BTHO Nebraska!

A couple weekends ago, we headed to College Station to tailgate with the Aggies for their game against Nebraska. The best part was that we won! Seth got to go to the game with his parents while I let Jake go to bed at Aunt Rachel’s.

Jake loved playing at Rachel’s house!

The whole tailgate. It’s hard to see but we have all those tents…there were probably almost 100 people in our group!

Jake and Uncle Chase

Taking a break to try and feed Popo
One day we’ll get a picture where we’re both smiling!

The Anderle Clan
(Seth, Nonnie, Jake, Popo, Mary, Chase, Morgan)

Jake’s Little Brother (Maybe)


Did we forget to discuss something?

Or shall I say…someone?

Meet Baby Anderle! (AKA, the reason for the recent demise of my blog)

Look people, it is hard to keep a secret. Especially for 12 weeks! Over Thanksgiving we told our families about our big surprise. Jake is going to be a big brother in June!

Let me back up.

Our specific goal in having our 2nd child was to avoid another October birthday. With mine, Seth’s, and Jake’s birthdays all within a week of each other, I knew I would be checked into the insane asylum by 2015 if I was planning 2 children’s birthday parties in one month. Clearly, the good Lord knew this as well. So in an effort to preserve well…everything…He blessed us with a summer baby! :)

I won’t lie. I am tired. I am grumpy. I don’t feel like blogging. I don’t care about cleaning the house. I ate Cool Ranch Doritoes and Apple Jacks for lunch today.

But besides all that…I am so thankful and blessed to be carrying a healthy, happy (hopefully) tiny little baby in my tummy. They even made a guess yesterday that it was another boy (they guessed Jake was a boy at 12 weeks as well). Seth’s initial reaction?


Little does he know that not painting a new baby room = painting a big boy room for Jake!

So anyway. Now that this is taken care of, I’m going to work on updating you on our Thanksgiving holidays and our recent Aggie tailgating experience. Jake has been a busy kid!