dare disappear from my sight” phase!

-Sleeping so well! Still about 11 hours at night and taking 3 good naps during the day. You mostly go down without a fight.

-Becoming interested in everything…your feet, the TV, the phone, remote control, computer, water bottles…ok basically things that aren’t really yours :)

-Still aren’t crawling but are very interested. You get on your hands and knees…think reeeeallly hard about what you want to do…and then fall down and roll over on your back. You’ll get it eventually!

-Loving the nice weather and like being outside

-Still love your Tucker dog more than anything

-Eating solids on a daily basis. You get rice cereal once a day and veggies/fruit twice a day. You love green beans, peas, and sweet potatoes. You will tolerate carrots and squash. You don’t like pears or applesauce. I gave you some puffs the other day and you made a funny face and gagged at those too…um, they are good! Yesterday, you even picked one up and put it in your mouth (not sure it was on purpose though).

-Sit up in your bath now and are slowly becoming more interested in the water.

Basically you’re in a really fun stage and I’ve realized I like this a lot better than the newborn phase! We are so proud of you and constantly amazed by the things you learn!

Ok you guys, brace yourself for the next couple of pictures…

It’s hard to see, but his bottom is not on the ground…

Jake buddy…you did this all on your own! AAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH! Please STOP NOW.

Also, about once a week we have a “meltdown day”. This is when nothing makes him happy and we end up having to hold him all day long. It’s sweet and a little frustrating at the same time! We’ve thought he’s been teething for the past 6 weeks…something must be bothering him because Jake is normally pretty happy!

This also makes me a tad nervous for the toddler years…

It’s so hard being a baby!

What’s a boy to do with all these toys?

Why My Closet is a Disaster Area

I’m not sure what’s worse. The list I’m about to write or the fact that I took a break from cleaning my closet to come tell all of you.

I am trying to go through our closet. It really is quite large and has plenty of room for our clothes and even extra storage up top. However, we have not made good decisions with the way we use the space and it ends up looking cluttered which drives me nutty!

Hence, closet cleaning project.

Not to be confused with 1) junk room cleaning project 2) pantry re-cleaning project or 3) garage organization project.


Here are some thoughts going through my head as I’m “cleaning”.

-But if I gain 15-20 pounds, I could definitely wear that again!
-If Jake ever needs an extra bag for his things (not purse, people), he could use this one…
-That shirt is big BUT it could maybe double as a maternity shirt next time I’m pregnant?
-Those black shoes are pretty scuffed up…nothing a sharpie marker couldn’t fix!
-I’ll wear that next time we go on vacation to the beach…
-Not giving that away…just in case tube tops ever come back in style for moms
-I know the second I give it away, I’ll need that cable knit sweater from freshman year
-Well of course I need to keep that old curling iron that I haven’t used since before college. What if I decide to start curling my hair again???

…and this is why nothing ever gets accomplished.

This is also why I think someone just needs to sneak in my house and start THROWING THINGS AWAY!!!

I thought it was a huge step when we started throwing away greeting cards. Actually, we don’t give each other cards anymore because a good friend finally made me realize that cards are a waste of money. And imagine how free I felt when I threw away all those rip-off calendar pages from a 2005 Dilbert calendar. Now I just won’t have a comic strip handy when I need one.

I mean really people. Am I going to look back in 30 years and really want to read that poem I wrote in high school? Or have that outfit “just in case” I’m invited to a 80′s or 90′s (00′s???) costume party?

Does anyone else have these issues or am I alone here?

Should we start a support group? Should we clean out each other’s closets instead??

Easter Weekend Marathon Drive Across Texas

“And he said to them, “Do not be amazed; you are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who has been crucified. He has risen; He is not here; behold, here is the place where they laid Him.”
-Mark 16:6

Every year I look forward to Easter. Yes, we have the Hallmark-hype of the Easter bunny, dying eggs, and Easter baskets, but I really love the reminder of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. One one hand, I believe that this should be celebrated and remembered each and every day, but I still love the excitement of Easter Sunday. The songs we sing, the messages we hear, and the personal reflection during Communion. I pray that Jake will grow to love the Lord like Seth & I do and can’t wait to teach him about God’s amazing sacrifice.

