Little Boy

Well, first things first. Gone are the days of gummy smiles and toothless grins.

(Maybe those are the same thing)

Anyway…we are proud to annouce that our firstborn has recently aquired 2 bottom teeth. No wonder we’ve been having teething nightmares over here!

It also kinda sounds like I just announced his high school graduation or something. But we are proud nonetheless :)

I will be sure to share pictures once they come through a little more. And those little boogers are sharp! It’s like having a puppy all over again! At least this one doesn’t have accidents on the floor.


I’m sorry, but where did my little baby boy go?

Oh right, there he is…being a big boy and pushing around his truck. Sigh.

For the 4 or 5 of you who are wondering if he’s crawling yet…no. Jake does not have time to crawl. All he wants to do it stand. On/against everything! He is getting very brave as you can see below…

He sometimes forgets he’s holding onto something and will completely let go, realize what he’s done, and fall. But Tucker enjoys this because he still gets petted while Jake plays. He moves from toy to toy (as long as they’re close enough) and has recently discovered the walls.

Wondering what in the world his puppies are doing

I thought this was so cute because he looks so little and big at the same time!

Then…he got stuck at the post. That’s what mommies are for.

Driving already? I figured we should start with the plastic truck before moving to the Chevy.

Jake is so excited for his daddy to be home on Monday for Memorial Day. Hopefully lots of pool time is in our future and this pale mama can work on her tan!

Speaking of mama and working, I have one more week until I start my new part-time job! I am weirdly excited but nervous too. Jake will get quality time with some of his friends and I will go be a productive member of society again…teaching the youth of the world the principles of accounting and then secretly wondering if I should tell them to change their major to elementary education so they get summers off and longer Christmas breaks.

Just saying.

The Hottest Day on Earth…

…was this weekend.

For those of you who don’t live in Texas, let me help you visualize.

Imagine sweating as soon as you walk out of your front door. Then imagine it getting progressively worse until you feel like you have to come home, shower, & change clothes after being gone for 10 minutes.

Then multiply by 15.

That was this weekend.

I would’ve taken pictures but I didn’t think the Nikon could hold up in the heat. So I’ll tell you about it instead.

Our weekend can be summarized by the following:

1. Neighborhood Garage Sale

Um, when did I become such a garage sale fanatic? I guess on Saturday! It was a phenomenon that completely blew Seth’s mind. He was speechless. I’m not sure what planet he came from and why he doesn’t understand garage sales. For example:

Seth: MARY! Look outside! There are cars ALL UP AND DOWN OUR STREET!!
Mary: Duh, I know. That’s what happens during garage sales. People come from under all the rocks to buy our junk treasures.
Seth: This is ridiculous. What a waste of time.
Mary: But Seth! People can make hundreds of dollars from garage sales!
Seth: Well if they can make that much money, they never should’ve bought any of that junk in the first place.

Sigh. Like I said, what planet did he come from?

He’s not the one with $46 extra of PROFIT to spend on something nice for himself, is he now? (Thank you Jessie for selling my junk!)

2. Running lots of errands sans child

Do you even KNOW how many things you can get done when you’re not lugging around a crying child and a 100 lb carseat?

Enough said.

3. Jake’s 1st Astros Game

This is where I’d love to share some cute pictures. Except bringing a camera would’ve required us going through the BAG LINE and I’ll let you guess who doesn’t like going through the BAG LINE at professional sporting events.

Jake did fantastic and watched everything BUT the game. Looking back, I’m not sure what we expected? I kinda thought he might sit nicely in our laps and clap politely everytime the Astros got a hit (not often). But he was like a kid hyped up on cotton candy! We were so impressed by how good of a mood he was in, but then we got to the car and he went into hysterical-omg it’s past my bedtime-no I do NOT want to sleep in my carseat mode. Fun ride home.

Oopsie :)

4. Afternoon at the pool

Because what else do you do in this heat, right? That is, until it’s mid-June and a cold shower is a better way to cool off than the lukewarm swimming pool. Yuck.

It’s a wonder I survived the summer of ’09 being pregnant. I must’ve been Wonder Woman.

Maybe I still am!

Headed to the Big D (but I do mean Dallas)

My grandparents are probably on pins and needles waiting to be famous on the blog. So Peepaw & Meemaw…I apologize :)

Last weekend we headed up to Dallas for a long overdue visit. Jake did pretty well and enjoyed seeing everyone…he even got to see his Grandpa and Aunt Laurie too! We spent lots of time outside because the weather was beautiful and not toooo hot.

Swinging with Grandpa and Mom

Would it kill ya to smile, kiddo?

Grandpa, Meemaw, Peepaw, & Jake

Jake loved his Peepaw!

And his Aunt Laurie too!

Um yes, our toys go everywhere with us. This Leapfrog table is a current OBSESSION.

Jake & his Meemaw

On Saturday, JC graduated from medical school and him & Dabney put on a wonderful dinner for their friends and family. We’ve been waiting on this graduation a long time and I already turned in my list of prescriptions and insurance information. It’s about time, Dr! :)

Wait wait, stop running, slow down DR. Fletcher. I’m just kidding!


Congratulations – you’ve worked hard and deserve it! We know you will do great during your residency!

We also got to have lunch on Sunday with my old coworker (and friend of course) Melissa who moved to Dallas. Her daughter, Avery, is 10.5 months old and wasted no time putting the moves on Jake!

Thanks so much for letting us come visit – we had a great time seeing everyone!

