Weekend in East Texas

This past weekend we drove to East Texas to visit my sweet grandparents. Our boys don’t get to see their great-grandparents that often, so we were excited to spend the weekend visiting with them!  The boys did as well as could be expected in the car, considering they didn’t really sleep.  Needless to say, everyone was ready to get out of their seats and stretch when we got there!

Aunt Laurie was also nice enough to drive in for the day.  She got to meet Drew for the first time and had lots of little presents for the boys.  The poor souls, nobody loves them at all. :)

Jake loved playing with Papa and we almost thought he was going to fall asleep in his lap (which, if you know Jake, is borderline impossible).

Papa has lots of bird feeders outside and him and Jake went to “check” on the birds quite a bit.  It was so cold on Sunday morning that the bird bath had frozen solid but this didn’t stop them from going out again.  They also had everything a little boy could dream of – acorns, pinecones, squirrels, big leaves, and places to explore.  Jake was in heaven!

Drew is so wiggly right now that it’s hard to get a picture of him sitting still!  He loved all the extra attention but kept fighting to get back to mommy.  Nanny assured me it was nice to hear a baby crying in the house.  I told her it’d be 100 years before I’d be able to say something like that – ha! :)

Jake was really being a ham for the camera!  We had sooo much fun visiting Papa and Nanny and can’t wait until we can go back.  Jake was SO upset to leave and we had to strap him in the car sobbing.  He was crying, “No home…stay here!!!” over and over and it was the saddest thing.  The sign of a very tired boy – he was asleep within 5 minutes.

Nanny and Papa, we are so appreciative that you let us take over your house and loved all the wonderful conversation and food!

I Would Make an Excuse…

…but I don’t have one.

Except for that we didn’t have cable or internet for almost 2 days.  Talk about the end of times!

And also I am fighting a dang sinus infection that makes me feel like my head will explode at any second.

I promise to take pictures this weekend and post!

Things Jake Says

Jake says the funniest things. Sometimes 2 can be a really hard age, but other times he makes me laugh so hard that I just want to hug him tight and keep him this age forever!

(Except potty trained and tantrum-free)

One of my favorite things is hearing him pray.  We always start off with “Dear God, Thank you for…” and start listing our family and friends.  I usually whisper to prompt him.  So the other night, before I even said anything, he kneeled down by his crib and whispered, “Dear God…pray”.

Jake is also very persistent if something needs to be fixed.  Usually it’s a toy that needs batteries.  He is always saying, “Daddy…FIX THAT!!!!”  In fact, today when Seth got home from work, the first thing Jake did was run over and start yelling, “DADDY, FIX THAT!” and handed him a baby toy that was out of batteries.

He tells me a lot that he’s either “Mommy’s Jake” or “Daddy’s Jake”.  So sweet.  A lot of the time it’s “Daddy’s Jake” and “Mommy’s Drew” (or vice versa).  But today when we were playing with Drew he said, “Jake’s Drew!”

Speaking of Drew, I’ve mentioned how he unfortunately has lots of nicknames.  The favorite being “Drewbie”.  So now Jake calls him “Drewbie Drew”.  Almost all the time.  He’ll say things like, “Come on Drewbie!  Come play Drewbie Drew!”  I think it’s just the cutest thing!

And how could I forget his “bay bay”.  That’s what Jake calls his lovey blanket.  He has taken every single nap and slept with his bay bay every single night since he was probably 3 months old.  Something we definitely can’t ever lose or else we’d be in big trouble!

When you have a little kid, you realize things you frequently say by what they repeat.  So it should come as no surprise that Jake always says things like, “Oh my!”…”Oh goodness”…”Goodness gracious”…”Oh no”.

Kids say the darndest things. :)

7 Months Old

Our time with Drew is already flying by.  It’s hard to believe we’ve already had 7 months with him!  I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  He is just the sweetest baby and his grins have me wrapped around his little finger.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how the “baby” of the family is created.

(Please make me stop when he’s 18 and I’m still trying to get him to snuggle with me.)

Drew, at 7 months you weigh approximately 15 lbs and I won’t even guess on length.  But you are growing! You weigh about the same as Jake did at this age, you are just longer so seem skinnier.

You’re now taking a bath with big brother and LOVING it.  It has made things a lot easier and you are a major fan of splashing around.

Jake is loving it too!  The second I ask if he’s ready to take a bath with you, he takes off running.

