Pumpkin Patch and Great Grandparents!

We had a busy, but fun weekend! First, the pumpkin patch. Last year, it was near impossible to get a cute picture of Jake with the pumpkins. This year, it was just as impossible! I told Seth that all I ever wanted in the world was a cute picture of the boys smiling in the pumpkins.

All I ever wanted! Is it THAT hard???

Daddy and his boys. In almost all my pictures it’s as if Drew is reaching out and thinking “Oh! A Pumpkin!”

Our best brother picture. I will put my hope in next year!

I think Jake’s class walks around the pumpkin “pun pun” patch at school almost every week so he was quite familiar with the territory.

“Pun Pun!”

Love my boys! They were thrilled to be there…I promise.

There was also a petting zoo and Jake loved to “tickle” the little horses. He would walk up and pet them while saying, “Tickle tickle!” and laugh.

I was also lucky enough to participate in the tractor ride with Jake…
Bringing up the caboose

He wanted to “see” the tractor so bad but wasn’t sure about riding in it. Let me just tell you that this wasn’t made for parents. But I squeezed myself in there so we could have FUN, I tell you.

Jake was also lucky to see not one, but two sets of great grandparents this weekend!! Papa and Nanny stopped by on Friday on their way home from MD Anderson and Meemaw and Peepaw weren’t far behind!

Sorry Meemaw…your only picture with Jake was the back of his head in his diaper! We’ll try harder next time :)

He had so much fun with them and was even really good at saying “Peepaw”. He is still talking about him!

Grandpa also came to visit for the day so Jake had plenty of people to entertain him!

Peepaw loved meeting baby Drew!

And Drew looooved having everyone hold him! I swear, this kid is polar opposite of Jake. Just makes it difficult when he wants to be held 24-7 at home…big brother doesn’t take to that very well!

Papa and Nanny brought us a scarecrow that was just Jake’s size! We go out and look at him everyday.

Nanny and little Drew. They were so happy to see the boys again!

Papa and Drew. He was especially happy after receiving clear scans from MD Anderson! Papa kicked cancer in the behind!

I’ve said it a hundred times but our boys are so very lucky to be surrounded by so much love. I love that Jake is finally remembering and talking about family members, especially since we don’t get to see everyone all the time. But we look at pictures and he can name almost everyone! He even remembers who gave him what for his birthday, which I think is pretty impressive (ok, not every gift but several of them).

We had so much fun seeing everyone this weekend and can’t wait until the next time!

Storybook Parade

Today Jake’s preschool had a “Storybook” parade. Which basically means to wear your Halloween costume, but we have to be church-appropriate here, right? We all know that Jesus didn’t dress up and trick-or-treat with Peter, James, and John.

Or did he? I digress.

I had several ideas for dressing up as an actual book character but made the last minute decision this morning to just have Jake wear his Halloween costume. The sentence you just read describes an activity that left me a little out of breath. Because if you know Jake, you know there’s no “just doing” something.

See for yourself:

I’m actually amazed the nylon Wal-Mart costume was up to the challenge of staying in one piece as Jake tried to rip it to shreds. And p.s. if you think THAT was a bad temper tantrum…


That was contained in 5 minutes. Try an hour.

Anyway. As soon we got in the car, Jake couldn’t stop talking about his Buzz costume. Of course, right? And once he saw all the other kids dressed up at school, I think he was starting to warm up to the idea.

Drew and I waited with the other parents until everyone was ready for their “parade” through the halls. Jake was eating.it.up. The big kids lined the hallway and were clapping for the little kids.

Jake looooves Miss Laura!

Duh, I’m cute! To infinity and beyond!

Our neighbor, Luke, was also in the parade as a cowboy.

Hey, there’s my mommy! I thought he would get mad and want to leave when he saw me but he just waved and kept walking.

I love my little Buzz and hope he is equally excited to wear his costume on Monday evening! “Woody” will be joining him in the stroller. The jury is still out on whether or not Seth will accompany as Mr. Potato Head…

Groundhog Day

No, don’t worry. You didn’t misread your calendar. Even though we still have several months until Goundhog Day, I feel like I am perpetually stuck in one. The boys have either been sick, crying, throwing tantrums, not sleeping, crying, screaming, or some combination of all of those for the past week. This morning, Jake woke up mid-tantrum (how is that even possible?) and we couldn’t get him calmed down for almost 20 minutes. This was at 6am, people. I just crawled back in bed to hide and Seth asked if I was quitting before I even started.

Wouldn’t that be nice.

In all seriousness, I love my little boys. They wear me out beyond belief sometimes but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. And it bugs me to no end when people say things like, “You know, they ARE good kids.”

