For those of you who didn’t know, Seth left for a work trip to France, Belgium, and Germany (poor thing!) on Friday, July 15th.

He got back 3 days ago.

I didn’t really mention this before because, you know, I’ve seen about 12 too many Criminal Minds. But rest assured we were well taken care of while he was gone!

Spending 300+ hours by myself with both kids wasn’t nearly as stressful as I thought it would be. The worst part was right after Seth left when Drew all of a sudden decided he would let me know about his acid reflux problems. And Jake still doesn’t love it when I have to do anything involving his little brother so we were all running a little ragged for a few days. But thanks to some medicine, some grandparents, some good friends, and Nemo/ChooChoo/Cars/Buzz, we were still sane when Daddy got home! :)

I really thought Jake was going to have a Kodak moment-esqe reaction when we picked Seth up from the airport but he basically looked at him, pointed, and said, “Dada” very matter of factly!

To his credit, it was Dada.

What I hoped would be a relaxing weekend has been a little chaotic. Jake has thrown a world-record amount of tantrums because if he doesn’t get 129% of Seth’s attention, he loses it. I’m hoping things get back to normal this week and we can have a happy boy back again!

Seth has 250 pictures to share from his trip, mostly with descriptions like, “I think that’s ____” or “I can’t remember what that thing is…”.

I know you’re all on pins and needles!