You are sitting up really well on your own.  You can almost get yourself to a sitting position from laying down but aren’t quite there yet.  Oh, and you are officially crawling on all 4′s!

If it’s not obvious, you love Jake and he loves you!  Last Sunday, the nursery workers took you on a little walk in the stroller outside while Jake was at the playground.  They said they kept having to avoid Jake because everytime you saw him, you’d get upset!  You just can’t stand being away from him. :)
And speaking of church, you were moved up to the “movers” room…you did so much better because there was a lot more to entertain you!

You are starting to sit on your knees a lot and even pulling up on your toys and our legs.  Not too quickly, please, you are still our baby!

You are still wearing size 3-6 month clothes and are wearing a size 3 diaper.

We have finally fixed our sleeping problems that were created over Christmas and you are back to sleeping through the night again – yea!  You sleep about 7pm-7:30 or 8am.  You are taking 2 naps a day and will sometimes squeeze in a third quick one if we happen to be out running errands.  I always seem to jinx things by mentioning sleep on this blog so I will just say that your napping hasn’t been awesome but you are getting better…

You LOVE food.  I mentioned before that you eat a ton.  Like…you probably eat more than Jake does.  Since I do homemade baby food, I freeze it in ice cube trays.  Jake would eat about 2 cubes of food per meal.  You eat at least 6-7!  Because of this, I feel like I’m constantly making food.

You love: pears, peaches, applesauce, sweet potatoes, squash, bananas, avacado, and yogurt.

You do not love: peas, green beans, and carrots.

You are full of drama because you will scream if I give you anything you don’t like.  I used to think your high chair was hurting you or you were having reflux because of the way you’d react.  Then I realized it only occurred when we ate those foods.  So what do I do?  I give you some applesauce on the side to help you eat them better.  Like I said, baby of the family! :)

You are the cutest.  Period.

You’ve started to have a lot of separation anxiety.  Your main goal in life right now is to FIND MOMMY.  Especially if you are tired or hungry.  You will do anything to get to me as fast as you can with the most pitiful look you can muster.

You are not taking a bottle anymore so we get a lot of quality time together…

Yes, I take a lot of pictures.  Just ask your brother.

You are already trying to escape your crib.  Thank goodness the mattress is on the lowest setting!

Drew, we love having you in our family!  It is one of my favorite things to see you and your brother interact.  We have been so blessed to have 2 wonderful boys and I am a little nervous to see what your 8th month brings…no walking or talking please!!

Round and Round

Watch below for Jake’s personal rendition of “The Wheels on the Bus”. He is just the cutest. Even though the “people” go round instead of the wheels…I’m sure they got pretty dizzy! And did you happen to see what baby Drew was doing in the background?! Growing up too fast, that’s what!

Feliz Navidad – Part 3

Otherwise known as…no more presents please!

Oh, I kid.  But at this point, we were going on day 3 or 4 in a row of opening presents and eating cookies and I have never looked forward to January so much!

We headed to San Antonio on Tuesday to celebrate Christmas with my family (well, everyone but Rachel and Michael – sorry guys!).  Both boys had so much fun playing at Nana’s house!

Aunt Emily loving on Drew.  Poor little guy had a rough time out of town.  We came to the conclusion that he had some sort of reaction to Gerber baby food (anyone else ever heard of this??).  I do homemade baby food at home but since he eats it in MASSIVE quantities (we’ll get to this soon), I just decided to buy a big box from Sam’s to take with us.  To sum it up…lots of screaming, no sleeping, more screaming, broke out in a rash, not my happy boy!  Drew was such a trooper but he spent the week sooo overtired and we resorted to driving him around in the car several times (he would at least fall asleep for 10-15 min which wasn’t good but better than nothing).  I went to the store in San Antonio to buy veggies to make and shortly after he started getting back to his normal self and has been fine since.  Very odd.

Jake loved playing with his Uncle Kyle!

Proud owner of a new fishing pole!

Drew’s new shirt that says “My Aunt is Super Rad” :)

Loving their new ball poppin’ dinosaur

Nana was sooo excited to open a homemade plate the boys had made her.  There is a picture of it in a second (sorry, too lazy to rearrange).  We made plates for both grandmas…ok, and I broke down and did one for me too!  If you live in the Spring/Woodlands area, I highly recommend going to PotteryLand.  They were soo nice and helped me get the boys hand/footprints just right.

She said it was her favorite Christmas present ever – ha!

