Family Fun and One More Party

Jake probably sits still better than any 3 year old I know.  We do a lot of coloring, game playing, cooking, and now cookie decorating while Drew sleeps.  He rarely makes a mess, waits (kinda) patiently, and can sit at the table for hours.  These activities are going to start getting a little messier with Drew!

He had a lot of fun decorating Halloween cookies last week.  And didn’t even ask to eat one – what??

We had a nice visit with Papa & Nanny when they came through town last week.  Papa had just been at the doctor but Drew felt like he needed one more listen on the ol’ ticker.

And he even got some cuddle time with Nanny too!

We went to La Grange last Friday night for a family birthday celebration.  There are 6 October birthdays (all within a week of each other) in Seth’s family and everyone was able to meet for dinner and cake.  And what’s one more birthday party for Jake, right?

Drew (not technically a birthday boy), Seth (10th), Me (14th), Jake (8th), Chase (14th), Uncle John (9th), and Jarad (10th).  We celebrated with a Batman cake of course.


It was a full house but we loved getting to see everyone…it had been awhile!
Now I’m finally all caught up.  You know I will have some cute Halloween pictures for everyone this week!  Jake has his “storybook” parade on Wednesday morning at school and then trick-or-treating that night.  To say he’s excited is an understatement!

3 Year Check Up

Jake had his 3 year check up on Friday and did great!  We always seem to go to the doctor for Drew (thank you ear infections) so it had been awhile since he was checked out.
Thanks to the doctor kit he got for his birthday, he knew all about how to get “pumped up”.

Being such a big boy for the nurse.  We love her because she was actually my nurse at the OB when I was pregnant with Jake.  Then when we went to the pediatrician for his 2 week check up, she was our nurse there.  She claimed the job change was a coincidence but I’m thinking I am just that good of a patient.
(All my doctor friends – stop snorting)
Jake was 30 lbs and 36.5 inches, which put him in the 30th percentile overall.
I was so proud of how he did and we will just wait in anticipation for those 4 year old shots, which I hear are a real treat!

(And just because he looked cute)

Life from the iPhone

Last week Drew busted his face up when he fell outside.  He had a nice little knot and a torn up nose to show for it!  
(This is his “cheese” face)

But he made a quick recovery!  Sweet boy is still cute, scabby nose and all. 

Jake’s school had a Fall Festival recently and the boys loved all the animals!  Drew is obsessed with petting zoos and just ran after the goats saying, “Dogs!  Tucker!  Dogs!”

Jake, the Aggie cowboy riding his horse.  He took this pretty seriously.

I just had to take this picture because remember Jake, the light sleeper?  Not so much anymore.  We had a quick overnight to La Grange last weekend and he fell asleep on the air mattress in our room, with the light on.  So sweet.  Last night Seth even had to take the ladder in his room and change the smoke alarm battery and he never woke up.  This is big for us!

We loved the cold front that came in on Friday!  My boys were excited about wearing coats so I went with it.  (Again, his cheese face)

And…the first and last time Jake wore this bear coat seeing as it showed his midriff :)

What?  You don’t take pictures of yourself after your haircut?  That’s silly.

And this is what we have to battle every time Drewbie gets in the car. 
It’s lovely.

iPhone Dump

Um, I take a lot of pictures of my kids.
(Because they’re the cutest)
And I happen to think every picture I take is the best yet. 
(Because it usually is)
So I present to you…the first of many iPhone picture dumps…

My biker boy

Drew is over the moon now that he knows how to drive his Power Wheels.  Jake is so helpful to him when he gets stuck and they have the best time.

I could eat him up.

Jake hates getting dirty/messy so this was a big deal.  The boys were soaked to the bone and loved it.

Jake and his girlfriend/heroine/friend/mentor Macie.  To say he is obsessed with her is highly understating things.

Drew loves to be like big brother and ‘go potty’ too!

Taking his “girls” for a ride.
Clearly these pictures were all taken before the nice cold front we got this weekend – I am loving it!  

Drew Gets Tubes

This morning we woke up bright and early to take Drew to the hospital so he could get tubes in his ears.  Poor buddy has had 8 ear infections in the past 9 months and it was due time we did something about it!  He did so great during the prep time and just played on my phone.  I cannot say enough good things about the staff at Memorial Hermann out here…they were so sweet to Drew.  Before I had time to even threaten the anesthesiologist (kidding.  maybe.) he already had told us that Drew was so handsome and he would treat him like he was treating his own child.  I know they probably tell that to everyone but hey, it won this mom over!

He got a little medicine to relax him before the surgery.  This was about when his eyes were starting to droop…
The surgery was so quick (they took him back at 7:40am and we were home before 8:30am!) but he was spittin’ mad when he came out.  This continued most of the day.  Someone is going to give Jake a run for his money!

Sweet boy dozed in and out on the way home.  Not sure he was fully awake at this point.

Drew is such a Daddy’s boy and I was so glad Seth was home to help out today!  He took 2 long naps and will hopefully be back to himself in the next couple days.

In the meantime, Jake had his first official “sleepover” with friends and had a blast!  We are so blessed to have good friends here that are like our family.  Not only was he taken care of last night, but they took him to gymnastics, the park, and to get ice cream.  He may want Drew to have surgery everyday! 
We are so thankful that God took care of our sweet boy today and hope his ears heal so we don’t have to mess with ear infections anymore!

