The Final Chi Chi Wedding

If you’ve followed this blog long enough, I probably don’t have to explain to you what a “Chi Chi” is. But if you want the short version of the story…

Awkward middle school girls become best friends and the rest is history.

I see why you all want me to become an author now! :)

This past weekend, we packed up the truck and headed on a road trip to see Susan and Britt get married! Between 2005 and 2011, all 5 of us have found our husbands, gotten married, and even had a couple of kids. I am so glad to say that all 5 men are in love with Jesus, handsome, funny, take care of their girls, and really are just the whole package! We couldn’t have asked for anything more.

We made a pitstop in La Grange to drop Jake off at Seth’s parents house. He has not demonstrated proper wedding behavior in the past so we felt this was the best decision for everyone!! Drew continued on with us to the wedding in Wimberly and even got to see Aunt Emily & Uncle Kyle in Austin along the way.

As all babies do, there were some tears and dirty diapers throughout the evening. But considering the circumstances, Drew did great at his first wedding and we weren’t kicked out – always a plus!

Drew sleeping in Nana’s arms

Pretty much 3 seconds after I found out I was pregnant with Drew, I started crying because I wasn’t sure how close my due date would be to Susan’s wedding. I knew that I had to be there, but also knew I had a newborn baby to consider. I am so glad he was already 2+ weeks old and I was on the mend because the trip was so worth it!

Mostly because I was a little rusty on my Cotton Eyed Joe

The “Chi Chis”

Cara (due with Baby Kennedy soon!), Megan, Dabney, Suzbabe, Paula, and me

Dabney, Paula, and me

The beautiful bride and her husband. They really did have a Cinderella wedding – the horse and carriage was so cool!

Mr. and Mrs. Britt Sensat
Drew cheering on the newlyweds

Not only did we make the wedding, but we got to see Popo, Nonnie, Chase, Nana, Emily, Kyle, and tons of close family friends!

Congratulations to Susan and Britt – we are so happy for the both of you and so jealous we’re not joining you in the Bahamas this week!!

*Photos courtesy of DPhotography*

Visit with the Great Grandparents

Last week the boys were so lucky to hang out with some of their great grandparents! Papa & Nanny were in town for a visit at MD Anderson and got to spend time with us when they had a free day. And the best part is that the next day, the doctors told Papa he was in remission! He has been so brave the past year or so battling lymphoma and we are SO GLAD he is better now!

Papa & Nanny with their 3rd great grandson

Jake looooved playing trucks with Papa. In fact, earlier today (a week later…this kids memory amazes me!) he picked up this same tractor and train in the playroom and said, “Papa?”.

I know. We’re still trying to cope with the fact that he’s a genius.

Jake especially was sad to see them go. Mostly because he loves them but also because they had brought him chocolate milk and the choo choo train. :)

It’s Getting Hot in Here

God is smiling down on me…I have been blessed with another relaxed morning! This could also be because I decided to get up and take a shower at 5:45.

I might be insane.

On Tuesday, our playgroup went to tour a local fire station and let’s be honest. We went less for the tour and more for the cute pictures we could get on a fire truck! As with most things, I reeallly thought Jake would love this since he’s so into trucks.


He was more interested in the mounted calvary (what in the heck do you call the fake police who patrol The Woodlands on horses???) that stopped out front for a poop break.

The horses, not the policeman.

Then, when they left he just wanted to find the “clip clops” (horses) and was not interested in learning about the importance of dialing 911 in an emergency.

And as for that really cute group picture?

Note my son’s face. You may have to click on the picture to enlarge. I’m sure the fireman were thrilled to see our group of 2 year olds head home!!!

(Nice fireman, Jack, Jake, Zoe, Sophia, Aubrie, Paige, Will, Blake, Jack, Riley, other nice fireman)
Jack and Blake taking the truck for a spin

Will was ready for a ride! Jake was just ready to get outta there. Not even his cute fire truck shirt helped put him in the mood!

Drew, here you are at your first fire station tour. 13 days old. Never say your life isn’t exciting!

Not interested in “driving”

Me and my boys!

Perhaps we’ll try this excursion again when Jake is 3 or 4…

Peace like a River

This morning I am experiencing a strange sensation…a feeling I haven’t known in at least several weeks…


I think as a mom of 2 boys, I won’t be getting loads of peace and quiet in the near future. But it is almost 8am…it’s dark and rainy outside (praise God!)…both boys are asleep (well, now Jake is standing up…but he’s quiet so WINNING!)…I am dressed and ready for the day…AND I’ve had my coffee.

And did I mention I’m blogging?

Yesterday afternoon/evening was probably our toughest day since Drew’s arrival. Seth had school after work and poor Drew was awake and screaming all evening long. Jake was SUCH a good sport. The only thing that would calm Drew down was feeding him…although it wasn’t so much feeding as providing a pacifier (sigh). He had just been awake for hours and couldn’t calm himself enough to go to sleep. And nothing was working. All of this went on during Jake eating dinner, getting a bath, reading books before bed, etc. But Jake didn’t seem to care too too much because he made sure I read Drew a book after I read Jake his book before bed – cute!

Does that even make sense?

