Our Month in Pictures

Sadly, what you’re about to see is our photographic evidence of Jake’s 10th month. Luckily we have professional pictures coming up at the end of next month so his life can be documented a little more er…professionally?

Today we decided to bust out the Christmas present (obviously a tad early) and take the kiddo for a ride down the street. Come December 25th, there will be a bow on this wagon and it’ll be under the tree and all of you pretend you never knew any different…deal?

Seth steered of course. Jake seems fascinated by the shadows. Doesn’t take much!
Love those eyes…
(This 12-18 month hat is too small for him. It fit just last month! How sad is that. Barely in size 2 shoes, wearing 6-9 month clothes, and now in a 24 month hat???)
Hold on tight! I was so proud of him – we sat him down and he immediately held onto the side (no seatbelt to keep him still) and sat nicely the entire ride. Probably pure coincidence :)

Like I said, picture quality is poor. HOWEVER, if the balloon was not covering his face, you might could tell he was standing all by himself! He does this for brief seconds without realizing it. We blew up some balloons this afternoon because he saw a kid with one at church (I think they got them for Promotion Sunday) and he about had heart attack!

In the spirit of randomness…

Someone learned early how to push around the food on his plate to make it look like he ate some. Nice try, but we’re onto you kid! Notice how he’s looking away all nonchalant.

Someone also looooves digging around in the bathroom cabinets. His favorite things are a travel sized bottle of shampoo and conditioner (they’re pink…not a good sign). He always manages to find them and proceeds to crawl around the house with one in each hand.

Last week we had our first experience at Pump It Up. Kids 2 and under are free so I think we’ll be going back a lot! Jake wasn’t too sure about the inflatables but the rest of the kids had a great time! Give it 6 more months and he will go NUTS there.

Wow, super easy to get a group picture!!
Kim, Jack, Kedra, Blake, Jake, and Mason. Sweet boys but…I have a feeling we’d never get a good shot with everyone smiling!

He may not have had fun bouncing around…but he did like looking OUT of the inflatable!

Please notice how much taller Blake and Jack are than Jake. Like 36 inches. Hopefully he hits a growth spurt before basketball tryouts!

Jake has gotten really good at handing things to people. I’ll say “Can Mama have it?” or “Can Daddy have it?” and he’ll hand over whatever he’s got in his hands…with a small stipulation. He must have it back. Indian giver!

Had to include this because he just looks OLD! Sometimes I don’t snap the bottom of his rompers…easier for diaper changes. So sue me.

Seth took this picture last weekend when I was gone. He mismatched his pajamas JUST so he could take a picture and show me. Men. How Jake slept with both monsters and spaceships, I’ll never know! :)

Again, no pants…oops! I said he likes to crawl with things in his hands…this day he went to town with his maracas (Sheila, this shouldn’t surprise you).

Trying to pet his Maggie dog. She couldn’t be more disinterested.

Whew. There you have it! I included these all in one post mostly because I felt guilty for not sharing pictures lately!

I’ll have to get pictures of some other new “skills”. Jake is now a fanatic about putting things IN something. Today he sat with his nesting cups for awhile just trying to figure out which one fit in the other one. What a little engineer. He likes to put balls in baskets, in the basketball goal, toys in the bathtub…catch my drift? It’s so fun to watch him learn!

As Kedra pointed out the other day, his birthday is in SIX WEEKS!! His invitations are the cutest and we are so excited for his paw-ty (hint hint).

Move Outta the Way!

I am about to tell you about the most stressful, exciting, and fulfilling successful day of my life. What you’re about to read is a true story. No exaggerations. No lies.

Every year our church hosts their annual children’s consignment sale to raise money for charity. It is open to the public and usually contains highly sought after items at garage sale prices. Some things are brand new. Some are way too used. All of them Jake needed.

Together, with some close friends, we came up with a strategy. After volunteering on Wednesday morning, getting just a glimpse of all we’d see at the sale (which began Thursday night), the wheels were turning, blood pressures were running high, and it was clear we needed an intense game plan.

I could hardly sleep on Wednesday night in the anticipation. Volunteers and sellers get to shop before the public so we were already planning on what time we would arrive to wait in line. Because at this point, several things were evident:

1) There was an adorable peacoat that Jake HAD to have
2) There was a precious tool bench that Blake, Jack, and Jake HAD to have
3) There was a wagon that Jake NEEDED
4) There was a Britax carseat priced at DIRT that was absolutely NECESSARY
5) There was a 4 ft tall dollhouse that Macie COULDN’T live without

Shall I go on?

We split up so that we could maximize our shopping (everything was split up in different rooms) and BEAT THOSE OTHER WOMEN to the prizes. Because, my friend, if you think this was a nice, calm, church-going shopping spree…

You are way wrong.

