It is Well

I’ve had this song in my head today and found one of my favorite recordings. This is on my “if something happens, please sing this at my funeral list” that I’ve given Seth (don’t make fun…it’s better than not having any idea what I’d want!)

I could listen to this on repeat all day long…

Also, I probably need a backup person to give my funeral music selection list to because I’m semi-afraid Seth has already misplaced it… :)

Pool Fun

Last week the boys and I went with some friends to see Winnie the Pooh. Jake didn’t move a muscle from the time we got in the theater until the credits were rolling. Not sure if I should be proud of my movie maniac or not!! He just chomped away at his $5.50 popcorn (omg) and told the occasional child to “SIT!”. He did not want anyone ruining his movie experience!

I’m so thankful we were there with friends because I had to stay outside with Drew most of the time. This was about 20 minutes after our doctor’s appointment where we left with a prescription for Zantac and that prescription hadn’t had time to be filled yet. :) Poor baby.

I had to include this because look who has befriended the baby again! Tucker follows Drew around everywhere just like he did for Jake. That dog may drive me up the wall sometimes but at least he is loyal.

Today we spent the day at Georgia’s parents house using their pool. It was so nice because the babies could sleep inside while the big kids played outside. I’m too chicken to leave Drew on the side at our neighborhood pool so this was a good alternative!

Enjoying a snack and some Cinderella after a hard day of swimming

Jack was very serious about his pool fashion

Goofy Blake!

Macie was “watering” the flowers and Jake got a kick out of her spraying him. I guess it tickled him because he kept running up to her saying “Tickle tickle??” and then running away giggling. I love when that kiddo laughs!

You know he’d be crying if I was the one spraying him!

Macie kept saying, “Get over here boy!” and would spray him again. I think it gave her a mini-power trip :)

Days at the pool make the 110 degree weather seem a little more bearable. But I will NOT be disappointed when that first fall cool front comes through and we can actually enjoy playing outside again…

Life According to the iPhone

The convenient thing about my iPhone is that I can take pictures and video with it. The annoying thing is that I tend to use the phone for everything now and forget to get out the good camera every once in awhile. So Drew, that’s why your pictures aren’t as good as your brothers :)

Drew rolled over a couple of times tonight! He had done it once accidentally but I think this time it was on purpose :) I ran (to get my phone) to try and get a video but of course I was too late. I still wanted to share this though because I thought it was funny. But that’s just because I’m their mom. The rest of you will think this is pretty dang boring. But note the thunder halfway through – those were some LOUD booms!

Just a typical night!

We were lucky to see lots of family this past weekend! Jake got to spend the weekend with Nonnie & Popo (fun for him but sad for me!!) and Nana was able to make a last minute trip into town as well! Uncle Michael and Aunt Rachel also babysat Jake for me on Thursday during a doctor’s appointment. So yeah, my boys are getting lots of love!

Aunt Rachel and Drew

Jake being a goofball! I love that he’s forward facing now in his carseat. Well, I take that back. I hate that he can see if I choose to stop and get a Sonic drink (not the easiest thing to share in the car!) but love that I can see him in the rearview mirror and laugh with him (all while safely driving…)

Drew and Nana at Lupe Tortilla.

Sweet boy was exhausted in the car today! I cannot stop staring at a sleeping child. They look so darn sweet and innocent.

Drew has really started smiling lately! This face cracked me up.

And look how well he was holding his head up tonight! I was quite proud.

I think I owe our family double the pictures next time because I somehow managed to take next to none while they were here. Oopsie.

Next up – day at the pool!


I know I need to post something. I know. But tonight I kinda just want to eat some ice cream and watch How I Met Your Mother (um, kinda my new obsession!) before I have to get another kid ready for bed.

So in the meantime, I’ll leave you with this little teaser…

At least someone thinks I’m funny!!

Catch All

In case you didn’t know, I have the CUTEST boys in the whole world. Seriously.

I wasn’t scaring him, promise.

Sweet boy watching his brother play!

Jake thought it was so fun to read books to Drew. As you can see, Drew was supposed to “read” the monkey book and Jake was reading his current all-time favorite “The Ear Book”.

(I can recite it by memory. That shouldn’t surprise any of you)

Jake the giant! Or Drew the squirt. I can’t believe that they’re so close in age yet so different in size.

