BTHO Nebraska!

A couple weekends ago, we headed to College Station to tailgate with the Aggies for their game against Nebraska. The best part was that we won! Seth got to go to the game with his parents while I let Jake go to bed at Aunt Rachel’s.

Jake loved playing at Rachel’s house!

The whole tailgate. It’s hard to see but we have all those tents…there were probably almost 100 people in our group!

Jake and Uncle Chase

Taking a break to try and feed Popo
One day we’ll get a picture where we’re both smiling!

The Anderle Clan
(Seth, Nonnie, Jake, Popo, Mary, Chase, Morgan)

Jake’s Little Brother (Maybe)


Did we forget to discuss something?

Or shall I say…someone?

Meet Baby Anderle! (AKA, the reason for the recent demise of my blog)

Look people, it is hard to keep a secret. Especially for 12 weeks! Over Thanksgiving we told our families about our big surprise. Jake is going to be a big brother in June!

Let me back up.

Our specific goal in having our 2nd child was to avoid another October birthday. With mine, Seth’s, and Jake’s birthdays all within a week of each other, I knew I would be checked into the insane asylum by 2015 if I was planning 2 children’s birthday parties in one month. Clearly, the good Lord knew this as well. So in an effort to preserve well…everything…He blessed us with a summer baby! :)

I won’t lie. I am tired. I am grumpy. I don’t feel like blogging. I don’t care about cleaning the house. I ate Cool Ranch Doritoes and Apple Jacks for lunch today.

But besides all that…I am so thankful and blessed to be carrying a healthy, happy (hopefully) tiny little baby in my tummy. They even made a guess yesterday that it was another boy (they guessed Jake was a boy at 12 weeks as well). Seth’s initial reaction?


Little does he know that not painting a new baby room = painting a big boy room for Jake!

So anyway. Now that this is taken care of, I’m going to work on updating you on our Thanksgiving holidays and our recent Aggie tailgating experience. Jake has been a busy kid!

Man Cannot Live on Fish Alone

Seth just reminded me I haven’t blogged in weeks.


I’ll be honest with you. For once in my life, I haven’t thought a whole lot about this blog. I feel like we’ve been so busy lately! Between somehow getting behind with school, Jake dropping his 2nd nap (saddest time of my life), and a house that never manages to stay clean, I haven’t had quite as much time to sit around. So there. Weak excuses, I know.

So let’s catch up.

Jake now has 7 teeth (4 on top, 3 on bottom). You would think those 7 teeth would help him explore the wonderful world of food but we seem to be content with the goldfish. Ohhhh the goldfish. I blame this on the church nursery. Goldfish are their snack of choice and we always get reports of, “He just takes all the other kid’s fish!”. Just what a proud parent wants to hear! Every once in awhile he’ll eat a great meal, but mostly he picks around at his tray and consumes something along the lines of 3 grapes and a cracker.

It’s a wonder we just now passed the 20 lb mark!

But Jake is definitely busy these days. He’s picked up his pace to more of a brisk walk which makes it a tad more exhausting to keep up with him. I never understood why children wore people out but now I get it. And I can’t explain it either! It’s semi-embarassing.

But he keeps himself busy…
It seems that Jake is getting an early start on his yoga. A master of the downward facing dog!

A couple weeks ago, we met Seth for lunch at Northshore Park in The Woodlands. There were many many ducks which were a big hit.

Jake kept squatting down like a duck and would try to follow them. Pretty sure he would’ve walked straight into the water if I’d let him.

I’m almost tempted to get some ducks for the backyard because they would entertain for hours!

Being a goof on the playground

Looooves going down the slide!

Phew. Now I feel better. We should have more to blog about soon…we’re heading up to College Station tomorrow to help cheer on the Aggies and then seeing lots of family next week for Thanksgiving. I’ll also be trying to talk Seth into putting up Christmas lights but he mostly tries to avoid the subject.


PLUS, my sister Rachel and her boyfriend Michael (fiancee!) just got engaged! We are so excited for them and can’t wait for them to tie the knot. See? Lots of things going on :)

Happy Belated Halloween

Jake’s 2nd Halloween has come and gone. It’s hard to believe he’s gone from a 7lb baby cow (last year) to a 19lb walking, jabbering, goofy dog! Let’s just hope I have a couple more years of cute costumes before we have to surrender to demands of Transformers, superheros, and popular TV show characters :)

At first he wasn’t too sure about his costume (Jake really didn’t like the hood) but I got him to smile for a couple pictures…
We went to our friend, Beckett’s house to trick or treat with some of our friends. The boys all had a great time together! Look at them eating dinner like big kids (even Seth – ha!).

Look – Mario and Luigi were there! Check out those ‘staches! They were not letting go of their pumpkins. They knew better than to risk losing that candy! Thankfully Jake didn’t quite catch onto that part yet.

Riding around with Beckett the monkey

Jake wasn’t too sure what was going on but he caught onto the “walk up to the door and walk back down the driveway” part real quick! He loved following the other kids around.

Sheila and her monkey.

Now we’re left with a pumpkin full of candy and somehow we Jake only ended up with 2 packages of Skittles. Sigh.

Old McDonald Had a Farm

Well, looks like we have a helper around here! It’s such a relief really. I hate to sweep. Luckily our firstborn is a p-r-o.

Mom, leave me alone. I am busy working!
Sizing up the broom. We now have one a little more true to his size thanks to Toys R Us and some store credit.

