Not Failing

This week I’ve had to:
-call poison control
-escort my puking child from a birthday party
-fish nail clippers out of the toilet
-clean poop out of the bathtub
-hold ice on a busted lip
-chase 2 basket-escapee kids around the grocery store
-kiss (what seems like) 100 boo boos
-break up fights
-send kids to time out
-take my own time out
Shall I keep going?
But after all that, I hope my kids remember this:

And this:

And this too:  (he was happy, I promise)

And remember that even when raising 2 boys seems like the hardest, most tiring job in the world (public accounting – HA!), that it is also the most rewarding and loving job in the world too.  I mean, whenever has your boss spontaneously sat in your lap to read, hugged and kissed you for no reason, and made you laugh on a daily basis?

(Only ok if your boss is your kid, p.s.)
I read this article today – so encouraging and true.  And coming right on the heels of my stressing over how many new activities I could create for my kids from Pinterest tonight.  
So then I just decided to blog.  :)
Happy Labor Day!

Not Above a Simple Bribe

Today after his rest time Jake said, “I keep my pull up dry (he did not), I get my new Batman car now?”
Ah, I remember back when our bribery consisted of stickers and M&M’s.  
(I also never promised a Batman car.  But at this point, I might promise him a real car if he’d stop having accidents!!!)

Drew – 14 Months

Also known as, better late than never!
Drew is growing up way too fast before our very eyes.  Unfortunately more of it will be documented in our memories than on camera!  Oops.  Now I know why my mom only has 1 picture of my youngest sister growing up.

I kid.  She has 3.
Drew finally starting walking this month and is getting more confident everyday.  He still walks with his arms up to balance him like a little kangaroo…or dinosaur.  It’s so funny.  He weighs around 21 pounds and has a little belly to rival a sumo wrestler.  He’s starting to wear 18 month clothes and it still hangs out of his shirts!  It’s safe to say this guy will probably be bigger than his older brother.  He is already starting to wear clothes that Jake was wearing when Drew was born.

We are finally getting a taste of what it’s like to have a true toddler.  Jake did pretty good in terms of not destroying our house…mostly because he was always attached to my hip.  But now, Seth will get home from work and find cups, toothbrushes, bags of chips (maybe they shouldn’t be on the lowest shelf in my pantry), toilet paper, and the like all over.  Drew also throws things away, dips his hand in the toilet, feeds the dogs, and thinks our lotion bottles work like the squeeze applesauce pouches.
But he’s just so cute doing all of it.

The boys were so funny the other night and started posing by the front door.  Everytime I tell Drew to “say cheese”, he closes his eyes.

Drew now says mama, dada, nana, nanu (Jake??), dog, cat, cow, duck, uh oh, “sh” (shoe), and can moo, quack, and roar.  He also understands things like “Give that to ___” or “Go put this in the trash!” (his favorite)

These boys fight half the day and love each other the other half.  I feel like a referee sometimes.

Jake starts school in a couple weeks so I am anxious to get more alone time with Drew.  He is always so happy but is now getting difficult if we are running errands.  Mostly because he wants to do the “running” part and not the “errands”.  He moved to the walkers room at church and has done great in a bigger room with kids his own age.  
Drew also has a little bit of a temper but I’m hoping it is mild in comparison to someone else we know…
I like seeing a second child grow up because I know what to expect next.  I love the transition from 1 yr to 2 yrs and I can’t wait for all the fun we’ll have with Drew!

Mexico Vacation – Part 2

If you were worried, I never ended up in a Mexican hospital.  Mostly because I knew nobody would come visit me. :)

Kim, me, and Jessie at dinner.  I think this was from the first night and I left shortly after to go to bed. Ha.

If you’re starting to wonder what we did besides lay out and eat, the answer is nothing.  My kind of vacation!

Except for bungee trampolining of course.  The resort had lots of activities each day and I think I was the most excited about this.

Until I actually did it.

At this point I was half-crying, half-laughing for them to let me down!  I hated it.  Apparently I am afraid of heights.

Seth was a lot braver than me

Too high for me!
We also learned that it was neither practical nor easy for a drum major, 2 former marching band members, a cheerleader, a StuCo president, and frankly I can’t remember what you did, Sheila (but I’m sure it was good) to build a pyramid in the ocean.
It also didn’t help that the waves kept knocking us down.  I’m pretty sure most of the beach patrons had their cameras out at this point.

Georgia, Kim, and me.  I think I felt a little better on this day.

Love these girls!
Unfortunately none of our husbands wanted to pose in the waves with us.

More pictures of the resort

Ah.  I know I’ve probably lost most of you by now seeing as nobody has the attention span for my long posts.  You’ll be regretting this someday when I write my memoirs.
In summary…fun times!  We are so so grateful to our parents for watching the boys while we were gone so that this could be possible!!  They had a blast and were exhausted.  We missed our babies so much, it almost killed me though!  I don’t think I’ll be able to leave them that long again anytime soon.  I guess it’s a good thing to love your job ;)

What Happens in Mexico Stays in Mexico…

…except your case of walking pneumonia.

Let’s review.

We wait 4 years for a vacation.  I birth two children, nurse two children, endure tantrums, put up with sippy cups being thrown on the floor, endure more tantrums, have sleepless nights (I’m being dramatic but just work with me here) and then when we finally plan a vacation and have a break…?

I get walking pneumonia.

I have combed the pages of the Bible and I have come to the conclusion that there is no possible reason why God would’ve done this.

So here’s some of our group…sick Mary, Sheila, Kat, and Jessie.  I’m surprised they actually stood next to me considering I was coughing like your great Aunt Mabel.

A few of us were very distinguished members of the resort’s “Preferred Club”.  We achieved this status by clicking a box on Orbitz that said “Preferred Club”.  Always click that box, people.  Always click it. We were greeted with glasses of champagne, cold towels, whisked away to a special Preferred Club only lounge, and basically treated opposite of how you are at home!

We stayed at the Secrets Maroma resort on Maroma beach.  Lots of food, fun, and laying in the sun.  Yeah, I just rhymed.
Craig, Kat, Kim, Sheila, Georgia, Jessie

We were so lucky to vacation with some of our best friends.  We also missed everyone else who couldn’t make it – next time, kids!
(Jessie, Georgia, Me, Kim, Sheila, Kat)

Seth and I before dinner.  The only good thing about feeling bad on this trip was that I pretty much remained horizontal at the pool or beach everyday and got lots of time to rest.  But by the time dinner was over, I was pretty much spent.

Um, yikes.  The resort neglected to mention their were killer iguanas crawling around.  And also some monkey/kangaroo creature that was a little scary.


Seth, Sam, and Matt.  Pretty sure this is the same book Seth has been reading our entire marriage.  

Love my husband!

Our rooms were so pretty and the best part was our swim-up pool outside.  I seriously could live here.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) for you, I still have more pictures to share but figured I would break this up.  I’m sure you will be on the edge of your seat.
Will Mary end up in a Mexican hospital?  Does a killer iguana eat one of our friends?  Is everyone even still friends after all this time together…
Stay tuned for Part 2.

Viva la Mexico

We just got back from a wonderful vacation in the Riviera Maya with some of our best friends!  While we adjust back to reality and I get our pictures together, I’ll leave you with this:

I call it “Eye of the Tiger”
Y’all.  People would pay MONEY to the resort photographers to take couples pictures on the beach.  Almost all of them ended in some sort of crawling or barrel rolling pose that was just mortifying to watch.
So of course we had to do it too.
You’re welcome.