Oops, still here! We have been busy bees this month. Lots of birthday parties, events, and family time. One party in particular held a first for Jake…

A pony ride!

We had fun celebrating Noah’s 2nd birthday party at Clay’s Restaurant. Good food AND a petting zoo. I didn’t expect Jake to get near the ponies but he hopped right on and held on tight!

Watching Noah on his horse…I swear he was there. It was his party after all :)

We also took the boys to Disney on Ice a few weeks ago! We made the mistake of going on Saturday afternoon and had to fight through lots of traffic and crowds. It even made us a little late but Jake didn’t seem to mind. He loved watching the show! I’m not sure he completely understood what was going on, but he was mesmorized the entire time.

Sharing some snacks with Daddy. You can imagine that something like Disney on Ice was RIGHT up Seth’s alley! :)

We had our hands full

Mickey and friends skating

Can’t leave out the awkward, too close, in the dark family picture! We also went with the Erbeles but it was better to focus on keeping kids accounted for than taking lots of pictures. Maybe in a few more years…

It’s pretty sad when “blog posts” makes it on your to-do list right next to “Kroger, Target, and Sam’s”! I have some really cute brother pictures to share that will have to wait until next time. It’s like Jake woke up one morning and decided he was obsessed with all things Drew. Hooray!

Nose in a Book

I have lots of pictures and thoughts to post but can’t possibly make time tonight. I am frantically trying to finish Catching Fire, the 2nd book in the Hunger Games trilogy, so that I can start the 3rd!

I seem to have some sort of affinity for young adult literature. Some of my favorite books include Harry Potter, Twilight, and now The Hunger Games. Not sure what that says about me except that I must still be pretty hip!

But for real, these books are SO GOOD. I highly recommend running out to buy them now so you can make the movie premiere in March!

In the meantime, you can check out a sneak peek of our family pictures. As always, Rachel Honeyman did an awesome job and I am so happy with the pictures we got.

I’ve also just about given up my dream of having a picture where we all 4 smile and look at the camera at the same time.

But then again, Seth told me that wouldn’t be real life so I suppose we’re just keeping it real…

Chapstick Detox

Well. I’ve now figured out how the enemy* could easily get top secret intel out of me.

Take away my Chapstick.

*Assuming I was a spy for the US government and had a real-live enemy who needed to torture me for top secret information.

I have been on a self-imposted Chapstick detox the past week and I am nearly dying. Sometimes I just start shaking and talking nonsense. Other times I feel like bugs are crawling all over me. Sometimes I just want to scream. But I realized I had a major minor problem when I couldn’t even go from one room to another without my coveted lip balm.

Like really.

Taking a bathroom break during a TV show? Don’t forget the Chapstick!

Playing trucks with Jake and leaving the playroom for 5 minutes? Don’t forget the Chapstick!

I could go on.

If I left home without my Chapstick, I would either turn around or immediately stop and buy some. And if you have any children, you know it’s more desirable to go through a drive thru so you don’t have to unload everyone.

I haven’t noticed any drive thru Chapstick stands as of late. And no, the pharmacy drive thru won’t sneak you a tube when you pick up a prescription.

(I’ve tried)

Ok, now you’re wondering about the point of this post. There really isn’t one. See, I told you lack of lip moisturizer can make you do crazy things! My sister told me it isn’t even allowed at her elementary school because of its addictive qualities (Lordy, what has the world come to?). I believe it now!

Oh, were you wondering if the enemy would have a bigger challenge getting that top secret intel out of Seth?


They’d either have to start taking his picture or clean out a hairbrush in front of him and they’d be golden.

What can I say? We’re weak!

Hangin’ Around

The boys have had lots of fun with friends lately. Black and Jack got to come over yesterday afternoon while their parents went out. The boys had a blast and Jake was so sad to wake up this morning and find they were gone!

A little crowded but still plenty of room for fun. I figured it was safer for Drew to sit this one out!

Making sure they know how the Exersaucer works so they can help baby Kate in a few months!! Poor Blake was a little stuck…

Who says this is a baby toy?

A semi-successful attempt to hold little brother.

That quickly became a failure!

Jake will wear sunglasses but ONLY if it’s his idea. And if they’re upside down, it’s even better!

Hanging with Lexi

5 Months Old

Ohhhh my baby boy. Drew, you are just the sweetest baby I’ve ever met! I tell your Daddy every night that I’m so sad you and your brother are growing up. He is super excited to play sports and go fishing with you one day but now it’s only 17 years, 7 months until you go to college, right? :)

My thoughts exactly

This month you are starting to move and groove! You started rolling from your back to tummy nonstop earlier this month and actually prefer to be on your tummy now. You sleep on your tummy, play on your tummy, and are starting to (gasp) scoot on your tummy. I’m afraid you’ll really be moving before I am ready!

Here you are under the coffee table…that’s not where you started!

You are wearing size 2 diapers and size 3-6 month clothes.

