Highway to the Danger Zone

In true blog fashion, I’m updating you on our life a week late. Deal with it.

So…last weekend Seth got tickets from work to see the Wings over Houston air show at Ellington AFB. I won’t lie…I wasn’t super excited about planes, but I WAS super excited about the free food. All you can eat buffet, snacks, ice cream, sodas – sounds good to me!

Jake did exceptionally well considering the circumstances. He wasn’t super interested in the planes but loved his surroundings. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but this kid LOVES to be outside. If the door opens and he’s not going out, we have a mini-tantrum. Yesterday was absolutely exhausting because – not joking – I think we were outside for 6 or 7 hours just playing in the garage and driveway. He will stand at the door and cry if someone goes outside without him. This does not bode well for a mama who prefers the great INdoors.


Here are some of the planes…

You might have to put on your sunglasses to see us in this picture, but we’re there and smiling!

Since we were at the AFB all day, Jake was going to miss his naps. Jake sleeps great in his crib but has a harder time sleeping anywhere else. There was a point in the day he was starting to fall apart so we decided to put him in the stroller to see what would happen. 5 seconds later…

I had to pick my jaw up off the ground to take this picture. He slept like this for an hour in his stroller with planes flying overhead and bombs (fake ones) going off. Why he can’t do this at Target, I’m not sure.

Some sort of plane. Seth took about 500 pictures of unidentifiable planes. I’ll spare you all.

Isn’t this cute? When Jake finally noticed there was something going on above.

Jake was super proud of his earplugs!

And just a few around the house…

Stop looking so old!

My little helper. Jake helps me dust and sweep which is a huge help. I just don’t have the heart to tell him the carpet doesn’t need dusting but hey, he is happy so I’ll keep my mouth shut!

We’ll have a cute little dalmation on our hands tonight so I’ll try to get some Halloween pictures posted sooner than next weekend :)

It’s a Sad Thing when “Blog Post” is on your To- Do List

Oh my.

I actually spent last night trying to cross more things off my to-do list but blogging just didn’t make it. I’m not sure how this happens but I turn around and then there are 15 highly critical things that need to be done ASAP. I think this is also called poor time management.

For example…

I reserve Sunday evenings to prepare for my week of classes. Except that it’s Sunday evening. And who wants to work when you really just want to sit down and watch TV finally. Or we seem to be on a Sunday evening cleaning kick. And by the time Jake is in bed and dinner is made and I’m actually ready to sit down and learn, it’s 9pm and I’m ready for bed. Then I spend the rest of the week in a general panic (since 2 nights I am in class and don’t have those nights to prepare anything) and breathe a big sigh of relief on Thursdays at 3 when we are home.


Times 14 weeks.

I know. It’s weird that there’s never any drama over here.

So anyway. All is well on the homefront except Jake and I have been a little sick over the past 2 weeks. I think allergies took me down and I finally feel better. Jake has had an ear infection in both ears and we got him on a stronger antibiotic last week and I think it’s helping. It’s tough being one, you know. He is walking all the time, hardly crawling anymore. And who needs toys when you can walk? We just walk all around the house, down the street, etc etc.

But pictures are what you’re really here for, right?

2 weekends ago (not behind or anything) we went to the pumpkin patch up at church while Grandpa was here. Jake had so much fun rolling the pumpkins around…

A kid on a mission
With as much as he loves dogs, we thought he’d love the petting zoo. Wrong.

But the pumpkins? They were impressive!

We’ve also still been spending time in our Cozy Coupe. Now his new thing is to face backwards. I’m trying to explain that this isn’t the safest on the open road…

Jake looooves his new sand and water table. Neighbor Luke even came down last week to play with us. Once we established the sand wasn’t for eating, things have gone pretty well :)

Cool guy
Hopefully I’ll get more pictures to post soon. Last week we went to a place called the Oil Ranch where we got to feed cows, go on a hay ride, train ride, and see other farm animals. There was also a bouce house which is always a big hit! We went to an air show this past weekend at Ellington AFB in Clear Lake and then are going to Old McDonald’s farm later this week for one last pumpkin patch experience.
Did I mention that Jake never gets to do anything fun??

