Bad Blogger

I know.

(At first I typed “Bad Booger”. Just thought you should know.)

Would you be mad if I told you I don’t really have any pictures to share? It’s basically because Jake is getting boring and doesn’t do anything cute anymore.


It’s actually because I’m a bad mother. But a goal this next week is to take lots of pictures and maybe (gasp) even post a true crawling video!

So instead of lamenting about days of yore when I was an excellent blogger, I’ll give you a numbered list to update you on our lives. It doesn’t get much better than this!

1. Jake is everywhere. Luckily he’s still not the speediest crawler in the world (well I thought he was until I saw some of his seasoned crawling friends on the move), but he can still get from one room to the other pretty quickly. It’s so cute because it really gets him breathing hard…you can almost hear him coming. We’ll work on stamina in July. :)

2. Jake loves his Gymboree classes. We’ve been going for a month now and he is obsessed with the teacher. Which is funny considering he’s not always the warmest around strangers. He loves seeing the other kids and crawling on all the different “structures”. He can even climb up stairs and inclined ramps – what?! His sheer talent blows us away. The “mommy & me” class is more like “see ya later mommy” class, but hey. He’ll come running back when he’s looking for that date at senior prom!

3. Jake loves his finger foods, specifically graham crackers. It’s almost an unhealthy obsession. When he sees that blue & gold box, he starts clenching his fists and shaking. Then, he’ll proceed to scream if you don’t give him some. So we’ve had lots of screaming over here as we try to learn to ask politely for “more” food! I think we’ll be moving on to more finger foods sooner than later. He’s becoming less and less interested in being spoon-fed. Stop growing!

4. I love my teaching job! Love it. It’s something I actually enjoy doing everyday. What?? That hasn’t happened since I was a world-class waitress back in high school. Maybe I’ve found my calling. And from what I hear, “Jakey” (his new alias apparently) has fun playing hair parlor while I’m gone.

5. Also, I’ve been told Jake looks more tan than usual. Guess you come to expect that with a baby that’s 1/4 Mexican. :)

6. I really didn’t plan on this numbered list being only about our child.

7. But sometimes that’s all our life is about.

8. We are excited to have a 3 day weekend and little does Seth know I have all sorts of projects planned for him! I suppose anything outside-related will have to be done in the middle of the night to avoid heatstroke.

9. I will post pictures soon.

10. Oh yeah, my students think I’m so lame. How is this possible? I was asking them what sort of TV shows they watched and I got 30 blank stares. Apparently TV “isn’t cool” anymore for college students. They asked if “that’s all you do when you have kids”. They probably think I wear mom jeans too. WHICH I DON’T. I think now that I’m a mom, mom jeans should now officially be called “grandma jeans” because none of my mom friends wear them either.

And if you’re wondering what “grandma jeans” are…look down. You probably have some on!

I’ll stop now.

Best Dad in the World!

I took a walk down memory lane looking for pictures of Jake and his daddy. In eight short months, I have seen our little boy change drastically…but I have also seen a side of Seth that has exceeded any expectations I had for him as a father. He is patient, fun, proud, helpful and will be a wonderful example to Jake. I know they will have a great relationship in the special way only little boys and their daddies can have.

(You know…those great kind of relationships where they sweat outside together while Mommy goes to get a pedicure)

(I kid)


But in all seriousness, Jake is all grins when he sees Seth. And really it’s more than a grin. It’s the kind of excitement that only graham crackers, cheese, and Daddy can make happen. And I love it!

Happy Father’s Day Seth – we both love you and are so lucky to have you in our lives! A wonderful father, an awesome husband, and our best friend!

I mean really…he’s never that happy to play with me!

I have a feeling there will be lots of father-son football watching…
Sweet boys :)

(Seth, don’t be mad at me for posting that one!!)

We are also lucky to have two great fathers of our own who have helped us become the people we are today. Happy Father’s Day to Grandpa and Popo – we love you!

Summertime…and the Living’s Easy…

How terribly rude of me to tease you with a crawling video and then leave you hanging for a week!

As you can imagine, Jake has quickly picked up the pace. If you’re familiar with our house, he can crawl almost from the living room to the kitchen now. The kiddo is determined! I decided to show him my tupperware cabinet and as expected, it was a hit! I think we’re in for a lot of trouble excitement in the months to come. I’ll try to take another video soon.

But back to what’s been going on…

Last weekend we headed up to Lake Conroe with some of our good friends to work on our tans. (Well, that was my plan anyway) We had such a fun time and can’t wait to go back!! Thanks to Garrett & Kim for having us…I guess we can do it again if we haaaave to.