You have been sleeping about 12 hours straight at night (yahoo!) from 7-7 and take 3 naps during the day. You don’t nap as good as your brother did, but to be fair, the house was probably a lot quieter back then! However, as a plus, you are almost always happy.

You’re still a big fan of your feet and have been sucking on your fingers a lot lately…I think you might be working on some teeth!

You’re eating rice cereal twice a day now and will probably start veggies in the next few weeks. I’m hoping this will make Jake insanely jealous and want to eat your veggies too. Since he eats next to none right now, I don’t mind giving him pureed spoonfuls if that’s what it takes. :)

I know this picture is sad but I think it’s kinda cute too. You were just mad I made you sit up all by yourself. Life’s tough, kid

Earlier this week, I woke up and checked the monitor. I did a double take because I saw this:

No, not the shadow of a unibrow (I swear you don’t have one). You were naked! How this happened I have NO CLUE.

You can see your pjs and sleep sack in the left corner. Both still buttoned/zipped. Looks like we have a little Houdini on our hands!

(Again, not where I put you!)

Drew, you love your big brother. And I think he loves you now! Jake shows you how all the toys work and shares his trucks and trains with you. Your eyes light up whenever you see him. It just melts a mama’s heart!

We also have to strap you into everything now as evidenced by your trickery above. Jake never tried to climb/roll out of a swing, bouncy seat, or high chair. You are the wiggliest baby!

Just like your brother, we’ve given you so many nicknames. I apologize…but just can’t help it! You are our Drewbie, Mr. D, D money, and little booger (sorry). We can’t imagine life without you and can’t wait for month 6!

Jake at 5 months. Do you think they look alike?

I remember telling a friend at work that it was the best picture I’d ever have of him…if only I had known at the time how much cuter they get! :)

Sweet Brothers

Tonight at dinner, the boys were cracking each other up!! It was the first time it has happened and was sooo sweet. Now, normally I don’t allow toys at the table (and technically no banging of toys either!) but I had to let this slide. And unfortunately I missed videotaping the best part…neither of them could catch their breath they were laughing so hard. May we have many many more years of giggles and laughter!

*I know you’re super impressed by my videography. My iPhone camera is world-class!

**Seth will be getting down our highchair from the attic this weekend because that Bumbo clearly isn’t cutting it anymore! Drew is tooooo wiggly.

In The Quiet…

I am a person who loves the quiet. Which really works out since I have 2 small children! The past couple weeks I have finally gotten the boys to both nap around the same time. So I have been able to get at least an hour…maybe two…of quiet time all to myself.


And right now, as I sit on the couch typing this, I feel a little guilty that I’m not mopping, dusting, organizing something, or being a productive citizen.

But what was that? Oh, right. NOTHING! The house is QUIET.

And to me, that is more valuable than sparkling clean floors right now.

Hopefully Seth will agree…

Around the House

I have tons of pictures of random things the boys do around the house. I know I won’t remember the significance of what happened in a few years (or, let’s be serious, next week) so here’s what we’ve been up to…

Jake is loving on little Drew all the time! They share lots of hugs and kisses…Drew lights up when he sees Jake’s face. A couple months ago, Jake would scream if I brought Drew into his room when he woke up in the morning or from a nap. Now he sees him and gets the biggest grin on his face and wants to hold his hand right away. They also “hold hands” while I change Jake’s diaper on the floor.

We were helping Drew sit up the other day and he toppled over into Jake’s lap…he took this opportunity to give him a hug.

I promise Jake wasn’t smothering Drew!

Drew kept falling into his lap and he was so excited. Jake would say, “Drew!! Baby tickle!”

We are still wobbly but working on sitting. He does pretty well leaning against something and can balance on his own for just a couple seconds before falling over.

Jake’s first (and hopefully last) encounter with my eyeshadow. It was all over his cheeks and mouth. Seth was not thrilled when I sent him this picture at work!

Last week we drove to Huntsville to visit Andrea and Sara. Jake and Sara weren’t too sure about each other at first but ended up having fun playing with all her toys. I didn’t get any pictures except one of sweet Sara holding Drew.

She took her job very seriously.

We love making breakfast for dinner and Jake got to help Daddy the other night. I don’t know what it is about Daddys but they always make the best pancakes!

So excited to hear the grill sizzle!

Showing Drew how to play with his toys. At least that’s what I’d like to think. In reality, it was probably more playing with the toy while Drew happened to be next to it!
Sharing a sweet brother moment.

Drew has been eating rice cereal once a day for the past couple weeks. He isn’t the world’s biggest fan but we manage to get a couple of bites down every time. He is more interested in smiling at us! (Not the worst thing in the world)

Peeking out from the door of Jake’s new Thomas the Train playtent. This birthday present has been a big hit!

Seth and Jake hiding inside. Actually, Jake was hiding and Seth was probably stuck! Let me say that it’s not the easiest thing for an adult to fit inside! Or (hypothetically) for a mom to fit inside while feeding little brother…but we somehow still manage.

Oh the rainboots…he still won’t let them get wet.

These cuties definitely keep us on our toes!