I Would Post Pictures but…

So tonight while I’m in the middle of class, I notice my phone light up. I casually glance over to check the text message while I’m in the middle of talking about depreciation and read the following:

Seth: Your son just took a dump on the carpet.

Imagine my surprise and delight! How fun for Seth!

He even has photographic proof. It was apparently some sort of scenario that involved letting Jake walk around naked after his bath (never a good idea). I would post the pictures, especially the one where he laid our camera lens cap down on the carpet to help me judge the approximate size of the…waste…but I just didn’t want anyone to lose their dinner…

The excitement never stops over here!

12 Month Check Up

Today marked Jake’s most dramatic doctor’s appointment ever. He normally has a little bit of stranger anxiety, but this was to the extreme. They ended up having to examine him while he was sitting in my lap.

Have I ever mentioned that he’s a mama’s boy?

And that I LOVE IT?! :)

Everything was on track and we were glad to get more shots over with!

Jake, you were:

18 lbs, 14 oz (3-5%)
28.5 inches (10-25%)

Only a couple more pounds until we can turn your carseat around and we can all be much happier car riders!

Maybe One More Birthday Post…

I know you’re all sick of hearing about this birthday weekend. BUT, I have one more post and I am so proud of myself to get these both done tonight!!

On Friday (Jake’s actual birthday), Seth took the day off work and we spent some time as a family to celebrate the birthday boy.

Our resident chef made some awesome “1″ pancakes to kick off the day. Yes, he’s currently taking requests to shape the batter in your age too!

Doesn’t he look thrilled? More like give me that pancake!

After breakfast, we took the dogs on a walk and went to the park. Jake is getting to the age where he just loves being outside and has so much fun at the park. Wait until he figures out how to use all the equipment! All he does now is swing and hey, that’s good enough for him.

After Jake’s nap, we had a birthday lunch at Chick-fila. Every kid’s dream, right? Jake spent more time watching other kids and kicking his feet up (see below) then eating the kid’s meal we bought him. Yes, we learned our lesson and will just keep that extra $2.99 in our pockets next time!

I mean, really. Where did this kid learn his manners???

And what better way to let your lunch settle, then to head over to Bouncin’ Bears after eating! It is a fun jump place for little kids and Jake had a great time. It was even more fun for him that he could walk to all the different blow up structures. And the best part is that he’s free until 18 months and they are open 7 days a week. Yes, we will be going back soon!

I think Seth was trying to get a smile out of him…

Walking around like a big boy!

Where to next?

We Jake loved going down the big slide too!

So many giggles…

Love this picture :)

We were so blessed to all spend the day together and wish we could do it more often. If only Seth didn’t have that pesky job…

Let’s Have a Puppy Pawty!

Oh man.

I told Seth tonight that I knew why God only gave us one birthday a year.

Because mamas cannot handle throwing their child more than one birthday party every 365 days!!!

We had such a great weekend and are all completely exhausted. We were both convinced that Jake was still on a sugar high when we put him to bed tonight. He was just moving so quick (or maybe our minds were moving too slow!) and would.not.stop. I think we need to pick up our pace because he’s only going to get quicker!

Jake was walking all weekend long – Seth and I both commented that he seems so much older than he did just a few days ago. I just want to sit in a corner with my knees up to my chest and cry, “Where’s my Baby Jake???!!!!!!!!!”

For the sake of the blog, we will not be providing a video of that.

So back to the pawty. If you haven’t caught on, Jake had a puppy paw-ty for his 1st birthday. It was only appropriate since he loves dogs so much! I had so much help from my creative friends and am so blessed that they love Jake so much! We got together with our family and close friends at the neighborhood park and spent a couple hours just playing in the hot (October) sun.

As you can tell, his friends had a great time! Sweet Jack was obsessed with the balloons!
“Dad”, Mama, and the birthday boy
Pretend that shadow isn’t on sweet Noah’s face. Jake had a great time swinging with his best buddy! They are about 5 weeks apart and we can’t believe we’ll be going to Noah’s party next month!

The birthday throne!

Puppy chow, pawprint cupcakes, and cute pictures of our little boy

Jake is forever indebted to his Uncle Chase for his brand new Cozy Coupe! We told him this was a non-negotiable present. Everytime he sees one at his friend’s houses, he goes NUTS. Jake spent half his party in the car and then has spent about 17 of the last 24 hours driving that car around too. He screams everytime he sees it!

