Cutie Patooty!

I just received the pictures we took for Drew when he turned 9 months and they are awesome! Prepare yourselves, people.
I wanted a picture of Drew in this outfit because we had used it before for baby Jake.  I normally don’t think they look that much alike but I can definitely see a resemblance!

(Jake at 6 months old)

Love that sweet smile.  He’s got plenty of them!

I’m fully aware I’ll be in big trouble for this one someday!!  But we couldn’t help it.

Love his curiosity about everything!

Can’t believe this baby boy his on his way to being ONE.

Boys and Bluebonnets

You know how sometimes you want something SO bad that life seems destined to work against you??

All I’ve thought about this year is cute pictures of the boys in beautiful Texas bluebonnets. You know the kind. Arms around each other shoulder’s…laughing…hugging…everyday normal life, right? :)

Well, we got pictures in the flowers alright. But as Jake has told me, “Me no smile in pretty flowers!”

I mean really.  Where does this stuff come from?!  I would be irritated if I wasn’t laughing so hard!

Oh boys, you wear your mama OUT.  Good thing I love you more than life!
(And now I’m off to schedule Jake a haircut.  Because my WORD.)
*Thanks to Jess Oakley for taking these!*

Trip to the Zoo

Last week the boys and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and visited the Houston Zoo! It is such a pretty place and the animals weren’t so bad either. :)

I don’t know if I’ve ever been this close to elephants!  It was so neat.  There was even a little baby which I thought we could bring home…Seth said no.

Jake wasn’t super impressed…just focused on finding the lions!
We lucked out and ended up near the giraffes around feeding time.  I was so excited and thought Jake would be too!  Alas, he cried the entire way up because he wanted to see the lions instead.  Never mind the GIANT giraffe right in front of you!!! 

Jake fed that giraffe as nonchalantly as giving our dogs a bone.  “ME WANNA SEE LIONS.  ME NO WANNA SEE GIRAFFES, JAKE PLAY NICE WITH LIONS!” (Are you sensing a trend?)

I even got to pet him! (The sign said no, but hey, rebellion is in my bones)

We went with Jake’s little girlfriend, Regan, from preschool.  They are so sweet to each other and are constantly hugging, holding hands, and laughing.  Once they got out of the strollers they were having a blast running around!

Jake laid a big one on her!

I mean really…how cute are they!

I just love the look on his face.  He could’ve stayed there all day.

Posing by the (fake) giraffe with his other friends.

Oh lions.  Why couldn’t you be awake???  We visited the king of the jungle (forest? jungle?) 3 different times and they were just content to be sunbathing.  

Jake and Regan were yelling to “wake them lions!”  Sadly, their attempts failed.  

And where was sweet Drew?  Just chillin’ in the stroller of course.  I was shocked at how well he did!  He usually doesn’t like to be restrained and I don’t think he fussed once.  Just enjoyed the scenery I suppose.  I was so nervous to take them both without Seth but it ended up being a great day!  I might even get brave enough to do it again.  As soon as the zoo gets brave enough to lower their prices…sheesh!

It’s the Thing They Call Rodeo

I just uploaded approximately one zillion rodeo pictures so bear with me.  As a parent you think every single photo of your children is the BEST ONE EVER and they all look the same to you! :)  Now I know why my mom has so many ridiculous pictures of me and my sisters.

This past Thursday, Seth took off work and we took the kids to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  It had been a couple years since we’d been there…traveling to the “big city” is a big deal to us surburbanites!

We decided to start off with the petting zoo.  I am not a big fan of having strange dirty animals touching my person but this was right up Jake’s alley.  The things we parents do.

For a kid who doesn’t like to get dirty, he was so excited to feed the sheep and goats!

They had the cutest little farmer’s market for the kids to “shop” at.  Jake carried around the basket and collected eggs, vegetables, milk, etc to turn in for “money” at the end.  

Drew was a pretty good sport.  Neither kid wanted to stay in the stroller so we got a work out!

Of course we had to drive the tractors!

Jake’s favorite part was sitting on all the different tractors, gators, and diggers in the exhibit hall.  Future birthday present?  They can’t be that much more than a Power Wheels, right? :)

We were so proud of Jake riding this train all by himself!  Nonnie also came with us since she was off for Spring Break and got Jake some tickets to ride rides!

He loooved riding the carousel.  And in spite of all the horses, his pick was the lion.

Sweet sweet boy!

Jake was super excited to ride the “Wiggle Worm” with Nonnie.  He is still talking about it!
I have a feeling we’ll definitely be going back next year!  The boys loved it and we were all ready for a nap by the end of the day.

9 Months Old

Drew you are 9 months old!  To sum it up: super cute, super fast, and into everything!

You are always on the move.  You crawl so fast you start to sweat.  It’s hard work keeping up with Jake!

