36 Weeks

(Unfortunately for all of you, I couldn’t find my picture at 36 weeks with Jake. But after looking back on the blog, I think it is probably for the best!!)

I’m 36 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 36 Weeks

Size of Baby: Size of a crenshaw melon (Approx 18.5 inches and 6 lbs)

HOWEVER, since Jake was only 6 lbs 7 oz, let me go ahead and stop here to say that I highly doubt Drew is 6 lbs right now. Maaaaybe 5 lb? We should hopefully have an ultrasound in 2 weeks to check his positioning and will have a better idea then.

Total Weight Gain: 20 lbs

Maternity Clothes: yes…and again, I apologize for the 5 shirt rotation I’m on!

Gender: BOY. Andrew James Anderle

Movement: Slowing down a bit. Poor kid is running out of room.

Sleep: still sleeping fine for the most part
What I Miss: Bending over without getting out of breath. Fitting into normal clothes.

Cravings: Cereal, Coca Cola, coffee ice cream with chocolate chips, pizza. I told Seth what I wanted most on Mother’s Day for lunch was Little Caesars and I think he thought I was playing a joke on him :)

Symptoms: Tired, impatient, sore, heartburn. May or may not have to do with pregnancy – ha!

Best Moment this Week: Drew is almost full-term! And Jake got super excited when he heard his brother’s heartbeat this morning. Except I think his reaction was because he thought the doppler was a toy he was going to get a turn at next. Oh well!

Summer Fun…in the Spring

If you live in or around Houston, you will agree that it’s been HOT outside! Last week, on a particularly warm day, we headed to the neighborhood pool with our friends. And it actually felt refreshing. In April.

People, I don’t have high hopes for July.

Macie taught Jake how to play Ring Around the Rosie. Right before she taught him how to fight for his life as she accidentally dragged him underwater around the baby pool. Good thing Mama was 2 ft away :)

Because of the aforementioned incident, we decided to borrow some floaties. Not in our preferred color, but hey, safety first!

If you look closely, you can see that Jake is holding a leaf in each hand. I know I’ve mentioned before how he’s a little (ahem) OCD. He was cleaning out the baby pool, like he was the Polaris. He would pick up all the leaves, sticks, toys, etc and lay them on the side. Makes a Mama proud!

Hanging with Lexi

This picture didn’t really go as I had planned…thanks to Jack and Lexi for at least attempting to look my way!

(Lexi, Jake, Blake, Jack, & Macie)

Warming up after a fun afternoon of swimming!

I know summer is just beginning, but I want to get Jake to the pool as much as possible in May while I can still enjoy it with him! We’ve been one more time since and he had so much fun with his new floaties and “jumping” off the side of the pool.

Easter Continued

This morning I am taking advantage of the fact that my child is actually being normal and sleeping past 7am. Now I know the life of luxury all my friends lead! :)

To finish up the Easter celebrations, we came home and got our Easter basket from Nana! As you can see, Jake was not for the picture taking part. He more has a “give me that, let me see it, more stuff for ME” attitude at this age.

Sometimes it just makes it easier to dump out the entire basket. Sigh.

I must have accidentally loaded this picture but it is an accurate depiction of the struggle that Jake endures getting out of bed each morning. Everything has to come with us to the breakfast table. Everything. And his sweet little hands just can’t seem to hold it all. His blanket, stuffed hedgehog, Woody doll, puppy dog, and bear. They all end up getting dropped at least 2-3 times along the way and we have to stop and pick them up after countless “UH-OH!”s.

Back to Easter…

I told Seth that all I wanted was a picture of Jake sitting next to his basket with a big grin on his face. I was told to wait 12 more years.

A big hug for his new Woody doll. Woody goes everywhere with us now!

Again, easier to see when we throw things on the floor.

If you think his basket looked dinky, never fear. He also got a brand new 4-wheeler (not pictured). Hopefully he will share with his little brother so we haven’t set way too high of Easter expectations in the years to come :)

Family Easter picture (which may or may not have been taken yesterday). For some reason, Seth and I did not dress in appropriate Easter attire on the actual day (looked like we were ready for a funeral) so I made us reinact the special moment yesterday – ha! I think Seth officially thinks I’m crazy. Thanks Jennifer for coming outside in your pjs to take this for us!

Easter Weekend

I would say you’re about to be shocked and amazed by the quality of pictures in this post but that would be a lie. I thought we took a ton of great pictures to capture Easter weekend, but…I think I just confused memories and pictures :)

We started out celebrating Good Friday at Seth’s parents house. Every year they host a Crawfish Boil and this one was no exception. I think I’ve been going with Seth since 2004. That’s a lot of crawfish and I can’t imagine missing it!

Jake had so much fun running around outside. It’s a good thing his grandparents are good sports because they kept him entertained while I kept coming inside to cool off. I think it was right under 120 degrees that day.

Oops, think I caught Seth in mid-conversation :)
Jake got a new bubble blowing lawn mower and didn’t let the thing out of his sight. Also note the sippy cup in his arm. He has got to have something in both hands at all times!

We got to catch up with almost all of Seth’s extended family and lots of old friends. It was a great way to see everyone all at once!

Just part of the food. I actually should’ve taken a picture of the dessert table because that’s more my forte. And don’t let that corn fool you – it lights your lips on fire!

Jake looooves his cousin Alyssa. And she looooves him. We kept joking that they were boyfriend/girlfriend, except I’m not sure those titles will be appropriate in a few more years! If I could have this girl move in with us, I’d be set. She played with Jake, helped him eat, refilled my drink class. If only I could’ve tested her foot rubbing abilities…

Playing with Tristan and Alyssa. Tristan was born one week before Jake and I think they’ll be good friends!

Seth eating with Ashley, Josh, Steve, Cari, and Kevin

Proof that I was actually around too!

As you can imagine, the kids were a disaster after being outside all day. Nothing like a warm bubble bath to make our little boys all sweet smelling again!

Late that night I headed to San Antonio to prepare for not one, but two wedding showers on Saturday. Some of my childhood friends and our moms threw a shower for our dear friend Susan that morning (pictures to come later) and then from that we moved on to another shower for Rachel and Michael. As much as Seth and Jake love showers, I figured it was better for them to stay in LG to do boy things.

So in the meantime…

Jake got to grill out at Uncle Martin and Aunt Kathleen’s house and meet his new baby cousin Elizabeth…

Uncle Chase also helped him hunt eggs with Gwyneth and Alyssa.

I got back on Saturday evening and we met at Uncle Greg and Aunt Cynthia’s house for fajitas and to see family one more time. All of the festivities wiped Jake out!

Then we came home for our family Easter and to see what the Easter Bunny brought…pictures on my next post :)