Don’t worry, we still make a good cheese face!

Super excited for a new (and LOUD) police car!

Nana’s Christmas plate with Jake and Drew’s footprints.  Sooo cute and I’m really glad we made these!

You can kinda see Drew’s face all broken out here.  He still managed to have fun regardless!
 I somehow didn’t end up with any pictures of Grandpa but I promise we saw him too!
On our way home, we stopped back by La Grange to pick up some of our stuff and Jake finally worked up the courage to sit on Popo’s “BIG” tractor!

The boys were so glad to be home and back in their own beds.  We had such a wonderful Christmas visiting our families.  We were very lucky to see so many people and the boys loved all the extra attention!
Now we are unpacked, undecorated, and back to our normal routine.  How boring! :)

Feliz Navidad – Part 2

Oh, don’t you worry. There is plenty more Anderle Christmas to discuss!

Christmas afternoon we headed to Schulenburg to celebrate with Seth’s extended family.  They were so nice to wait for us to open presents (usually they do first thing in the morning) and as you can see, there were just a few…

Seth’s Minaw works SO hard on her wrapping and bows.  All the presents always look so pretty, I almost don’t want to open them!

Jake opted to stay in his Santa pjs all day (what can I say, we are those parents now) which left him extra comfortable for all the hugs and kisses he got!

The boys in front of their gifts.  Jake was SUPER happy to open “more more presents”!
Drew got a cute little singing lantern
He wasn’t sure what to think about this toy guitar!

Jake got a huge train pull toy with blocks.  He loves this!
All the Anderle cousins with Minaw.  The girls all got headbands.  As you can see from the picture, Avery could pull hers off…I couldn’t! :)
(Dylan, Chase, Minaw, Jarad, Jacob, Tara, Ali, Seth, Drew, Me, Jake, Avery)
We waited until the next morning to do Christmas with Nonnie and Popo.  The boys were exhausted from the car ride (especially Drew since he didn’t sleep – sheesh!) and honestly, they didn’t know any different.  Besides, who doesn’t like multiple days of presents??
Daddy seemed to like Drew’s new drum
And Drew loved playing with his new walker!

Jake showing Popo how to use his new Fisher Price touch screen laptop (um, kids toys are a little cooler than they used to be)

Playing with Daddy on a different kind of “touch screen laptop”!

Nonnie and Popo also got Jake a tricycle to keep at their house.  If it’s not obvious, he liked it!

We always seemed to remember pictures after bathtime (hence the wet hair).  But I think they were very happy to spend a couple days with their grandsons!  
And us.  We’re just an afterthought now :)

From there we headed to San Antonio to see my family…but that will have to wait until tomorrow…

Feliz Navidad – Part 1

Jake was just beside himself waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve. For some reason, he had it in his head that Santa was going to knock on our door. So when we told him Santa was going to bring presents soon, he didn’t want to go to bed (of course) because we were waiting for the “knock”!


 Jake, you were NOT happy to go to bed that night! You slept with your light on because you wanted to “see Santa” and we got a kick out of watching you on your monitor. You sat up waiting for a couple hours and finally gave in to sleep.

Christmas morning came shortly after and sure enough, Santa had “knocked” on our door!  As suspected, Jake was most impressed with Drew’s presents instead of his own.

Drew got the Little People farm and a folding chair and Jake got a scooter, dump truck, and a movie.  Jake was cracking us up that morning. He would get in my face and say, “Mommy!  Santa SO NICE!”  What kid doesn’t like presents, right?

Trying out his new set of wheels as little brother looks on.

Drew got the cutest bath toy.  The boys have had fun with this little whale that squirts out water in the bathtub.

Showing Drew how to use his new power grinder.  As you can see, the best part of Drew’s Christmas morning was just crawling around on the floor in all the paper and bows!  He kindly let his older brother open all his presents.  Next year might be a different story!
Working a new puzzle with Daddy.

What is that, you ask?  The paper was in the shape of a bread loaf pan and I was instructed not to touch the top because I might punch a whole in it.  We are so good at surprises over here! :)

When we were finished opening presents, Jake took his new loot to the playroom and lined it up.  He was so excited for all the toys but his favorites were two dump trucks.  One from Santa and one from his Great Uncle and Aunt.  Good job, guys!  He didn’t want to leave them when we left town later that day and they were the first things he ran to when we got home on Thursday.