Last week we got to visit Old McDonalds farm in Humble with our friend Noah. The boys weren’t quite sure what to think of the place and sure as heck didn’t want to sit still for pictures. Paula was bribing them with Puffs and Noah was not pleased that Jake was getting some of his food!

“Give it back, friend!”

“Who are you looking at??”

Checking out all the animals

Jake was still half asleep from the car ride when we got there. He just stood and stared for the first 20 minutes or so. I’m not sure Paula believed he could really walk – ha!

Where am I??? And why am I wearing this weird skeleton shirt?

Stare down with the cow

I think Jake and Noah will be all about Old McDonalds farm next year when they can run around, play on all the playground equipment, and jump in the hay piles! And I think I need at least a year to prepare myself for the itchy mess involved with said hay pile…

Highway to the Danger Zone

In true blog fashion, I’m updating you on our life a week late. Deal with it.

So…last weekend Seth got tickets from work to see the Wings over Houston air show at Ellington AFB. I won’t lie…I wasn’t super excited about planes, but I WAS super excited about the free food. All you can eat buffet, snacks, ice cream, sodas – sounds good to me!

Jake did exceptionally well considering the circumstances. He wasn’t super interested in the planes but loved his surroundings. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but this kid LOVES to be outside. If the door opens and he’s not going out, we have a mini-tantrum. Yesterday was absolutely exhausting because – not joking – I think we were outside for 6 or 7 hours just playing in the garage and driveway. He will stand at the door and cry if someone goes outside without him. This does not bode well for a mama who prefers the great INdoors.


Here are some of the planes…

You might have to put on your sunglasses to see us in this picture, but we’re there and smiling!

Since we were at the AFB all day, Jake was going to miss his naps. Jake sleeps great in his crib but has a harder time sleeping anywhere else. There was a point in the day he was starting to fall apart so we decided to put him in the stroller to see what would happen. 5 seconds later…

I had to pick my jaw up off the ground to take this picture. He slept like this for an hour in his stroller with planes flying overhead and bombs (fake ones) going off. Why he can’t do this at Target, I’m not sure.

Some sort of plane. Seth took about 500 pictures of unidentifiable planes. I’ll spare you all.

Isn’t this cute? When Jake finally noticed there was something going on above.

Jake was super proud of his earplugs!

And just a few around the house…

Stop looking so old!

My little helper. Jake helps me dust and sweep which is a huge help. I just don’t have the heart to tell him the carpet doesn’t need dusting but hey, he is happy so I’ll keep my mouth shut!

We’ll have a cute little dalmation on our hands tonight so I’ll try to get some Halloween pictures posted sooner than next weekend :)

It’s a Sad Thing when “Blog Post” is on your To- Do List

Oh my.

I actually spent last night trying to cross more things off my to-do list but blogging just didn’t make it. I’m not sure how this happens but I turn around and then there are 15 highly critical things that need to be done ASAP. I think this is also called poor time management.

For example…

I reserve Sunday evenings to prepare for my week of classes. Except that it’s Sunday evening. And who wants to work when you really just want to sit down and watch TV finally. Or we seem to be on a Sunday evening cleaning kick. And by the time Jake is in bed and dinner is made and I’m actually ready to sit down and learn, it’s 9pm and I’m ready for bed. Then I spend the rest of the week in a general panic (since 2 nights I am in class and don’t have those nights to prepare anything) and breathe a big sigh of relief on Thursdays at 3 when we are home.


Times 14 weeks.

I know. It’s weird that there’s never any drama over here.

So anyway. All is well on the homefront except Jake and I have been a little sick over the past 2 weeks. I think allergies took me down and I finally feel better. Jake has had an ear infection in both ears and we got him on a stronger antibiotic last week and I think it’s helping. It’s tough being one, you know. He is walking all the time, hardly crawling anymore. And who needs toys when you can walk? We just walk all around the house, down the street, etc etc.

But pictures are what you’re really here for, right?

2 weekends ago (not behind or anything) we went to the pumpkin patch up at church while Grandpa was here. Jake had so much fun rolling the pumpkins around…

A kid on a mission
With as much as he loves dogs, we thought he’d love the petting zoo. Wrong.

But the pumpkins? They were impressive!

We’ve also still been spending time in our Cozy Coupe. Now his new thing is to face backwards. I’m trying to explain that this isn’t the safest on the open road…

Jake looooves his new sand and water table. Neighbor Luke even came down last week to play with us. Once we established the sand wasn’t for eating, things have gone pretty well :)

Cool guy
Hopefully I’ll get more pictures to post soon. Last week we went to a place called the Oil Ranch where we got to feed cows, go on a hay ride, train ride, and see other farm animals. There was also a bouce house which is always a big hit! We went to an air show this past weekend at Ellington AFB in Clear Lake and then are going to Old McDonald’s farm later this week for one last pumpkin patch experience.
Did I mention that Jake never gets to do anything fun??

I Would Post Pictures but…

So tonight while I’m in the middle of class, I notice my phone light up. I casually glance over to check the text message while I’m in the middle of talking about depreciation and read the following:

Seth: Your son just took a dump on the carpet.

Imagine my surprise and delight! How fun for Seth!

He even has photographic proof. It was apparently some sort of scenario that involved letting Jake walk around naked after his bath (never a good idea). I would post the pictures, especially the one where he laid our camera lens cap down on the carpet to help me judge the approximate size of the…waste…but I just didn’t want anyone to lose their dinner…

The excitement never stops over here!