Pumpkin Patch…Sigh

We took the boys up to Jake’s school to pick out a pumpkin this afternoon.  This was last minute, I didn’t have my good camera, and they both woke up grumpy from naps so all expectations for good pictures went down the toilet before we even got there! :)

He continues to kill me with this smile.  We will work on toning it down before the holidays!

The boys loved touching all the pumpkins.  Jake’s class went this past week to pick out a little one so he was excited to see all the bigger pumpkins.  His goal was to find the biggest.

Drew’s goal seemed to be getting stuck in between all of them.

Sweet boy sat still for 2 seconds!  I also think this was the 3rd year in a row I’ve worn this shirt to the pumpkin patch.  

We tried.

And tried.

Daddy found the perfect pumpkin.  I am already envisioning the mess and fun the boys will have when we carve it!

Batman Has a Birthday – Part 2

I’m sorry but you’re about to have cheesy smile overload.  But I can’t help it.  Because one day he won’t do this for me anymore!

Um, so excited to open presents!! Jake kept saying “ohmygoodness, ohmygoodness, ohboy, ohboy, ohboy” over and over.

Posing with his new Batman shoes.  They are SO cute! 

Uncle Chase watched us open presents with FaceTime.

Loving his new doctor kit.  He has “pumped us up” several times.

We were so excited to get Jake his own Batcave!

Popo was the designated package opener.

2 Batmans in one present? It can’t be true. 
I sure hope he likes Batman in 6 more months…

Loved his new toys from Nana

Posing with his new grill from Nonnie and Popo.  We have made lots of hamburgers and hot dogs!

So lucky to see Uncle Kyle, Aunt Emily, Aunt Rachel, and Uncle Michael!

Love this.  Drew was taking a nap which made present opening a little easier.

Taking care of the neighbors yards with Jake’s new blower and hedge clippers.  I forgot to deliver our invoices today…

Helping Daddy blow the grass away
And you just think I’m done with pictures…
Jake was on a birthday-high all day today and hopefully his new gifts will keep him occupied for many many months!  Our boys are so blessed and had a wonderful time playing with family.  Nonstop attention is right up their alley right now!

Batman Has a Birthday – Part 1

This past weekend we celebrated Jake’s 3rd birthday superhero style.  Well, actually Bat-style.  He is all about Batman & Robin and could care less about the others.  And of course he has designated Drew as Spiderman.  So we go with it.

We held his party at a local bounce house place called Bouncin’ Bears.  This is one of Jake’s favorite places to go and he had been begging to have his party there for months and months.  Then at the last minute he decided he wanted his party at the park instead.  Kids are stressful! :)

All the superhero cupcakes.  I forgot our cupcake stand and luckily my sister pulled through with one of hers.  But you know what the kids don’t care about?
Cupcake stands.

Cousins Kristen and Elizabeth

Jake’s “girlfriend” from school, Regan, was able to come and he was SO excited.  He talks about her on a daily basis and she is just precious.

The dads secretly love the bounce houses too!

Jake and Bat-Dad

I could eat him up!

Sweet Kate watched her big brothers from the stroller

This was one of my favorite pictures from the weekend!  I will definitely have to frame this one.  I love it!

The party room.  It was a happening place.  20 kids means 40 parents.  Good thing we all like each other :)

Jake was so so excited for it to FINALLY be his birthday party.  He was waited so patiently and I think he was just completely overwhelmed and in awe.  It was so cute.

Matt & Craig up to no good with their babies.

Jake took his Happy Birthday song very seriously.  I don’t think he cracked a smile the entire song.

You can see he is holding on to the table tightly and staring at the candles.  He was nervous but knew exactly what to do when the song was over!  We were so proud of him.

Sweet sweet boy is 3!

Thankfully the stores carry Batman shirts in all sizes!
We are so thankful to everyone who came and celebrated Jake’s birthday with us!  I know the kids had a blast jumping around and I’m sure many good naps were taken that afternoon. :)

Jake is 3!

I’m not sure I knew the meaning of pure joy until 3 years ago today.  Funny how a 6lb 7oz baby boy can just completely turn your life upside down!

Jakey, Jake the Snake, Jakers.  I’m sorry I lied when I promised we wouldn’t give you a nickname.  You and your brother have been the biggest blessings from God!  It is completely humbling that He trusted us to raise 2 sweet boys.  

You are funny, sweet, mischievous, hard-headed, strong-willed, smart, curious, patient, impatient, loveable, persistent, and difficult…all at the same time. :)  You are the only YOU in the whole world.

You are growing up before our eyes and it makes us so proud to be your parents.  Sometimes I just want to hug you close and never let you go.  I know the next 15 years are just going to FLY.

You are truly a “big boy” like you tell us, and have changed so much this year.  You are the best big brother to Drewbie (again, the nicknames) and he loves you so much!  We loved celebrating your birthday this weekend and you are so so blessed to have SO MANY people that love and support you!  I could just cry.
Which basically means I’m toast at your high school graduation.  
Well, probably pre-K graduation too.
We love you so much and I thank God everyday I am able to stay home with you during these early years.  You make each day an adventure.
Birthday party posts to come…