Happy Thanksgiving! (Better Late than Never, Ok?)

We had a great Thanksgiving this year and were lucky to see tons of family! Nana came to visit the weekend before and we had an early Thanksgiving dinner with her, Uncle Michael, and Aunt Rachel. Then, we headed to La Grange to celebrate with Seth’s family. One thing’s for sure…there is no shortage of family who love to cuddle with our little boys!

Cousin Alyssa was such a big help with Drew. If only she didn’t live in Plano, I could have her over here everyday!

Granny and her great-grandchildren. If you look closely, you can see they are sort of holding hands. So sweet!
(Gwyneth, Alyssa, Elizabeth, Drew, and Jake)

Drew got many kisses from Aunt Wanda (and Aunt Cynthia but I didn’t get a picture, sorry!)

Playing Ninja Turtles with Nonnie. This picture was taken during the 5-10 minutes that Jake was actually inside on Thanksgiving. He suckered so many people into playing with him out in the yard…kiddo loooooves the outdoors.

Don’t you just love the aftermath of a big meal? Everyone just lays around to nap and watch TV. Two things I’m really good at!

Avery loving on Drew

The boys had so much fun with Nana. They colored, read books, played with stickers (one of Jake’s favorite things!), and showed her their newest tricks.
Chillin’ with Daddy

Jake discovered a new love for cashews! He’s like a puppy…following everyone around until he gets what he wants :)

And of course we had fun with Michael and Rachel!
We had so much to be thankful for this year, with 2 healthy, precious boys topping the list! I never want to take advantage of the time we get to spend with family and want it to be something our kids look forward to, especially at the holidays! Such a special time of year.
And now the fact that Christmas is right around the corner…crazy.


I wanted to share a few more pictures from our latest session. If you clicked over to Rachel’s blog, you saw most of them but here are a few more (actually some may be repeated but you’re not one to complain, right?) that I really liked…

My three precious boys!

Not sure what Drew is doing but the fact that 3/4 of us were smiling was a miracle in itself!

If you only knew how hard it was to get this picture…

I know he’s not smiling but this picture perfectly captures Jake. He always seems to be thinking hard about something. Probably pondering nuclear fission, if I had to guess.

And here he is giving his best “hold the baby” stance. The baby would have none of it!

Seth will never let me live down this hat but to him I say, “It could’ve been you.”. Can you imagine the kicking and screaming then?? :)
I never imagined I could love 3 boys (ok, 1 man and 2 boys) so much! They keep me smiling, wear me out, and bless my life every day!