Well, duh!

I’ve never once said they were bad children. Do they have bad days like anyone else? Yes. Do they sometimes drive me crazy just like anyone else? Of course. But are they bad? Heck no. God has blessed our famly so much and I am lucky to be their mom. Even at 1am, 3:30am, 4am, and 6am and all other times of the night when I get woken up!

Soapbox over…moving on.

Jake loves going to the grocery store with me. In fact, when we drive by Kroger he says, “Mommy’s store? Cookie?”

I think it’s safe to say he loves it more for the cookie. And note his riding companion. Jake got this dog for his birthday and it goes everywhere with us!

The source of some of the screaming this past week was poor little Drew. We ran out of his reflux medicine and because of a manufacturer’s shortage, lots of the pharmacies have been out too. He wasn’t sleeping well and if I could get him to nap in the swing, he would arch his back like this and cry. Oh, break my heart! Luckily, we have 2 more months of the medicine now and Drew is much happier!

Which allows him time to…

… practice his sitting skills! He is still so wobbly but is doing pretty good at balancing for a few seconds. Jake was sitting up on his own before 5 months so maybe this little guy will too! Although he’s hardly old enough…my teeny tiny little boy… :(

And how about some brotherly love? Jake is really into giving Drew hugs and kisses…maybe this is why they are both under the weather! He doesn’t understand why he can’t lay on top of Drew yet but I’m sure that time will come and they will be rolling around wrestling and laughing (or crying?) before we know it.

Here’s hoping for a better week full of restful sleep, zero tantrums, and lots of smiles!!!

Sweet and Sassy

Jake is going through such a funny stage. He has really started to be sweet to his brother…giving him random kisses, sharing toys, and holding his hand. But every once in awhile, especially when Drew is getting too much attention from someone else, a sassy (that is being polite) side comes out and we end up having some drama. I can’t help but feel a little bad for him because I know it stinks to have to share the attention. But on the other hand…life isn’t fair! :)

On a particularly sweet day, Jake decided to share some of his new trucks with Drew…

Jake would hand Drew a truck, get right up in his face and say, “THANK YOU??”. Oops, guess he learned that one from me!

I have a feeling older brother might become a little more bossy until Drew can fight back!

Trying on his new rainboots. He loves wearing them…just doesn’t want to get them wet of course!

You looking at me??

One day I will get my super cute posed brother picture. Until then, this will have to do!

Jake has been doing awesome at school lately! It makes me feel sooo much better. Yesterday he was running down the hall and looking back at me going, “HURRY! HURRY!”. He ran right in his classroom and didn’t look back. It’s probably partly his age and partly being at school but I feel like he’s just soaking up so much right now and I can’t believe all he can do and say (sorry, I’ll probably keep saying that until he’s 30!)

And a little bit of sassy…

I decided that we really really need to start working more on potty training. Especially after he had a dirty diaper last week in his crib and was digging in it and wiping it off on his arm and FACE going “stinky! off! stinky!”. Did I mention it was my birthday?

So this morning I made a big deal about our Buzz and Woody underwear and told him he could wear it if he wanted to be a big boy and tee tee on the potty.

Enter major meltdown.

Like 20-30 minutes major. Screaming “MY PANTS! MY KIKI MOOR (cookie monster) DIAPER!”. Rolling around. Kicking his feet.

So I dropped it.

Then about 30 minutes later I told him he could have some fruit snacks if he wanted to try and go tee tee on the potty.

Enter major meltdown.

Repeat everything from above. Except now a little more drama because I wouldn’t give him fruit snacks.

Just as quickly as all this started, it stopped. And he walks up, with tear-streaked face and snotty nose, and gives me a big kiss on the lips.

I swear I will be gray by the time he’s 3.

Then before nap, I started to change his diaper and he got up and ran to the potty, went tee tee, and asked for a “prize”.

Oh my heavens.

Jake’s 2nd Birthday Party

Ohhh you didn’t think I forgot to post about Jake’s birthday party did you? The amount of pictures in this post might be slightly obnoxious but hey, I’m the mom and can do whatever I want.

First of all, I had the cutest invitations made…

Amy from Proffitt Productions (click to see her Etsy shop!) is awesome. She has done so many invites for me and even did Drew’s birth announcement. I just email her what I’m thinking (which most likely includes a lot of “Umm, I don’t know. Maybe this…or that. I’m not sure. Whatever you think”) and she gets back to me right away with something I love. And best part is, she’s cheap. So there’s my little plug for Amy!

Our theme was planes, trains, and automobiles which pretty much encompasses everything Jake is into these days. Besides a last minute scheduling issue which caused us to change the party location (aaagghh), everything was perfect and I hope Jake had a great time!