And I had to include this picture. No matter how hard I try, we cannot seem to eat a meal without making a gigantic mess in the highchair. Food gets everywhere. Everywhere. He tried yogurt last week and looooooves it. I think especially because it’s cold and feels good on his gums (because of course teeth haven’t come in yet). In fact, he’s been eating a lot of his baby food cold and seems to like it better that way…yuck!

Sloppy Joes

I’m not one to typically get excited about Sloppy Joes. The name pretty much ruins it for me and Manwich is not exactly awesome.


Our friend, Martha Stewart, has a Sloppy Joe recipe that’s actually worth making! I wanted to share because we had it for dinner last night and it was YUM. Also, it was super easy to make…I think it took 20 minutes?


1 tbsp canola oil
1 medium onion, finely chopped
1/2 green bell pepper, ribs and seeds removed and finely chopped
1 celery stalk, finely chopped
2 garlic cloves minced
coarse salt and fresh ground pepper
1 lb ground beef
1 can (15 oz) tomato sauce
1/4 cup ketchup
1 tbsp worcestershire sauce
4 hamburger buns, split and toasted

In a large skillet, heat the oil and onion, pepper, celery and garlic, season with salt and pepper

Cook 5-7 min until veggies are soft

Add ground beef and cook 6-8 min until no longer pink

Add tomato sauce, ketchup and worcestershire sauce into beef mixture…simmer until thickened 6-8 minutes…season with more salt and pepper as desired

See? Told You I Was Behind…

So…maybe these pictures are 2+ months old but who doesn’t love reminiscing about their favorite baby?

Kedra took these while she was still keeping Jake back in March. Babysitter AND photographer? We had a sweet deal! He misses her, Mason, & Lauren so much…good thing they’re right around the corner if he needs a playdate!

Handsome boy!!
Jake is awesome at slouching/lounging in chairs (or highchairs or shopping carts or basically anywhere he kinda needs to sit up straight)

Love them! I’m so sad he can’t wear this outfit anymore. It was one of my favorites.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures, Kedra! He can model for you anytime :)

Fun in the Sun

I’m getting behind again. How does this always happen?? Life is going way too fast right now and doesn’t care to slow down for me at all. Rude.

Last week (or was it the week before?) Jake visited the neighborhood pool. Since he’s had two swim lessons and all, I figured he was a pro and ready to take on the deep end. Except then we didn’t want to make other babies feel bad so we just stayed in the baby pool instead.

The sacrifices you make!

Loving the water

Nana came to visit and Jake had fun splashing her!

Playing with Madeline…err fighting over her camera…

This float comes in handy. Now I can just lay out and read on the side of the pool and let him cruise around for a couple hours.

That’s ok, right?


I do have more pictures to share…but there are many other things on my list right now. It seems like we’ve been doing things more than usual during the days which equals not good naps which equals mom not getting anything done during the day which equals tired in the evening which equals a groundhog day-like feeling the next day.

Did you follow that?

7 Months Old…aka Mama’s Boy

7 Months Old.

Over halfway to 1 YEAR OLD.

Have we begun the birthday party talks? You betcha!

As you can see, pictures these days are full of drool, movement, and goofy faces!

What in the world is this sticker on my clothes??
I’d rather chew on something…

There’s a cute boy!

Jake, at 7 months you:

-sleep from about 6:45pm to 7am

-are down to 2 (2-2.5 hour naps) a day

-will not take an afternoon nap if you miss your morning nap. That makes for FUN DAYS.

-get milk 4 (sometimes 5) times a day and have solids 3 times a day

-love love love bananas!

-are obsessed with Puffs. You can almost feed them to yourself. Well, you pick them up, jam your fist in your mouth, and sometimes they make it in. :)

-are teething big time. Everyday I say your bottom 2 teeth are about to come in. Everyday they don’t.

-have started making more sounds. “G” is a big one right now (as in…”guh” not “geee”). You say “guh guh guh!!!” when you see the dogs! I’m almost convinced it’s your version of “dog” because you only do it when you see them.

-are a major, big time mama’s boy. Even though I love this, I swear I didn’t do it on purpose. We had quite a dramatic weekend with you screaming everytime someone tried to hold you besides mama. Let’s work on this.

-are taking your baths in the big boy bathtub and love splashing around!

-are wearing size 3 diapers

-are wearing size 6-9 month clothes but size 1 (0-3 mos) shoes. Basically we’re working on proportions right now. :)

-are around 15 1/2 pounds

-don’t have any interest in crawling but can sit and stand (holding onto something) for long periods of time.

I can’t think of anything else right now but I’m sure there’s so much more. When people see you in person they always say, “he looks so small!”. But you are growing good! You’ve made a full recovery from the “month of sickness” and have gained back the weight you lost during that time. Wahoo! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for this next month!

Here are some more pictures I wanted to share. I’m getting a little behind on blogging these days…

Jake got to play with Sara last week. She is 2 months old and nearly as long as him – ha! And please don’t judge. This was just before bathtime…he makes way too much of a mess at dinnertime to keep his clothes on!

Loving his veggies

Someone has learned how to stick his tongue out. He thinks it’s hilarious. I didn’t teach him this!

aka the case of the droopy drawers…

Real Mature, Mom!

I just can’t help but find these faces hilarious. I admit it, I’m pretty much on the maturity level of a 3rd grader sometimes.

I think you can figure out for yourself what he’s dumping doing.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.