Jake loves to “organize” things. He always has a plan and it rarely makes sense to me. And if you even try to interfere, you get in BIG trouble. I think I tried to move one of these trucks and he freaked and put it back in its spot. Can you tell he’s my child? :)

We’ve noticed Jake starting to pretend more lately. Every night we have to tell Buzz and Woody “night night” and he covers each with a burp cloth. We’ve since had to start putting Drew to bed in his crib (even though he’s up after Jake) so that he thinks Drew goes to sleep too. Then I go to get him after Jake is down – ha.

Drew has started to smile more lately! It’s so cute. Last week our sweet friend Corey brought us dinner and her kids came to play. Sydney loved holding Drew and he couldn’t stop smiling!

Just chillin’

Seth and Jake going “night night”. More of pretend :) Jake thought this was HILARIOUS.

The boys matched again this morning at church. I pulled out all the stops to get Jake to smile but he just wasn’t having it today…

Jake wanted to make sure their arms were touching
I call this “bored to death” :) I mean, could they look any more unimpressed?

Sweet brothers!
Sharing a kiss with Drew.

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t blogged in a week so I think we’re almost caught up now! Jake is warming up to his brother more and more everyday so I have a little more hope for the future.

Tomorrow the boys and I are going to see the Winnie the Pooh movie with friends. And I am excited. Like I said earlier today, 16 year old Mary would think I was sooo lame!!!

My Boys

It just keeps getting better and better…

Offering his puppy to his little brother

Jake kept saying “soft!” as he was touching Drew’s hair


(And yes, we will be taking these pictures every Sunday!)

Brotherly Love – Finally!

Last night when we were getting Jake ready for bed, he started to show a peaked interest in his brother. Drew was laying on the floor and all of a sudden Jake walked over there and looked like he was going to pick him up. Since I’m not super confident in his baby-holding abilities yet, I said, “Do you want to hold your brother?!?!”. Seth grabbed Jake and put him in his lap and I took off running to get the camera.

You’ve never seen me move so fast.

Granted, these aren’t the super cute, matchy matchy brother pictures that I’m ultimately looking for, but I think this was a step in the right direction!

“So this is what all the fuss is about…”
“Mom, I can do this all on my own”

If I hadn’t been in such a dang hurry, this picture would’ve been in focus! Still so cute.

Jake lasted about 30 seconds holding his little brother and then was done. But those 30 seconds made me the happiest mama in the whole world!

Drew is One Month Old!

Yesterday Drew turned one month old! How time flies. I was just telling Seth last night that it’s so different with the second baby. With Jake, I would just watch him, “play” with him, talk to him, etc and Drew is lucky to get half that kind of attention when his brother is awake!! I am trying to incorporate Drew into our daily activities but big brother is still having some trouble adjusting. And like a true second child, Drew is ok with that and just going with the flow!

He is such a sweet baby. We do have our moments of crying and screaming fits but they are few and far between. We are so blessed and lucky to have 2 little boys!! I am trying to really take advantage of this time since this will be our last baby (planned at least) but time just moves too too fast.

Drew, at one month you are:

-eating every 2.5-3 hours

-taking about a 2 hour nap between feedings in the swing (hardpressed to get you to nap anywhere else!!)

-usually waking up once in the middle of the night around 3 or 4am.

-just switched to size 1 diapers

-moving into size 0-3 month clothes (you’re getting to long for the newborn ones!)

-have a love/hate relationship with your paci. You can’t seem to keep it in your mouth but sure like the idea of it.

-seem to like your baths ok unless it’s time to eat or sleep

-tolerate your big brother poking on you!

-like to be swaddled. You were indifferent to this at first but now you have trouble sleeping if you’re not tighly wrapped up.

-are one long baby! You are about 22 inches and almost 8 lbs if I had to guess (he was 7 lbs 6 oz at 3 weeks old)

-you’re also attempting to roll over. You don’t like being on your tummy at all so I think that’s incentive enough to get back to your back. You also like being on your side a lot so I think that helps in the overall “rolling” strategy.

-have already been to the movies (with big brother), a fire station, friends houses, and your first wedding. Holy moly.

You’re such a sweet baby and I know 2 months will be here before we know it!

Designer God

I read this post last year when Missy originally wrote it. It hit me hard and was something I thought about for weeks. I even had my own post written with some of my own opinions and decided I just couldn’t eloquently express my thoughts.

A year later I still can’t.

So how about you just read her words if you have the time. :)