Terrible Blogger

Look, I know. I’m not exactly winning any blog awards lately. I will blame it all on the fact that our house has been hit by a plague. One I’d like to call…

…the third trimester.

Despite what you might think, we are all suffering from this. Poor Seth is not only being overworked at his job and in grad school, but sometimes I think he might be afraid to come home and find out what’s next on his list.

Jake doesn’t understand why he trips all over toys in his playroom (sheesh, our lazy maid) and has a mama that likes to sit instead of running around outside.

Can I just interject here with a semi-off topic comment?


I don’t care if you’re laughing and saying, “Oh Mary, it’s only 85 degrees!!”

NO. It feels like 100. And I HATE IT.

So anyway. That’s my lame excuse for why this hasn’t been updated more frequently. And why I haven’t posted more pictures of our child. Probably because those pictures aren’t really being taken in the first place. I think I got too worn out after the 1,000 we took during his first week of life. It’s just a high standard to set.

And that reminds me. I probably need to go buy a baby book for Drew. Right after I start on Jake’s baby book. Because really? They’re boys. We all know they’re not going to give one whoop about the book anyway.

Does he look like he cares? Nope. All this kiddo cares about is his juice box and 4 wheeler. Which may or may not be an early Easter present that he’s already been using. Before you give me a hard time about it…don’t! I’ve already had 3 friends on my case. I swear on my house I will make things a surprise once he is old enough to know!

The juice box brings up another point. I made it almost 18 months without this kid having juice. It was a valiant effort, I know. But now he goes to the outside fridge and throws a fall-down tantrum trying to get the door open to find “uce”. His little attitude of royal entitlement is wearing me out.

Oh, but he’s cute. It’s probably so much easier to discipline ugly kids. :)

I am working on an 18 month post for Jake but I feel embarassed to post it without adequate photo coverage. We’ve having pictures done tomorrow evening so hopefully we’ll get some sneak peeks soon and I can use those. Because sooo many things have happened/changed since he turned 1 year! Sometimes I wish I could just bottle up all the cute things he does. Because it won’t be long before he’s a smelly, sweaty, pre-teen with qualities not quite as endearing as a toddler.

(Future Jake, I’m just kidding…I love you no matter how bad you smell!)

This past Thursday marked one of my most challenging days as a mother. Funny, I thought all the challenge was over! Jake woke up screaming bloody murder with a 103 fever. I gave him Motrin and assumed it would go down and we’d go about our day. Except at 9am when he was still screaming bloody murder and hadn’t eaten any breakfast, I figured a call to the pediatrician was my only saving grace. We made it there 30 minutes later (still screaming), got checked out by the doctor (still screaming), had a flu test (still screaming), were diagnosed with an ear infection and virus (still screaming), headed to CVS to fill prescription (still screaming), and made it home in time for a 45 minute nap (he normally sleeps 3 hrs).

Enter more screaming.

And more screaming.

And more screaming.

By the end of the afternoon when it was time for me to go to class, I was both exhausted and exhilarated to be running out that door. And then poor Seth (not really) had to endure it for another hour or two before bedtime.

This is what we did most of Thursday (when he would calm down) and Friday. I feel like I’ve watched enough Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Finding Nemo to last me the rest of my life.

If you’ve made it this far, pat yourself on the back. I sure do feel better after getting all this off my chest!! :)

I am just so ready to have this baby. Not because I’m ready to feel like a zombie and be up half the night but more so I can feel normal again. I really think one of my worst symptoms (besides always being so tired) is joint pain. Specifically my ankles. It was my hips the first time around but I dread having to stand up and walk anywhere. And seeing as I hang out with Jake a lot, I have to walk around most of the day.


Tomorrow is Monday! Here’s to a better week, successful pictures, ankles that magically stop hurting, and a relaxing weekend…

30 Weeks

Otherwise known as, let’s have this baby already!

I’m 30 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 30 Weeks

Size of Baby: Size of a head of cabbage (Approx 15.7 inches and 3 lbs)

Total Weight Gain: 18 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Duh

Gender: BOY. Andrew James Anderle

Movement: All the time

Sleep: Having more of an issue with not going to bed on time!

What I Miss: Having my body to myself. Bending over without getting out of breath :)

Cravings: Cereal, Coca Cola, Blueberry waffles, peanut butter

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks occasionally and sore feet. I will gladly accept any and all foot massages!!! Also, general craziness, heartburn, and exhaustion. I know everyone’s hearts are just melting with sympathy!

Best Moment this Week: A step closer to getting Jake’s new room finished!