This particular scene just kept coming to mind:

I’m almost embarassed to say that a whistle would’ve been super handy.

When the doors opened, Kim took off running to get the toolbenches and wagon, I ran to get us an extra carseat, and Georgia snagged the dollhouse.


Check out, load up the car, run back in for more.


Repeat again.

My friends. To say I was successful is an understatement. I can’t even begin to list everything I got on here at ridiculously cheap prices, but Jake’s birthday and Christmas are more than covered. Along with adorable outfits and toys for his friends Noah and Christian.

I’m a little relieved I didn’t go to the sale last year, because I was 34 weeks pregnant and I’m almost positive it would’ve put me into labor.

Also, when I got home last night, I just had to lay on the floor for awhile because I was so sore. Go ahead, laugh it up. But sorting clothes on Wednesday morning, and running around with carseats, wagons, trucks, toys, tools, clothes, and the like on Thursday were not good for the ol’ back. I don’t think I was that sore after I gave birth.

I guess carrying around a 17.5 lb child isn’t as labor intensive as I thought it was…

(I’m secretly laughing and embarassed inside but this is the worst possible way to lead into my next post about a new book I want to encourage you all to read. Coming soon!)


I really am blessed to have some of the best friends in the world! I pray that Jake will one day have a close group of friends that will do anything for each other.

Except with boys I don’t think they stay up late and tell secrets, get pedicures, or go jewelry shopping but maybe they can at least hunt together?

This past weekend we had our annual “Chi Chi” reunion! If you’ve followed this blog for a couple years, you know all about the Chi Chi’s. If not, and you’re wondering what in the heck I’m talking about…chalk it all up to some middle school girlies who thought they were too cool for school and needed a super awesome “name” to define their friendship.

Thus, the Chi Chi’s.

It will always be a mystery why we didn’t choose something more er…normal? Like the…

Well, maybe nobody else names their friendship besides us.


The girls headed our way last weekend and we decided to spend Saturday night at the Woodlands Resort and Conference Center. We were a little surprised at the … outdoorsy accomodations BUT had a great time hanging out at the pool, sippin’ our daquiris, and catching some rays. As all girls must do, we also did some quality shopping, Mexican food eating, and gabbing. And we still always manage to find out something new about ourselves!

For instance, Dabney’s movie star “crush” is Anthony Bourdain.

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. He really is that old and that unattractive. I couldn’t help but giggle again as I googled this picture!

Three husbands, two precious little boys, and one boyfriend (not combined with a husband!) later our lives have led us to different cities, different careers, and different walks of life. Yet everytime we get together, it’s like nothing has ever changed. Girls you can cry with, laugh with, share everything with.


(And sorry for bending down all weird like that. I have a bad habit of unintentionally screwing up pictures.)

Mumbo Jumbo

Are you glad that I updated? Hoping to see lots of pictures?


I don’t think I picked up the camera this past week…Jake didn’t do anything cute enough I guess.

I can’t believe summer is almost over and Halloween is right around the corner. At least that’s what it feels like if you go into any retail stores. And with Texas this is tricky – I’ve seen several cute long-sleeved pumpkin shirts for little boys but…honestly…it could be 95 degrees.

Seth got to experience non-heatstroke weather when he took a work trip to Utah a couple weeks ago. He was gone for 5 days in the mountains…poor thing almost needed a coat one night! I can’t even imagine. And don’t you worry, I slept with a shotgun and pistol within 3 ft of the bed just in case anyone got any ideas while he was out. You’d think my two dogs would be enough protection but I’ve yet to see any signs of an effective home security system exhibited from either of them.

To continue with the randomness of this post, I got to spend time with some of my best girlfriends this weekend! More on that to come. It was the first time I’ve left Jake overnight and although I love my friends to death, I missed him way too much. I was secretly relieved it was only one night because I can’t imagine leaving him longer than that! Call me crazy, but I love that kid :)

Speaking of that kid, I have changed so many dirty diapers this week that teeth must be just around the corner. He still has just his bottom two and I could be wrong, but it looks like at least 4 are trying to come in on top. If so, that would explain the wacky sleep schedule, runny poop (aren’t you glad I’m descriptive???), and constant chewing on things. For all of our sakes, I hope those teeth come in SOON!

Last bit of randomness, this is my last week before I go back to school. I have actually spent time preparing this time around so hopefully the fall won’t be quite as hectic as summer was.

And then before we know it, someone in this house will be turning…



Drama King

Earlier today, my friend Andrea posted a video of her sweet little girl waking up happy. I had to comment because that only happens once in a blue moon over here. Further proof that yes, Jake has the toughest life ever and might just maybe (maaaaybe) be a little drama king. I can watch him on the monitor go from sound asleep to hysterical in 0.3 seconds.

