Scary Jake

Jake loves mimicking our different faces. Apparently we have a lot because I get all sorts of crazy looks from him! Scary Jake is our latest.

Please disregard my sound effects, specifically at the 17 second mark. I can’t help it, I’m a mom.

Oh Glorious Day!

I hear this song by Casting Crowns on the radio all the time and love the lyrics! There wasn’t a good YouTube video to share but I recommend turning it up the next time it comes on :)

I can’t wait for this glorious day!

One day when Heaven was filled with His praises
One day when sin was as black as could be
Jesus came forth to be born of a virgin
Dwelt among men, my example is He
Word became flesh and the light shined among us
His glory revealed

Living, He loved me
Dying, He saved me
Buried, He carried my sins far away
Rising, He justified freely forever
One day He’s coming
Oh glorious day, oh glorious day

One day they led Him up Calvary’s mountain
One day they nailed Him to die on a tree
Suffering anguish, despised and rejected
Bearing our sins, my Redeemer is He
Hands that healed nations, stretched out on a tree
And took the nails for me

One day the grave could conceal Him no longer
One day the stone rolled away from the door
Then He arose, over death He had conquered
Now He’s ascended, my Lord evermore
Death could not hold Him, the grave could not keep Him
From rising again

One day the trumpet will sound for His coming
One day the skies with His glories will shine
Wonderful day, my Beloved One, bringing
My Savior, Jesus, is mine

Oh, glorious day

Rachel’s Wedding Shower

Ok so….finally back to the beginning of our weekend! The whole reason we went to SA in the first place was to help throw Rachel & Michael a wedding shower! We got in late Friday night and endured a (basically) sleepless night due to a certain small member of our family which had me questioning why oh why oh why we were having a 2nd child so soon.

Luckily the memories of that experience are almost gone, we are caught up on our rest, and still excited to welcome Drew in June – ha! :)

Rachel and Michael have been together so long that I sometimes forget he’s not technically part of our family yet. But come May 30th, that will all change! Emily, Mom, me, and my Aunt Sally helped kick off things by hosting a shower at my mom’s house.

All our food…have I ever mentioned that I loooove shower food?? You pile your plate with lots of small things and think you are eating so healthy. When in reality, 2 chicken salad sandwiches, a ham & swiss sandwich, loads of fruit, spinach dip, and other carbs are probably worse than my average lunch :)

Emily and Dad

The future Mr. & Mrs. Whitely!

Peepaw, Dad, and Uncle Chris…we should’ve added Jake to this picture to get 3 generations!

Rachel, mom, & Jake. You can see his opinion of wedding showers….

The “Plemons” girls…except after May we’ll all be married off!

We had so much fun and were excited to shower Rachel & Michael with so many things. Now we’re just hoping that Drew can stay put until after the wedding!

The San Antonio Zoo

We were in San Antonio this weekend for my sister’s wedding shower (which we’ll talk about next) and decided to go to the zoo on Sunday morning before we headed back home. We’ve made plans several times to go to the Houston Zoo but they kept falling through…so this time I wasn’t giving anyone another option!!

Honestly, I thought Jake would love it a little more than he did. We read and point at monkeys a lot at home and make animal sounds so I just knew he would be super impressed. Wrong. The two highlights of his morning were…

1) The flamingos. Mostly because they were loud and squaky.

2) Daddy kicking a rock around in the parking lot on the way out. It’s the little things people!

The one bad thing was that he couldn’t see much if he stayed in the stroller. Luckily we had 14 willing arms between all of us to ease the load a bit!!

Seth probably had the best time at the zoo. He loved the animals and wanted to stay all day – ha!

Jake wrestling with a Komodo dragon. He won.

We had to take our picture by the White-Cheeked Gibbon…him (her?) and Jake shared the same birthday! I wonder if the zoo had a puppy paw-ty for him?….

Jake’s transportation of choice

Again, more impressed with the elephant statue than the real thing

How pretty is this bird?? A Lory maybe? Lowry? Let’s just go with pretty bird.

Photo op with Aunt Emily, Uncle Kyle, Uncle Michael, Aunt Rachel, & Nana

Lots of pointing!

Taking a turn with the bride-to-be!

Ok, I take it back. He loved this part too. Why the birds???? I thought it would be fun to go and pose with birds all over us. Except I didn’t realize the birds would bite you. So this lasted a couple minutes before we all ran shrieking out of there!!

See, Drew? We’ve already taken you to the zoo!