We left town on Friday morning to head to the Anderles‘ annual Crawfish Boil in La Grange. We look forward to this every year…it’s a fun time to catch up with family and friends…and of course eat crawfish! I don’t think I even saw Jake for an hour or two that evening…he was one popular kiddo!

Jake loved feeling his Uncle Chase’s beard! Hopefully he also told him to shave sometime soon…

Classic face! Getting lots of love!

Being cool with Daddy

You talking to me??

How embarassing…Ashley got there just as it was bathtime! Jake didn’t seem to care though. He loves being naked – should we be worried?

He almost couldn’t stand it. Jake had to be near the crawfish! I don’t think he can handle all that Cajun seasoning for at least a few more years though. It’s spicy hot!

Um yes, I had to include these two! I can’t even tell you how much fun they had in “the country” for the weekend. I haven’t seen them all day because they’ve been in bed! They ran their little hearts out and had a blast playing with their friend, Josie. Hopefully one day we can give them a little more yard to run around in!

How convenient…the Easter Bunny made an early stop in La Grange to see Jake on Saturday! He got a cool basket, a bunny, and some clothes. Thanks Nonnie & Popo Easter bunny!

Reading his Easter card. It was later destroyed by those ten little curious fingers.

On Saturday morning, we also had a date with Brittany to get some 6 month pictures. To sum it up:

-pictures ran into naptime
-Jake didn’t want to take a later nap
-dogs were soaking wet from playing in dewey grass
-dogs escaped and ran off
-Seth had to drive and chase said dogs
-Jake was too tired to sit up and kept falling over in the grass
-5,000 apologies to Brittany

…pictures rescheduled for 2 weeks from now.

NOT during naptime :)


Then we headed to San Antonio to see the other half of Jake’s family. First, we had a pitstop at Grandpa’s office. He was hard at work on tax returns and showed Jake a thing or two about the real world.

Everyone is saying that Jake is looking more like me and my dad. What do you think?

Jake also got to spend time with his Great Grand Papa and Great Grand Nanny? (We haven’t really hammered out those names yet). He had lots of fun cuddling with them!

He loved swinging with Papa. Can I just say that he’s over 70 and still not a gray hair on that head. And it’s not a toupee. I’ve checked. :)

Jake loves his Nana

Another Easter bunny surprise! Of course he just wanted to eat the basket, but what’s new? Everything goes in his mouth these days!

Jake got a duck, some books, Puffs, and a push toy (which we did not take out of town for picture purposes…cut us some slack).

Why oh why oh why couldn’t you have smiled like this for your professional pictures on Saturday morning?!?! Jake was a happy boy at church!

Four generations…Jake, Nana, Me, Papa

Whew. I’m outta breath. There was tons of traffic on the way home last night and we got home, dumped everything on the floor, cooked our Easter meal, and then went to bed. And this morning it looked like 3 tornados and a hurricane had gone through the house. Luckily I’ve made some progress today…

More to come! Nonnie & Popo visited last week and we had our 6 month checkup today. And if anyone cares, I’m about to turn 26.5.

Riveting stuff I’ve got here.

Falling Behind…

In one weekend I was told:

-I post too often
-I don’t post enough
-My posts are too wordy
-I don’t share enough pictures
-I have too many pictures
-I should write more


I guess this is a glimpse of what a life of fame truly means. Nobody is ever happy with you!

But please cut me some slack. I just uploaded 200+ pictures to the computer from the past week and it’s 10:37pm.

Which means it’s approximately 1 hour, 7 minutes past my bedtime.

However, judging from the picture below, I’d say Jake enjoyed his first visit from the Easter Bunny!

An Easter Miracle!

I woke up this morning and my teeth didn’t hurt. As Seth told me this morning, “It’s a TRUE EASTER MIRACLE!!!!!”

I had a cavity RE-filled yesterday (tons of fun, I totally recommend) and hopefully this does the trick. Or else a root canal is in order. So I chose to have my filling drilled out and filled back in with some different sort of filling mumbo-jumbo. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me but at least I can chew my food!

And you KNOW how much this girl loves her food.

Hope you and your families have a wonderful Easter and take time to focus on the (real) TRUE EASTER MIRACLE! :)

The angel said to the women, ‘Do not be afraid, for I know that you are looking for Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.

Matthew 28: 5-6