Big Boy Bed

Let me begin by saying that this post will be brief. In true Anderle fashion, the fun factor of our morning playgroup has outweighed the fun factor of naptime.   Does this happen to anyone else?

I don’t think so.

Most kids go wear themselves out and sleep all afternoon.  Not mine.  The more fun we have in the morning, the less likely they will sleep afterward.  Then, they spend the rest of the day miserable because they finally realize they are tired.  So hey, at least we’ll have early bedtimes tonight!!

Moving on.  Because I did say this would be brief.

A couple weeks ago we converted Jake’s crib into a big bed.  He had been talking about it a lot and we finally decided we were brave enough to give it a go.  He had a lot of fun helping Daddy “work” in his room!

Bye bye baby bed!

Both boys were, of course, so helpful to Seth!  Drew especially could not focus on anything else besides being in the middle of things.

So happy to have a bed to jump on…in fact, he’s doing it as I type.

I’ve had his bedding since his birthday so I was glad to get it out of the closet!  The side rail cramps the comforter’s style unfortunately.

Now the boys love to play on Jake’s bed when they get up in the morning.  It’s the highlight of Drew’s day!

Jake has done so well in his bed so we’ve been pleasantly surprised!  He is able to get in and out on his own but won’t get out during naptime or until we come get him in the morning.  Thank the good sweet Lord.  One of my fears is waking up in the morning with two little eyes staring at me because you have to admit, it’s kind of creepy.  So I think we are safe until Drew gets in his bed.  Kiddo is already starting to hike his leg up to get out of his crib so I think our little monkey will definitely give us a run for our money!

A Teen at Heart

I would have more to say but I’m stuck in the middle of yet another young adult trilogy and need to finish the 3rd book before I can post about our lives.

But just know that we’re alive and well.  And still potty trained.  And I’m anxious to finish the spring semester.  And it better not get any hotter outside or I will actually melt.

Honestly.  I can’t handle the heat.

I am starting to second guess Drew’s outdoor birthday party.  In June.

Outside in June is not something I typically do.

Good Friday & Crawfish Boil

Last week we headed to La Grange for the Anderle’s annual crawfish boil. They have been doing this for years and years so we always look forward to catching up with good friends and family!

But first we had to have a little Easter.  Our poor kids never get any gifts around the holidays.

Discovering the fun of a water gun

Drew just goes with the flow.  Grass, presents…all the same!

Look at that chubby face!
(Drew’s, not mine…I hope)

Sometimes this is the best I can get when I ask for a smile from Jake!

We always forget to take pictures together…but can’t forget my partner in crime :)

As always, Ali was excited to see the boys.  And Drew just wanted to get down and CRAWL.  Such a funny face!

Seth and his cousin Matt peeling some crawdads.

The boys were so excited to see their Uncle Chase!  He moved to Amarillo a few months ago so they hadn’t seen him since Christmas.

Again, they just don’t get any attention.  Ever.

I’m sure Popo and Nonnie are always so glad when we visit.  Their lawn gets mowed no less than 1,000 times.

And the main attraction…

Jake loves riding Popo’s tractor!  (The riding lawn mower is also a big hit but pales in comparison)  We talk about this all the time…and this time Popo even let him steer.  I think all farm equipment must smell the same because it smells just like my Peepaw’s old barn.  I’d recognize that smell anywhere!

As Jake would say, “We were workin’ real hard!”
We had a great time and were glad to catch up with everyone over Easter!  I love that my children are making memories like this…not every 2 year old gets to drive heavy machinery multiple times a year.
(Which is probably for the best)

10 Months Old

Drew, you are 10 months old! Practically a little boy. Let’s all have a moment of silence for this mama.

(Luckily, you will always be my baby compared to your big brother.  Except the baby never gets any attention.  Just ask your Aunt Rachel :)

You have had a great month!  You weigh almost 18 lbs and I’m sure you are growing taller too.  We were at the doctor last week for yet another ear infection.  You are on your fourth or fifth, I can’t keep track.  So we are trying another type of antibiotic to help fight it.  You don’t show any outer symptoms of an ear infection so I always feel terrible when the doctor confirms it!

You are such a ham. This past month you have loved attention.  You’ve had a lot of separation anxiety and can go from being super happy (if we’re holding you) to super distraught (if we put you down).  The beginnings of a toddler temperament I presume…

I forgot to mention this last month but you will give a kiss on command!  It is so sweet.  You will also wave if we say “hi!” and clap.  Sometimes you will just lay in your crib clapping for yourself.  That kind of self-confidence will get you far in life!

You have been a really good sleeper as long as you’re not disturbed.  For that reason alone, your daddy and I do not like sharing a room with you if we’re out of town!  You will keep us up all night (and have).  You are in bed from about 7pm – 8am and take 2 naps a day (totaling 3 or 3.5 hours).


I think this is just the sweetest picture!  You are wearing size 6-9 month clothes but can fit into some 12 month hand-me-downs (Between Blake, Jack, and Jake, they’ve been washed enough times to shrink a bit!).  You are also wearing size 3 diapers.

You’re still a champ at crawling and pull up all the time.  You don’t show much interest in your push toys or walking around furniture.  Who has time when you’ve got to keep up with Jake??

You are still a great eater!  You nurse 4 times a day and have 3 meals of solids.  We are pretty much weaning off pureed foods (although I doubt you’ll ever let go of your precious applesauce!) and you have loved grilled cheese sandwiches, ravioli, rice and beans, chicken nuggets, and mac & cheese.  The only food you really don’t eat right now is cut-up fruit.  You will eat any kind pureed but won’t eat blueberries, banana, strawberries, etc.  Weird to me because your brother has always loved it!