Christmas morning has always been fun, but it’s twice the fun with two little kiddos in the house!  We were so thankful to have this time as a family and even enjoyed homemade cinnamon rolls from our awesome neighbor!

Preparing for Christmas

Oh, the pictures.  There are sooo many pictures…

You know how it is at the beginning of a New Year.  You all of a sudden have this burst of energy to start organizing anything and everything (I know it’s not just me!).  In fact, this afternoon I cleaned out 2 closets and Seth ran to Home Depot to buy supplies for his new “project”.  Usually all this energy dies out on or around January 3rd.  Here’s hoping I can get a few more closets done before then!

But as I was saying…the pictures.  I just loaded over 200 on the computer, which can only mean one thing.  We had a great Christmas!  I will attempt to put the last couple weeks in order…

You may be familiar with the Elf on a Shelf.  The concept is that Santa sends a special elf, straight from the North Pole, to hang out around your house and spy on little boys and girls.  Each night he “flys” back to the North Pole to report to Santa the happenings around the house.  CBS also aired a cute little movie about the elf, which Jake watched no less than 100 times.  So yes, we were MORE than familiar with the idea.  Meet Chippy:

I wish I’d taken more pictures of his whereabouts around the house, but on this particular day he ended up on the tree.  Chippy was so mischievous and also hung out in our nativity scene, on top of light fixtures, above the front door, and even in the boys’ rooms.  All during December, the first thing Jake did every morning was run and look for Chippy.  For awhile he was actually a good disciplining tool.  Jake was careful to act very nice because I kept telling him Chippy would tell Santa to take away presents if he wasn’t good.  But by mid-December, it was all out the window.  I think I’d “taken away” all Christmas presents about 15 times and Chippy’s presence became ineffective. :)  Good thing Santa had the good sense to reconsider his naughty & nice list before Christmas morning!!

We read lots of books, especially Christmas ones.  For some reason, Jake wanted to read every single book on his shelf this day.  That killed a lot of time!
And p.s. you may notice that Jake is in his pjs in the majority of these pictures.  For some reason, he has a new obsession with staying in his pjs (specifically footed ones!).  If we aren’t going anywhere I let it slide.  But I promise I do get him dressed as much as I can.

We played with our new Little People nativity scene.  This was such a great way to teach the birth of Jesus.  And especially the part how monster trucks watched from afar.

Also, we uncovered the ancient scriptures that recorded the tow truck taking baby Jesus for a ride in his manger.

We made a mean gingerbread house.  I remember being so disappointed last year when Jake just wanted to eat the candy.  Well, this year was no exception!

I know you’re just speechless right now.  Yes, we are considering doing this professionally.

The main reason the house didn’t get decorated to my liking was because SOMEONE kept stealing the bag of icing to help himself.  Perhaps this is why we had so many discipline problems in December.  Sugar crashes, anyone?
What a goober!
And p.p.s.  I promise Drew was around this month.  We just did a lot of our activities while he was napping!

Then we made cookies for Santa.  I remember always making sugar cookies with my mom (and probably my sisters?  It was a long time ago and I am old so I don’t remember).  I love homemade sugar cookies so this was a tradition I was going to keep!  Jake had a blast cutting out the cookies and did surprisingly well for an amateur baker.

Oh the mess…

Jake has also perfected his “cheese” face this month!  It’s so natural.  I can’t look at this picture without laughing!

Patiently waiting for the cookies to bake. We made snowmen, gingerbread men, Christmas trees, Santas, stars, and snowflakes.  Oh, and a random dog bone.

Melt my heart.  I will say it again. Melt.my.heart.  Like I’ve said before, it’s taken a good 6 months, but Jake finally loves his little brother!  And Drew looooves him.  Ok, one more time…
Melt my heart!

The best part of baking cookies was decorating them of course.

And there’s that au natural cheese face again!

I can’t say it enough, but I love my little boys so much!  I was so glad that Jake enjoyed preparing for Christmas this year.  We went on a walk almost every evening to look at Christmas lights and I think he made almost every Christmas craft possible between church, school, and home!  Most importantly, we wanted him to know the real reason for the season.  I tried to insert Jesus everytime Santa was mentioned.  I know it’s too much for him to comprehend now but hearing that sweet boy pray every night is a good enough start for me!

Many many more posts to come.  I will get to them between organizing closets, writing syllabi for the Spring semester, cleaning my house, loving on my kids, enjoying my husband, and running errands…AGH!