Love this family picture! Jake experienced his first boat ride and on a scale of 1 – lover of the open waters, he thought it was about a 3. If the boat was moving he was fine…but when it stopped, not so much.

We went on our ride around naptime and we were hoping he would fall asleep. Seeing as he does not fall asleep anywhere but his crib usually, I didn’t have high hopes. Of course he finally closed his eyes as we were pulling back up to the house. But as soon as the boat stopped – bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Doesn’t this look soooo comfortable?

Poor boy!

Letting our hair blow in the wind…man, I’m glad the adults don’t have to wear lifejackets on the boat! I think he was burning up in all that padding!

Jake & Lexi playing…we usually clothe them.
I would love to use this picture as blackmail someday!
Gosh, I look good after 2 days of no makeup!
Silly boy

Love this picture! Love my boys!
Kim and her two 1 YEAR OLDS! Can you believe it?? These two are growing up too fast.

Cheering on Macie…but she still wouldn’t jump in the pool :)

Sheila & Beckett enjoying the water

Georgia loving on Lexi – who seems thrilled!

Sweet Beckett loved giving hugs!

Ah, I love summertime, minus the heat of course. We managed to make it home without sunburns and that in itself is a victory here in Texas! If only summer stayed at around 65-70 degrees, I’d be in heaven!

I do promise to be better with blogging this week. I just think I underestimated how much outside time this teaching gig would require and I’ve been a little preoccupied…please forgive!

We also had a doctor’s appointment last week after Jake had been tugging at his ear. As we suspected, he had an infection in both of them. :( He’s been a great sport and you really wouldn’t know anything was wrong besides the occasional pitiful look and being a bit more clingy.

(He gets that pitiful look from me by the way)

And for some reason, Jake gets Seth’s pity. I do not. Jake, teach me your ways!!

He also weighed in at 15 lbs 15 oz at the doctor’s office. Also known as the same size as many 3 and 4 month olds!!! This is most likely attributed to him having not much interest in food and having much more interest in moving moving moving! What he doesn’t have in size, he makes up for in brains of course. You should hear the kid recite his multiplication tables!!

Eight Months Old

The older Jake gets, the harder it is to take these pictures!! So I apologize in advance for what you’re about to see. I didn’t think it’d be that difficult to get a good picture of him sitting all nice and polite-like.

Goober-like is more like it!

Jake, at 8 months you:

-are mischevious! (see below)

-are pulling up constantly and moving sideways along things. You also move from toy to toy. You especially love walking along the edges of the coffee table.

-are slowly figuring out this crawling thing. We have a semi-army crawl. Actually, it’s more of the lazy man’s scoot, but we’re getting there!

-have your two bottom teeth

-are starting to like fruits more and vegetables less

-love feeding yourself. You’re good with Puffs, cheese, yogurt melts, bananas, graham crackers, and Ritz crackers. They mostly all make it in your mouth!

-Weigh around 16.5 lbs

-love to read books!

-are very curious about your surroundings!

-are saying “Dada” and we sometimes hear other sounds like “Baaaaaaa” and maaaybe “Mama”

-do not sit still. You are constantly going. Constantly.

-Did I mention you are always up to no good? :)

-wear 9 month clothes

-Get milk 4 times a day and eat solids 3 times a day

-Create a ton of dirty diapers (go easy on us, ok??)

-have quite the temper if you don’t get what you want!

-are very clingy. You love your Mommy & Daddy and there are a select few people who can hold you without the waterworks turning on.

-are a pretty happy kid, as long as you get your sleep!

-take two 2 hour naps a day (sometimes more, sometimes a little less)

-sleep 7pm to 7am

-love your LeapFrog Musical table, your Fisher Price singing stage, balls, cell phones, remote controls, water bottles, and the camera.

-are the love of our life!

Finally…sitting still!

As I mentioned, I started my part-time teaching job this past week. I love it so far! Jake has been playing with Macie & Lexi in the mornings while I’m gone. From what he tells me, he’s having a great time. He’s a pretty tough guy, braving all the pink and frilly ruffles found in their home…as long as he doesn’t come home in a tutu, I think we’re doing alright!


When I picked him up yesterday, I noticed there was something slightly different with his hair…

And I mean, what do you expect? When you leave fresh meat with a house full of girls, they’re bound to play beauty parlor…

Rock ‘n Roll buddy!

And I just thought this next picture was funny. I asked Seth to take a picture of the both of us. And when I loaded them I saw about 5 pictures of Jake and just my legs. Oh well, you get the idea!

He loves to climb all over us!

Eight months have FLOWN by. I can’t believe we will be celebrating his first birthday soon! Maybe if we don’t acknowledge it, he won’t technically have to be ONE.

