That’s the best word I can use to describe the last week or so. Not necessarily bad, but I feel like we’ve been going a million miles a minute. Running here, running there, in and out of the car, not napping, etc etc. Jake has done so well with two naps up to this point…and it’s partially my fault but I think all the coming and going is really throwing him off. He’s a child that’s very difficult with his sleep and if something changes, he doesn’t adjust well.

As in…45 minutes late for a nap = no nap at all.

So here’s hoping he can start adjusting soon!!! He’s looked so tired the past several days and has started going into extreme over-tired hyper mode. Otherwise known as, “Mom is super worried for when he’s 3!” :)

I started back at school this week and have 2 almost full classes…50 students is a little different than the 25 I had this summer! I also forgot about fighting for parking spaces, walking to class in the heat, and crowded hallways. It’s like I’m in college all over again!

Jake spent Tuesday and Thursday afternoon with some new friends…we found a wonderful girl named Susie to watch Jake during my afternoon class and she has 3 little boys who have been keeping Jake occupied! At first I think they were a little concerned about him taking their cars and legos, but it looks like they’ve made a truce…

Jacob and Jake. Not confusing at all. Because remember, Jacob doesn’t wear clothes…Jake does (for now…)

Jake is super proud of his new kitchen. What a domestic god! Shhh, this is also an early birthday present.

He sits there and puts the shapes in the oven, microwave, and fridge. When he opens the door, he yells “AH!” like he is super surprised to find something in there. Cracks me up everytime.

Two of my favorite buddies. Jake technically has Maggie’s toy but that’s neither here nor there.

He looooves giving the toy (and taking it away) to Tucker. Although it appears as if his hand is about to be eaten off, I promise Tucker was being super sweet. Jake had a big case of the giggles when they were playing.

See? Buds!

He still has his fixation of having things in his hands. On this particular day it was hangers. Probably really safe.

Noah came over last week to pick up some toys and I couldn’t have posed him any better! Sweet little boys. (Possibly into more early birthday/Christmas presents as well!)

We got back in town this evening and are WIPED. We spent 3 days visiting grandparents and had lots of fun. Jake is exhausted from not napping…Seth is tired from sharing a room with Jake (he supposedly can’t sleep because of the sound machine – who can’t sleep during a “rain storm”????) and I am tired from chasing the two of them around :)

Want to know the worst part about this upcoming week? MY LITTLE TINY 6 LB 7 OZ BABY BOY is turning 11 months old.