Seriously guys. This is what I see every single morning. And after most naps. Doesn’t he work that pitiful face?? :)

The Trip that Wasn’t

If you recall, we went to Lake Conroe a few weekends ago. The boys took the day off from work on Friday and we had plans to spend an entire weekend working on our tans.

Except poor Jake had a different plan and after puking over all the kids toys, we had to cut the weekend short and head back home.

I wanted to at least share the few pictures I had (don’t get your hopes up)…it’s not like we’re documented in anyone elses pictures from the weekend but I promise we were there!

Did anybody do a double take? This is not a picture of the extension cord…or our pool float. That, my friends is a 6 foot long snake. It came to visit us, apparently knocking on the back door to no avail.

This is the part where I’d love to tell you that my brave husband stepped over the threshold to deliver a life-ending blow to our new friend.


He did not.

I think if that snake came to OUR front door, it would be up to me to kill it. Seth would probably be hiding under the bed with Maggie.

(Love you, honey!)

So needless to say, there was lots of excitement!

Why am I taking pictures instead of enjoying the water or lawnchairs? Not sure.

Oh right. Because I was too busy taking pictures of Seth and his latest catch. Here he is showing Beckett how it’s done.

At least the weekend wasn’t a total flop. I now have reassurance of Seth’s hunter/gatherer skills should they ever be needed in our suburban lifestyle.

We’re crossing our fingers that next time we can stay for ALL the fun!

Two by Two

Since Jake loves his Noah board book so much, I decided to take him to play with a REAL Noah :)

In all seriousness, it had been waaaay, extremely, embarassingly too long since we’d seen sweet Noah, so a visit was long overdue. As you can see, neither boy cared about the actual toys…Paula’s plastic lemons were much better.

Trying to play nice. If I’d known that plastic fruit was the trick, we could’ve saved a lot of money over the last 10 months!

It’s like a fruit stand-off??

All I wanted was a nice, sweet picture of the two of them. They’re future college roommates, you know.

Why look at the camera when we can look at whatever is off to the right instead!

Thanks Noah! Jake was too invested in his citrus.

Jake is super excited to see Noah again next weekend and I just can’t believe how fast the two of them have grown. Almost ONE YEAR ago, we had a joint baby shower to prepare for these two boys. It’s amazing how much has changed since then!!

10 Months Old

You know…it’s almost a relief that at this time next year I won’t be saying “1 year 10 months”…

Except if you know me I probably actually will :)

It’s a lot of pressure having a monthly birthday, people!

So here we are. Double Digits. Almost to the top of the hill.


Have we mastered sitting still and looking at the camera?

Of course not!

This last month FLEW by. I’m not quite sure what happened but yesterday you were 9 months old and now you’re already 10 months…

-You got to move to your big boy carseat and (maybe after lots of prayers by everyone) actually do ok (“ok” is the keyword) while we’re riding around! I haven’t tested anything longer than 30 minutes but you’ve learned to look out the window and watch the trees and…buildings?

-You love to feed yourself. You’re a big fan of grapes, kiwi, plums, cheese, crackers, cheerios, blueberries, green beans, and more crackers. You’ve also had lots of table food – even some taco meat the other night! YUM

-You wear size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes

-You’re around 17.5 lbs.

-A couple weeks ago you stood on your own several different times! Your mama was shocked. But since then you’ve gotten sick and mastered the art of being pathetic and have yet to do it again. That’s fine with me :)

-Have I ever mentioned how much you love your doggies? You love to splash in their water bowl (before I catch you) and try to chase them around. Unfortunately for you, they’re still a little quicker.

-You are starting to give hugs. You crawl up and just put your arms around me and hang on for dear life. Maybe it’s not technically a hug but I love it anyway!

-Sleep from 7pm – 7am and still take two 2 hour naps. Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.

-I thought you didn’t understand what shaking your head “no” meant but I really think you know now. You shake your head “no” when you’re done eating and when I put you down after holding you – ha!

How dare you try and pose me for a picture??

-Love to smile and giggle at us. Daddy is the funniest person to you.

Baby boy, I can’t believe we won’t be able to call you a “baby” for much longer. We are so excited to see what’s in store and can’t wait for you to talk, walk, and interact with us more!

(That rhyme was not intentional…!)

A Truck Driver’s Life

1) Ignore my sound effects. Not sure why I have to insert those.

2) Not sure why the video quality is so poor. Maybe because I’m trying to walk backwards, make sound effects, help turn the truck, and kicking Tucker out of the way at the same time.

3) Note the look he gives me around 29 seconds. Almost a breakdown. Crisis averted!