This is why I am enjoying the quiet God has blessed me with this morning!

I realized that 2nd child is getting more iPhone pictures than nice Nikon pictures (again, oops) so I decided to post some of the last few pictures from my phone…

Lately we’ve been playing in style…

I really can’t even believe I’m posting this, seeing as my hair is all nappy and I look like a weirdo. But Jake likes me to wear sunglasses when he is wearing his. And he gets a kick out of me taking pictures on the phone and then looking at them. Anything to make him happy :)

Drew wondering what in the world we’re doing. It must be hard to focus on playmat time when you have sounds of lasers and interglactic battles going on in the background (thank you Buzz Lightyear…)

My sweet boy!

Yesterday I got brave and took the boys to tour a local fire station with our playgroup. Let’s say it didn’t go quiiiiiite as well as I had expected. Jake could’ve cared less about the fire station or trucks and would’ve preferred playing in the leaves outside. Pictures of that experience to come!

Life Lately

Well, I have been taking a lot of pictures…or so I thought. But then realized I already had about 1,000 pictures of Jake (no exaggeration) when he was about 2 weeks old.


Speaking of Jake, he’s been busy rocking his toys to sleep in our bassinet. (Well, the actual basket was in the other room with the baby in it…but that didn’t stop this guy!)

Sweet sleeping boy!

It’s getting easier to get pictures with his eyes open! It seems that Drew slept through his first week of life and is now finally waking up to the world.

Jake likes to check on his little brother

Drew was glad to visit with his Aunt Susan and Paula last week! He also told me he’d like either of them to get him another friend pretty soon…

Things have still been going well over here! I admit, it’s a ton easier when people are bringing you meals and the baby still sleeps a lot. Now granted, there hasn’t been a ton of house cleaning or blogging (you don’t have to remind me) going on, but we are enjoying spending time with Drew and making memories with Jake!

All About Jake

I know you’ve been hearing a lot about Drew but I didn’t want to forget about our favorite oldest child (opposed to our favorite youngest child) in the meantime!

Jake has done so well this week adjusting to things. Seth has been back at work since Wednesday and I think Jake has enjoyed having just him and mommy time again. He is still having to adjust to sharing the attention but I am doing my best to keep the focus on Jake while he is awake…and then loving on Drew a lot when he is asleep!

The boys both have a shirt/onesie with this tie…I did my best to get a brother picture but so far have been unsuccessful. We took newborn pictures for Drew earlier this week and I thought for sure we could manage one of those cute, unforgettable, loving sibling pictures.

Again, amateur mom! We were just lucky that Jake didn’t squash the little guy. Sigh.

At least he loves his brother’s bouncy seat! And he should, seeing as he spent hours upon hours in this thing when he was younger.

We’ll just pray it doesn’t break!

Say cheese! If you know Jake, you know he HATES sunglasses. I’m not sure why but he usually screams if you try and put them on.

Not yesterday! Kiddo thought it was so funny…I would put them on and say “say cheeeeeese!” and he’d get a huge grin on his face. Oh I love him!

I know I sound like a sap, but I’ve just been so proud of him this week. I feel like he’s really growing up. Jake has been so cooperative – running to his high chair when it’s time to eat, cleaning up his toys, following directions, going to bed without a fight…where did my baby go?? It has made this week sooo much easier on me and I just love him more and more every day!

I’m not sure what Seth and I have done to deserve two precious little boys!

I Cannot Wake This Child Up


It took everything we had to get newborn Jake to sleep.

It’s taking everything I have to get newborn Drew to WAKE UP.

I’m slightly worried for tonight seeing as how this child has literally been sleeping since 11am. He has briefly waken up 2 or 3 times to eat but I’m not even sure he was completely lucid then. He even slept through his check-up at the doctor! We’re just a little speechless because we’re not quite sure how to handle a phenomenon like this.

Perhaps by praying it continues!

Drew’s check-up went great. He is back to his birth weight of 6 lbs, 10 oz (10th percentile) and is still 21 inches long (90th percentile). Yes…long and skinny!

In typical second child fashion, we forgot to give Drew a bath until Saturday night. I’m pretty sure we have given Jake a bath every single day of his life. That reminds me…he’s probably due for another one in a minute…

We read books in Jake’s room before bed. He insisted on sitting in my lap and seemed ok to share the space with his brother. Compared to the baby, Jake looks like a monster!

Being sweet to his brother! He loves to look at him in the bouncy seat. This morning we were playing in our playroom and when I was in there he would completely ignore Drew. Then if I got up, he would run over there the second I turned my back. It was so funny!

He always sleeps like this. His hands were always up by his face in the ultrasounds and I guess it’s just habit now! So sweet.

I love Jake’s face here – ha! Like…”I’m interested in this new guy but I don’t really want to act like it.”

Sweet little boy

Taking in his surroundings. I should warn him to always keep an eye open. You never know when you might get a monster truck in the head!

Jake wanted Drew to sit in his chair when he got home for the hospital. That was right before he almost sat on him.

I could get used to life right after a baby. Having meals brought to us, Seth helping with lots of cleaning (well, he always helps, but still), no real agenda or plans. It’s too bad this can’t go on forever…!