You especially love your Daddy lately and are all his when he’s home from work.  It’s almost easier if you don’t see him in the mornings before he leaves so we can avoid the meltdown!  You are also super excited about our dogs although babies are old news to them by now. :)  You still hate your carseat and don’t sleep more than 20-30 minutes in it if it’s naptime.  Hopefully we will switch you to the convertible seat this weekend.
You are the SWEETEST and we love you so much, Drew!  I can’t wait until you can walk (bittersweet) so we can do more fun things.  Right now it’s still a little hard because you just want to get down and crawl but I don’t always trust the cleanliness of public floors.
Can’t believe you’re almost 1!

Splish Splash

A couple weeks ago we got out our splash pool. Because why not, it was March!  Seeing that it’s already a little too warm for me outside, I am starting to get worried about June, July, and August!  Some of our neighbors came over to join in the fun and the kids had a blast.

Drew wasn’t too sure what to think about the cold water.

This look says “Mommy, get me out of here and take this blasted hat off!”

Sammi loves the “baby” and always makes sure to take care of him when we’re outside.
We’ve already been in swimsuits a few times and I’m sure we’ll get them out another day this week.  It’s been beautiful outside but I wish this nice weather would last!

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter this year!  I’ll start with yesterday’s festivities.  I woke up to yelling and when I turned up the monitor, Jake was standing up in bed shouting, “MOMMY!  I HEARD THAT BUNNY A HOPPING!  I HEARD HIM HOPPING REAL HARD!”

(This is a new phrase…he likes things or does things “real hard” instead of “very good” or “really loud”.  I.e. This morning Jake told me he “liked his muffins real hard”.  Ha!)

So we got Drew and ran to the living room.  And sure thing, the Easter Bunny had hopped by “real hard”!

And of course Jake wanted things in Drew’s basket and Drew took something out of Jake’s basket and you can imagine the crying that followed.  Happy Easter indeed.

Still not quite awake but liking what he sees!  Drew’s favorite part of Easter was shaking those eggs.

All dressed and ready for church.  It was actually a miracle we were there 30 minutes early.  How come that doesn’t happen on a normal Sunday?

Drew loves him some Daddy!

Jake told me he wanted to pick his nose instead of smile.  So this was the best we got. :)

We look put together at least one day a week!  Love my family.
After naptime, the Easter Bunny actually hopped on by again and hid eggs in our front yard.  Jake was pumped to participate in another egg hunt as he’s an old pro by now!

Drew preferred to let Daddy to his hunting for him.

I told Seth all I wanted in a life was a picture of both boys sitting by their Easter baskets in their matching outfits (both smiling at the camera of course).  This was attempt #498.  Then Drew started crying and Seth is saying, “Is this REALLY that important???!”
To which I replied, “YES IT IS!”

So one smiling kid will have to suffice this year!

What a little ham.
I am so behind on posts so be looking out for more!  We had a great weekend celebrating Easter in La Grange with Seth’s family and spent some time last week in our splash pool.  Drew also turned 10 months old yesterday.  Impossible!
Hope you all had a great weekend celebrating the risen Lord!
 “Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, 
   to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength 
   and honor and glory and praise!”

Revelation 5:11

Potty Trained and It Feels so GOOD

No, this picture has nothing to do with potty training. Unless it makes you feel so good that you want to stand on your head!

Jake has been wearing “big boy” underwear for 2 weeks now and there’s no going back! We are so proud of him (but mostly proud of ourselves for not having to change his dirty diapers anymore)! I’ve even been brave enough to let him wear underwear on an out-of-town car trip, to school, and to Target. So far so good.

 Now if only Drew would jump on this bandwagon…

World Records and Wildflowers

So I was just searching for the longest tantrum in recorded history and by gosh, I think our eldest child might hold the world record!  There’s no other competition in the “many many many all day long for hours and hours and hours category” as far as I can tell.

That should sum up how our weekend went.  And yes, you should bow your heads for a moment of silence and say “Well, bless their everlovin’ hearts!”

I would say more but I’m just not ready to talk about it yet.

SO, moving on to LAST weekend, pre-tantrums…

We went to San Antonio to visit my family and the boys had a great time!  My Uncle Bill and Aunt Sally came to visit on Saturday to see the boys (I would say “us” but you know that’s a lie!)

Aunt Sally was giving Drew little crumbs of her oatmeal cookie and he would give her a hug after each bite.  Hilarious.

Jake showed Uncle Bill how to play with all his Easter toys.

Sweet picture of Drew and his Nana

We came across this beautiful field of wildflowers on Saturday.  Much to Seth’s excitement, I made sure we stopped to take some pictures!

Love those boys.  But is it too much to ask for everyone to LOOK and SMILE at the camera??

This is what happens when Seth gets ahold of the camera.  We saw ducks.  And apparently he’ll be entering this in a photography competition because he thinks its that good.
Anyone else hear those crickets chirping?

Grandpa joined us in the flowers and got some quality time with his grandsons.

On Sunday we headed to Brackenridge Park to ride the train.  Jake was sooo excited…until we actually got ON the train.  Then he cried the entire time.  Best $3.75 we ever spent!

Sharing a seat with Nana

Nana and her grandsons

Drew didn’t quite know what to think about his Easter basket.  Don’t worry, Jake took care of it!

We had a great time in San Antonio!  The drive home is also something we will never speak of again, but hey…car trips can only get better and better as they get older.