Amy also designed these cupcake toppers to match his invite…again…super easy and cheap! And thanks to my awesome neighbor, Lindsey, for helping me ice the cupcakes!!

We had PB&J in the shape of trains along with hot dogs…because who doesn’t love hot dogs?

Party favors were chocolate donuts (aka “spare tires”). Thank you Pinterest!!

Mama and the birthday boy…shortly after I was renamed “MoMMY’. Sigh, my little boy is growing up! As long as he doesn’t start calling me “Mom” yet.

Jessie, Kyle, and Bailey. I think this was Bailey’s 1st birthday party!

Love this face. And I love Blake’s face in the background – ha! Jake wasn’t sure what to think of everyone singing to him but loved the clapping at the end!

We were excited to see Justin and Kristen with sweet Elizabeth!

Aunt Rachel, Uncle Michael, Grandpa, and Aunt Emily

Matt, Georgia, and Kennedy

Um, not the best picture but it was the best one I got of his shirt. I also got this off Etsy and it was so cute! The dump truck had the number “2″ coming out the back.

The seesaw was a big hit with all the kids!!

(Carson, Jack, Blake, Paige, Zoe, Macie, Luke)

Don’t worry, Drew was there too! He got to love on his Aunt Emily a lot!

Awesome picture. Jake loves taking family pictures almost as much as his daddy!

And opening presents…

Jake took every present straight to Uncle Chase. He wanted everything opened NOW. I just had him start handing them to different people and then they would hide them. We had to put a few up for a rainy day! It’s a long time until next October!

Surprise! Popo and Nonnie got Jake a train table…he is in HEAVEN.

He always gets the coolest books from Nana…she has pretty much stocked our bookshelf!

Jake also looooves this car garage (or something, who knows) that Nana got him. The cars race down the tracks…right up his alley. Again, didn’t want to take pictures when he could be playing!

I thought this face was so funny. Eveytime he’d open something new he’d get this look and go, “WHOA!!!!!” I think it’s safe to say he now “gets” the whole present opening experience.

“BIIIIIIG MOOOOOR KRU KRU” (Big Monster Truck…how could you not get that?) from Mommy and Daddy

Loving life with his new toys!

Thanks to everyone who helped out with Jake’s party and all the family that came in town to celebrate! I’m not sure he understands yet how lucky he is to have so many people that love him! We have such a wonderful family, great neighbors, and awesome friends that all came to celebrate our little boy. How he’s 2 is just beyond me.

And if you’ve made it this far, congrats…this might be my longest post yet!

2 Year Check Up

Jake had a great 2 year check up on Monday. His stats were:

26.3 lbs (30th percentile – he has been in the 5th percentile for weight at every well check before this one!)
33.75 inches (40th percentile)

At least all those fruit snacks are good for something! :)

He also got 2 shots and did MUCH better than we were expecting. He started crying as soon as he got the first shot but as the second one was going in, I pulled out some fruit snacks and he immediately started smiling. Shots forgotten.

And because we are suckers, we took him to get ice cream afterward for being so brave.

I’m not even positive he’s had ice cream before, but like his mama, he devoured it with finesse. Actually, that was MY ice cream in the picture but he decided that Reeses Pieces looked better than the chocolate syrup topping I got for him. Ugh, the sacrifices you have to make as a parent!

Dancin’ Machine

And the beat goes on…

This is the best $3.99 I’ve ever spent on a birthday card…gets the point across to Seth AND provides hours of endless entertainment for Jake. Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband…you are the BEST!

(Yes, he is wearing his PJ’s and rainboots. Yes, it was 3 in the afternoon.)

Drew is 4 Months Old!

Drew buddy, you are 4 months old!! We had your 4 month check up yesterday and minus a little cold, everything looked great! Shots were a bit dramatic and there were tears for probably 20 minutes but as the doctor said, “You just have TWO kids with tempers now!”


You are:

12 lbs 6 oz (5th percentile)
25 1/4 in (55th percentile
HC: 16.5 (60th percentile)

You weigh less than Jake did at this age, but are over an inch longer! I guess you’re our basketball player. (If you want to see Jake’s 4 month post, click here)

Actually, it was fun to go back and read Jake’s post just now, because I realized y’all are/were doing the exact same things!

You also:

Loooove those feet! You always have them in your mouth or somewhere close…talk about flexibility!

Wear size 3-6 month clothes

Wear size 2 diapers

Eat (on average) every 3.5 hours

Are always grinning ear to ear!

Love watching big brother play

Are starting to grab onto toys and becoming more interested in your surroundings. You’re also becoming more distracted when you eat!

