Let’s Hear it for the Boys

Pictures…you want ‘em, you got ‘em!

No, I didn’t mistakenly buy Jake a pair of the wrong sized shoes again. Don’t Daddy’s shoes fit him nicely?

Daddy feeding Drew a bottle during the Aggie game. He is doing so much better with bottles, thank goodness. Now I can actually leave him for a few hours and not have to worry!

Last Saturday morning, we got the boys in their Aggie gear (ehhh…Whoop?) and went on a walk around the neighborhood. Never mind that the walk almost killed me (and how did I ride my bike from Houston to Austin…TWICE?) but they had fun being in our double jogger. Except for the fact that Jake.couldn’t.leave.Drew.alone. He was constantly messing with him. I am excited that Drew is big enough for the stroller and now that the weather is cooler we can go on lots more walks!

Love me some Drew!

A couple weekends we went to visit Nonnie and Popo. This was Drew’s 2nd trip out of town and he did awesome! Jake had fun seeing lots of family and playing play-doh with Nonnie.

Granny and Alvin playing with Drew

Hanging with Minaw and meeting Aunt Wanda

Let me preface the next picture. All I want is to be a cool mom. Is that so much to ask? I bought some finger paint a few weeks ago so that Jake and I could get creative. Now, finger paint grosses me out so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised at Jake’s reaction…

How dare we get paint on our fingers! ;) Next time we’ll stick with brushes.

Sweet Drew. He has been so smiley and interacting a lot more with Jake.

And lovin’ him some feet! Now how can that be comfortable?

I think the excitement has finally worn off, but Jake was thrilled to see the Exersaucer again!

We had a snowcone stand open outside of our neighborhood so naturally we have to support it! Jake doesn’t love them as much as we thought but I am not opposed to eating his leftovers.

I guess you could say we’ve been working on potty training over here. I realized that I am the one scared of it, not Jake. He has done awesome sitting on the potty and uses it at least once a day. He has also been going at school apparently which really surprised me! I am so proud of him and won’t be sad to kiss those diapers goodbye.

Love that cheese!

I can’t believe Jake will be turning TWO on Saturday and Drew will be 4 months old! They grow so fast…