4th of July Fun

Ok, I lied. There were more pictures!

So…what have we been up to? The weeks have been going by super fast. Almost too fast. So we love to be home and relax with Daddy on the weekends! The holiday weekend was even better because we had 3 days.

We went to Lake Conroe on the 4th with the Erbeles and their family. Luckily the rain stopped for a day to let us enjoy the sun!

I forgot Jake’s hat so looks like Daddy’s hat works just as well! Have I mentioned he loves his Daddy? :)

(I promise I’m around too…just seems like I’m always the one taking the pictures!)

We had a great time and it was nice to take a little “daycation” on the water. Don’t have to pull our legs to get us out there again!

If you have kids, you know that everything that’s NOT a toy becomes a toy. When Jake was eating his snack the other day, Seth thought he needed a bowl for his crackers. Because we all know baby boys appropriately use their dinnerware…

So much for that

How did that plan work out for ya, Seth?

And not only does he eat from the floor, but Jake’s also taking lessons from Maggie & Tucker and learning to beg.

Kiddo loved him some meatloaf!

Meatloaf, snacks, plastic bowls…I know you’re wondering how this weekend could’ve been more exciting. But…it was! We also acquired another dog and 2 more cute boys for some serious sleepover fun.

Blake & Jack slept over while their parents went out for a night on the town. Everyone needed a bath after all the guns & robbers games we played!

Jake cashed in on the twins Cheerios. He’ll pretty much put anything in his mouth these days!

Blake & Jack loooooveed the dog gate. They had so much fun laughing at the crazy dogs on the other side.


Trying to figure out how to get around Mama’s barrier. Tough luck you two!

Phew. 2 posts in one night – this must be some sort of record. I’m sure I’ll have more to talk about this week – SOMEONE turns 9 months old. Is it even possible??

Random is My Middle Name

What you’re about to see is a big shmorgasboard (I think the spelling is about right there…) of pictures from the last few weeks. But they have one common theme.


Is there any other reason you read this blog?

A couple weeks ago, Jake’s Nonnie & Popo came to visit. And as all grandparents do, they came bearing gifts!

Never too early to get a kid on his first tractor! He takes his farming job very seriously.
(Afterwards he went outside to cut some hay)

On the move…

Not only does he cut our hay, but he helps mama vacuum sometimes too. Goodness, this child is a great investment!

Organizing the tupperware cabinet. Such a good little boy :)

Have you ever seen such a mess? This is why we go straight to the tub after dinner!

My summer school class ends next week so once I’ve turned my grades in, I’ll be turning my attention back to the blog. Oh the pressures of being famous!