You don’t protest if someone wants to hold you. In fact, you probably prefer it. Both sweet and difficult for mommy sometimes!

Are taking 3, sometimes 4 naps a day

Sleep from about 7:30-8pm to 6ish in the morning

Are swaddle free – yea!

Are still sleeping in our room but actually slept in your own room last night. You did great and slept soundly from 7pm – 5:30am. Then went back to sleep until 8:30 after I fed you. Here’s hoping we can make some progress with this!

You are definitely a sounder sleeper than older brother!

To compare, here is Jake at 4 months old. I think you have more hair and your eyes are maybe a different shape?

And since nobody believes that you ever cry:

Pictures are not always your most favorite thing! :)

Drew, you are so easy going and mostly just go with the flow. It’s a little harder to have a set schedule with you since Jake is always on-the-go. But we do the best we can and it seems like you’re ok with that for now! You’re even doing tons better in your carseat. But every once in awhile, you like to let us know that you have a set of lungs and need just as much attention as big brother! You are such a sweet baby and we love you so much!

Happy 2nd Birthday!


This weekend we celebrated your 2nd birthday. SECOND. I’m a little embarassed to say I got teary eyed as we were singing Happy Birthday to you. I just cannot explain how proud your Daddy and I are of you and all you can do. You are so FUN!

I love that we can carry on a conversation with you and be confident that you understand what we’re saying (sort of). You know your colors, several letters, numbers (mostly 1, 2, and 3), body parts, and tons of people. Your vocabulary has just exploded in the last month or two and we love it! Some of our favorite words and phrases are:

-One more time “Um more time!”
-Daddy “DadDY” (you really put the emphasis on the “dy”)
-Oh no! Hmmmm…oh no! (You stand in the pantry and say “Hmmm” a lot, like you can’t decide what to eat)
-My __________. You are very possessive right now! “My shirt! My shoes! My seat! My truck!”
-Drew “Dew”
-BlakeJack “BayJaaah”…like they’re one person :)

Gosh, I can’t even begin to write all these down. I need to work on videotaping you more. Because I know you will love to sit down and watch movies of yourself in 20 years!

You are so serious and so goofy at the same time. The perfect mix! As we all know, you are very particular about how things should work and are always insistent on having things YOUR way (typical toddler!). The great thing about you is that you don’t really “get into things”. We’ve never had to worry about you putting things in your mouth, squirting out a container of lotion when Mommy’s not looking, messing up things that shouldn’t be, etc. Famous last words, I guess. But I can leave the room (if you’ll let me) and trust you to take care of the things around you, including your little brother!

You are really warming up to Drew and are starting to share with him. It has probably helped that you’re playing and sharing with your friends at school! You love your teachers at school, at church, your friends, your grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Basically you love anyone who gives you lots of attention!! Who wouldn’t, right? You love to read, do puzzles, color, play with stickers, trucks, trains, cars, and play outside. You looove your Daddy and your dogs too! (May May and Tuhtur)

On the day before your birthday, I thought I’d make you some number “2″ pancakes for breakfast. This was your reaction:

As I mentioned, you like things to be done right and pancakes should be in the shape of a circle as far as you’re concerned!! :) I have a love/hate relationship with this quality!

You love Daddy’s truck and we spend many hours playing in the truck bed or in the cab (with the truck off, of course). You could spend all day in there. You also love the TV. I know it’s not the best quality in the world, but I think everyone would agree you’re an excellent TV watcher. You can easily sit and watch a Disney movie and will not budge. I will take you to the movie theater anytime without worry!

As we know, you don’t like getting dirty. We’ve tried to get you to play in the rain and you get upset because it “tickles” you. You love your lovey blanket (bay bay) and will not sleep without it. We would be in big trouble if we ever lost it!

Basically we just love everything about you and I could go on for hours about every funny thing you do. You are a smart little boy and we are going to have to work hard to keep up with you! You are always one step ahead and I can see the wheels always turning in your little head. I’ve loved you as a baby and now as we transition into a “big boy” it’s bittersweet but so exciting.

We hope you had a great birthday party and look forward to many many many more! We love you more than you know!


Mommy & Daddy

Dance Party USA

Jake’s friend Lexi came over to play this morning and they had a blast. One of the things they always do (Lexi’s influence, I’m sure) is go and have a “dance party” in Jake’s room.

Don’t worry, they have to leave the door open.

Doesn’t it almost look like they choreographed this one?

They were cracking me up today and I can see glimpses of some incredible dance careers in their future…

Isn’t this the cutest picture? I love that Jake has so much fun playing with his friends!