You eat great (still more than Jake), you sleep great (2 naps a day, 12 hours at night), and you are an all-around happy kid.  I’ve discovered you have to be more flexible with a second child and you make it pretty easy!

You explore the house on your own and I find you in the funniest places.  You love riding our horse lately and have started “dancing” to the music on your singing stage.  You’ve got the “back-and-forth-sway” down!

You’ve had quite a bit of separation anxiety the past couple months.  It’s been a struggle getting you to stay in the church nursery (we get paged almost every week) but we will keep trying!  You are also super obsessed with Daddy right now.  As soon as he gets home from work you want him to hold you and you get your feelings hurt as soon as he puts you down!

You’ve started taking a couple steps when pushing your walkers.  Jake was all over the house at this point with the walkers but you are a bit more cautious.  I have a feeling it won’t be long though!

(Clearly you’re a bit more eager to participate in the group pictures)

You are wearing 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

You had a great 9 month check up this week and were 17 lbs 10 oz (15%!) and 28.25 inches (40%).  This is only about a pound smaller than Jake was at 1 year so you’ll probably be a little bigger.  I was shocked you had gained so much weight – you’ve always been in the 5th percentile up until now so we are glad you’re growing!

You are on antibiotics for your 3rd ear infection right now.  You’re such a sport.  Besides swatting at your ear and a little extra fussiness, you would never know you were sick.

You eat almost everything.  You definitely eat a lot more table food now and are less interested in baby food.  Your dream come true would be to be stuck in a room full of Nutri-grain bars, graham crackers, and cheese!

I mean really.  You get cuter all the time.

You’re into absolutely everything.  Jake never bothered that much as a baby but you put everything into your mouth.  EVERYTHING.  You especially love power cords so we have to be careful with that!

Oh how you love your Daddy!  Makes my heart melt.

Don’t worry, Jake was hugging, not strangling you!

I just wanted the two of you to sit and smile for a picture in your Superman shirts but you boys had different plans.  Story of my life! :)

You’ve had a really great month and we’ve been so lucky to have you as part of our family!  You still don’t do great in the car but it’s a small price to pay for being in a great mood the rest of the time.  We love you Drewbie Drew!

What Jake’s Been Doing

Yikes. I am never going to be a world-renowned author at this rate.  The blog is totally going by the wayside lately.  Mostly because I just sit on the couch during the day and eat bon bons.

Don’t you all do the same?

It is officially spring in Houston (or so it feels like).  I even got my first sunburn this weekend – what in the world?!  We spent the weekend working in the yard and flowerbeds and when we came in on Sunday night, my neck and shoulders were bright red.  Ouch!

I feel like I am just in a time of life where there is always something that needs to be done.  The boys require a lot of attention, the house always needs something cleaned, work has to be done, and the occasional TV show needs to be watched.  When does life slow down?  I was thankful to have a lazy day at home with the boys.  We spent tons of time outside and Jake and I even watched a movie during “no-nap”.  I love taking time to just focus on them.  To put aside other agendas and remember that chores and errands can be done later.  To put up the computer, the phone, and anything else that can be distracting.  It’s hard but worth it at the end of the day!

So today I want to focus on Jake and share some recent pictures from my phone.

Normally our friend Jenn cuts Jake’s hair.  Because of some scheduling conflicts, I decided to just take Jake to Great Clips a couple weeks ago.  He was not happy with me!  He has finally gotten used to Jenn so he was a little uneasy.  They made him sit in the chair all by himself (he usually sits in my lap) but bribed him with some suckers.  Little guy did awesome and all was forgotten once he left with a handful of Dum Dums!

How is he looking so old?

Naps are getting few and far between.  But when he actually falls asleep during naptime, it’ll be for a good 3 hours.  Drew and I had to go wake Jake up on this particular day because he almost slept until dinnertime.  Normally he will wake up as soon as you turn the doorknob but this picture just proves how tired he was!  We were able to take a few pictures and he was surprised to see us standing there (a little creepy I guess).

Sportin’ mama’s shades on his Power Wheels.  He is into “racing” down the street.  Today he assigned me his little scooter to ride on.  I’m sure it was quite the sight.
One word that really describes Jake lately is “joy”.  I am amazed to see the world through a little boy’s eyes.  The littlest things make him so happy and we share lots of giggles during the day.  Today he sat with me on the couch to look at old pictures and was being so goofy.  Both my boys make the craziest faces!  


This one makes me laugh.  He kept making this face over and over, calling it his “funny face”.

Up to no good

It is fun to just sit and have a conversation with him now.  The past 6 months have brought so much change! Jake narrates his life (“Jake do this!” “Jake under there” “Me do it!”) and we crack up at the things he says.

My little boy is growing up too fast! :(