First Day of Preschool

Jake had his first day of preschool today! The day started off a little dramatically (hmm, don’t think that’s a word) when I showed Jake his new tennis shoes. The kids are not allowed to wear Crocs to the preschool.

Therein lies our problem. The only shoes Jake ever wants to wear are his Crocs.

His new brown Crocs that aren’t all scuffed up? No.

His old faded blue Crocs that are dirty and too small for his feet.

I guess it’s never too early to learn that life’s not fair! After about an hour of completely falling apart, pulling his shoes off, crying about his shoes, and mom considering cancelling this whole preschool gig all-together…we made it outside to take pictures with Luke!

Luke was super excited for his first day in the 3 yr old class. Note that he’s wearing his backpack and carrying his lunchbox. Jake was just mad about his shoes.

Ok, finally getting a smile

Why should I expect him to hold his super cool dog backpack when I already ruined his life by making him wear cool new red and black tennis shoes??? I swear, the injustices of this world.

This was the only picture I was able to get in the classroom. It was quite chaotic this morning…lots of crying children. This was about as sad as Jake got. He stood in that position for a few minutes and then apparently did great the rest of the day! We were so proud of him. Three kids in his class got sent home early because they couldn’t stop crying (hallelujah I wasn’t those moms!!!). When Drew and I got there to pick him up, he didn’t want to stop playing with their cars and trucks. Ms. Laura & Ms. Rachel said he did awesome and was “very serious”.

Well, preschool is serious business.

In the meantime, Drew went with me to run errands and get my haircut and then we (I) came home to clean house. I think Drew might take this school transition a little harder than Jake! He was awake the entire time we were in the car and just about fell apart when we got home because he was so tired. Why oh why do my children fight sleep?? My goal was not to be a captive to the house with kid #2 but I have a feeling it might be my fate for awhile…

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the new shoes?

He didn’t want to take them off until it was time for his bath tonight.

I swear.

We Finally Found a Use for all those Extra Pillows…

Sweet Jake has had to listen to many many many many hours of his little brother screaming the past couple days. I called Seth and told him I had run out of activities for us to do since “Shh Shh, it’s ok Baby!” is not exactly a high priority for him. So when Seth got home, it was Daddy to the rescue!

If you know Jake, you know he becomes obsessed with new things and gets stuck on them for a week or two.

Examples…Buzz, Play-Doh, Puzzles, Nemo, etc.

We played with Play-Doh every waking hour for 2 weeks straight and haven’t touched it in almost a month.

I have a feeling my obstacle course-creating abilities will be put to the test tomorrow!

And the next day.

And the next day.

And the day after that…