(Sidenote: I took Jake to Kroger with me this afternoon…I made the mistake of pointing out the shopping cart with the little car on the front and he about fell out of our cart with excitement. I guess next time I’ll have to let him drive around the store!!)

At this point, Jake was super tired. I scheduled this party around his naps (I know I’m crazy) and then of course he didn’t take a morning nap or much of an afternoon nap. He was so tired sitting in the chair!



Do you think he enjoyed it??

After we got home and hosed off (I have never seen such a big mess), we opened presents with family. Jake had a blast tearing the wrapping paper and pulling tissue paper out of the bags. I think at this point he was starting to realize the day was all about him. He just kept getting these big grins and was going crazy over all the new toys!

Opening his Fisher Price wooden puppy from Paige – this toy is a hit!

Gee, can I open presents everyday??

Aunt Emily, Uncle Kyle, Nana, Jake, Seth, Me, Rachel, Michael. We were so glad family could come!

I am horrified that we didn’t take one single picture of Jake with his other grandparents, cousins, aunts, etc. So if you guys took them on your own cameras, PLEASE send them to me! It was hard to be in 10 places at once. You can bet I will make up for this come Thanksgiving!

All in all, it was a great weekend. And we closed it out by celebrating Seth’s 27th birthday! I hereby declare October a stressful, expensive, but fun month – ha!

Happy 1st Birthday!


You are a sweet little boy! It’s hard to imagine that you’ve been with us for a year. 12 whole months! At this time last year, I was waiting in the hospital room, praying that you would be born on the 8th because I wanted you to have your OWN day (as you know, everyone in our family has October birthdays!). Dr. Rawson said there was no way you’d come before midnight. Little did he know!

At 11:02 pm…after 18 minutes of pushing (thanks bud!)…you graced us with your beautiful presence. I still remember the way I felt when they put you in my arms. Relief. Joy. Excitement. Anticipation. Love. Most of your family was waiting at the hospital along with many of our close friends. We were so blessed to share that special night with so many loved ones. We couldn’t wait to tell everyone about you!

Because you truly were the most beautiful baby any of us had ever seen. :)

A lot of things don’t come easy to me, but for some reason being your mama did. You weren’t the easiest baby in the world, but I think we just didn’t know any different and that was probably best – ha! But you have grown into the happiest baby boy. Sometimes you get such a big case of the giggles and it’s so sweet. We can’t wait to see you in the morning when you wake up. You are so excited to see us and your doggies!

You have been transitioning to whole milk and love it although you still nurse twice a day. You love anything that’s not a vegetable. You’ve recently been introduced to pizza, ravioli, and lasagna – you are crazy about them! Peanut butter sandwiches are a new favorite too.

You are taking 2 naps a day, mostly 2 hours each. You’ve been such a good sport working around mommy’s work schedule during the day and everytime I pick you up from Ms. Susie’s house, she immediately says, “HE IS SO GOOD!!”. You have so much fun playing with all their superhero toys.

I think we can officially call you a walker now too! You have improved by leaps and bounds in the past week. Tonight you even walked from our kitchen to the front door – that’s a lot of steps!!! You can stand up on your own without holding onto anything and are super proud of yourself.

You are very into sharing, especially with your food. You like to give Tucker your scraps – such a generous little boy. We spend a lot of time putting things “in” and “out” and “opening” and “closing”. You seem to follow instruction well (well…to an extent) and hate to hear the word “no”! You give me such a pitiful little face when I tell you no. You have a mind of your own and are stubborn like both your parents! You are very good at tantrums, specifically rolling around looking pathetic. I think we have an interesting few years ahead of us!!

I know that your daddy and I wouldn’t change anything and we love having you around so much! We are so excited to see you grow…to watch your little personality form…to see how you’ll change…your likes and dislikes…so many exciting things are ahead!

We hope you love your puppy “pawty” tomorrow and know you can’t wait to see all your family and friends. We are so proud of you and love you SO MUCH!!

Mommy & Dad

(your “daddy” made me change that to “dad”…did I mention where you got that stubborn streak from?)

(pictures courtesy of Rebecca Todd Photography)