Professional Pictures and Naptime – Always a Great Combination!

You might recall mention of a disastrous Easter weekend photo shoot.

Also known as Jake’s 6 months pictures where Mama put a lot of time and thought into outfits, coordination, and timing that went south pretty quickly.

I thought we could take some pictures real quick at the beginning of naptime. Surely Jake would be so distracted by the beautiful outdoors that he would forget he’d rather be in the crib. SURELY, he’d love to sit in some dewy grass gazing longingly at wildflowers because that’s what boys love to do, right?

I somehow forgot he was his father’s child.

So when Brittany sent me the following picture a few days later, I gave up all hope of seeing any of those awesome pictures I dreamed of…

Turns out that a 6 month old, perfectly capable of sitting up on his own, will subsequently faceplant in the grass when he is tired. Oops.

Imagine my delight (surprise, shock, amazement) when Brittany sent me the rest of the pictures from our shoot. Our quick 20 minute shoot that ended up in lots of tears (externally from Jake and internally from Seth).

Girl, you never cease to amaze me with your wonderful pictures! You truly have an eye for beauty (i.e. The Anderles) and we appreciate your good attitude despite the circumstances! :)

*She works out of the Austin area but is willing to travel (right?). So if you ever need a photographer, tell her Mary sent you and she will give you a discount! Just kidding, I don’t think she would but she might give you a hug and tell you a funny story about me?

Love my boys!!



I think this post captures everything good and holy about naps. :) This is why I work so hard to make sure Jake takes his naps on time and makes them GOOD. Sleep is muy importante.

I often fail.

But hey, we should all have goals, right??

A good read if you’re interested!

Back in the Game

….aaaand we’re back! We have had a MUCH better/healthier/happier past few days and let me tell you, it is nice. Next time, I’d like to only get sick one at a time, thank you very much.

Jake is growing up again. I told him not to. He’s still a little squirt, but the things he learns and picks up on are so fun!

We’ve been working on using a sippy cup. He understands how to drink out of it but is far more interested in using the cup as a teething toy. I can’t blame the kid…we’ve been able to see his bottom teeth coming in for weeks and they still haven’t broken through. So Tooth Fairy, we’d like to see that happen sometime soon.

Yes, I know I look so grown up!

Gotta love that cheesy grin!

Oh mom, stop with the pictures. But make sure you get my good side!

Doesn’t he pretty much look like a little BOY in this picture??

Playing with who else? Tucker dog! Jake laughs and laughs when Tucker licks his toes!

Jake loves to stand up! It’s been so hard to teach him how to crawl because he is DONE with laying down. As soon as you sit him down he tries to pull up on whatever is in front of him. Today he even took several steps pushing this catepillar toy (which is NOT a push toy!)

Guys, if y’all don’t have this toy – get it! This toy makes him SO HAPPY and he just smiles and laughs at “that other baby” in the mirror. Fisher Price Little Superstar Sing-a-long Stage, we love you!

Standing at the catepillar, what else?

Jake’s 7 month birthday is right around the corner which is weird because I was just saying he was 6 months!! It’s unfortunate that we were all sick for so long because this month flew by and I think I could’ve done without it. We are starting a water babies swim class on Thursday so I’m a little nervous! He loves his bath water but I’m not so sure about the pool. It is indoors and kept a little warmer so maybe it won’t be as bad as I think. He needs to get used to it though because he will be getting lots of pool time this summer. Mama needs a tan!