I’ll think about it…

Don’t Stop Believin’…

Two thoughts were going through my head as I was watching the season finale of Glee…

1. Why didn’t I just join a blasted show choir instead of the band???

2. It is so wrong to have a season finale of the

ps, I hate that it’s cutting off part of the video! Click on it to view the entire performance on YouTube.

Just Call Me Professor Lame-O

So today was my first day in the classroom. A classroom full of of uneager, mad to be in summer school, “who is this teacher chick who looks like a student” bunch of kids.

Besides the first 5 minutes, it went great! But in the first 5 minutes, I introduced myself. And was about to talk about my hobbies and interests until I all of a sudden couldn’t remember any. So I just stood there ho-humming around and finally came up with “We like to read.”

Chirp chirp chirp.

Boy, nothing says super awesome like a teacher who says “My husband and I LOVE TO READ BOOKS!”

So then I decided to redeem myself by telling them I watched TV.

Even worse. A recluse who sits at home in front of the TV while reading.

Sometimes I just need a sign to pop out that says “Cut the word vomit!”

So I ended my shpiel by adding that I didn’t own an iPhone or have unlimited text messages, and I would not be their friends on Facebook.

Gasp. Horror. Shock.

“No iPhone??”

“She doesn’t text??”

I also had to ask a student how in the WORLD to make a slideshow out of my PowerPoint because guess what…the college uses Microsoft Office 2007 and I am only familiar with the 2003 version.

Jake had a fantastic time playing with friends today and didn’t even miss me. He has gotten super busy lately…I can’t get the kid to slow down! We’ve even seen some glimpses of army crawling so he is pretty much on the move. He was sent to bed with no milk (refused to eat)…a papercut on his chin (weirdly attracted to paper), and a mosquito bite on his forehead. At least he is in one piece, right?

Desperate for Entertainment

Yesterday was an insane day to say the least. Let me summarize:

More screaming
Throwing up because crying so hard
Grabbing at Teeth
Not napping at all
Trying to climb out of crib
Tears (maybe from both of us at this point)
Not eating

And so on.

I am just so glad Jake isn’t dramatic. Because the last thing we need around here is a mini-Mary in baby boy form.

Seeing as we were both at our wits end, I opted for some different entertainment. Something Fisher Price and Little Tikes couldn’t offer us.

I present to you…the dog gate.
Jake thought this was awesome! We put the gate up sometimes when Tucker starts overstepping his boundaries during Jake’s playtime

And by overstepping, I mean sitting on top of Jake and/or his toys.

Jake stood at the gate and Tucker licked his fingers from the other side. It was almost like they were getting their prison visitation.

Kindred spirits

Next, we broke out the big mirror.

I sorta feel sorry for other babies now because all Jake wanted to do was lick or hit his reflection. Hopefully he isn’t doing this in the church nursery on Sundays.

Then Dad got home and all was well for a little while…

Actually, this picture wasn’t from yesterday. But why not create an imaginary happy ending?

I think the rest of the day went more like…more screaming, not wanting to eat dinner, not wanting to go to bed, and finally resorting to driving around the neighborhood after we’d given him Tylenol, Motrin, teething tablets, and Oragel.

Dear Sweet Jesus, please let the rest of his teething be painless!!! :)

But back to Jake at the coffee table. This is a new attraction. It’s highly desired because it has remote controls, the baby monitor, cell phones, sometimes a water bottle, and more things he shouldn’t touch.

He is getting so brave at only standing one-handed. He just looks huge in this picture.

Ha! I got your cell phone, Mom! Sucker.
Having fun at the pool with Jessie! He has a love/hate relationship with swimming. He hates the outfit change involved but doesn’t seem to mind the water. Sometimes he loves the float, sometimes he hates it. Very opinionated, aren’t we?

Chewing on the shark toy. As long as we have Mr. Shark, the world is good.
Today has almost been back to normal and everyone is sane again. Here’s hoping the weekend is the same way!

Talking, Climbing, and More

I would post but I’ve been too busy trying to keep up with Mr. Mischief over here. SOMEONE has learned how to sit and stand in their crib and finds it more interesting to peer over the side than to sleep.

Seth has a mattress moving project this weekend!

Jake also started saying “Da”! He is whispering it for some reason (maybe he wants to get it just perfect before he turns up the volume) and it’s so cute. Everything right now is either “Da” or “Gee”. I can’t wait until he actually knows what these words mean and can communicate with us! Because this communicating by screaming is not really working out for me.

The little guy is going to be EIGHT MONTHS OLD next week. Unreal. He’s almost been out of my tummy as long as he was in it!

Pictures soon…