Group pic…minus Seth. But he made it in 12,000 other pictures so don’t feel too bad for him.

Jake and his Mama!

We were only at the zoo 2.5 or 3 hours but who knew I would be so sore??? That coupled with a long car ride home and I was needing that personal masseuse last night!

28 Weeks (A Little Late)

We got back in town this evening and are pooped. But I couldn’t go to bed without letting you all know that we are still alive! I somehow managed to do nothing super productive last week and that included blogging. Don’t worry, lots of pictures to come!

But in the meantime…

(Jake – left, Drew – right)

I’m 28 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 28.5 Weeks
Size of Baby: Size of a Chinese cabbage. And since nobody knows what that is, approx 2.25 lbs and 14.8 inches.
Total Weight Gain: 15 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Definitely in pants…getting there in shirts.
Gender: BOY. Andrew James Anderle
Movement: All over the place. Well, I take that back. Drew is LOW. And stays there. So any and all movement is well below my belly button.
Sleep: Having more trouble getting to sleep this time around…
What I Miss: Having my body to myself.
Cravings: Cereal, Coca Cola, Crackers…all starches!
Symptoms: Braxton Hicks occasionally and sore feet. I will gladly accept any and all foot massages!!!
Best Moment this Week: Entering the 3rd trimester – woo hoo!

If I Won the Lottery…

This is something I have to think about. Because seeing as I don’t even purchase lottery tickets, I know my winning chances are high!

Every night when I go to bed I have the same thought…if we ever win the lottery, I am getting a personal masseuse. Because why not, right?

Of course this is after making sure we’re set for retirement, our children’s college is paid for, we’ve adopted all the kiddos we want, we’ve made donations to foreign aid groups, churches, and charities.

Oh, and paid off our house.

And got all new furniture.

BUT, after that.

I would definitely hire the personal, live-in masseuse. Because my goal would be to wake up every morning in the middle of a massage and go to sleep every night getting my feet rubbed. How wonderful would that be?

Seth’s choice is to wear brand new socks every day and sleep on brand new sheets every night.

Maybe I should go buy that ticket after all…

Who Let the Dogs Out?

That title has nothing to do with the pictures you’re about to see. Except for the fact I’d consider it the theme song for our entire weekend.

Why, you ask?

Mostly because of Jake’s newly acquired singing/dancing dog that sings…you guessed it…Who Let the Dogs Out. I have heard this song more than I’d like to admit. I’ve also sung along more than I’d like to admit. But this dog has a serious groove and Jake has even learned to say the “Who, who, who, who” part at the appropriate time. What can we say, we are so proud!


The charming toy came into our possession when we saw Nonnie and Popo at a family wedding this weekend. This was Jake’s first hotel stay, which I was super nervous about. He is a great sleeper but mostly only in his own bed. So I was prepared for a sleepless night. Luckily, the kid surprised us and did great! Probably because of all the fun he had running around at the wedding reception.
Jake got loads of attention from cousin Alyssa. Let me just say that I cannot WAIT for Jake to turn 4 or 5. Alyssa was super helpful all evening…playing with Jake, refilling my water glass…a modern-day slave!

Just kidding.

A modern-day CUTE slave.

I don’t know how I didn’t get more pictures of the two of them. She was literally carrying him around the dance floor in the most awkward looking position and he just let her. Jake’s future wife will have it made! :)

Alyssa cuttin’ a serious rug.

Loving his attention from Daddy!
P.S. Thoughts on the goatee? Seth asked if he could keep it for family pictures in April. I am on the fence. Should it stay or should it go?

Jake and Mama…aka Mama needs a suntan.

The chairs were a little too much fun…

Playing with Uncle Chase and Morgan…and still on the chair…

He looks so excited we are his parents!

Jake with Nonnie & Popo

Right before the hair-pulling started :)

It was a little bit of a late night for Jake and once we got back to the hotel and ready for bed, he plopped down in his high chair like it was time for dinner or something. With the amount of chocolate cake he consumed a couple hours earlier, you’d have thought he’d be good for a couple days!

A midnight (8:30) snack of teddy grahams

I also thought I’d take a picture of Jake’s sleep set-up. He would’ve never gone to sleep if he could’ve seen either of us so Seth created a fort…

And just so you know he wasn’t suffocating…

Worked wonders!

I just realized I didn’t get a picture of either the bride or groom but we are so excited for Matt and Jackie and can’t wait to see what their future holds!